M83 is the rock and electronic music project of the French artist Anthony Gonzalez. He and former member Nicolas Fromage...

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{"key":"1968","name":"M83","bio":"M83 is the rock and electronic music project of the French artist Anthony Gonzalez. He and former member Nicolas Fromageau founded the group in 2001 in Antibes, France. M83's style owes a lot to the shoegaze genre, in that there is much emphasis on tonality, extensive use of reverb effects and often softly-spoken lyrics at times submerged in instrumentation. M83 was named after the spiral galaxy \"Messier 83\". M83 has released the following albums: M83 in 2001, Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts in 2003, Before the Dawn Heals Us in 2005, Digital Shades Vol. 1 in 2007, Saturdays = Youth in 2008, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming in 2011, Oblivion and You and the Night in 2013.For the third album released by M83, Before the Dawn Heals Us, Gonzalez decided to part from Fromageau (after an emotionally distressing tour for Dead Cities). Currently Anthony Gonzalez records mainly on his own(Nicolas Fromageau started Team Ghost in 2009), often with the help of his brother Yann Gonzalez, vocalist\/keyboardist Morgan Kibby, guitarist\/bassist Pierre-Marie Maulini, and drummer Lo\u00efc Maurin.M83 produced the remix of the track \"Pioneers\" on the British rock group Bloc Party's 2005 album Silent Alarm Remixed. M83 also collaborated with other Gooom Disques artists in a collaborative LP, under the name Purple Confusion.Just after the Before the Dawn Heals Us US tour, Anthony Gonzalez decided to take M83 in a more ambient direction (as heard on some earlier M83 tracks) and started to write and record a collection of ambient works. The relevance of digital music (from creation to sharing), gave him the idea to call the project Digital Shades Vol. 1, and to make the album part of an ongoing series. M83's 2008 album Saturdays = Youth, released on Mute, was recorded with the help of Ken Thomas and Ewan Pearson. Four singles were released from the album: \"Couleurs\" in February 2008, \"Graveyard Girl\" in April, \"Kim & Jessie\" in July, and \"We Own the Sky\" in December.In December 2008, M83 supported Kings of Leon on its UK tour. In January and February 2009, M83 supported The Killers across USA tour dates and toured with Depeche Mode on its Tour of the Universe in Italy, Germany, and France.The double album Hurry Up, We're Dreaming was released on 17th October 2011, through Na\u00efve, produced by Justin Meldal-Johnson (Beck, NIN, The Mars Volta, Goldfrapp) and including contributions from Zola Jesus, Brad Laner (from 90's band Medicine) on guitar, and the vocalist Morgan Kibby. The album was preceded by the track \"Midnight City\" released in July 2011.Official site: http:\/\/","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/1968_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


Deerhunter is a band which formed in 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The band consists of Bradford Cox (vocals,...

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{"key":"1973","name":"Deerhunter","bio":"Deerhunter is a band which formed in 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The band consists of Bradford Cox (vocals, guitar, piano), Moses Archuleta (drums, synths), Lockett Pundt (guitar, organ, vocals), Josh McKay (bass, vocals) and Frankie Broyles (guitar, vocals).The group began with the ambition of fusing the lulling hypnotic states induced by ambient and minimalist music with the klang and propulsion of garage rock. The band has weathered chaotic line-up changes and the death of a member. Cryptograms was the second full-length offering from Deerhunter, and their first for Kranky. The album took almost two years to finish and was the product of emotional, physical, and financial strain on the group. The result is an album that finds the band shifting from discordant catharsis, and forming a sonic identity that completely expresses the place from which they have arrived. The first half of the album was recorded first unsuccessfully in 2005. These recordings were a blur at best, wordless and bordering on psychological atrophy. The sessions failed to provide anything tangible, and were racked with technical and personal problems, including out-of-tune pianos, panic attacks, and a tape machine that seemed to fail to capture the full spectrum of ambience the band was exploring. The band returned home, having failed, and considered giving up. The idea arose to give it one last shot and exactly one year from the date of the recording of their first self-titled LP at a small studio in rural Georgia, they returned to that same studio and plugged in. The session resulted in the first half of the record which was recorded in one day and completely filled the reel of tape they brought with them. Cryptograms\u2019 first side begins with an introduction leading to the title track, and ends with the tape literally spinning off the end of the reel in the middle of a drone layered with bells and accordion (Red Ink). The second half of the record, also recorded in one day, in November of 2005, represents the band in an entirely different state. Spring Hall Convert opens with the line, \u201c\u2026so I woke up\u2026\u201d and introduces a set of focused psych-pop songs fixating on adolescence, illness, and failing connections.On May 8, 2007, the group released the Fluorescent Grey EP, which was recorded in July 2006. This EP also garnered the title of \"Best New Music\" from Pitchfork Media. In the same month, the band released the Whirlyball 7\" single, which was available at only one store in Atlanta, Georgia: Criminal Records. The single also acted as a ticket to a show, which featured the band along with The Carbonas, Selmanaires and The Coathangers. The single was available online for a limited time after the show due to popular demand, but only 200 copies were pressed, with 100 on black vinyl and 100 on clear vinyl.The quartet's third album, Microcastle, came out in October of 2008 after being leaked accidentally in May. The physical release was accompanied by an album entitled Weird Era Cont.. They were both well-received, scoring a 9.2 and \"best new music\" on Pitchfork and taking the #1 slot for Tiny Mix Tapes' annual favorite albums list for 2008. The band added guitarist Whitney Petty, a former sailor and high school friend of Cox's, to replace the departing Colin Mee in May 2008. She in turn left the band in February 2009.The band followed up the critically acclaimed Microcastle\/Weird Era Cont. set in May 2009 with an EP - Rainwater Cassette Exchange.In September 2010, Deerhunter released Halcyon Digest on the label 4AD. The album received broad critical acclaim, including being rated #20 on the NME \"50 Best Albums of 2010.\" Deerhunter made their US broadcast television debut on Conan, December 2, 2010, where they performed Helicopter. Deerhunter are set to release their sixth album, Monomania, in May 2013. It will be their first album without bassist Josh Fauver, with Frankie Broyles and Josh McKay being added to the group. The Black Lips described the album as the \"most punk album of the last 30 years\".http:\/\/","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/1973_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Silversun Pickups

Silversun Pickups is a Grammy-nominated American indie rock band which formed in Los Angeles, California, United States ...

