Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, more commonly known as Nas (formerly Nasty Nas and Escobar), born September 14, 1973 in Crown ...

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{"key":"12626","name":"Nas","bio":"Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, more commonly known as Nas (formerly Nasty Nas and Escobar), born September 14, 1973 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York, is a prominent American MC. The son of jazz musician Olu Dara, he was raised in the infamous Queensbridge housing projects in Queensbridge, New York. According to the Nasty Songfacts, as a teenager rapper, Nasir first went by the nickname Kid Wave before adopting his more commonly known alias of Nasty Nas. By the time he released his landmark solo debut album Illmatic in 1994, Jones was known as Nas. Illmatic was a critically acclaimed bestseller and is widely considered one of the greatest rap albums of all time. He married R&B singer Kelis in 2005, they have one son together, and she filed for divorce on the 29th of April 2009. Nas was also a part of hip hop supergroup The Firm, which released one album.In the years following the release of Illmatic, Nas pursued a more commercial direction, which resulted in wider success but decreased artistic credibility among critics and hip-hop purists. Furthermore, Nas' increased commercial success was accompanied by stylistic changes that fostered accusations of \"selling out\". Nevertheless, the LP Stillmatic is often credited for restoring Nas' credibility among fans. Since the success of Stillmatic, Nas continues to maintain a high profile within the hip hop community, and has pursued a decidedly progressive and personal aesthetic. While Nas' current artistic direction differs greatly from his most successful work, it has ensured that he remains one of the most respected and acclaimed contemporary rappers.1973\u20131992: Childhood and early careerNas was born in Brooklyn, New York, as the elder of Olu Dara and Fannie Ann Jones's two children; his brother Jabari (nicknamed \"Jungle\" because he was born in the Congo) is the younger of the two. The family lived for a time in Brooklyn, before moving to Queensbridge, the largest public housing project in the United States. Olu Dara left the household in 1986, when Nas was 13, and Ann Jones raised her two boys on her own. Nas dropped out of school in the eighth grade and began selling drugs on the streets of New York. He educated himself, reading about African culture and civilization, the Qur'an, the Bible and the Five Percent Nation. He also studied the origin of hip hop music, taping records that played on his local radio station. As a child, Nas had wanted to be an instrumentalist (at the age of three, Nas played his father's trumpet on the step of their Brooklyn home) and also a comic book artist. Shortly after his parents separated, Nas began to write short stories as he immersed himself deeper into hip-hop culture.By his preteen years, he had settled on pursuing a career as a rapper, and as a teenager enlisted his best friend and upstairs neighbor Willie \"Ill Will\" Graham as his DJ. Nas first went by the nickname Kid Wave before adopting his more commonly known alias of Nasty Nas. Nas and Graham soon met hip-hop producer and Flushing Queens resident Large Professor, who introduced Nas to his group, Main Source. In 1991, Nas made his on-record debut with a verse on \"Live at the BBQ\", from Main Source's LP Breaking Atoms. Despite the substantial buzz for Nas in the underground scene, the rapper was rejected by major labels and was not signed to a recording deal. Nas and Graham continued to work together, but their partnership was cut short when Graham was shot and killed by a gunman in Queensbridge on May 23, 1992.1992\u20131995: The recording and release of IllmaticIn mid-1992, Nas was approached by MC Serch of 3rd Bass, who became his manager and secured Nas a record deal with Columbia Records the same year. Nas made his solo debut on the single \"Halftime\" from Serch's soundtrack for the film Zebrahead. The single increased the buzz surrounding Nas and when MC Serch\u2019s solo album is released later in the year, Nas\u2019 standout appearance on \"Back To The Grill\" only intensified interest in his upcoming album, amid immense anticipation. Hailed as the second coming of Rakim, his rhyming skills attracted a significant amount of attention within the hip-hop community. However, many were concerned that Columbia, being a major label, would try to dilute his New York based style.In 1994, Nas' debut album, Illmatic was finally released. Critically acclaimed and widely regarded as one of the premier rap albums ever created, Illmatic featured lyrics that portrayed stunning visual imagery and production courtesy of several producers . The album featured production from Large Professor, Pete Rock, Q-Tip (of A Tribe Called Quest) and DJ Premier, as well as guest appearances from Nas' friend AZ and his father Olu Dara on the song \"Life's a Bitch\", Illmatic was immediately hailed as a masterpiece by critics, and is still highly regarded as one of the definitive hip-hop albums of all time. Notable songs on the album included \"NY State of Mind\" (produced by Premier), \"The World Is Yours\" (produced by Pete Rock), \"One Love\" (produced by Q-Tip) and \"It Ain't Hard To Tell\" (produced by Large Professor and featuring a sample of \"Human Nature\" by Michael Jackson). However, due in part to extensive bootlegging, the record sales fell below expectations.Following Illmatic, Nas appeared on AZ's Doe Or Die album, and collaborated with his Queensbridge-associates, Mobb Deep, on their album, The Infamous. One notable achievement during this period was Nas' verse on \"Verbal Intercourse\" on Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. After this appearance, Nas received a Source Quotable as he had the distinction of being the only non-Wu-Tang Clan member to be featured on one of the group's solo albums.1996\u20131998: From It Was Written to The FirmColumbia began to press Nas to work towards more commercial topics like the rapper The Notorious B.I.G., who had become successful by releasing street singles that still retained pop-friendly appeal. Nas traded manager MC Serch for Steve Stoute, and began preparation for his second LP, It Was Written, consciously working towards a crossover-oriented sound. It Was Written, chiefly produced by Poke and Tone of Trackmasters Entertainment, was released during the summer of 1996. Two singles, \"If I Ruled The World (Imagine That)\" (featuring Lauryn Hill of The Fugees) and \"Street Dreams\" (a remix features R. Kelly) were instant hits. These songs were promoted by big-budget music videos directed by Hype Williams, making Nas a common name among mainstream hip-hop. Other notable tracks on the album included \"The Message\" and \"I Gave You Power,\" which tells a story from the perspective of a gun. It Was Written also featured the debut of The Firm, a supergroup consisting of Nas, AZ, Foxy Brown, and Cormega. The album also introduced Nas's Mafioso-inspired character \"Nas Escobar\", who lived more of a Scarface\/Casino-esque lifestyle. On the other hand, Illmatic, which, while having numerous references to Tony Montana and the theatrical hit featuring Al Pacino, was more about Nas' life as a teenager in the projects, hustling and smoking marijuana.The Firm signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment label, and began working on their debut album. Halfway through the production of the album, Cormega was fired from the group by Steve Stoute, who had unsuccessfully attempted to force Cormega to sign a deal with his management company. Cormega therefore became one of Nas' most vocal opponents, releasing a number of underground hip-hop singles dissing Nas, Stoute, and Nature, who was Cormega's replacement in The Firm. The Firm's The Album was finally released in 1997 to mixed reviews and lackluster sales and the members of the supergroup went their separate ways.At about this time, Nas became a spokesperson for the Willie Esco urban clothing line, but had no other connection with the clothing line. He stopped promoting Willie Esco in 2000, dissatisfied with the company's operations. During the same period, Nas co-wrote and starred in Hype Williams' 1998 feature film Belly, which also featured DMX, Taral Hicks, and T-Boz of TLC among its cast.1998\u20132000: I Am\u2026 to NastradamusIn 1998, Nas began work on a double album to be entitled I Am\u2026The Autobiography, which he intended as the middle ground between the extremes of Illmatic and It Was Written. The album was completed in early 1999, and a music video was shot for its lead single, Nas Is Like, produced by DJ Premier and featuring vocal samples from \"It Ain't Hard to Tell\". However, much of the LP was leaked in MP3 format onto the Internet, and Nas and Stoute quickly recorded enough substitute material to constitute a single-disc release.The second single for I Am was \"Hate Me Now,\" featuring Sean \"Puffy\" Combs (now \"Diddy\"), was used as an example by Nas' critics for moving towards commercial themes. Hype Williams shot an allegorical video for the single, which featured Nas and Puffy being crucified in a manner similar to Jesus; After the video was completed, Combs, a Catholic, requested his crucifixion scene be edited out of the video. However, the unedited copy of the \"Hate Me Now\" video made its way to MTV, and was premiered on April 15, 1999 on TRL. A furious Combs and his bodyguards allegedly made their way into Steve Stoute's office and assaulted him, at one point apparently hitting Stoute over the head with a champagne bottle. Stoute pressed charges, but he and Combs settled out-of-court that June.Columbia had scheduled to release the pirated material from I Am under the title Nastradamus during the latter half of 1999, but, at the last minute, decided Nas should record an entirely new album for release. Nastradamus was therefore rushed to meet a November release date. Though critics were not kind to the album, it did result in a minor hit, the Timbaland-produced \"You Owe Me,\" featuring R&B singer Ginuwine. The only pirated track from I Am\u2026 to make it onto Nastradamus was \"Project Windows,\" featuring Ronald Isley. A number of the other bootlegged tracks later made their way onto The Lost Tapes, a collection of underground Nas songs that was released by Columbia in September 2002. The collection saw decent sales and received glowing reviews.2000\u20132001: The Nas vs. Jay-Z rivalry and StillmaticThe highly publicized rivalry between Nas and Jay-Z began as a rivalry between Nas and Jay-Z's protege, Memphis Bleek. On his debut album Coming of Age, Bleek made a song entitled \"Memphis Bleek Is\", which was similar in concept to Nas' single \"Nas is Like\". On the same album, Bleek recorded \"What You Think Of That\" featuring Bleek's mentor Jay-Z, which contains the refrain, \"I'ma ball 'til I fall\/what you think of that?\". In retaliation, \"Nastradamus\", the title track from Nas' second 1999 album, featured a reference to \"What You Think Of That\". The lyrics state, \"You wanna ball till you fall, I can help you with that\/You want beef? I could let a slug melt in your hat.\" Memphis Bleek perceived the reference on \"Nastradamus\" as a diss, and therefore dissed Nas on the lead single for his The Understanding LP, My Mind Right\".QB's Finest was a compilation album that featured Nas and a number of other rappers from Queensbridge, including Mobb Deep, Nature, Littles, The Bravehearts (which included Nas' younger brother Jungle among its members), and Cormega, who had briefly reconciled with Nas. The album also featured guest appearances from Queensbridge hip-hop legends Roxanne Shante, MC Shan, and Marley Marl. Shan and Marley Marl both appeared on the lead single \"Da Bridge 2001\", which was based on Shan & Marl's 1986 recording \"The Bridge\". \"Da Bridge 2001\" also featured a response from Nas to Memphis Bleek, in which Nas called out most of the Roc-A-Fella Records roster, including Bleek, Damon Dash, Beanie Sigel, and Jay-Z.Jay-Z responded to Nas' songs with an onstage swipe during the 2001 Hot 97 Summer Jam concert in New York City, when he premiered his song \"Takeover.\" Initially, the song was to only be a Mobb Deep diss, only including one line about Nas near the end. Nevertheless, Nas recorded the \"Stillmatic Freestyle,\" an underground single which sampled Rakim and Eric B.'s \"Paid in Full\" beat, and attacked Jay-Z and his Roc-A-Fella label. On his 2001 album, The Blueprint, Jay-Z rewrote \"Takeover,\" dedicating half of the song to dissing Nas, claiming that he had a \"\u2026one hot album every ten year average\" record (referring to Illmatic) that his flow was weak, and that he had fabricated his past as a hustler.Nas responded with \"Ether\", the track begins with gunshots and a repeated, slowed-down sample of Tupac rapping \"Fuck Jay-Z.\" (taken from Tupac's \"Fuck Friends\") In \"Ether,\" Nas accuses Jay-Z of stealing (\"biting\") lyrics from The Notorious B.I.G. and brown-nosing Nas and other rappers for fame. Ether was included on Nas' fifth studio album, Stillmatic, released in December 2001. Stillmatic managed to be not only a critically-acclaimed comeback album, but a commercial success as well, albeit not on the level of It Was Written and I Am\u2026; the album debutted at #7 on the Billboard album charts and featured the singles \"Got Ur Self A\u2026\" and \"One Mic.\" In terms of commercial success, Jay's The Blueprint was certified double-platinum, while Stillmatic went platinum.Jay-Z responded to \"Ether\" with a freestyle entitled \"Supa Ugly.\" going into detail about how he had sex with Carmen Bryan, the mother of Nas' daughter Destiny. Nas dismissed the track by claiming that he was no longer with Bryan during the time the affair took place. In a recent interview, however, New York radio station Hot 97 settled the battle taking votes comparing \"Ether\" and \"Supa Ugly,\" and Nas won with 58% while Jay-Z got 42% of the votes. By 2005, the two rappers had eventually ended their feud without violence or animosity. During Jay-Z's I Declare War - Power House concert, Jay-Z announced to the crowd, \"It's bigger than 'I Declare War'. Let's go, Esco!\" Nas then joined Jay-Z onstage, and the two then performed \"Dead Presidents\" together, which Jay-Z had sampled from Nas' song \"The World is Yours.\"2002\u2013Present: From God's Son to Street's Disciple and beyondIn December 2002, Nas released the God's Son album. and its lead single, \"Made You Look\". The album debuted at #18 on the Billboard charts despite widespread internet bootlegging. Time Magazine named his album best hip-hop album of the year. Vibe Magazine gave it 4 stars and The Source gave it 4 mics. The second single, the inspirational \"I Can\", which reworked elements from Beethoven's \"Fur Elise\", became Nas' biggest hit to date during the spring and summer of 2003, garnering substantial radio airplay on urban, rhythmic, and top 40 radio stations, as well as on the MTV and VH1 music video networks. God's Son also includes several songs dedicated to memory of Nas' mother, who died of cancer in 2002. In 2003, Nas was featured on the Korn song \"Play Me\", from Ko\u042fn's Take a Look in the Mirror LP.Nas released his seventh studio album, the critically acclaimed double-disc Street's Disciple, on November 30, 2004. The album's first singles were \"Thief's Theme\" and \"Bridging the Gap\", which features his father Olu Dara on vocals. The album also includes \"These are Our Heroes\", which accuses prominent sports stars and actors such as Kobe Bryant, Lenny Henry, Tiger Woods, and Cuba Gooding, Jr. of neglecting their heritage and background in favour of white values. The videos for \"Bridging the Gap\" and \"Just A Moment\" received moderate airplay on MTV and BET. Although the album went platinum, its commercial profile was relatively low compared to the rapper's previous releases.Nas was featured on Kanye West's album Late Registration on a song titled \"We Major\". West said the song was Jay-Z's favorite on the album, but West was unable to get Jay-Z to record a vocal for the final mix of the song. He also appeared on Damian Marley's song \"Road to Zion\" (which also featured newcomer The Game in the video, widening Nas' still growing universally appreciated raps) and several other songs such as \"Death Anniversary\" and \"It Wasn't You\" (featuring Lauryn Hill). In addition, Nas was most recently married to the R&B singer Kelis, who is mostly known for her work internationally, but nonetheless released great hits in the U.S. The couple wed on Jan. 8, 2005 in Atlanta, GA, after a two-year engagement.During this time, Nas announced that his next album would be entirely self-produced and feature no other rappers, and would be titled Nasir, and later that the project would feature other producers after all and would be called Nasdaq: Dow Jones. Neither of these albums ever materialized.At a free concert in Central Park, New York, Nas made a statement regarding the quality of 50 Cent's music. \"this is the real shit, not that 50 Cent shit!\" In response, 50 Cent included a stab at Nas by speaking negatively of his wife Kelis on his single \"Piggy Bank,\" implying that Kelis was promiscuous and calling Nas a \"sucker for love.\" Nas was quoted as saying that he feels no obligation to retaliate, remarking \" got a good five to six more albums before I can really respond to him.\" Nas eventually decided to retaliate, and in July 2005 released \"Don't Body Ya Self (MC Burial)\", a song which taunts 50 Cent and his G-Unit crew, stating that 50 was \"a sucka for death if I'm a sucka for love.\" However, despite all of this, Nas still claims to \"have a lot of love towards 50,\" claiming 50 didn't understand his moves when they both were together at Columbia Records.In January 2006, Nas signed a label deal with Jay-Z's Def Jam, further emphasizing the Jay-Z\/Nas truce and raising expectations for a collaboration even higher. His album due in fall of 2006 will come out in a joint deal with this imprint and Columbia Records. He recently announced to MTV News that his album is to be named, \"Hip Hop is Dead\u2026the N,\" the N being a play on the word the \"end.\" The title is supposed to reflect what some would term the current low quality of rap music. The highly anticipated album is due out in December 19th, 2006.Musical style and TechniqueNas has long been famed for his creativity and storytelling prowess, which has earned him acclaim from both the hip-hop community and critics. In his early stages, from his first appearance on the Main Source's Breaking Atoms and throughout the recording of Illmatic, he was perhaps best known for his street-oriented topics, complex lyrical schemes (which often incorporated multi-syllabic internal rhymes), and witty phrasing and imagery. As he progressed and matured, Nas began to branch out into different subjects and developed a richer voice and slower rapping technique.Following Illmatic's release, Nas developed a penchant for hyper-visual storytelling and topical creativity. For instance, \"Undying Love\" (featured on I Am\u2026) is a tale of his wife's betrayal told in first person, \"Rewind\" (featured on Stillmatic) is a narrative in which a story is recited backwards, while on \"I Gave You Power\" (featured on It Was Written), Nas assumes the role of a gun who recounts brutal tales of murder and violence. Over the years Nas' style has changed significantly. In contrast to his previous work, Nas\u2019 most recent material is distinctively socially aware and often politically inflammatory. Songs such as \"I Can\" (featured on God's Son) convey moral messages of black youth empowerment, while \"These Are Our Heroes (Coon Picnic)\" accuses several African-American celebrities of being Uncle Toms. Furthermore, controversial songs such as \"My Country\" and \"A Message to the Feds (Fuck The Police II)\" (which are featured on Stillmatic and Street's Disciple, respectively) question the conduct of the American government. Nas' views in his lyrics throughout his career have made references to Islam and the Five Percent Nation..","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/12626_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"75,000 - 150,000"}


Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. (born September 25, 1980 in Bankhead, Atlanta, Georgia), better known by his stage name T.I.,...

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{"key":"12651","name":"T.I.","bio":"Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. (born September 25, 1980 in Bankhead, Atlanta, Georgia), better known by his stage name T.I., and also by his alter ego T.I.P., is a Grammy award winning American rapper, producer, actor, and co-CEO of Grand Hustle Records. In 2001 he released his debut solo album, I'm Serious through Arista Records. Since then he has released 2003's Trap Muzik, 2004's Urban Legend, 2006's King, 2007's T.I. vs. T.I.P, 2008's Paper Trail, and his latest CD No Mercy released December 7, 2010. In March 2009 he was sentenced to one year and one day in prison and ordered to pay a $100,300 fine for felony weapons charges. When released from prison, he will be subject to an audit of his finances, drug counseling, DNA testing, random searches of his property and will not be able to own firearms.As of October 2008, T.I. has had nine Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 singles, with 3 of them reaching number 1 (\"My Love\" by Justin Timberlake on which T.I. was featured, \"Whatever You Like,\" & \"Live Your Life\" featuring Rihanna).The Love This Life Songfacts reports that Love This Life, the first official single from T.I.'s eighth album, Trouble Man, was released on April 2, 2012 via YouTube.T.I. is from Bankhead, Atlanta, Georgia and was raised by his grandparents. T.I. explained the origin of his nickname Rubber Band Man, saying, \"We used to wear rubber bands to signify how much money, how much blow we had.\" He was nicknamed \"Tip\" after his paternal great-grandfather. Upon signing with Arista Records subsidiary LaFace Records in 2001, he shortened his name to T.I. out of respect for label mate Q-Tip.T.I. has been in a relationship with former Xscape member Tameka \"Tiny\" Cottle since 2001. Together, they have two sons: King and Major Harris. He has three other children with ex-girlfriend Lashon Dixon: Domani, Messiah and Deyjah. Overall, T.I. has five children.T.I. was co-executive producer of B.G.'s upcoming album and making beats for artists like Mariah Carey, Cassidy, Rick Ross, Maino, B.o.B., Yung Joc, Young Dro, and himself. He also executive produced the soundtrack to the film Hustle & Flow and released the collection through his record label.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/12651_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Flo Rida

Tramar Dillard (born September 17, 1979 in Miami, Florida), better known by his stage name Flo Rida, is an American rapp...

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{"key":"8038","name":"Flo Rida","bio":"Tramar Dillard (born September 17, 1979 in Miami, Florida), better known by his stage name Flo Rida, is an American rapper signed to Poe Boy Entertainment. He began his rap career touring with 2 Live Crew and was then featured on DJ Khaled's album \"We The Best\" in 2006. He released his debut album Mail on Sunday in 2008 and it's lead single, Low featuring T-Pain, held a run of 10 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2009, he released his second album R.O.O.T.S, and its first single, Right Round featuring Ke$ha, was #1 for six weeks. Flo Rida's first single from his fourth album, Only One Rida (Part 2), is \"Good Feeling.\" A reworking of Etta James' 1961 tune \"Something's Got a Hold on Me,\" the song was released to iTunes on August 29th, 2011. (Good Feeling Songfacts).Dillard was born in the 187th Street projects of Carol City, Florida. His single mother raised him and his seven sisters, some of whom sang in a local gospel group. As a teenager, Dillard worked with local rap group 2 Live Crew and formed his own amateur group with some friends called the Groundhoggz. His work with 2 Live Crew member Fresh Kid Ice attracted attention of DeVante Swing, a member of the band Jodeci. However, he was rejected by several of the major labels, so he sought many other jobs outside of music. After graduating from high school in 1998, he studied international business management at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for two years and attended Barry University for two months. He returned to Florida to continue pursuing his music career after receiving a phone call from a representative of the independent label Poe Boy Entertainment. Dillard signed with Poe Boy in 2006, and as Flo Rida he began affiliating with other Florida rappers, such as Rick Ross, Trina, T-Pain, and Trick Daddy. A promotional street single entitled \"Birthday\", featuring Rick Ross, was his first significant release. He made his debut guest appearance with the song \"Bitch I'm from Dade County\" on DJ Khaled's album We the Best, which featured Trick Daddy, Trina, Rick Ross, Brisco, C-Ride, and Dre.Music careerRehearsing for the 2008 MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto.Flo Rida received worldwide acclaim and popularity with the chart-topping success of his first single, \"Low\", featuring T-Pain. It was his first official single from his debut album Mail On Sunday and the soundtrack to the movie Step Up 2 The Streets. \"Low\" reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. \"Elevator\", featuring Timbaland, \"In the Ayer\" featuring will.i.am, and \"Roll\" featuring Sean Kingston followed and all charted on the Hot 100 and other charts.After the success of Mail on Sunday, Flo Rida made guest performances on other R&B, rap, and pop singles, including \"Move Shake Drop\" by DJ Laz, \"We Break the Dawn\" by Michelle Williams, the remix of \"4 Minutes\" by Madonna, \"Running Back\" by Australian R&B singer Jessica Mauboy, \"Feel It\" by DJ Felli Fel, and the remix of \"Speedin'\" by Rick Ross. During the summer of 2008, he did live performances on the Fox dance competition program So You Think You Can Dance in the US and 2008 MuchMusic Video Awards in Canada. He appeared on the albums We Global by DJ Khaled, Gutta by Ace Hood, and The Fame by Lady Gaga, among others.R.O.O.T.S. (2009)According to, Billboard magazine, Flo Rida began recording his sophomore nine months after Mail On Sunday. The album is titled R.O.O.T.S. and was released on March 31, 2009. The first single \"Right Round\" was released for airplay in January of 2009. \"Right Round\" jumped from number 58 to the top spot in one week in late February. It the song broke a record for the most digital one week sales in the U.S., with 636,000, beating the previous record he had set himself with \"Low\". The second official single was \"Sugar\", which featured R&B singer Wynter Gordon. The song reached at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100. Other singles were \"Jump\" featuring Nelly Furtado, The promotional single for the animated film G-Force and \"Be On You\" featuring Ne-Yo, which reached #19 on the Hot 100.The Only One (2010)Flo Rida announced on Twitter in March 2010 that his next album would be titled The Only One. The buzz single \"Zoosk Girl\", featuring T-Pain was leaked online on March 28. J-Rock produced \"Zoosk Girl\". \"Club Can't Handle Me\" is confirmed to be the first official single. It will also be the from the soundtrack for Step Up 3-D. Flo Rida also made a guest appearance on iYiYi, a song by Australian Pop\/R&B artist, Cody Simpson.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/8038_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"150,000 - 300,000"}

J. Cole

Jermaine Lamarr Cole (born January 28, 1985 in Frankfurt, Germany), better known simply as J. Cole, is an American rappe...