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{"key":"1989","name":"Silversun Pickups","bio":"Silversun Pickups is a Grammy-nominated American indie rock band which formed in Los Angeles, California, United States in 2005. The band consists of Brian Aubert (vocals, guitar), Nikki Monninger (bass, vocals), Joe Lester (keyboards) and Christopher Guanlao (drums). The band members are friends who had played together previously or in mutual friends' bands. Tthe name Silversun Pickups refers to a liquor store across the road L.A. rock-scene hang Silverlake Lounge. One of the band\u2019s friends would often arrive at the store late at night to buy liquor, and would be as such making the \"Silversun Pickup\". The band is signed to Dangerbird Records. They released their debut EP \"Pikul\" in July of 2005. The band has released four albums, 2006's \"Carnavas\", 2009's \"Swoon\", 2012's \"Neck of the Woods\" and 2015's \"Better Nature\". The band managed two Top 10 singles on Billboard's Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart in 2007: \"Lazy Eye\" (#5) and \"Well Thought Out Twinkles\" (#9). In 2009, they managed their third top 10 on the chart, \"Panic Switch\" (#1) and a fourth song \"Substitution\" was also on that chart (#23).Silversun Pickups have been compared to The Smashing Pumpkins (possibly due in part to Brian Aubert's vocal style) and 90's shoegazing bands like My Bloody Valentine, Lush, Ride, and Slowdive. Silversun Pickups claim they have been heavily influenced by Modest Mouse and The Velvet Underground as well as other lesser-known acts.Their first break came when a friend mailed a boombox demo to CMJ and they were accepted. They got their start in many of the most important L.A. clubs and began to draw a strong following upon the release of the Pikul EP. This culminated in frequent touring, including a co-headlining stint with Viva Voce.The band finished a three-week tour opening for Australian rockers Wolfmother on December 9, 2006, and have toured with OK Go and Snow Patrol on their U.S. spring tour, which ended on April 10, 2007. The Pickups played at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California on April 27, 2007.The band supported Foo Fighters, along with Nine Inch Nails on August 21st 2007 as part of the 'T on the Fringe' music festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, and then on the 22nd in Marley Park, Dublin, Ireland. They also performed at the Carling Reading and Leeds festivals on the 25th\/26th August 2007 and supported Kaiser Chiefs on their Autumn European tour and Snow Patrol on their tour of Australia (with Paolo from Snow Patrol joining them regularly to play guitar on Lazy Eye and Nikki guesting on vocals for Snow Patrol's Set The Fire To The Third Bar onstage). On some of these dates the band have been covering Joy Division's Shadowplay and Bjork's Big Time Sensuality, both of which have been recorded for web or radio sessions.The second full studio album, entitled \"Swoon\", was released 14th April 2009 in both the US and UK.The band was also part of Lollapalooza 2009 in Chicago, IL, Voodoo Fest 2009 and 2012 in New Orleans, and the 2009 Sasquatch! Festival.In early 2010, they supported the UK anthem-rock superstars Muse for several of their North American dates for The Resistance tour.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/1989_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"150,000 - 300,000"}

The Bilinda Butchers

The Bilinda Butchers are a dream pop group based in San Francisco who take their name from My Bloody Valentine guitarist...

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{"key":"74001","name":"The Bilinda Butchers","bio":"The Bilinda Butchers are a dream pop group based in San Francisco who take their name from My Bloody Valentine guitarist and early inspiration, Bilinda Butcher. The group experiments with genre-blending and dramatic themes to create sprawling, cinematic music.http:\/\/","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/74001_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


Slowdive is a dream pop/shoegaze band that formed in 1989 in Reading, England, United Kingdom. Signed to Creation Record...

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{"key":"1967","name":"Slowdive","bio":"Slowdive is a dream pop\/shoegaze band that formed in 1989 in Reading, England, United Kingdom. Signed to Creation Records in 1990 and initially championed by the British music press, the band scored a UK top forty entry with their debut album Just For a Day. The band consists of Rachel Goswell (vocals\/guitar), Neil Halstead (vocals\/guitar), Nick Chaplin (bass), Christian Savill (guitar), and Simon Scott (drums, 1990-1994, 2014-present); additionally, Ian McCutcheon replaced Scott from 1994-1995. Goswell and Halstead had known each other since early childhood in Reading, Berkshire.Initial demos were released as the Slowdive EP in late 1990; the band's sound was influenced by the Cocteau Twins and Creation labelmates My Bloody Valentine, featuring heavy use of guitar effects and muted vocals. Reviews in Melody Maker and the NME were enthusiastic, and two further well-regarded EPs followed in 1991 (Morningrise & Holding Our Breath). Their debut LP Just for a Day was written and recorded in six weeks, and was generally felt to be a disappointment at the time. At the same time, the UK music press had started to pick up on the American grunge scene, and the more introspective sounds of Slowdive, labelmates Ride, Chapterhouse and other \"shoegazing\" bands had fallen from critical favour. American label SBK pushed back the release of Just for a Day after a disastrous viral marketing campaign (involving vandalism of a public statue). In early 1992, the band toured the USA with Ride, and then returned to the UK to record a second album.The band's second album, Souvlaki, would later become generally the band's most popular and well-received record. The album broke new ground for the band: two songs featured contributions from Brian Eno; \"Souvlaki Space Station\" was influenced by dub reggae; tracks such as \"Dagger\" and \"Here She Comes\" would become indications of the country-rock direction Halstead and Goswell would take a few years later; and several songs such as \"When the Sun Hits\" and \"Alison\" continued the style of the first album, but with improved songwriting. Initial copies of the UK version came with Blue Day, a compilation of most of the early EP tracks originally released as a separate album in Japan and some European countries. Later in the year, the band also released the 5 EP, containing four songs showcasing the influence of ambient techno; the lead track \"In Mind\" was also remixed by Bandulu and Reload (both then signed to Creation's dance label).As with the first album, SBK delayed Souvlaki's release, and the band found themselves touring the USA in the summer of 1993 as Catherine Wheel's supporting act with no product to promote. The US version of Souvlaki was eventually released in early 1994, and included \"Some Velvet Morning\" (originally recorded for the Volume 7 compilation) and three of the tracks from the 5 EP. When Slowdive were finally able to tour America to support the album, SBK withdrew their funding halfway through; two further tours in 1994 were entirely funded by the band.Simon Scott left amidst creative differences in 1994; he was replaced on drums by Ian McCutcheon. The band had almost become a Halstead solo project by the recording of their final album, 1995's Pygmalion. A critically misunderstood and widely-misinterpreted \"ambient\" record, Pygmalion took the dreamy guitar sound and warm-yet-solemn tone of earlier Slowdive to a newer, more minimalist extreme, similar to earlier dream pop bands such as A R Kane, or bands such as Labradford.Slowdive was dropped by Creation in 1995 a week after the release of Pygmalion; Halstead had been warned before the recording of the album that the relationship with the label would end unless he delivered a \"pop album\". A legend arose that the band was dropped due to the Gallagher brothers refusing to sign Oasis to Creation if Slowdive and their counterparts remained on the label's roster, although Oasis had in fact released their debut single almost a year before Pygmalion.After being dropped from Creation, Slowdive eventually went on hiatus later in 1995. Neil Halstead, Rachel Goswell and Ian McCutcheon recorded an album of country-influenced songs, and were signed to label 4AD, changing the band name to Mojave 3. Halstead and Goswell have also both released solo albums for 4AD.Christian Savill went on to form Monster Movie, a dream pop group that continued where Slowdive left off. They have released three albums thus far, Last Night Something Happened (2002), To The Moon (2004), Transistor (2005), and\u2014most recently\u2014All Lost (2006).Simon Scott formed Televise in 2004, a group which developed the lengthy noise swells and experimental song structures that helped define shoegaze while also including a more electronic brand of indie rock.Eventually, all of Slowdive's albums were reissued in late 2005. Just For a Day included a bonus disc with all tracks from the first three EPs, and the three songs recorded for a John Peel session on 26 March 1991. Souvlaki included a bonus disc with all the remaining EP tracks, as well as \"Some Velvet Morning\" (originally recorded for a compilation). Pygmalion\u2014which had become a collector's item in the years since its release due to it never being issued in the USA\u2014contained no extra material, however.On January 28, 2014, following a 12-day countdown and the appearance of an official website and Twitter account for the band, Slowdive announced their reunion with the Just for a Day\/Souvlaki-era line-up including Simon Scott as drummer. The band was confirmed the same day to be playing the 2014 Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, Spain.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/1967_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


Warpaint is a psychedelic rock band which formed in 2004 in Los Angeles, California, United States. The band consists of...

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{"key":"1990","name":"Warpaint","bio":"Warpaint is a psychedelic rock band which formed in 2004 in Los Angeles, California, United States. The band consists of Theresa Wayman (vocals, guitar), Emily Kokal (vocals, guitar), Jenny Lee Lindberg (vocals, bass), and Stella Mozgawa (drums). The band's original drummer, Shannyn Sossamon, left the band in 2008. The band had multiple temporary drummers until Mozgawa joined in 2009.The band weaves intricate guitar lines, hypnotic vocals, and driving post-punk rhythms into gorgeous, sprawling songs that skirt the line between the soundscapes of psychedelia and intimacy. The group has gone through many line-up changes, including actress Shannyn Sossamon and Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer.In early 2009, their self-released debut EP \"Exquisite Corpse\" soared straight to #1 on legendary Los Angeles Amoeba Records\u2019 local artists chart. By September 2009, Manimal Vinyl reissued it on CD and vinyl, complete with a new bonus track, \u2018Krimson\u2019. Mixed by John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers), the EP successfully captures the band\u2019s sonic textures and playful dynamism that they\u2019re notorious for creating in a live setting. With a buzz already in the air, Warpaint is now beginning to stir the masses with praise in the US and abroad. Dazed and Confused calls \"Exquisite Corpse\" \"a collection of magical psychedelia drifting over sublime moments of raw melody courtesy of the three free ethereal vocalists,\u201d while The Independent adds, \u201cThey make a quite lovely sound with dreamy vocals, off-kilter hazy guitars.\u201dOn October 25, 2010, the band released their debut album, The Fool. The album received a glowing review in the NME. Prior to the album's release, the band contributed a cover of the David Bowie song \"Ashes to Ashes\" to We Were So Turned On, a Bowie tribute album released in conjunction with War Child.\"Shadows\", the first single from their debut album, was released as a digital download and 12\" vinyl on January 10, 2011. A remix of the single, \"Shadows (Neon Lights Remix)\", proved popular; managing to be playlisted by BBC Radio 1 as part of the In New Music We Trust.Warpaint toured the United States and Europe in the spring and summer of 2011 to promote the album. They played at various major festivals including Bonnaroo, Glastonbury Festival, Reading and Leeds Festivals, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Rock Werchter and Electric Picnic.In 2011, the rerelease of Undertow charted in the UK at number 92 and also in Australia at number 75. On September 25, 2011 they played the prestigious Hollywood Bowl (as a support act).As early as 2011, drummer Stella Mozgawa, in an interview with NME, expressed the band's intention to \"experiment and write with one another\" as the current line-up had never composed songs \"from the ground up\" together. Bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg further indicated that most of the newer songs were written by \"just jam and free-flow onstage\". In February 2013, Guitarist Theresa Wayman confirmed to NME that the band intended to create a minimalist sound on Warpaint, revealing that the band developed songs at soundchecks, and experimented more with acoustic guitars and percussion instruments on the album. Lead vocalist Emily Kokal noted that R&B and rap music was an influence on Warpaint and stated that on the album there are \"things that have drum machines and ambience, music that's more than standard rock.\" Kokal added that the album is largely keys-based, which contributed to the overall sound being \"definitely different\" from the band's previous album The Fool (2010).Produced by Flood and mixed by Nigel Godrich, Warpaint is due to be released in Germany, Ireland, Netherlands and Switzerland on January 17, 2014; January 20 in Denmark, France, Sweden and the United Kingdom; and January 21 in Spain and the United States on Rough Trade Records. A snippet of the album's lead single, \"Love Is to Die\", was featured in an advertisement for Calvin Klein on September 25, 2013 and later as part of a teaser for an upcoming documentary of the same name about the recording of Warpaint. The single was released on October 28 with the pre-ordered digital version of the album.On November 20, Warpaint performed \"Composure,\" from The Fool, as well as new songs \"Love Is to Die\" and \"Keep It Healthy\" on BBC 6 Music with Steve Lamacq in the United Kingdom. The next day, an article from the December 2013 issue of Dazed & Confused magazine appeared online, providing insight into the making of the new album, as well as the accompanying documentary, filmed by Jenny Lee Lindberg's husband and filmmaker, Chris Cunningham. Lindberg later confirmed in a November 24 interview on XFM that Cunningham's documentary would be made available shortly after the album's","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/1990_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


2:54 is a rock band which formed in 2010 in London, England. The band consists of Colette Thurlow (vocals, guitar), Hann...