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{"key":"13522","name":"J. Cole","bio":"Jermaine Lamarr Cole (born January 28, 1985 in Frankfurt, Germany), better known simply as J. Cole, is an American rapper and producer from Fayetteville, North Carolina. He is best known for being the first artist to be signed to Jay-Z's label Roc Nation after Jay heard his single Lights Please. He released his debut mixtape The Come Up in 2007 and followed this up with 2009's The Warm Up and 2010's Friday Night Lights. Songfacts reports that he dropped his first official single, Work Out on June 15, 2011, the two-year anniversary of The Warm Up. He released his highly anticipated debut album \"Cole World: The Sideline Story\" on Tuesday, September 27, 2011. It debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200 with approximately 218,000 units sold.Cole has appeared on the cover of The Source and Beyond Race magazines, as well as being featured as one of XXL\u2019s 2010 Freshmen. Cole appeared on Jay-Z\u2019s 2009 album The Blueprint 3, on the track A Star is Born, and is also featured on labelmate Wale\u2019s debut album, Attention Deficit. Most recently, he was touring with Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, and Trey Songz on The Blueprint 3 tour. In January 2010, along with Jay Electronica and Mos Def, he appeared on the first single from the new Reflection Eternal album, Just Begun.The rap world is at a crossroads. In the face of shrinking budgets, music executives, resting on their laurels, search out the next YouTube sensation with a catchy hook and dance move in order to amass digital single sales. While many artists have tried to break through despite an industry melt down, few have been met with critical praise. And the applause for those that have has not been loud enough to sway the course of the current rap market. Looking to excel where his contemporaries have failed, North Carolina native J. Cole (born Jermaine Cole) brings promise of a new day in hip hop music.Raised by his mother in North Carolina, J. Cole's hometown of Fayetteville would provide much of the sights and experiences that would come to shape his sound. Cole fell into rapping at the age of 12 when his cousin from Louisiana spent the summer in Fayetteville, showing him the basics of rhyming. He was instantly hooked. From there he delved deep into the music of hip hop luminaries including Tupac Shakur, Nas and Outkast, taking from them a love for telling stories with an unbridled rigor. Seizing every opportunity to write, at age 15 J. Cole found himself with composition notebooks full of rhymes but no beats of his own to lay them on. Determined to create original songs, he begged his mother for a beat machine so he could produce music solely for himself. She granted his wish and from there, a young Cole spent all his free time creating sounds and songs that would lay the foundation for what his style has evolved to today.Feeling the need to be heard, J. Cole used college as a tool to chase his dreams. He attended St. John's University on an academic scholarship, choosing the school so that he could be in the heart of the music industry: New York City. After polishing his sound and graduating Magna Cum Laude, J. Cole is dropping his debut mixtape, properly titled \"The Come Up\" hosted by DJ On Point. A mash up of dusty, soul filled sound beds, raw, energetic drums and an endless range of topics everything from the carefree days of college to the seemingly endless plight of those have-nots scrapping for change. The Come Up puts J. Cole's broad palette of lyrical and production talents on display. \"All a nigga wanna do is take his momma from that, but they rather lock us up and make sure we don't come back,\" he vehemently spits over the cascading keys and triumphant strings of the self produced \"Lil' Ghetto Nigga.\"With such a diverse display, J. Cole is poised to wake up a dormant industry and cement his name in this game. But more than that, with his debut studio album currently in production, he hopes to change the tide of current rap music, swaying it in a more insightful, meaningful and passionate direction.\"","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/13522_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


Bobby Ray Simmons (born November 15, 1988 in Decatur, Georgia, USA), better known by his stage name B.o.B, is a Grammy A...

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{"key":"13052","name":"B.o.B","bio":"Bobby Ray Simmons (born November 15, 1988 in Decatur, Georgia, USA), better known by his stage name B.o.B, is a Grammy Award-nominated American rapper, singer and producer signed to T.I.'s Grand Hustle Label and Atlantic Records. In 2007 he released his debut EP, Eastside, and has since released another EP, 12th Dimension, and five mixtapes. His debut album, B.o.B Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray, was released in April 2010 and debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200. The first single from the album, Nothin' on You featuring Bruno Mars, peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The album spawned two further hit singles including international smash airplanes and Billboard hit Magic. The album has since been certified Gold by the RIAA for shipments of over 500,000 copies in the US.The first single from B.o.B's second album is Strange Clouds. It features Lil Wayne and according to the Strange Clouds Songfacts, it \"is 3 minutes 47 seconds of bass heavy bragging.\". The song was released on October 3, 2011.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/13052_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"75,000 - 150,000"}


Christopher Brian Bridges (born September 11, 1977 in Champaign, Illinois), better known by his stage name Ludacris, is ...

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{"key":"12659","name":"Ludacris","bio":"Christopher Brian Bridges (born September 11, 1977 in Champaign, Illinois), better known by his stage name Ludacris, is a Grammy award winning American rapper, SAG award winning actor and co-founder of the label Disturbing Tha Peace. He is the highest selling Southern hip hop solo artist of all time with over 15 million units sold in the United States and around 20 million records sold worldwide. He released his debut album Incognegro in 1999 and has since released a further seven albums. His ninth studio album, Ludaversal, will be released sometime in 2012.Early yearsBridges began his music career as a radio personality and DJ as Chris Lova Lova on Hot 97, an urban radio station in Atlanta, Georgia. He made his recorded debut on \"Phat Rabbit,\" a track from Timbaland's 1998 album Tim's Bio: Life from the Basement. Although both Timbaland and Jermaine Dupri showed interest in signing Ludacris, he decided to release the album \"Incognegro\" independently in 1999. The album sold over 50,000 copies through the Atlanta based independent music distributor, Southern Music Distribution. The same year, he recorded the theme to the video game Madden NFL 2000. Scarface, an original member of the Geto Boys, signed Ludacris in 2000 to Def Jam Recordings, and created a new imprint, Def Jam South, around him.Back for the First TimeLudacris released his major label debut, Back for the First Time, in October 2000. The album reached as high as #4 on the charts, and was a major success. Ludacris made his mark on the industry with singles such as \"Southern Hospitality\" and \"What's Your Fantasy\", along with his first ever single \"Phat Rabbit\", from 2 years prior. Back for the First Time was the beginning of Ludacris's explosion to the top of the rap world.Word of MoufLudacris promptly completed his next album, Word Of Mouf and released it at the end of 2001. Its lead single, \"Rollout (My Business)\" was boycotted in many American video stations. Despite the controversy, the video was nominated for a 2003 VMA, and Luda performed it live at the awards' pre-show. Ludacris also toured with Papa Roach in 2002 after the release of their sophomore album lovehatetragedy. Ludacris reached a new level of notoriety when TV's Bill O'Reilly expressed outrage that Pepsi had hired Ludacris as a spokesman. O'Reilly repeatedly attacked Ludacris's foul language and called for a nation-wide boycott of Pepsi, who then fired Ludacris and hired Ozzy Osbourne's family instead.Chicken-N-BeerDuring the spring of 2003, Ludacris returned to the music scene after a brief hiatus with a new single, \"Act A Fool\" from the 2 Fast 2 Furious soundtrack. At around the same time, he released the lead single from his upcoming album, Chicken & Beer, called \"P-Poppin\" (short for \"Pussy Poppin'\"). Neither of his new singles were as well-received by either the urban or pop audiences as his previous songs had been, and both music videos received only limited airplay. Chicken & Beer opened strongly, but without a popular single, the album fell quickly.However, in the fall of 2003, Ludacris rebounded with his next single, \"Stand Up\", which appeared on both Chicken & Beer as well as the soundtrack for the teen hip-hop\/dance movie, Honey. Produced by Kanye West, \"Stand Up\" went on to become Ludacris' biggest mainstream hit to date, hitting the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and garnering heavy airplay on mainstream pop, rhythmic, and urban radio stations, as well as on MTV, MTV2, and BET.The album's next single, \"Splash Waterfalls\", was released in early 2004. Though not a pop hit, it became a success at urban radio and BET. It was Ludacris' most sexual video yet and an R&B remix that featured Raphael Saadiq and sampled Tony! Toni! Tone!'s \"Whatever You Want\". Luda next released \"Blow It Out\", a gritty song that had a heavily low-budget, gritty, and urban-looking music video, which was a huge departure from the colorful, sensual, R&B leanings depicted in \"Splash Waterfalls\". \"Blow It Out\" acted both as a scathing response to the aforementioned criticism levied by Bill O'Reilly and an expression of disgust at Pepsi's cowardice in the affair: Shout out to Bill O'Reilly, I'm'a throw you a curve You mad cause I'm a thief and got away with words I'm'a start my own beverage, it'll calm your nerves Pepsi's the New Generation?\u2014Blow it out cha ass! * On 1 June 2006, a federal jury found that \"Stand Up\" did not infringe on the copyright of a song called \"Straight Like That\" by a New Jersey group known as I.O.F. \"I hope the plaintiffs enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame,\" Ludacris said after the verdict. \"This whole experience is proof to me of why I will always fight for what I believe in.\"The Red Light DistrictThe fourth studio album from Ludacris. Although entirely different from the usual antics of the previous albums, Ludacris had taken a more mature approach to his album. Ludacris openly boasted that he may be the only rapper able to keep the Def Jam label afloat. Ludacris had recently filmed and recorded the single \"Get Back\" in which he was featured a muscle-bounded hulk who was being annoyed by the media and warned his critics to leave him alone. He also was featured on Saturday Night Live playing his song Get Back with Sum 41. The follow-up single was the Austin Powers-inspired \"The Number One Spot\". It was produced by New York City's Hot 97 personality DJ Green Lantern. It used the Quincy Jones sample of \"Soul Bossa Nova\" and sped it up to the tempo of Ludacris' rap flow. Ludacris also filmed the video in which he pokes fun at O'Reilly's problems with Andrea Mackris (Hi Mr. O'Reilly \/ Hope all is well kiss the plaintiff and the wifey). Production credits come also from veteran producers Timbaland, Lil' Jon, The Medicine Men and legendary rapper Doug E. Fresh. Featured artists on the album include Nas, DJ Quik, DMX, Trick Daddy, and Disturbing Tha Peace newcomers Bobby Valentino (of Mista fame) and Dolla Boi and Small World. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard charts. And most recently the rapper had used his opportunity to start his own foundation. The Ludacris Foundation started by Ludacris and Chaka Zulu is an organization that helps young middle and high school students motivate themselves in creative arts. Ludacris also has a daughter by the name of Karma. Ludacris had also participated at the Super Bowl and is the spokesman for the Boost Mobile Phone ad-campaign. Ludacris also received his first Grammy Award with Usher and Lil Jon for their hit single \"Yeah\"Release TherapyIn a recent issue of XXL, a hip-hop based magazine, Ludacris was placed in the number nine spot for the most anticipated albums of 2006, for Release Therapy. The album Release Therapy was released on September 26, 2006. Ludacris is going to format the cd to have two sides, a Release side and a Therapy side. With the Release side having songs that allow him to get everything off his chest and the Therapy side being just feel-good music. A song titled \"War With God\" is one of the confirmed tracks from the upcoming album. The first single, \"Money Maker\", which features Pharrell, was released to U.S. radio outlets on July 17. Others songs will be : \"Tell It Like It Is\" (Produced by Elaborate Musik Workshop), \"Runaway Love\" (Feat. Mary J. Blige) and Woozy (Feat. R. Kelly) \"Money Maker\" reached number one on the BET 106 & Park Countdown for the first time on September 15, 2006. The album recently reached number 1 on the Billboard 200 album charts with sales of more than 300,000 in its first week.To promote the album, Ludacris will be hosting and performing on Saturday Night Live 18 November. Ludacris is the second and only rapper to host and perform on the same episode (MC Hammer hosted and performed in 1991, on different episodes ).Theater of the MindLudacris's 6th album, Theater of the Mind was released on November 24, 2008 it includes the singles \"What them Girls Like\" Co-Starring Chris Brown and Sean Garrett , \"One More Drink\" Co-Starring T-Pain, and \"Nasty Girl\" Co-Starring Piles. The New album peaked at 1 on U.S. Billboard Top Rap Albums and peaked at 5 on U.S. Billboard 200. Acting careerLudacris has been acting in film since The Wash in 2001, but his big break came in 2005, where he received critical praise for his roles in the Oscar-winning films Hustle & Flow and Crash. Crash includes an ironic sequence where Ludacris's character is dismissive of hip-hop music. Interestingly, in both films, he is physically beaten by characters played by Terrence Howard. He is occasionally credited as \"Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges\".On January 29, 2006 he was awarded with a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Cast in a Motion Picture for his work in the film Crash. Ludacris also starred in 2 Fast 2 Furious.Ludacris narrated the 2006 Ward Serrill basketball documentary \"Heart of the Game.\" Ludacris recently cut his trademark braids off to project a new image for his upcoming album, Release Therapy.He recently appeared in the 28 March 2006 episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Ludacris portrayed Darius Randall, the nephew of Detective Fin Tutuola, portrayed by Ice T.DisputesFurthering the controversy, in response to the signing of the Osbourne family, popular music hip-hop mogul, Russell Simmons, organized a boycott against the company. Simmons demanded an apology from Pepsi to Ludacris and a 5 million dollar donation to one of Ludacris' charities. Eventually Simmons and Pepsi settled on an agreement to stop the boycott, right before it was to officially begin\u2013 while Pepsi did not formally apologize to Ludacris, they did agree to donate millions of dollars over years to Russel Simmon Hip-Hop Summit Action Network.Ludacris' song \"Blow It Out\" (from the Chicken & Beer album), acted as a scathing response to his critics, namely O'Reilly.In another song, \"Hoes in My Room\", he tells a story about anonymous prostitutes being left in his room, and at the end of the last verse he says:Then it got to my head and Somethin' remind meI know who let 'em in, it was Bill O'Reilly.Then, in 2004, in \"Number 1 Spot\"Respected highly, Hi Mr. O'Reilly.Hope all is well, kiss the plaintiff and the wifey.In a 2006 interview with GQ magazine, Ludacris criticized Oprah Winfrey about his appearance on her show with the cast of the film Crash. During the interview, the conversation veered from the movie and Winfrey chose to speak on Ludacris' lyrical content, which he felt was unfair as he was visiting her show in the capacity of an actor and not a rapper. Also, Ludacris was upset that some of his responses were later edited from the show's airing. He was later joined by other rappers such as 50 Cent, Ice Cube and Killer Mike who argued that Winfrey had an anti-hip hop bias.Winfrey responded by saying that she's opposed to rap lyrics that \"marginalize women,\" but enjoys some artists, including Kanye West, who appeared on her show. She said she spoke with Ludacris backstage after his appearance to explain her position and said she understood that his music was for entertainment purposes, but that some of his listeners might take it literally. Ludacris later said the media had blown his comments out of proportion and said he respects Winfrey and considers her \"a great individual.\"In 2004, before the release of his debut album Straight Outta Ca$hville, Nashville, Tennessee native and G-Unit member Young Buck would enlist the services of fellow Atlanta emcee T.I., also known as T.I.P. in his native Bankhead neighborhood of westside Atlanta. They would create a track entitled \"Stomp\" amid growing tension between Buck's good friend Ludacris and T.I. On the track, T.I. takes subliminal shots at Ludacris including the line \"me gettin' beat down, that's ludicrous.\" Buck, immediately sensing the tension, decided before releasing the track to notify Ludacris that T.I. had mentioned him since he didn't want to position himself as encouraging T.I.'s actions. Ludacris hears the track and asks Buck if he can add his own verse to which Buck agrees. The results end up being costly for T.I. as he is berated throughout Ludacris' verse and called out by name in his last line. Representatives from T.I. notify Buck that T.I.'s vocals will not be cleared for the album unless T.I. is allowed to change his verse, and also have Ludacris change his. Buck refuses this offer and T.I. prohibits his vocals from being used. Buck has hypeman and fellow rapper D-Tay replace T.I. on the song and D-Tay himself is eventually replaced by The Game on the official release.Although T.I. was removed, the street cut featuring him and Ludacris had already been leaked to DJs in Atlanta and New York. T.I. was unable to stop the track's distribution throughout the streets of the nation at this point. It is widely accepted that T.I. \"lost\" this battle with Ludacris easily being the victor. The beef between Ludacris and T.I. was then put to an end behind closed doors as T.I. said that the problems between them have ceased.In 2006 however, T.I. would release his highly anticipated fourth solo album entitled KING. In his Just Blaze produced track titled \"I'm Talkin To You,\" T.I. lyrically attacks one or more unknown targets who have widely been speculated to be either Ludacris, New Orleans emcee Lil Wayne, or Houston rapper Lil' Flip (whom T.I. also had beef with but has since ended their animosity behind closed doors) or a combination of all three. It is still unknown whether or not T.I. was in fact battling Ludacris again or anyone else for that matter at all. A closer listen to the song, however proves that T.I. isnt dissing Ludacris. In one of T.I.s lines he quotes \"had it out with 'Cris, but he still my nigga\u2026sat down civilized talked about it like niggas\", alluding to the sit down that he and Ludacris had to end their beef. As a matter of fact during the taping of MTV's My Block 'Atlanta', T.I. and Ludacris are shown greeting each other respectfully.In July of 2006, a track entitled \"War with God\" would see Ludacris return after some time off in movies. In the track, Ludacris goes on the offensive against an unknown rapper who has sold drugs, and makes repeated references to shooting guns in his songs, isn't as rich as he (Ludacris) and likes to give himself titles - all very well known characteristics and facts directly relating to T.I and Young Jeezy (or countless other less popular rappers) or the newcoming rappers Yung Joc and Young Dro. In this instance it also unknown whether or not Ludacris is indeed aiming his disses at Young Jeezy, T.I. or if the track is even a song recorded recently. Ludacris recently stated that the song was deeper than just a diss, and the song is more about him than anyone else, it's showing that he isn't just the 'cartoon entertainer' type rapper that he has always been portrayed as, when asked about who specific rhymes were aimed at he said \"The guilty will speak\". The track has been confirmed to be a selection from Ludacris' upcoming album Release Therapy this September. The song is not aimed at Young Jeezy as he features on the latest album. \"War with God\" uses a beat written by Don Cheegro and Dirty Harry. Hardship took over ludacris and he was under alot of stress by the end of that album.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/12659_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"100,000 - 200,000"}