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{"key":"74020","name":"2:54","bio":"2:54 is a rock band which formed in 2010 in London, England. The band consists of Colette Thurlow (vocals, guitar), Hannah Thurlow (guitar), Joel Porter (bass) and Alex Robins (drums). The band is named for the timecode of a specific drumroll on the Melvins song \"A History of Bad Men\".The band's first EP, \"Scarlet\", was released in November 2011. The band's self-titled album was released by Fat Possum Records in May 2012.2:54 Links:http:\/\/\/http:\/\/\/twofiftyfourhttp:\/\/\/twofiftyfourhttp:\/\/\/thetwofiftyfour","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/74020_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

The Brian Jonestown Massacre was formed in San Francisco in 1990. The band has had over 40 members since then, but its d...

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{"key":"1987","name":"The Brian Jonestown Massacre","bio":"The Brian Jonestown Massacre was formed in San Francisco in 1990. The band has had over 40 members since then, but its driving force and main songwriter is Anton Newcombe. Other prominent members have included Matt Hollywood, Dean Taylor, Jeff Davies, Brian Glaze, and Joel Gion. Their sound is heavily influenced by the psychedelic sounds of the 1960s, but also carries influences from shoegaze, jangle pop, garage rock, and lo-fi genres. Over its decade-long history, the band has undergone a large number of personnel changes. Multi-instrumentalist and main songwriter Anton Newcombe is the only member who has stayed with the Brian Jonestown Massacre since its beginning, when it was founded by Newcombe, tambourine player Joel Gion (who stayed with him the longest), and guitarist\/bassist\/vocalist Matt Hollywood. There are at least two dozen musicians who have been in the BJM at one point or another.Ex-members include: guitarist Jeff Davies; Matt Hollywood, a founding member of Portland band The Out Crowd; Peter Hayes, founding member of San Francisco rock trio Black Rebel Motorcycle Club; Joel Gion, a founding member of San Francisco band, The Dilettantes; Rob Campanella, a Los Angeles producer and engineer who has worked with The Tyde, Beachwood Sparks, Dead Meadow, Mia Doi Todd, Frausdots, Scarling., and his band The Quarter After; Bobby Hecksher, founding member of Los Angeles band The Warlocks; solo recording artist Miranda Lee Richards; Matt Tow, founding member of the Australian band The Lovetones.Current long-term members include Collin Hegna (bass), Frankie Teardrop (guitar,noise,etc), and Dan Allaire (percussion). Long-time guitarist Ricky Rene Maymi was recently replaced by Irina Yaikowsky for a short tour, who was in turn, replaced by Ricky Rene Maymi.Much has been made of the fact that Newcombe is head strong and has just one vision in mind: his own. However, many of the musicians who quit his band have stayed in his orbit and continue working with him in some capacity. Newcombe was, at one point, a drummer in Hecksher's Warlocks. Campanella produces or engineers many of the records on Newcombe's record label, the Committee to Keep Music Evil and has also been on the last 2 highly successful European tours, playing keyboards and on occasion, guitar. Gion is forever showing back up shaking the tambourine at BJM shows. Even the Dandy Warhols appear to have buried the hatchet with Newcombe, as he joined them onstage at Lollapalooza in July of 2005.In 2005 the band released the EP We Are the Radio, on Newcombe's record label The Committee to Keep Music Evil.The band announced the release of a new studio album, tentatively titled My Bloody Underground, which was released in 2008. On September 3, 2007, the band released rough recordings from the album for download from their website. Music videos of the songs on the album have also been released, including a music video compilation DVD entitled 'Book of Days'. Songs from Brian Jonestown Massacre were specially adapted for use in the score to the critically acclaimed independent film, \"Four Eyed Monsters.\"","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/1987_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

The Raveonettes

The Raveonettes are an indie rock/shoegaze/noise pop duo formed in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2001. Comprising Sune Rose W...

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{"key":"2023","name":"The Raveonettes","bio":"The Raveonettes are an indie rock\/shoegaze\/noise pop duo formed in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2001. Comprising Sune Rose Wagner (guitar, instruments, vocals), formerly of Psyched Up Janis, and Sharin Foo (guitar and vocals), their music is characterized by close two-part vocal harmony inspired by The Everly Brothers, coupled with hard-edged electric guitar overlaid with liberal doses of noise.The name, The Raveonettes, is a direct reference to The Ronettes, and Buddy Holly's song Rave On!.Their songs juxtapose the structural and chordal simplicity of 50s and 60s rock with intense electric instrumentation, driving beats and often dark lyrical content, similar to another of the band's influences, The Velvet Underground. Altogether, they sound very much like a slightly more melodic version of The Jesus and Mary Chain.http:\/\/www.theraveonettes.comOn April 4th, 2011, they released \"Raven in the Grave\", a nine-track studio album with Vice Records. It's their 5th studio album. From their site bio: \u201cI think we have finally hit on something quite important and different for this album,\u201d explains Sune. \u201cThis is the first Raveonettes album we've done which doesn't feature the signature Raveonettes surf drumbeat. None of the tunes have any real sunshine to them. It\u2019s all very un-Rave.\u201d \u201cIt has a mood of ethereal defiance\u201d Sharin adds. \u201cIt\u2019s dark but not bleak, like the single minded determination caused by crisis that is not quite hope but just as powerful. It\u2019s the perfect winter soundtrack just in time for spring\u201d.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/2023_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


Low is a slowcore band formed in Duluth, Minnesota, United States in 1993, by Alan Sparhawk (guitar and vocals), Mimi Pa...

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{"key":"2067","name":"Low","bio":"Low is a slowcore band formed in Duluth, Minnesota, United States in 1993, by Alan Sparhawk (guitar and vocals), Mimi Parker (drums and vocals) and original bassist John Nichols (bass guitar). Zak Sally replaced Nichols after Low's first album and tour. In 2005, Sally quit the band; Matt Livingston replaced him shortly thereafter. In 2008 Steve Garrington took over on bass creating the current lineup of Sparhawk, Parker and Garrington.Their music is commonly described as \"slowcore,\" a subgenre characterised by slow tempos and minimalist arrangements. They are one of the earlier bands to adopt and popularize the style, making them considerable contributors to the slowcore movement. (It is worth noting that the band dislikes this label. In an interview Alan Sparhawk says of descriptions of their music: \"What's the cheesiest? Slow-core. I hate that word. The most appropriate is anything that uses the word minimal in it, but I don't think anybody's made one up for that\") Parker and Sparhawk's striking vocal harmonies represent perhaps the group's most distinctive element.HistoryThe band formed in the spring of 1993. Sparhawk had been playing in the Duluth, Minnesota, band Zen Identity. That band needed a new bassist, and Nichols was recruited. At that time, Nichols was a senior at Superior Senior High School in nearby Superior, Wisconsin, and bassist in the band Lorenzo's Tractor. Sparhawk was called upon to teach Zen Identity songs to Nichols. During practices, the two started improvising with some very modest, quiet themes. As a joke, they wondered what would happen if they played such quiet music in front of Duluth crowds, which at that point focused around the loud, grunge, \"post-punk\" sound. Soon, the joke became a serious thought. Sparhawk disbanded Zen Identity, and he and Nichols recruited Sparhawk's wife Mimi Parker to play a very modest drum kit composed of a single cymbal and a single floor tom. She used brushes almost exclusively.Low's debut album, I Could Live in Hope, was released on Virgin Records' Vernon Yard imprint in 1994. It featured Nichols on bass, though he was replaced by Sally, who joined for the recording of the band's next album Long Division. Long Division and its similar follow-up, 1996's The Curtain Hits the Cast, established the band as critical darlings; extensive touring helped them to develop a highly devoted fan base. \"Over the Ocean,\" a single drawn from The Curtain Hits the Cast, also became something of a hit on college radio.Low experienced considerable difficulties during their tenure with Vernon Yard, and by the time of their next full-length (1999's Secret Name) they had moved to the influential independent label Kranky. In between, they released several singles and EPs. In 1999, Low joined forces with Dirty Three to record an In The Fishtank session for Konkurrent records. All Music Guide called the six-song disc \"some of the best material either unit has produced.\" Of particular note is the disc's lengthy cover of Neil Young's \"Down by the River.\" 2001 saw the release of Things We Lost in the Fire.The following year saw the release of the band's final full-length on Kranky, Trust. All three of the band's full-length releases on Kranky featured superstar producers: Secret Name and Things We Lost in the Fire feature the work of \"recordist\" Steve Albini (best known for producing abrasive noise rock and punk groups), who proved surprisingly sympathetic to capturing the band's strengths; while Trust was recorded with Duluth engineer Eric Swanson and mixed by Tchad Blake.In April 2003, Peter S. Scholtes of the Twin Cities weekly paper City Pages posted in his weblog that Sally had left Low. The following month, the band posted an update to the news on their website: \"We have all had to work through some personal things recently \u2026 After sorting it out, the good news is that Zak is remaining in the band \u2026\" In July 2003, they toured Europe with Radiohead, Sally in tow. Following a successful tour in early 2004 that vividly demonstrated the band's commitment to their fans (Parker was visibly pregnant throughout), the band signaled their intent to continue making music by signing with powerhouse indie label Sub Pop. To fulfill their contract with Kranky, Low released a three-disc rarities compilation on that label in 2004.Beginning with Secret Name, the band have diversified their sound. The band use subtle electronic music touches to augment their sound, reflective of their tenure with Kranky and their exposure to the Midwest's post-rock scene. Adding a more overt rock element to their aesthetic, the band has used fuzz bass from Things We Lost on the Fire onward, and began using distorted lead guitar on Trust. The band's latest album, The Great Destroyer, nods even further in the direction of rock. Recorded with producer Dave Fridmann and released by Sub Pop in January 2005, The Great Destroyer has received mostly positive reviews; the Village Voice described the record's \"comparatively thunderous verve.\" One notable exception to the critical applause is Pitchfork Media, which rated the album 5.5 out of 10 and panned its lead single \"California.\"Low cancelled the second leg of their extensive tour in support of The Great Destroyer in late spring of 2005. Sparhawk's informal statement, published on the band's web forum and addressed directly to fans, detailed the personal reasons behind the cancellation. In August 2005, however, Sparhawk announced his return to performance, embarking on a United States tour with fellow slowcore pioneer, former Red House Painters frontman Mark Kozelek. However, in October 2005, Sally announced his resignation. Replacing him is Matt Livingston, a longtime bassist and saxophonist in Duluth's musical scene.PerformanceLow are known for their impressive live performances. Rock club audiences typically watch the band while seated on the floor (due to the difficulty of standing for long periods while listening to such slow and quiet music). During their early career, the band often faced unsympathetic and inattentive audiences in bars and clubs, to which they responded by bucking rock protocol and turning their volume down.Their shows often feature drastically reinterpreted cover versions of famous songs by the likes of Joy Division and The Smiths, in addition to their own original material. Live, Low shows a sense of humor not necessarily found on their recordings; a tour in early 2004 featured a cover of OutKast's hit song \"Hey Ya.