Young Jeezy

Jay Jenkins (born October 12, 1977 in Columbia, South Carolina), better known by his stage name Young Jeezy, formerly Li...

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{"key":"12965","name":"Young Jeezy","bio":"Jay Jenkins (born October 12, 1977 in Columbia, South Carolina), better known by his stage name Young Jeezy, formerly Lil J, is an American rapper and actor signed to Def Jam Records. In 2001 he released his solo debut album Thuggin' Under the Influence, under the name Lil J, which featured production from Lil Jon. In 2004 he signed with Bad Boy Records and joined the group Boyz N Da Hood, whose self-titled album was released in June 2005. In 2005 he released his major label debut, Let's Get It: Thug Motivation incarcerated.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/12965_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


Earl Simmons (born December 18, 1970 in Mount Vernon, New York), better known by his stage name DMX (Dark Man X), is an ...

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{"key":"12665","name":"DMX","bio":"Earl Simmons (born December 18, 1970 in Mount Vernon, New York), better known by his stage name DMX (Dark Man X), is an American rapper from Yonkers, New York and actor signed to Ruff Ryders Entertainment. In 1998 he released his debut solo album, It's Dark and Hell Is Hot, and has since released 1998's Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood, 1999's \u2026And Then There Was X, 2001's The Great Depression, 2003's Grand Champ and 2006's Year of the Dog\u2026Again. He has plans to release two more albums, Walk with Me Now and the gospel inspired You'll Fly with Me Later, but his incarceration on drug possession charges had prevented him from doing so until early 2010.Following the deaths of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G., DMX took over as the reigning, undisputed king of hardcore rap. He was that rare commodity: a commercial powerhouse with artistic and street credibility to spare. His rapid ascent to stardom was actually almost a decade in the making, which gave him a chance to develop the theatrical image that made him one of rap's most distinctive personalities during his heyday. Everything about DMX was unremittingly intense, from his muscular, tattooed physique to his gruff, barking delivery, which made a perfect match for his trademark lyrical obsession with dogs. Plus, there was substance behind the style; much of his work was tied together by a fascination with the split between the sacred and the profane. He could move from spiritual anguish one minute to a narrative about the sins of the streets the next, yet keep it all part of the same complex character, sort of like a hip-hop Johnny Cash. The results were compelling enough to make DMX the first artist ever to have his first five albums enter the charts at number one.BiographyEarl Simmons was the second of three children of a single mother, and was born in Mount Vernon, New York Simmons ended up growing up in the School Street housing projects of Yonkers, New York. He began rapping around the age of 13, amusing crowds of children with rhymes that relied on spelled-out words, a style he called \"spellbound.\" A local rapper eventually asked the young Earl to beatbox for him, and Simmons agreed, adopting the stage name DMX, which stands for \"Dark Man of the Unknown,\" X being an algebraic expression for unknown. But at the time, stood for a drum system that delivered amazing beats. Eventually he decided to try his hand at serious rapping, and honed his skills during a stint at a group home. He also got into fights and frequently was on the run from police. During this period, he also began doing shows and battling other rappers (Once battling and defeating Jay-Z), making a name for himself in the New York area. He released his first album called \"DMX: Unleashed and Unreleased\" which was an instant hit on the streets of Yonkers. He was also featured in the Unsigned Hype section of The Source in 1988.He stated he wanted to be a preacher when he retires from his rapping career as he stated in his reality TV Show DMX: Soul Of A Man.DMX is a fan of the Pit Bull type dogs (American Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers). He has a tattoo of one of his deceased dogs, on his back, which reads \"One Love Boomer\". He later contributed over $1 million to the United Negro Association for unfortunate black children in New York City.Recording careerIn and out of jail, DMX decided to focus solely on his rap career. He began seriously looking for a deal and linked up with Pete McCormick Schaub, an A&R for Small Island at the time. Eventually, he signed a management deal with Ruff Ryders. They negotiated deals with both Bad Boy and Death Row Records, but he eventually landed at Def Jam. He is currently at Sony BMG, set to release his first of three albums on August 1st 2006. Rumors also arose that DMX had signed for 50 Cent's G-Unit Records, but were dismissed in a public news conference.It's Dark and Hell Is HotBefore It's Dark and Hell Is Hot, DMX released the single \"Born Loser\" which was banned on MTV due to the video's graphic images. DMX's debut single was \"Get At Me Dog\", which was an instant hit. His critically-acclaimed debut album, It's Dark and Hell Is Hot, is often credited with revitalizing Hardcore Rap in the mainstream scene, after the death of Tupac Shakur, and after Puff Daddy and Bad Boy Entertainment briefly dominated the charts with their pop-oriented and sample-reliant tunes.In 1997, DMX earned a second major-label shot with Def Jam, and made a successful guest appearance on LL Cool J's \"4, 3, 2, 1.\" Additional guest spots on Ma$e's \"24 Hours to Live\" and fellow Yonkers MCs the The LOX's \"Money, Power, & Respect\" created an even stronger buzz, and in early 1998, he released his debut Def Jam single, \"Get At Me Dog.\" The song went gold and was a hit on the rap and dance charts. The single paved the way for DMX to release his classic first full-length album, It's Dark and Hell Is Hot, which debuted as number one on the pop charts.Produced mostly by Damon \"Dame Grease\" Blackman, (Swizz Beatz produced the \"Ruff Ryders' Anthem\", paving the way for future projects between the two). It's Dark and Hell Is Hot earned DMX numerous comparisons to Tupac Shakur for his booming and aggressive presence on the mic. The album went on to sell over four million copies and earned him credit for revitalizing Hardcore Rap after the deaths of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. Shortly after the album's release in May 1998, DMX was accused of raping a stripper in the Bronx, but was later cleared by DNA evidence. He made his film debut together with Nas and Method Man in Hype Williams' mildly successful film Belly. Although not a critical success, the film found a strong following with hip hop audiences.Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My BloodDMX completed his second album before the end of 1998, and a pending buyout of Def Jam pushed the record into stores December 15. Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood entered the charts at number one and eventually went triple platinum. This number one hit made DMX the first rapper to have two number one albums in the same year. The cover photo of the rapper covered in pig's blood caused some controversy. The single \"Slippin'\" became his first chart hit in the UK. DMX hit the road with Jay-Z and the Method Man\/Redman team on the blockbuster Hard Knock Life tour the following year. He had a song called \"Jack Moves\" with the legendary rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, but the song did not appear on the album.A warrant for his arrest was issued in connection with a stabbing during a tour stop in Denver, of which he was later cleared. He was accused of assaulting a Yonkers man who'd allegedly harassed his wife in May (the charges were once again dropped). More serious charges were brought that summer, when DMX's uncle\/manager was accidentally shot in the foot at a New Jersey hotel. DMX's home was raided by police, and they filed animal cruelty, weapons, and drug possession charges against the rapper and his wife. He eventually reached a plea bargain, receiving only fines, probation and community service.\u2026And Then There Was XDMX released his third album on December 21, 1999, \u2026And Then There Was X, which was his third straight album to debut at number one. Party Up was his biggest single since \"Get at Me Dog\" which became his first Top Ten hit on the R&B charts. His next singles off the album, \"What's My Name\" & \"What These Bitches Want\" feat. Sisq\u00f3 were also popular. \u2026And Then There Was X is the rapper's best-selling album to date, going 6x platinum and 9x platinum worldwide, & one of the fastest made by DMX : Def Jam urged him to realise the tracks within a month, while DMX used to take a year to write songs.The Great DepressionAfter resolving his legal problems, DMX returned to the studio and completed his fourth album, The Great Depression. Released October 3, 2001, it was DMX's fourth straight album to debut at number one. The album demonstrated his still strong allegiance with the Ruff Ryders. The Great Depression went platinum quickly, but lacked the staying power of his previous releases.Grand ChampReleased in 2003, Grand Champ was DMX's fifth straight album to debut at number one, extending DMX's position as the only artist in history to have 5 albums (his entire album catalog at that point) debut at #1. Fans and critics claimed disappointment with the album, most stating that it felt formulaic. After its release, DMX informed the public that he planned on retiring from the rap game and that Grand Champ would be his final album. He later ended his brief retirement and announced his plans to record the album Year of the Dog\u2026Again. It debuted with approximately 125,000 albums sold, but failed to give DMX a sixth consecutive #1 album. The album is his lowest selling to date, and has yet to reach Gold in the U.S.Year of the Dog\u2026AgainReleased August 1st 2006, Year of the Dog\u2026Again had numerous problems due to DMX switching record labels, as well as numerous delays. The album's five predeccesors debuted at #1, while this album missed the top spot by only a few thousand sales. In March, 2006 it was announced that the album had been renamed to \"Year of the Dog, Again,\" from \"Here We Go, Again.\" When DMX switched to Sony, Def Jam allowed him to keep all of the tracks he had created for the album. It was reported that most of the tracks were being reworked, with updated production, however the reworked album has also been leaked. DMX has also appeared on Busta Rhymes' \"Touch It (The Remix)\". He has also released his new singles \"Lord Give Me A Sign\", and \"We In Here\" feat. Swizz Beatz, which are included in \"Year of the Dog\u2026Again\".UntitledComing 2007\u2026Criminal historyDMX has a criminal history originating with an arrest in 1999 in Teaneck, New Jersey, when police found a pistol, crack pipes, and 13 pit bulls (dog fighting) on the premises of his home. He pleaded guilty to charges of animal cruelty, disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia and was sentenced to make public service announcements for the Humane Society.In June of 2003, he was arrested for swearing during a concert before a crowd of about 3,000 in St Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean. The country's Information Minister alleged that a contract signed before the concert stipulated there would be no indecent language on stage. DMX was released on bail. ($376)In June of 2004, DMX and a friend were arrested in the parking lot of Kennedy Airport in New York for allegedly attempting to steal a car and impersonating a federal agent. Police questioned Simmons, who claimed to be a \"special agent.\" However, agents were aware of his status as an entertainer and not an agent. DMX was taken to central lockup in Queens and held on charges of attempted robbery, criminal impersonation and criminal mischief. He pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment in December and was sentenced to a conditional discharge. His driver's license was suspended for the incident and he had to forfeit his 1998 Ford Expedition.In April of 2005, DMX was arrested in The Bronx for driving with a suspended license after his car crashed into a police cruiser.In October of 2005, DMX was sentenced to 60 days in prison after pleading guilty to two traffic violations while his license was suspended, one being the incident in April and the other involving driving his car at 104 miles per hour near his Westchester home on Interstate 684.In May of 2006, DMX was arrested at a London airport for causing a disturbance after he refused to put on a seat belt and became abusive on a flight from New York to London. He was released with a \"caution,\" a British law term for basically saying he has accepted responsibility and a record will be made of the incident.On September 4, 2006 Bobby Brown, DMX, and Busta Rhymes were all arrested for possession drugs for personal use.DMX mentions his criminal attorney, Murray Richman, also known as \"Don't Worry Murray\", in E.A.R.L.: The Autobiography of DMX.As of December 31, 2008, DMX has pleaded guilty to charges of drug possession, theft and animal cruelty and was sentenced to 90 days. On Feb 22, 2009, while serving his sentence, Simmons was re-booked for aggravated assault after allegedly throwing a dinner tray at a corrections officer and refusing to attend work assignments.If he is convicted of the assault, his probation may be revoked and he could face a longer sentence.RivalriesDMX has had several outstanding issues with other artists in his career, some low-profile and some played out with help from the media and radio.* K-Solo, of Erick Sermon's Def Squad, was a rapper DMX battled in jail. When Solo was released, he had a respectable hit song wherein he used the \"spellbound\" style DMX claims to have invented. DMX responded in 1998, on It's Dark and Hell is Hot. Solo did not reply until 2001. However, in a recent interview, DMX challenged the rapper (who is also a smalltime boxer) to a fight.A scene in the documentry Beef had K-Solo taking a polygraph test answering questions about the \"spellbound\" style, but the results were not in favor of either of the two.* Kurupt, of the Dogg Pound, accused DMX of sleeping with Foxy Brown. The beef was squashed at the encouragement of Snoop Dogg.* Eminem and DMX were rumored to have sent subliminals at each other on a freestyle and DMX's 1999 hit \"Party Up (Up in Here)\" respectively. The two rappers later teamed up to record a track belittling Ja Rule called Go To Sleep with Obie Trice included on the Cradle 2 the Grave soundtrack.* The LOX and DMX allegedly had some problems stemming from their time living in Yonkers that was talked out in 2004. It is rumored a line on the song \"Trina Moe\", from The Great Depression, was aimed at the trio. However in the same \"recent interview\" which saw DMX reigniting the beef with K-Solo, the artist also gave a shout out to LOX and suggested that they collaborate on future work. Leaked versions of the upcoming DMX album are noted for featuring at least two tracks with prominent D-Block artists Jadakiss and Styles P.* Contrary to popular belief, DMX and Jay-Z were never on the Murder Inc. record label. Murder Inc. was originally supposed to be a band, rather than a label, with Jay-Z, DMX, and Ja Rule as members. DMX accused former cohort Ja Rule of getting rich from his style, teaming up with Eminem, 50 Cent, and others to diss the label. There's been recent rumors that DMX has ended his beef with Ja Rule as an interview with allhiphop.com has said.* DMX and Jay-Z have began to form a feud after X left Def Jam for Sony\/Columbia at which point DMX says that they are both too big and that he can't work under him. This also caused a small feud between X & Rihanna. When DMX was asked why he made the sudden change, he said \"I can't work under him (speaking of Jay-Z) anymore. I have nothing against the label itself, I just can't work under him.\" DMX has also accused Jay-Z of being a poor Def Jam President and has thrown a shot at Jay-Z \"We In Here.\" He has shown support to Cam'Ron in his feud with Jay-Z on Funkmaster Flex's radio show on Hot 97. Which has caused Jay to throw a line aimed at X in his album Kingdome Come.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/12665_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"30,000 - 75,000"}