\" At a gig in Los Angeles on Halloween 1998, the band took the stage as a Misfits tribute act, complete with corpse paint and black clothing.Commercial successThe band's mainstream exposure has been limited: their best-known song is arguably a hymnal version of \"The Little Drummer Boy,\" which was featured in a Gap television ad that depicted a snowball fight in slow-motion to match the song's glacial tempo. A remix of their \"Halflight\" was featured in the Mothman Prophecies motion picture.However, because of their minimal overhead expenses (the band makes very little use of professional recording facilities), Low have managed to develop a reasonably comfortable career.Personal livesSparhawk and Parker are married, have two children, and are practicing members of the Mormon faith. (Sparhawk was born into an LDS family in Seattle, and for some time lived in Utah before moving to Minnesota at age nine; he also briefly attended Brigham Young University. Parker is a convert.)Lyrical references: Christianity and MormonismLow are hardly a Christian rock group, however, at least in the usual sense: neither Sally's religious affiliation (or lack thereof) nor Parker and Sparhawk's faith is mentioned in their latest press kit. Low have often toured with other \"Christian, not Christian rock\" acts such as Pedro the Lion and the Danielson Famile.However, there are occasional lyrical references (usually subtle and\/or indirect) to Parker and Sparhawk's religion. Sometimes these references are traditional Christian themes. The song \"If You Were Born Today,\" on both the live album One More Reason to Forget and on the Christmas album, quietly suggests what might happen if Jesus were born in contemporary times. On Things We Lost in the Fire, the song \"Whore\" includes Parker's haunting chorus \"you will get your reward\", while Sparhawk asks \"is it so wrong to think there's more?\" Disc one of A Lifetime of Temporary Relief includes the song \"David & Jude,\" while disc two includes two versions of \"Joan of Arc\" and the Spacemen 3 cover \"Lord, Can You Hear Me?\" Many references draw specifically on themes from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These include \"Weight of Water\" and \"Missouri\" on Secret Name, whose title itself refers to an LDS naming ritual; this album also contains the song \"Lion\/Lamb.\" The Trust track \"The Lamb,\" at least partially concerns the death of Joseph Smith.The Christmas album's religious content is generally more direct, including in addition to \"If you were born today\" an original song about the Three Wise Men's subversion of Herod to protect Jesus (\"Long way around the sea\"), as well as traditionals (\"Silent night,\" \"Little drummer boy,\" the Elvis song \"Blue Christmas\") and original secular, seasonal songs (\"Just Like Christmas,\" \"Taking down the tree,\" \"One special gift,\").Lyrical references: Duluth, Minnesota, and elsewhereLow lyrics also subtly and indirectly reference geography. Very often, these geographic references center on their home in Duluth, Minnesota. Sparhawk has said that the song \"Sea,\" from I Could Live in Hope, is about Duluth. The lyrics say, \"The sea is a long, long way \/ from me . . . I'd go there if I had the time \/ but lying here will do just fine.\" To any Duluthian, this inevitably summons up Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes, at whose western tip Duluth rests. Lake Superior is not salt water, but it is a very, very large body of water, certainly as large as many bodies of water that are called \"seas.\" In fact, Lake Superior is sometimes called \"the Inland Sea.\" The EP Songs for a Dead Pilot, was reportedly dedicated to a pilot who crashed near Duluth in the late 1990s. On Things We Lost in the Fire, the song \"Sunflower\" may refer to a notorious murder up the North Shore of Lake Superior some time in the late 70s or early 80s. On Trust, cold Minnesota winters emerge in the lyrics, \"when we were young \/ we wanted to die \/ but the sound of a drum \/ and the words of a child \/ brought different light \/ now no one can tell \/ the winter was nice\u2026 the ground was so hard \/ the nights were so long \/ but we suffered the dark \/ and we wrote all those songs \/ still i was a fool \/ i covered my ears \/ no i would not face the last snowstorm of the year.\" (These lyrics also of course indulge both Low's repeating, dark, self-destructive \/ murderous \/ suicidal theme as well as their theme about having children.)Other lyrics have referred elsewhere. Secret Name includes the song \"Missouri,\" which may refer to the LDS community's travels westward. Songs for a Dead Pilot's last track is \"Hey Chicago,\" which says \"Hey Chicago, I'm leaving.\" On Trust, the song \"Canada,\" says \"you can't take that stuff to Canada,\" which inescapably suggests advice to people attempting to take drugs across the border from the U.S. to Canada. (As Minnesota sits along the border of Ontario and Manitoba, this can also be seen as a reference to Minnesota.) Songs on The Great Destroyer frequently reference geography. \"California,\" says \"Though it breaks your heart \/ We had to sell the farm \/ Back to California where it's warm.\" This possibly refers to Sparhawk's own mother selling the family farm upon which Sparhawk had grown up (compare the lyrics for \"Mom says\" on The Curtain Hits the Cast: \"mom says \/ a farm's the best place to call home \/ but I don't know.\") \"Broadway (so many people)\" refers very specifically to the intersection of Broadway and East 4th Street in New York City: \"Last night just north of Houston \/ Broadway so many people \/ Through your third story window \/ I see my favorite record store . At a February 2004 show at \"Dante's\" in Portland, Ore., Sparhawk told the crowd that the song \"Walk into the Sea\" was about \"a guy who used to live here that we got know pretty well. He's gone now\u2026\" in what many fans believe was a reference to Academy Award-nominated singer-songwriter Elliott Smith, a long-time Portland resident. Smith had died just months earlier in October 2003. On the Murderer EP is the song, \"From Your Place on Sunset,\" which refers to many locations in the Los Angeles area.Side projectsLow owns a record label, Chairkickers' Union, which releases material by other musicians such as Rivulets and Haley Bonar, as well as some of their own material. Sparhawk is notably active in Duluth's small but vibrant independent music scene; he operates a recording studio in the town, in a deconsecrated church that naturally provides the lush reverb characteristic of Low's sound. The Chairkickers label offers another outlet for Duluth musicians, as most groups on the label are from that city, or at least from Minnesota and surrounding areas.Sally has toured as a bassist with Dirty Three, and Sparhawk has devoted considerable time and energy to his Black Eyed Snakes project, a blues-rock revival band quite far removed from the Low aesthetic. Recently Sparhawk has also been seen with a new side project called The Retribution Gospel Choir. Matt Livingston, who became Low's new bassist in late 2005, played in The Retribution Gospel Choir until early 2008 at which time Steve Garrington became the bassist for both this band and Low. On Retribution's first tour (fall 2005), they played the Low song \"From Your Place on Sunset.\" (Similarly, Low and the Black-Eyed Snakes have played some overlapping songs, such as \"Lordy\".)","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/2067_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Mazzy Star