Flipmode Squad

The Flipmode Squad was the production crew and musical family, founded and fronted by rapper Busta Rhymes, which counted...

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{"key":"111887","name":"Flipmode Squad","bio":"The Flipmode Squad was the production crew and musical family, founded and fronted by rapper Busta Rhymes, which counted Rah Digga, Rampage, Lord Have Mercy, Spliff Star, and Baby Sham among its members. They debuted in 1998 with The Imperial Album, and Rampage and Rah Digga went on to record solo efforts.Lord Have Mercy collaborated with M.O.P on their 2000 album Warriorz, the tracks name is \"Home Sweet Home\"The founding member, Busta Rhymes has joined Dr. Dre's Aftermath label recently, and the status of the Flipmode Squad is now unknown.Chauncey Black from Blackstreet,a new artist, Labba, from Brooklyn, and M.Dollaz are now in the clique too, but he's doing some time right now.Source: http:\/\/en.wikipedia.org\/wiki\/Flipmode_Squad","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/111887_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Ghostface Killah

Dennis Coles (born May 9, 1970), better known by his stage name Ghostface Killah, is an American rapper and member of t...

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{"key":"12956","name":"Ghostface Killah","bio":"Dennis Coles (born May 9, 1970), better known by his stage name Ghostface Killah, is an American rapper and member of the Wu-Tang Clan. After the group achieved breakthrough success with their 1993 debut, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) , the members went on to pursue solo careers to varying levels of success. Ghostface Killah debuted his solo-career in 1996 with Ironman, which was well received by music critics. He would continue his career, creating additional award-winning albums over the following years such as Supreme Clientele, Fishscale, More Fish, and The Big Doe Rehab.Ghostface Killah is critically acclaimed for his loud, fast-paced flow, and his stream-of-consciousness narratives containing cryptic slang and non-sequiturs.Ghostface Killah was raised in the Stapleton housing projects in Staten Island, New York. In his autobiographical song \"All That I Got Is You\", Ghost tells the story of his childhood. He raps about how he grew up in a three bedroom apartment without his father, who left him at the age of six. Apparently, his mother had nine children.His stage name was taken from one of the characters in the 1979 kung fu film Mystery of Chessboxing.He was also a close friend of the three founding members of Wu-tang clan","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/12956_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Gucci Mane

Radric Davis (born February 12, 1980 in Birmingham, Alabama), better known by his stage name Gucci Mane, is an American ...

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{"key":"56634","name":"Gucci Mane","bio":"Radric Davis (born February 12, 1980 in Birmingham, Alabama), better known by his stage name Gucci Mane, is an American rapper and CEO of 1017 Brick Squad Records. In 2005 he released his independent debut album, Trap House, which featured the successful single \"Icy\" that he recorded with Young Jeezy. He has since released a further three albums including 2006's Hard To Kill, 2007's Trap-A-Thon and 2007's Back To The Trap House. His sixth studio album, The State vs Radric Davis, was released in December 2009, just weeks after he was sent back to prison for 12 months for violating his probation. He was released in May 2010 and will now release his seventh studio album, The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted, sometime at the end of 2010.It\u2019s said that art mirrors life. In hip-hop\u2019s case, there\u2019s always been a deliberate entanglement of perception and reality. Fans demand their MCs be real\u2026but never too real. Successful hip-hop is about the hint of the danger, the tease of it, the mystique. Hip-hop is about balance.Gucci Mane is an artist striving for that balance, volatility versus musicality. Controversy, including a feud with former collaborator Young Jeezy, has grabbed the headlines, with insufficient regard paid to his considerable mic skills, raw talent, and business acumen. Gucci is looking to wrest his name from public speculation and let his own words do the talking.\u201cI wish everybody well who\u2019s making money in this rap game,\u201d the Atlanta-raised rapper says, dismissing the controversy that followed him in the past. \u201cMy own rap game is going so good, I\u2019ve got so many things on my plate at my label, that I don\u2019t got time for other people\u2019s business.\u201d With a deal with Asylum Records as the boss of his own label, So Icey Entertainment, Gucci does indeed have a full schedule with no time to dwell on the past.\u201cI live my life with no regrets. I just wish that a lot of things never happened, but anybody can wish,\u201d says Gucci. Sounds like a man with his eyes on the prize. And you\u2019d expect nothing less from an artist who ground his way to the top via the hustle of independent records. Signing to Big Cat Records in the wake of his local single \u201cBlack Tee,\u201d he dropped his debut record, Trap House, in May 2005. The independent album moved an impressive 140,000 units, largely on the strength of the \u201cIcy\u201d single, featuring Jeezy. Clamor over song rights sparked dispute, and the resulting rift grew.Controversy notwithstanding, Mane\u2019s independence was cemented: \u201cI was on the independent scene for about two years,\u201d he recalls. \u201cIt\u2019s crazy! You gotta go into your own pocket to support your craft. You need other avenues to have money coming in, to support your stuff. You might win, you might lose, and it\u2019s a gamble out there with the independent circuit. One thing you\u2019d better have is good music because without that, you go downhill fast in the independent game.\u201dGood music firmly in hand, Gucci was fast approaching stardom when more tragedy befell him. But let\u2019s backtrack; how did the man born Radric Davis in Bessemer, Alabama, become Gucci Mane, mouthpiece for Atlanta stuntin\u2019? Mane remembers little from his time in Alabama, just that it was rural, and that it\u2019s changed dramatically since he left at the age of nine. \u201cI gotta shout out Alabama though, because they holdin\u2019 it down,\u201d he affirms. \u201cEvery time I go there to do a show, I\u2019m impressed with how hip-hop culture has taken root.\u201dMane\u2019s identity coalesced when he moved with his mother to Atlanta. \u201cI lived all of my adolescent and adult life in Atlanta,\u201d he explains. \u201cI\u2019m from East Atlanta Zone Six; it was hard, man, it was real rough. I grew up in the Starter jacket era: they\u2019d take your Starter jacket, your 8Ball jacket, they\u2019d take your hat, your shoes. It was just no holds barred on the streets, dog eat dog. If you missed the bus, you had to be crewed up or you\u2019d get jumped. It was wild when I came up.\u201dIt\u2019s a bleak portrait. When asked to describe his home life more vividly, Mane offers a look into his contemplative side, a side honed as a schoolyard poet. \u201cI was just a young dude in a single parent house most of my life. I can\u2019t complain that much. I would guess it\u2019s like any black child growing up in a single parent household. There are a lot of people who know how that is. I didn\u2019t have a lot coming up; but what I did have, I appreciated. I was blessed to have a caring mother to raise me right and to help me with my business ventures; she\u2019s been there through the whole struggle. There\u2019s a lot that goes along with that; it made me who I am today.\u201dA stepfather would enter the picture during Mane\u2019s adolescence, introducing not only a male figure, but also inspiration for Mane\u2019s unusual moniker. \u201cMy father came in, the original Gucci Mane; that\u2019s what people in the neighborhood called him, and that\u2019s where I get my name from. From then on, I grew up the son of a hustler and a schoolteacher; it was the best of both worlds because I was educated twice.\u201d Drawing inspiration from a pantheon of rappers before him \u2013Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, Ice Cube, the Beastie Boys, N.W.A\u2014Mane went on to release Trap House, a lethal brew of his signature sound: \u201cI call my music straight Gucci: going hard and whatever beats you make you for me, if I\u2019m feeling it, if I\u2019m rocking with it, I\u2019m gonna crush it. When you hear me, you hear a lot of pain, a lot of hood; you hear what\u2019s going on in the inner city in Atlanta.\u201dUnfortunately, Trap House was ill timed; the month of its release, Gucci was accused of murder and jailed for two days. Eventually deemed to be acting in self-defense, and without sufficient evidence to hold him, Mane was exonerated. But the ordeal left an indelible imprint on the man. \u201cI learned to keep better company, watch where I go, and be mindful of my surroundings at all times,\u201d he reveals. \u201cWatch what I say, watch what I do and how I do it, just keep myself out of the wrong crowd.\u201d\u201cI always stand up man,\u201d he continues. \u201cI\u2019m one of the toughest guys I know. It\u2019ll take a lot more than that to break me down.\u201d Undeterred, Mane was back in the studio, preparing 2006\u2019s eerily apropos Hard To Kill. The buzz from Hard To Kill vaulted Gucci Mane from regional commodity to national treasure, and major labels responded accordingly: \u201cThere was a bidding war going on, and I liked Atlantic\u2019s approach. They made it known that they wanted me, they felt where I was going and that I could grow with them.\u201dAsylum\/Atlantic Records welcomed Gucci Mane in early \u201907, granting him his own imprint, So Icey Entertainment. With it comes an entire stable of artists, the So Icey Boyz. As the Boyz ready for their own exposure \u2013\u201cI got them in training; they be in the weight room, pumping iron, doing pushups, shopping at the mall, buying ice\u201d\u2014Gucci is focused on his magnum opus, Back to the Trap House. \u201cI started working on the album, and by the third song, I was like \u2018This is going back to the Trap House.\u2019 I started feeling the same way I did when I made my first album. It had the same feel to it, the same freshness. And I had the same hunger and desire I had when I first started rapping.\u201d\u201cSince I went major, I want everybody to know I\u2019m still keeping it street, keeping it hood,\u201d Gucci maintains. \u201cI\u2019m trying to take it back to all my fans that I had when I first started my career. And at the same time, I\u2019m trying to open up my new album to a new fan base. So it\u2019s a mix for everybody coming together, like my first album was.\u201d Gucci has always prided himself on his innate ability, and his refusal to let guest appearances dictate the tone of his records. \u201cI just want people to know I\u2019m a great songwriter, man,\u201d he asserts. \u201cI\u2019m passionate about what I do, and it\u2019s choreographed strategically when I do it. I bring a lot of experience, creative wordplay, and a crazy style. And my albums, I record most of the songs without writing them down; it\u2019s a God-given gift and I just get paid for it. It come from God, it\u2019s like wondering what makes a bird fly. He made me a poet like the great poets of the past.\u201dBut don\u2019t mistake Gucci\u2019s confidence for self-absorption. The vicissitudes of his career have dictated a longer view. Lyrics aside, he\u2019s less preoccupied with visible means and more so with acting as an emissary from his under-repped block. \u201cI\u2019m not the one to glorify what goes on in the hood,\u201d he insists. \u201cWe have everything there, the whole range from violence to people getting on the bus and going to work. There\u2019s a lot more to the hood than just drugs. It\u2019s a bigger story, there\u2019s a big picture. I went to school in that neighborhood, I worked there, I trapped there, I hustled there, and I got my name there. I\u2019m proud to be from East Atlanta Zone Six, and I claim there. I hold that on my back and carry that, to be the first one from there to really rock.\u201dAnd Gucci\u2019s professional aims have matured as well. While other rappers stress platinum plaques, Gucci hasn\u2019t forgotten the route he took to stardom. \u201cI made a lot of CDs on my own. People fucked with me and supported me, and just made me the man I am today. That\u2019s my blueprint right there, and I stay mindful of it. So now, my only concern is that people feel my music; at the end of the day, I do it for people to feel it. If one person feel it, two people feel it, I feel like my job\u2019s been done.\u201dFortunately for Gucci, he should be prepared to welcome an army of new fans with Back to the Trap House. But longstanding fans shouldn\u2019t fear; they\u2019ll recognize \u201cFreaky Gurl,\u201d reprised from its previous appearance from Hard To Kill. Luda, upon hearing the joint, asked for a guest spot on the remix. Said remix now appears as the lead single on Back to the Trap House, following in Gucci\u2019s theme of mating old and new. Over a bouncing, meandering beat from Cyber Sapp, the two cook up the requisite concoction of whips, chips, and chicks. Also look out for \u201cBird Flu,\u201d the album\u2019s number two single, laced by New-York based Supa Sonics. Elsewhere, firm guest verses from Rich Boy and Pimp C of UGK round out Gucci\u2019s regional flavor, while Bay-area producer Zaytoven (of \u201cIcy\u201d renown) locks down Gucci\u2019s West Coast appeal.Gucci Mane has something for everyone, and with the struggles of the past in his rearview, Gucci is settled in for his ride to the top. \u201cI\u2019m best known for controversy but I\u2019m trying to gain respect as a songwriter and entertainer. I plan to hit them so hard with this album; who knows what the future will bring. I\u2019ll be banging them out till I can\u2019t bang no more.\u201d","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/56634_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


Shante Anthony Franklin (born April 4, 1981 in New Orleans, Louisiana), better known by his stage name Curren$y, is an A...

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{"key":"16372","name":"Curren$y","bio":"Shante Anthony Franklin (born April 4, 1981 in New Orleans, Louisiana), better known by his stage name Curren$y, is an American rapper and former member of the group Fly Society. Previously a member of Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment, he joined the No Limit Records collective as a teenager. After releasing countless free mixtapes online he released his debut album, This Aint No Mixtape on April 21, 2009. Curren$y is also a former member of Master P's rap group 504 Boyz, and has released collaboration mixtapes with Wiz Khalifa and Mack Maine.Curren$y had an underground hit in 2006, Where Da Cash At, which can be heard on several of Lil' Wayne's mixtapes, including Dedication 2. He was featured on Lil Wayne's song \"Grown Man\" from the album Tha Carter II. Due to certain issues concerning the release of his album Music 2 Fly 2, he left Young Money and formed his Fly Society crew with professional skateboarder and rapper Terry Kennedy.He has since focused on his Jets movement, and worked in New York with Ski Beatz and other MCs at Dame Dash's DD172. He was featured on several songs on Ski Beatz' 24 Hour Karate School. Pilot Talk 2 was released on November 16, 2010.His mixtapes include:2000 - Sports Center2005 - Young Money Mixtape Vol. 1Lil' Wayne's Dedication 1 & 2Young Money Presents: Lilweezyana Vol. 12006 - G-Series Mixtape with Mack Maine of Young MoneyWelcome Back Mixtape2007 - Life At 30,000 ft.2007 - Independence Day2008 - Higher Than 30,000 ft.2008 - Welcome To The Winner's Circle2008 - Fear & Loathing in New Orleans2008 - Super Tecmo Bowl2008 - Fast Times At Ridgemont Fly2008 - Fin\u20262009 - How Fly with Wiz Khalifa2010 - Smokee Robinson2010 - DD172 Presents The BluRoc Music Festival2011 - Return To The Winners Circle2011 - Covert Coup (With The Alchemist)2012- HereAlbums2009 -This Ain't No Mixtape (April 21, 2009)2009 - Jet Files (October 6, 2009)2010 - Pilot Talk (July 13, 2010)2010 - Pilot Talk II (Nov. 22, 2010)2011 - Weekend at Burnie's (June 28, 2011)2012- Stoned Immaculate","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/16372_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


Faheem Rasheed Najm (born September 30, 1985 in Tallahassee, Florida), better known by his stage name T-Pain, is a proli...

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{"key":"12977","name":"T-Pain","bio":"Faheem Rasheed Najm (born September 30, 1985 in Tallahassee, Florida), better known by his stage name T-Pain, is a prolific American singer. At the age of ten he turned his bedroom into a small studio with a keyboard, beat machine and four-track recorder, and he began his career as a rapper in the group Nappy Headz. In 2005 he released his debut album Rappa Ternt Sanga, and has since released 2007's Epiphany and 2008's Thr33 Ringz. The \"T\" in T-Pain stands for Tallahassee, and the 'Pain' means the pain trying to get out of Tallahassee. T-Pain has had over 10 top ten singles on Billboard Hot 100, and in 2008 he won a Grammy with rapper Kanye West for the single \"Good Life\".","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/12977_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Three 6 Mafia

Three 6 Mafia is an American hip hop group from Memphis, Tennessee. Originally called "Backyard Posse," the group has in...

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{"key":"12964","name":"Three 6 Mafia","bio":"Three 6 Mafia is an American hip hop group from Memphis, Tennessee. Originally called \"Backyard Posse,\" the group has included many members, including Gangsta Blac, Gangsta Boo, La' Chat, Koopsta Knicca, Lord Infamous, Playa Fly and Crunchy Black. The group now consists of only Juicy J and DJ Paul, who also serve as in-house producers. Project Pat is signed to their label along with Lil' Wyte. The dark and hardcore group is famous for their gruesome lyrics with topics ranging from drug use to inciting the crowd in a nightclub to riot. They are famous for being pioneers of the crunk sound, as well as being the first rap artists from Memphis to go platinum.In 1995, the Memphis underground rap group, then named \"Triple 6 Mafia\", released its first official album, Mystic Stylez. It had recorded this album by using the profits from its highly successful underground tape Smoked Out, Loced Out. The members then changed the group's name to \"Three 6 Mafia\" (or sometimes \"3-6 Mafia\") and now use the Triple-6 name on the compilations of reissued tracks from their underground tapes. They did this because radio stations supposedly refused to play the songs of a group whose name included a reference to the number 666. There are also rumors that the name was changed because of copyright reasons due to a falling out with others in the Memphis rap scene. The group has had a number of disputes with former allies, namely Playa Fly, Gangsta Blac, and Skinny Pimp. In fact, some say that the group was originally named \"Three Six Mafia\" (all words spelled out), then switched to \"Triple Six\" for similar reasons.On the 1995 single \"Live By Yo Rep\", the group had accused Cleveland group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony of stealing its style (a mix of quasi-harmonic rapping and blatant references to the occult). The track \"All Original\" on Bone's Art of War album is thought to be a dis of Three Six (this issue has apparently been settled, however). The problems between the two groups were eventually settled in family court in June 1996.Eventually, Three 6 Mafia moved towards the \"crunk\" style of rap - repetitive chanting aimed at hyping a crowd (e.g.\u2014 \"tear the club up, nigga, tear the club up!\"). This direction (exemplified by songs like \"Sippin' on Syrup\" with Houston rappers UGK) helped them reach number 6 on the Billboard album chart in 2000 with their CD 6661: When the Smoke Clears.Three 6 has expanded its operations considerably. Its stable of affiliated rappers is called \"Hypnotize Minds\" or the \"Hypnotize Camp Posse\" (HCP). Aside from many of the individual members releasing solo albums, they have also released material from \"Tear Da Club Up Thugs\" (a side project) and \"Three Six Mafia Presents: Hypnotize Camp Posse\" (a Memphis rap compilation). Unfortunately, Three 6 Mafia has also lost many members. Koopsta Knicca left due to a monetary dispute, while La Chat is currently pursuing a solo career. Gangsta Boo is rumored to have converted to Christianity and is interested in gospel music (which she denies, saying that it's a rumor started by her former label mates). Lord Infamous is likely in prison and very possibly under 24-hour lockdown, although Juicy J has said he's on \"vacation.\" T-Rock has parted ways with Three 6 Mafia, and has publicly dissed the entire clique and accused them of shady business dealings in interviews and on his track \"Mr. Big Man.\" Project Pat recently served time in prison for a parole violation, but was released in July 2005.In 2003, Three 6 Mafia released the album Da Unbreakables, which features collaborations with Lil' Flip, Pimp C, (from UGK), Lil' Wyte, Frayser Boy, Hank Williams, Jr., and Project Pat. The album produced the hit \"Ridin' Spinnerz,\" which featured Lil' Flip.In 2005, Three 6 Mafia released their highly anticipated new album \u201cMost Known Unknown.\u201d It was notable that Lord Infamous was missing from this album. The generally accepted reason was that he had been incarcerated; however, Three 6 Mafia claim he is on \"holiday.\u201d He has since officially returned to Three 6 Mafia recently. The group is said to be associated with the crip gang. They diss the bloods in many of their lyrics.Three 6 Mafia has always been known for their controversial and sometimes misunderstood lyrics. For example, in the song \"Knock the Black Off Yo Ass\", they reference the DC Area Sniper Shootings in multiple lines in the song. \"I think they better call Bush, 'cause it's a national disaster, when I unleash my pistol-grip Bushmaster.\" \"You can't hide, you can't run. I'm a sniper, ridin' in a blue Chevy, a trunk full of guns, man you hoes ain't ready.\"\u201cStay Fly\u201d was the first single off of The Most Unknown album. The next single released off of the album was \"Poppin\u2019 My Collar,\" which premiered around mid January 2006.Their song \"Late Nite Tip\" is favoured by car audio enthusiasts for its deep, rolling bassline and is a stalwart of testing ones sound system also it is known that they sampled many Willie Hutch songs on their album Most Known UnknownIn January of 2006, Three 6 Mafia made history as they became the first African-American hip-hop act to be nominated for an Academy Award in the category of Best Achievement In Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original Song). The group was nominated for the song It\u2019s Hard Out Here For A Pimp off of the Hustle & Flow soundtrack. The first hip-hop act to actually be nominated for an Academy Award in this category was Eminem in 2002 for the song Lose Yourself off the 8 Mile soundtrack and he also won the award. Three 6 Mafia was credited by their real names in the nomination and not by their group name. Jordan Houston (Juicy J), Cedric Coleman (Crunchy Black), and Paul Beauregard (DJ Paul) were named in the nomination. Terrance Howard, who performed the song in the movie, refuses to perform it at the Academy Awards possibly because it reinforces stereotypes that all black males are pimps.On March 5, 2006, Three 6 Mafia won the Academy Award they were nominated for, becoming the first African American Hip-Hop group to win an Oscar.During May Crunchy Black left Three 6 Mafia to go on his own. He is releasing 4 mixtapes and 4 dvds in the near future.Origin: Memphis, TennesseeYear Formed: 1991","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/12964_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


Hakeem Seriki (born November 28, 1979 in Houston, Texas) is a Grammy Award nominated rapper, member of The Color Changin...