Mazzy Star is an alternative / dream pop band founded in Los Angeles, CA, United States. They formed in 1989 from the gr...

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{"key":"722","name":"Mazzy Star","bio":"Mazzy Star is an alternative \/ dream pop band founded in Los Angeles, CA, United States. They formed in 1989 from the group Opal, a collaboration of guitarist David Roback and bassist Kendra Smith. Roback's friend Hope Sandoval became the group's vocalist when Smith left the band.Mazzy Star is probably most famous for their song \"Fade Into You\", which brought the band some success in the mid-1990s and was the group's biggest mainstream hit, earning extensive exposure on MTV, VH1, and radio airplay. Roback and Sandoval are the creative center of the band, with Sandoval as lyricist and Roback as composer of the majority of the band's material.In October 2011, Hope Sandoval's website confirmed she and David Roback would release their first new material in fifteen years. A single called \"Common Burn\" - backed with B-side \"Lay Myself Down\" - was released digitally on October 31, 2011. The band's fourth studio album, \"Seasons of Your Day\", was released on September 24, 2013.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/722_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Wild Nothing

Wild Nothing is the solo project of Virginia-born Jack Tatum. Tatum began recording under the moniker Wild Nothing in th...

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{"key":"1997","name":"Wild Nothing","bio":"Wild Nothing is the solo project of Virginia-born Jack Tatum. Tatum began recording under the moniker Wild Nothing in the summer of 2009 in Blacksburg, Virginia. Upon gathering attention in indie music circles, he was signed with the Captured Tracks record label and began touring with a band. His debut full-length, \"Gemini,\" was released in spring 2010 to acclaim from Pitchfork Media and the music editors at A follow-up album called \"Nocturne\" was released in 2012. His second EP \"Empty Estate\" was released in May 2013. Tatum's third LP entitled \"Life of Pause\" was released on February 19, 2016.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/1997_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

July Skies

July Skies is an ambient/post-rock band from The Black Country, West Midlands, UK. The project started off as a one-man ...

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{"key":"74014","name":"July Skies","bio":"July Skies is an ambient\/post-rock band from The Black Country, West Midlands, UK. The project started off as a one-man band in 1997, when Antony Harding bought his first guitar. In 2003 he was joined by Epic45 musicians Ben Holton and Rob Glover, who contributed to Harding's second, third and fourth albums as well as July Skies' live shows. Harding also contributed to the 2008 Avrocar album 'Against the Dying of the Light' on Make Mine Music .July Skies have released the following since 2000:'At the Height of Summer' - EP'Dreaming of Spires' (2001) - Full-length'The English Cold' (2004) - Full-length'Where the Days Go' (2006) - Full-length'The Weather Clock' (2008) - Full-length'The Weather Clock EP' (2008) - Limited edition EP The sound of July Skies is about\u2026 lost youth, fractured memories of the 1970's, pylons across fields, abandoned airfields, endless childhood summers, dappled sunlight through leaves, forgotten England, the romance of the heavens well after closing time, countryside, mornings in May, ruins, faded innocence, post-war Britain, skies of all seasons, trudging coastlines, Super8, Festival of Britain 1951, memories made with a Polaroid Landcam, Henry Moore, overgrown follies, East Anglia, time spent amongst long summer grasses, kissing under motorway bridges, grey English rain filled skies, concrete precincts and tower blocks, suburbia, better days ahead, the sound of children playing faraway, old Ordnance Survey maps, lost airmen, Orford Ness, rustic charm, John Nash, playgrounds of the city, Avebury, icy mornings and clear blue skies, poppy day, a half remembered smile, \"There's no comfort in this world\", 1960's artwork by Harry Wingfield, John Berry, Martin Aitchinson, C F Tunnicliffe, Ronald Lampitt, BST, municipal parks at dusk, love, infatuation and loss.Probably nothing more\u2026","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/74014_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Foxes in Fiction

Foxes in Fiction is Warren Hildebrand, an experimental pop and ambient musician based out of New York (formerly Toronto)...

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{"key":"74021","name":"Foxes in Fiction","bio":"Foxes in Fiction is Warren Hildebrand, an experimental pop and ambient musician based out of New York (formerly Toronto) who has been recording different genres of music in various locations under this name since the age of 15.http:\/\/","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/74021_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


Alcest is a post-black metal band formed in Bagnols Sur C├Ęze, Languedoc-Roussillon, France in 2000.Formed by French mul...

50,000 - 100,000
{"key":"1969","name":"Alcest","bio":"Alcest is a post-black metal band formed in Bagnols Sur C\u00e8ze, Languedoc-Roussillon, France in 2000.Formed by French multi-instrumentalist Neige (who has also worked with Amesoeurs, Mortifera, Lantl\u00f4s, Peste Noire, and more).Alcest was originally conceived as a solo project, though it would eventually take on the form of a full band as Aegnor (also of Peste Noire) and Argoth joined the fray and released a four-track demo entitled Tristesse Hivernale in 2001. This demo was a more straightforward heavy\/black metal affair, much different from what would happen next. After that released, Alcest returned to a one-member format, with Neige moving away from the metal overtones of the three-piece and embracing a more atmospheric approach to his work. The 2005 EP release, Le Secret, was more in tune with the project`s ultimate goal, which was to put to ear, as it were, Neige`s fascination with an \"otherworld\" \u2013 of sorts \u2013 that had held a fascination for him beginning in his childhood. In 2007, Neige released the first full-length Alcest recording, Souvenirs D`un Autre Monde (Memories of Another World, for those keeping up in English), which was released on Prophecy Productions, and was a critical success. 2007 also saw a split-EP release with Angmar. \u00c9cailles de Lune (Scales of the Moon), released in 2010, continues in the otherwordly vein, evoking images of an underwater realm. The band's third album, Les Voyages de l'\u00c2me, was released on January 6, 2012.Alcest's fourth effort entitled Shelter was released on January 17, 2014 via Prophecy Productions. It features Birgir J\u00f3n Birgisson as producer, Amiina for the string sections and a guest appearance by Neil Halstead.Discography:Tristesse Hivernale - Demo \t\tLe Secret - EP Souvenirs d'un autre monde - LP Aux Fun\u00e9railles Du Monde\/Tristesse Hivernale - Reissue\/Split with Angmar Les Discrets \/ Alcest - Split \u00c9cailles de Lune - LP Le Secret - Reissue\/LP Les Voyages de l'\u00c2me - LP Shelter - LP","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/1969_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"50,000 - 100,000"}

Arctic Plateau

ARCTIC PLATEAU - this is the nom de plume of Gianluca Divirgilio, an Italian musician with an incredible sense for epic ...