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{"key":"12963","name":"Chamillionaire","bio":"Hakeem Seriki (born November 28, 1979 in Houston, Texas) is a Grammy Award nominated rapper, member of The Color Changin' Click and founder of Chamillitary Entertainment. Better known as Chamillionaire, he also uses nicknames such as The Mixtape Messiah, King Koopa, Color Changin' Lizard, Chamillinator, Chamillitary Mayne, Major Payne and The Truth From Texas. He began rapping in 1998, releasing mixtapes and a collab album with fellow Houston rapper Paul Wall. He released his debut album, The Sound of Revenge, in 2005, and his sophmore release, Ultimate Victory, in 2007. He plans to release his yet untitled third album at the end of 2009 or early 2010.After his parents, a Muslim father from Oyo State, Nigeria and a Christian mother from the United States, separated in his early teenage years, Chamillionaire settled into a notoriously dangerous inner-city neighborhood in North Houston called Acres Homes, which he elaborated upon during an interview with Houston's 104.9 KPTY on October 3. Rap and other forms of secular music, which his parents had highly opposed in their household, became very appealing to the young Hakeem Seriki. Inspired by local rap acts such as The Geto Boys, 8 Ball & MJG, and UGK, as well as other national acts such as N.W.A. and Public Enemy, Chamillionaire began to compose his own ponies.At a young age, Chamillionaire along with fellow rap music artist and childhood friend Paul Wall, had decided to make music their careers. One day while promoting themselves at a Texas event, Paul Wall and Chamillionaire ran into Michael 5000 Watts, a popular mixtape DJ from the Northside. After proposing to do promotions for Watts' company, the Swishahouse, Chamillionaire and Paul Wall came to Watts' studio and convinced Watts to allow them freestyle on an intro to Watts' radio show on Houston\u2019s 97.9 The Box. Watts, who himself was convinced to rap on the record, enjoyed the freestyle so much that he put the verses on one of his mixtapes. The freestyle became so popular in the streets that Chamillionaire and Paul Wall became regular staples on Houston's mixtape circuit, appeared on several of Watts' mixtapes, and became permanent members of Swishahouse.Although Paul Wall and Chamillionaire were making much noise in the streets by rapping on Watts' mixtapes, they, along with several other members of the Swishahouse, became frustrated with the lack of money they were receiving from the mixtapes. After fellow member Slim Thug left the label, Chamillionaire and Paul Wall followed and started their own mixtape group known as The Color Changin' Click. Each successive mixtape released by The Color Changin' Click led to more business opportunities; the most notable of which being a contract to do a full album for Paid in Full Records. A one album contract was then negotiated between the Color Changin' Click and Paid in Full's label head, DJ Madd Hatta from 97.9 The Box, and the CCC's first album, Get Ya Mind Correct, would go on to sell over 100,000 copies.The sale of all these albums without the backing of a major deal caught the attention of several major labels wanting to sign Chamillionaire and Paul. Chamillionaire and his labelmates decided to remain independent, however, until the right deal came along. While working on his second album with the Color Changin' Click, Chamillionaire began to have creative differences with Paul Wall, so much so that it was decided that the two emcees should each release solo albums that would be packaged together. When Chamillionaire became dissatisfied with how things were being resolved, he left Paid in Full and his almost complete album after fulfilling his contractual obligations to focus on promoting his mixtape label Chamillitary instead. As a kid, Chamillionaire was a big fan of MANKind, also known as Big June.Chamillionaire's MyspaceThis kid from Houston, Texas has some nerve. That's what came to mind as you watched an MTV special in early 2005 showcasing H-Town's commercial and artistic re-emergence on the rap scene. Following his brazen freestyle, the focused and much-heralded MC known as Chamillionaire faced a national audience and launched a swagger-filled proclamation on camera: \"I'm the truth from Texas\u2026\" While such boasting may seem par-for-the-course in the prideful 25-year-plus history of hip-hop, the latter ambitious statement aptly describes Chamillionaire. It's the reason why he earned the lofty alias \"The Mixtape Messiah,\" a title Cham was crowned after independently selling over 100,000 copies of the Get Ya Mind Correct album, and by selling thousands of his numerous mix tapes. It's why the former member of Houston's legendary mix-tape power Swisha House garnered coverage in such major hip-hop publications as Source and XXL without the backing of a major deal. When the Houston lyricist set off a major label bidding war to distribute his Chamillitary Records, it became abundantly clear throughout the 'hood and the music industry Chamillionaire is indeed the truth. With his major-label debut The Sound Of Revenge set for release on Universal Records, Chamillionaire is poised to take his place among Houston's current hip-hop elite, including the new generation of rhyme-spitters such as Lil' Flip, Slim Thug, Mike Jones and Paul Wall, as well respected vets UGK and Scarface. \"You call out a lot of rappers and ask them why they are the best and they are going to tell you everything but the music,\" Cham laughs. \"They will tell you that they are the best because they have some nice rims, a chain, and a mansion.\" He then adds in a straight-no-chaser tone, \"You've heard all the hype about Chamillionaire; that he's sick with the lyrics, sings hooks, and represents the streets and the clubs. But I just want to come as close as possible to living up to my reputation.\" Chamillionaire recruits an impressive list of talent on his debut effort, including Lil' Flip, Bun B, Scarface, and Krayzie Bone, as well as in-demand producers Scott Storch (50 Cent), Mannie Fresh (Lil' Wayne, Baby, Juvenile) and Cool & Dre (The Game). But, it's his work with Atlanta studio kings The Beat Bullies (1Big Boi\/OutKast) that sets the tone for much of The Sound Of Revenge's diverse platform. \"They understand me,\" Cham says of the in-house producers. \"There are a lot of producers that have dope beats, but they don't know me as an artist. being from Atlanta, can take it to the strip clubs, the streets and to the radio.\"The name Chamillionaire represents the unique style that defines the talented urban artist, and his ability to change and adapt on the fly, forcing people to respect the true breadth of his talent. And just as this MC moniker exemplifies, Chamillionaire is anything but predictable and most certainly versatile. \"Picture Perfect\" featuring Bun B comes off as a lyrical nod to the classic 'hood swagger of UGK, while the Beat Bullies'-anchored \"Radio Interruption\" showcases Cham's prowess for walking the blurred line between street praise and mass appeal. The storytelling brilliance of \"No Snitching\" (Cool & Dre), finds Cham detailing the unwritten laws of 'hood politics. On the Scott Storch produced \"Turn It Up,\" Cham tag-teams with freestyle king Lil' Flip as they spit over an infectious track that is Houston's answer to a summer club banger. And the soulful \"Here Comes The Rain\" finds Chamillionaire exploring the daily struggles of life with heartfelt lyricism and ghetto angst. \"It's a very personal song and the title says it all,\" Cham says of the revealing track. \"In a person's life the rain symbolizes the struggles we all go through. Whether you are dealing with losing a loved one or your rent is due on the 1st, but it's the 3rd and you don't have it. I'm just talking about surviving the tough times.\" Chamillionaire has definitely seen his share of struggles on his road to redemption. Born to a Muslim father and Christian mother, secular music was banned in his household. Chamillionaire was barely a teenager when he moved to a low-income neighborhood in the notorious North Side of Houston, following the separation of his parents. By the early '90s, however, rap rebels such as NWA, Public Enemy, as well as hometown heroes The Geto Boys, 8-Ball & MJG and UGK would inspire a young Hakeem to write his own rhymes.\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014-(C) Wikipedia The Free EncyclopediaChamillionaire's Myspace","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/12963_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"20,000 - 50,000"}


Corey Woods (born January 12, 1970) is an American rapper most well known as Raekwon (the Chef), one of the nine Wu-Tang...

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{"key":"12708","name":"Raekwon","bio":"Corey Woods (born January 12, 1970) is an American rapper most well known as Raekwon (the Chef), one of the nine Wu-Tang Clan members. Raekwon joined Wu-Tang Clan, a hip hop group based in Staten Island, New York in 1992. When the time came for him to release his first solo album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... (1995), hip-hop, once again, underwent a momentous transformation. The album moves from track to track like a film moves from scene to scene. With its invigorating instrumentals and dramatic lyrical tales, Raekwon painted vivid pictures and presented powerful imagery through his enchanting verbal expression.Rae's groundbreaking debut album helped to bring the flavour of flossing to wax as well as the use of the moniker among Wu brethren and other prominent emcees. The single \"Verbal Intercourse\" featured the first appearance of Nas Escobar, Nas' alter ego. Similarly, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah, who served as Rae's partner in rhyme throughout the entire Cuban Linx album, also developed a slew of other identities. Identities like Lex Diamond, one of the flashy, witty and intellectually stimulating personas of the multifaceted Raekwon.In the years after the release of Cuban Linx, Raekwon continued to record several albums with the Clan including the platinum Wu-Tang Forver (1997) and The W (2000), as well as the gold Iron Flag (2001). He also starred in the critically acclaimed film Black and White, before releasing his second solo album, Immobilarity in 1999. Four years later, it's time for another masterpiece from Raekwon.The Lex Diamond Story, Raekwon's forthcoming third solo album is that desperately needed effort. This new LP is as much a reflection of his first musical triumph Cuban Linx, as it is a manifestation of the future and what is to come from this great emcee. Raekwon is like the E.F. Hutton of hip-hop: when he speaks, everyone listens. The current void in hip-hop is filled with this rap veteran'scrafty verbal gymnastics and artistic form of storytelling. The Lex Diamond Story takes the top shelf elements of the Wu's first album and the finest sentiments of Raekwon's debut and joins them together to deliver another classic album to the masses.A lyrical gourmet meal, The Lex Diamond Story shows that The Chef still possesses the recipe to cook up a jambalaya of words with the main ingredient being superior skills. Animated and intense, Raekwon's stealth delivery is filled with emotion, skilled cadence and an array of diverse stories, hooks, and topics. The track, \"All Over Again (The Way We Were)\" touches on the flavour of \"Can It Be All So Simple\" with its tale of street survival. Meanwhile, \"Pit Bull Fights\" is reminiscent of the ferocious lyrical beating inflicted on \"Incarcerated Scarfaces.\" Raekwon is indisputably at his creative beast. Unchained and uninhibited, he is assertive with his music and focused on his goals.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/12708_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"20,000 - 50,000"}

Method Man

Method Man (born Clifford Smith, April 1, 1971 in Hempstead, Long Island, New York) is an American rapper and member of ...