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{"key":"73994","name":"Arctic Plateau","bio":"ARCTIC PLATEAU - this is the nom de plume of Gianluca Divirgilio, an Italian musician with an incredible sense for epic arrangements and song structures whose first recordings offer timeless music between the poles of Post Rock, Shoegaze, New Wave and Indie.\"I am so inspired by the sadness that I feel I have found the joy.\" These are the first lyrics you'll hear on \"On A Sad Sunny Day\", the debut album by ARCTIC PLATEAU, and this sentiment is the golden thread that runs through each of the eleven tracks. This album enchants you with an open, dream-like atmosphere and is characterized by a fascinating ambivalence of hope and melancholy, euphoria and sadness. It's like an introspective trip into your inner self and into your own past, a rekindling of memories and sealed-up emotions. The artist himself describes his compositions as 'explicitly dreamed music', and it's hard to think of any better term for the music of this one-man project.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/73994_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma is a multi-instrumentalist and member of several bands, as well as the co-founder of the Root Strata...

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{"key":"74041","name":"Jefre Cantu-Ledesma","bio":"Jefre Cantu-Ledesma is a multi-instrumentalist and member of several bands, as well as the co-founder of the Root Strata record label based out of San Francisco, California, United States. Since 1995, he has recorded and toured in the United States, Europe and Japan. Cantu-Ledesma got his start in the band Tarentel. He was one of the founding members and is still a primary figure in the band's lineup. In addition, Cantu-Ledesma is, and has been, involved in a slew of other musical projects including The Holy See, Colophon, The Alps, Maholy Nagy, Josephine, and Isadore Ducasse, among others. Cantu-Ledesma moved from San Francisco to Germany in 2011, where he currently lives and works.His label, Root Strata, is highly regarded by the drone and ambient music community and has an extensive catalog that includes artists such as Tarentel, Grouper, Ilyas Ahmed, Barn Owl, Starving Weirdos, Oneohtrix Point Never, Gregg Kowalsky, Charalambides, Yellow Swans, Richard Youngs and many more.http:\/\/\/jcledesmahttp:\/\/\/","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/74041_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Sun Glitters

Sun Glitters, from Luxembourg, is the result after manyyears of sound research through different genres under the monike...

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{"key":"98488","name":"Sun Glitters","bio":"Sun Glitters, from Luxembourg, is the result after manyyears of sound research through different genres under the moniker Sug(r)cane since 1998.Sun Glitters sound is an ocean of lush melodies, pitch-shifted vocal samples, ghostly digi-diva choirs, warm bass melodies driven by alternately dense and relaxing beatwork combinations between downtempo and wonky beats.RIYL:Boards of Canada, Burial, Balam Acab, Holy Other","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/98488_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


DIIV (previously known as Dive) is the ongoing project of Zachary Cole Smith, who has already made a name for himself i...

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{"key":"2017","name":"DIIV","bio":"DIIV (previously known as Dive) is the ongoing project of Zachary Cole Smith, who has already made a name for himself in the New York music scene playing for bands such as Beach Fossils, Darwin Deez and Soft Black. Smith formed DIIV in Brooklyn in 2011 as his solo project, but soon put together a live band with Devin Ruben Perez, his childhood friend Andrew Bailey, and ex-Smith Westerns drummer Colby Hewitt. DIIV's first release, the single Sometime , was released as 7\" on Captured Tracks on Oct. 11th, 2011. The debut album Oshin was released in June 2012.Drummer Colby Hewitt left the band in spring 2015 due to his drug addiction. Ben Newman (from North Carolina, formerly of Banda Suki) was added as the group's drummer in 2015. Their upcoming album, Is the Is Are, is set to be released in 2016, on February 5th.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/2017_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Ulrich Schnauss

Ulrich Schnauss was born in the northern German town of Kiel in 1977. During his formative years, he came to love a wide...

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{"key":"2068","name":"Ulrich Schnauss","bio":"Ulrich Schnauss was born in the northern German town of Kiel in 1977. During his formative years, he came to love a wide spectrum of music, ranging from My Bloody Valentine to Tangerine Dream, from Chapterhouse to early bleep and breakbeat tracks. There was not much opportunity to see his musical heroes in Kiel, so he moved to Berlin in 1996.By that time, Ulrich was already a prolific musician in such genres as ambient and drum and bass, with a variety of pseudonyms (most notably View to the Future and Ethereal 77). These earlier works soon caught the eye of Berlin electronica label CCO (City Centre Offices), who took him up.Soon his submissions to CCO developed into Ulrich\u2019s first album under his own name, entitled Far away Trains Passing By. It became an electronic classic; listeners were smitten with the lush instrumentation and the emotional impact of his elegant music.Yet nothing could prepare his growing army of supporters for the next record, A Strangely Isolated Place, which slowly came together in 2001. The album truly displayed Ulrich's youthful indie influences and established his pedigree as an outstanding electronic composer. A Strangely Isolated Place has become one of those extraordinary and rare occurrences: a record that slowly grows in stature by virtue of its overriding ability to deliver more than the usual arid and academic treatises on the state of the synthesizer.\"When you've worked with computers and keyboards for a number of years, they become not so fascinating of themselves anymore,\" he said. \"I gained in confidence after people began to discover Faraway Trains, and it hasn't really stopped since then. This time I decided not to compromise on what I wanted to do, with what I thought people might want me to do.\"The result is an oddly retro-futurist record, which owes more to MBV's Loveless or Vangelis' Blade Runner soundtrack than Ulrich's computer-centric peers.Since the release of both albums, Ulrich has been asked to work with and remix a host of artists including Mojave 3, Longview, Johannes Schmoelling, The Zephyrs, Robin Guthrie, A Shoreline Dream, Engineers and Lunz (Rodelius).Goodbye, Ulrich Schnauss's third album, was released in 2007.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/2068_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}
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