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{"key":"12666","name":"Method Man","bio":"Method Man (born Clifford Smith, April 1, 1971 in Hempstead, Long Island, New York) is an American rapper and member of the hip-hop collective, Wu-Tang Clan. He is also well-known for his work both as a solo artist and with frequent collaborator Redman, as well as for recent forays into acting.Method Man spent a childhood split between separated parents in Long Island and Staten Island, and in an apparent precursor to his career in hip hop was introduced both to playing drums and to poetry by his father. Not only was Method interested in music, he was also fascinated by comic books and particularly Ghost Rider, a fascination which manifested itself years later in several of his many rap aliases. His pre-hip hop adult life was mostly split between drug dealing and low-paid jobs (including a stint working at the Statue of Liberty, along with future Wu-Tang colleague U-God). After becoming well known on the streets for his rhyming abilities, he joined with 8 friends to form the Wu-Tang Clan in the early 1992.Since the Wu-Tang Clan's ascendancy to hip hop stardom, Method Man has always been one of the most visible members of the collective. He was one of only two of the group to get a solo song on the group's debut album Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers and he was the first to release a solo album under the Clan's unusual contract which allows its members to release albums under any record label (Method chose to sign with legendary rap label Def Jam). Method Man's solo debut, Tical (1994) was critically acclaimed and extremely popular, entering the American charts at #4 and eventually selling in excess of one million copies. He soon collaborated with Mary J. Blige and Redman with a series of hit singles, one of which (the Blige duet \"I'll Be There For You\/You're All I Need To Get By\") won a Grammy, before recording the second Wu-Tang album, Wu-Tang Forever. His second solo album was Tical 2000: Judgement Day (1998), which was heavily influenced by the apocalypse theories surrounding the forthcoming end of the millennium, and which featured a vast amount of guest appearances, from his fellow Clansmen to Lisa \"Left Eye\" Lopes, D'Angelo, Chris Rock, Mobb Deep, Redman and even Donald Trump. The album sold even better than his first, though reviews were mixed and its long running time and the abundance of between-song comedy skits were criticised by many. Method Man then toured with Jay-Z and recorded Blackout! with Redman, a light-hearted, fun record with an EPMD-evoking emphasis on funky beats and the mischievous wit and cool flows of the two MCs.In the twenty-first century, Method Man forged a successful career in acting. As well as his 1998 appearance in the film Belly along with fellow rappers Nas and DMX, Method has also appeared in 187 Oz, How High (a stoner film with Redman), The Wire, My Baby's Daddy, Garden State and Soul Plane, while continuing to record with the Wu-Tang Clan. He also co-starred with Redman in his own Fox sitcom called Method & Red, however after only a short time on the air the show was put on hiatus and never returned. Method Man later complained in the press about Fox's influence on the show's style, claiming that \"there's been too much compromise on our side and not enough on their side\" and bemoaning the network's decision to add a laugh track.In 2004, Meth released his third album Tical 0: The Prequel, which spawned a successful single in \"What's Happenin\" with Busta Rhymes, but was poorly received both by critics and fans. There was trouble even before the album's release when Method apparently complained to the press about excessive interference from Def Jam over the album's beats (Meth supposedly desired more input from Wu-Tang leader RZA). On its release, many fans and critics were taken aback by its strong \"mainstream\" or \"commercial\" sound, highlighted by the guest appearances of pop-rap stars of the time Missy Elliot, P. Diddy and Ludacris. However, the album sold reasonably well, selling more than any of the other Wu-Tang solo projects released at around the same time. There was good news in early 2005 for fans who were disappointed with The Prequel as Method Man announced that a new RZA-produced album would be released later in the year. The album ultimately never materialized in 2005, though RZA and Meth continue to work on the album and are now aiming for a mid-2006 release date.AliasesBig John StudThe Ghost Rider (from the comic Ghost Rider)Hot NickelzHot NixonIron LungJohn-JohnJohnny Blaze (from the comic Ghost Rider)Johnny DangerousJohn-John BlaiziniMethtical (Meth-tical)MethMr. MethMZA (\"The Mizza\")The Panty RaiderShakwon (5% Nation \"righteous name\")TicalTicallion StallionAlbums1994 Tical (Platinum)1998 Tical 2000: Judgement Day (Platinum)1999 Blackout! (with Redman) (Platinum)2004 Tical 0: The Prequel2006 4:21 The Day After2009 Blackout! 2 (with Redman)Singles and EPs1994 \"Bring The Pain\"1995 \"I'll Be There For You\/You're All I Need To Get By\" (with Mary J. Blige)1995 \"Release Yo' Delf\"1998 \"Break Ups 2 Make Ups\"1998 \"Judgement Day\"'1998 \"Grand Finale\" (with DMX, Nas & Ja Rule)1999 \"Tear It Off\" (Method Man & Redman)1999 \"Da Rockwilder\" (Method Man & Redman)1999 \"Y.O.U.\" (Method Man & Redman)2004 \"What's Happenin\" (with Busta Rhymes)2005 \"The Show\"Appears On1993 Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers (album by the Wu-Tang Clan)1994 \"The What\" (from the The Notorious B.I.G. album Ready to Die)1995 \"Dirty Dancin\" (from the Ol' Dirty Bastard album Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version)1995 \"Got The Flava\" (from the Showbiz & AG album Goodfellas)1995 \"Wu-Gambinos\" & \"Ice Cream\" (from the Raekwon album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx)1995 \"Living In The World Today\", \"Shadowboxin\" & \"Gold\" (from the GZA album Liquid Swords)1995 \"The Riddler\" (from the Batman Forever Soundtrack)1996 \"Box In Hand\" (from the Ghostface Killah album Ironman)1996 \"Box In Hand (Remix)\" (Ghostface Killah single)1996 \"Got My Mind Made Up\" (from the 2Pac album All Eyez On Me)1996 \"Do What Ya Feel\" (from the Redman album Muddy Waters)1996 \"Extortion\" (from the Mobb Deep album Hell On Earth)1996 \"Hit 'Em High\" (from the Space Jam soundtrack)1997 Wu-Tang Forever (album by the Wu-Tang Clan)1997 \"Milk The Cow\", \"Supa Ninjaz\" & \"Dart Throwing\" (from the Cappadonna album The Pillage)1997 \"Next Up\" & \"Collaboration 98\" (from the Sunz Of Man album The Last Shall Be First)1997 \"4,3,2,1\" (from the LL Cool J album Phenonemon)1998 \"Well All Rite Cha\" (from the Redman album Doc's Da Name 2000)1998 \"Pussy Pop\" (from the Xzibit album 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz)1998 \"Whatcha Gonna Do\" (from the Jayo Felony album Whatcha Gonna Do)1998 \"The Worst\" (from the Onyx album Shut 'Em Down)1999 \"Rumble\" (from the U-God album The Golden Arms Redemption)1999 \"Am I My Brother's Keeper\" (from the Shyheim album Manchild)1999 \"Fuck Them\" (from the Raekwon album Immobilarity)1999 \"Left & Right\" (from the D'Angelo album Voodoo)1999 \"Stringplay\" (from the GZA album Beneath The Surface)1999 \"N 2 Gether Now\" (from the Limp Bizkit album Significant Other)1999 \"Half Man Half Amazin\" (from the Pete Rock album Soul Survivor)1999 \"Three Amigos (If It's On)\" (from the Popa Wu album Visions Of The Tenth Chamber)1999 \"NYC Everything\" (from the RZA album Bobby Digital In Stereo)1999 \"Simon Says (Remix)\" (from the Pharoahe Monch album Internal Affairs)2000 \"Buck 50\" (from the Ghostface Killah album Supreme Clientele)2000 \"Fuhgidabowdit\" (from the LL Cool J album G.O.A.T.)2000 \"Rollin' (Urban Assault Vehicle)\" (from the Limp Bizkit album Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water)2000 The W (album by the Wu-Tang Clan)2000 \"Ghetto Celebrity\" (from the album In The Mode by Roni Size & Reprazent2001 \"La Rhumba\" & \"Glocko Pop\" (from the RZA album Digital Bullet)2001 \"Enjoy Da Ride\" (from the Redman album Malpractice)2001 \"Dog In Heat\" (from the Missy Elliott album Miss E\u2026So Addictive)2001 \"Party & Bullshit\" (from the Rush Hour 2 soundtrack)2001 Iron Flag (album by the Wu-Tang Clan)2001 \"Red Meth And Bee\" (from the Cypress Hill album Stoned Raiders)2002 \"Flowers\" (from the Ghostface Killah album Bulletproof Wallets)2003 \"Respect Mine\" (from the Mathematics album Love, Hell Or Right)2003 \"Love @ 1st Sight\" (from the Mary J. Blige album Love & Life)2003 \"We Pop (Remix)\" (RZA single)2003 \"Bring The Pain\" (from the Missy Elliott album This Is Not A Test!)2003 \"Ice Cream Part 2\" (from the Raekwon album Lex Diamonds Story)2003 \"Noble Art\" (from the IAM album Revoir Un Printemps)2003 \"Rock 'N' Roll\" (from the Naughty By Nature album Icons)2004 \"Secret Rivals\" (from the Masta Killa album No Said Date)2004 \"The Drummer\" (from the Theodore Unit album 718)2004 Disciples of the 36 Chambers: Chapter 1 (album by the Wu-Tang Clan)2005 \"Head Rush\", \"John 3:16\" & \"Spot Lite\" (from the Mathematics album The Problem)2005 \"All My Niggas\", \"Shoot On Sight (S.O S.)\" & \"Street Education\" (from the Streetlife album Street Education)2005 \"High Rollers\" (from the Proof album Searching for Jerry Garcia)2005 \"Still On It\" (from the Ashanti album Collectables by Ashanti)2006 \"9 Milli Bros.\" (from the Ghostface Killah album Fishscale)","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/12666_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Big Boi

Antwan André Patton (born February 1, 1975 in Savannah, Georgia), better known by his stage name Big Boi, is an America...

40,000 - 75,000
{"key":"13217","name":"Big Boi","bio":"Antwan Andr\u00e9 Patton (born February 1, 1975 in Savannah, Georgia), better known by his stage name Big Boi, is an American Grammy Award winning rapper, producer, actor and half of the critically and commercially successful hip hop duo OutKast. Big Boi met Andr\u00e9 3000 while attending high school in the 1980s and the two eventually joined forces as OutKast and signed with LaFace Records. After six successful albums as a duo they both decided to work on solo projects, and Big Boi's debut solo album Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty was released July 6, 2010 and his second solo album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, was released on November 13, 2012. The Mama Told Me Songfacts reports that his sophomore set's title is a dedication of sorts to his recently deceased grandmother.He can be identified by his rapid delivery and intricate rhymes, a style which has become more distinct since the album ATLiens. In addition to his OutKast and Dungeon Family work, Big Boi has featured in other artists' songs. His most notable guest appearances were on the 1999 Missy Elliott hit, \"All N My Grill,\" the Youngbloodz' \"85 South,\" and Trick Daddy's 2001 single \"In Da Wind.\"After four increasingly successful albums as a duo since 1991, Andr\u00e9 3000 decided to make a solo album as a side project. Big Boi also produced a solo effort, and the two albums were packaged together as Speakerboxxx\/The Love Below in 2003. Big Boi's single from the album, The Way You Move featuring Sleepy Brown, was originally supported by urban radio then crossed over to pop charts. When \"The Way You Move\" supplanted Hey Ya! as the #1 song on the US pop charts, OutKast achieved the rare honor of a group replacing itself at the top of the charts. The second single from Big Boi's side of the album was Ghetto Musick, which featured Andr\u00e9 3000 and a sample from Patti LaBelle's Love, Need & Want You.Def Jam Records has announced \"Sir Lucious Left Foot: the Son of Chico Dusty,\" a Big Boi solo effort will be released in the summer of 2010.He released a mixtape\/compilation album, \"Got Purp? Vol 2,\" in conjunction with the Purple Ribbon All-Stars in November 2005 on Purple Ribbon Records. The first single from the album was \"Kryptonite\", which cracked the Billboard Hot 100 and was a hit on hip hop radio.Big Boi is married to Sherlita Patton, with whom he has two children: a daughter, Jordan, and a son , Bamboo. His oldest son, Antwan Jr., is from a prior relationship. Numerous references to the Patton family are present in Big Boi's rhymes.His younger brother James raps under the name Lil' Brotha, and is a member of hip hop group Konkrete.Big Boi and Andr\u00e9 3000 star in \"Idlewild,\" a film about music in the Depression-era South. It was released in August 2006.Big Boi also appeared in season 3 of Nick Cannon's \"Wildin' Out,\" as well as guest starring and appearing as a musical guest on \"Chappelle's Show.\" Besides \"Idlewild\" he has appeared in T.I.'s movie, \"ATL,\" and starred in \"Who's Your Caddy?\"","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/13217_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"40,000 - 75,000"}


Future is the name of at least three artists;1) Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, (born November 20, 1983), better known by his ...

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{"key":"22617","name":"Future","bio":"Future is the name of at least three artists;1) Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, (born November 20, 1983), better known by his stage name Future, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer from the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia.After releasing a series of moderately successful mixtapes between 2010 and 2011, Future signed a major label deal with Epic Records and fellow American rapper Rocko's A1 Recordings, which helped launch his own label imprint Freebandz. Future subsequently began working on his debut studio album \"Pluto,\" and in April 2012 released the album to positive reviews. The album spawned five singles, all of which charted on the Billboard Hot 100. The album was later re-released in November, as \"Pluto 3D.\" His second studio album \"Honest,\" was released on April 22, 2014, and is also performing with his group Freeband Gang. He released his highly anticipated third studio album, \"DS2,\" on July 16, 2015. The Atlanta rapper also released several mixtape during 2015, \"Beast Mode\" in January, \"56 Nights\" in March, and \"What a Time to Be Alive (with Drake)\" in September. Future released \"Purple Reign\" in January 2016. The 13 track mixtape was executive produced by Metro Boomin and DJ Esco, with additional production from Southside, Zaytoven, and more.2) Future was a Dutch funk band active in the 1980s3) Future was an Italian singer, who won San Remo Junior in 1988","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/22617_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Big K.R.I.T.

Justin Scott (born August 26, 1986), better known by his stage name Big K.R.I.T., is an American hip hop musician and re...

30,000 - 50,000
{"key":"16369","name":"Big K.R.I.T.","bio":"Justin Scott (born August 26, 1986), better known by his stage name Big K.R.I.T., is an American hip hop musician and record producer from Meridian, Mississippi. K.R.I.T. is an acronym, meaning King Remembered In Time. K.R.I.T. first came into the hip hop scene in 2005 with the release of his two mixtapes, See Me On Top and See Me On Top II.In June 2010, Big K.R.I.T released his album, ''K.R.I.T. Wuz Here'', digitally, garnering huge critical acclaim. The album was produced entirely by K.R.I.T. himself, the DJ Folk, Wally Sparks & Jonny Shipes-hosted project comes complete with reader-approved features \u201c2000 and Beyond,\u201d \u201cThey Got Us,\u201d \u201cMoon & Stars\u201d and \u201cNo Wheaties.\u201d That same month, former president of G-Unit Records and current Senior VP of A&R at Def Jam Records, Sha Money XL, signed him to the label as one of his first priorities in his new position. K.R.I.T. previously released several mixtapes, including Hood Fame, with DJ Wally Sparks and The Last King, with DJ Breakem Off. He's also made guest appearances on Pilot Talk, the third studio album and major label debut from rapper, Curren$y as well as Kush and Orange Juice, the critically acclaimed mixtape by rapper Wiz Khalifa, that was the No. 1 search and trending topics on Google and Twitter following its release. He is a frequent collaborator with both artists.In October 2010, K.R.I.T. will co-headline The Smoker's Club Tour with Curren$y and Smoke DZA. He is set to appear in Little Rock, AR with Curren$y and Mac Miller. In November 2010, K.R.I.T. opened for Wiz Khalifa in Winston-Salem, Ashland, Virginia and in Allentown New York during the Waken Baken tour. He is one of the featured XXL Top Eleven Freshmen of 2011, along side of Meek Mill, Cyhi Da Prynce, Lil Twist, Yelawolf, Fred The Godson, Mac Miller, YG, Lil B, Kendrick Lamar & Diggy Simmons.In March 2012, K.R.I.T. released 4evaNaDay.On July 1, 2011 Big K.R.I.T. announced his debut studio album titled \"Live from the Underground\". It was set to be released on September 27, 2011. It was released June 5th, 2012.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/16369_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"30,000 - 50,000"}
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