Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder is a stage name of Stevland Hardaway Morris (b. Stevland Hardaway Judkins, 13 May 1950 in Saginaw, MI, USA...

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{"key":"12327","name":"Stevie Wonder","bio":"Stevie Wonder is a stage name of Stevland Hardaway Morris (b. Stevland Hardaway Judkins, 13 May 1950 in Saginaw, MI, USA - aka Little Stevie Wonder), a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and activist. He d\u00e9buted, as Little Stevie Wonder, with the single \"I Call It Pretty Music, But the Old People Call It the Blues\" (1961, Tamla Motown) and his latest album is \"A Time 2 Love\" (Oct 2005, Motown)Stevland he lost his sight shortly after birth and, when four, his mother left his father and moved, with the children, to Detroit. She changed her name back to Lula Hardaway and later changed her son's surname to Morris - partly, because of relatives - which has remained Stevie Wonder's legal name, ever since.Wonder signed with Motown's Tamla label at the age of eleven, and continues to perform and record for Motown to this day. To date, he has recorded more than thirty U.S. top ten hits and received twenty-two Grammy Awards, the most ever awarded to a male solo artist. In 2008, Billboard magazine placed Wonder fifth in their list of the Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists. He has recorded several critically acclaimed albums and hit singles, and writes and produces songs for many of his labelmates and outside artists. A multi-instrumentalist, Wonder plays the drums, guitar, synthesisers, congas, and most famously the piano, harmonica, and keyboards. Wonder forged his divergent styles into a trademark sound, putting his musical signature on a quartet of albums that would change music forever: 1972's Talking Book, 1973's Innervisions, 1974's Fullfillingness' First Finale, and 1976's Songs in the Key of Life. By the end of the decade, Wonder had won a record fifteen Grammys, as well as numerous other awards.In the following decades he wrote, among other classics, his 1982 collaboration with Paul McCartney, \"Ebony and Ivory\", which remained number one for seven weeks in a row. 1984's The Woman in Red soundtrack produced the enduring classic \"I Just Called to Say I Love You\", yet another number-one hit that gained him an Academy Award.In 1989 Wonder was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alongside The Rolling Stones. His contribution to worldwide social and political change is just as impressive; he championed the effort to make Martin Luther King's birthday a national holiday, as well as becoming a driving force behind 1985's USA for Africa campaign.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/12327_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"500,000 - 1,000,000"}

Cuba Gooding Sr.

Became lead singer with The Main Ingredient after death of Donald McPherson. Don passed in July 1971 of leukemia. Goodin...

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{"key":"230351","name":"Cuba Gooding Sr.","bio":"Became lead singer with The Main Ingredient after death of Donald McPherson. Don passed in July 1971 of leukemia. Gooding's first hit with the Main was Everybody Play's the Fool from the album \"Bitter Sweet\". Gooding is father of Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr and actoe Omar Gooding(Baby Boy). Gooding is a smooth soul singer with just that touch of swagger to make him popular.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/230351_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

The Jackson 5

The Jackson 5 (also spelled The Jackson Five or The Jackson 5ive, abbreviated as J5, and later known simply as The Jacks...

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{"key":"6915","name":"The Jackson 5","bio":"The Jackson 5 (also spelled The Jackson Five or The Jackson 5ive, abbreviated as J5, and later known simply as The Jacksons) was an American popular music quintet from Gary, Indiana. The group, active from 1964 to 1990, regularly played from a repertoire of R&B, soul, funk, and later disco. Considered \"one of the biggest phenomenons in pop music\" during the early 1970s, the Jackson 5 are also notable for launching the career of their lead singer, the late Michael Jackson.The primary members of the group were all the sons of Katherine and Joseph Jackson: Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Michael Jackson, and Randy Jackson. Joseph Jackson formed the band in 1964 and served as its manager, with Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and unrelated youths Reynaud Jones and Milton Hite comprising its original lineup. Within a year, Michael and Marlon joined the band, and Michael became lead singer as the group developed a following in the eastern and midwestern United States during the mid-1960s. Signed to the Motown label from 1969 to 1975, and to CBS Records (as \"The Jacksons\") from 1975 until their disbanding in 1990, the Jackson 5 were one of the most popular groups of the era and became the first recording act to have their first four major label singles (I Want You Back, ABC, The Love You Save, and I'll Be There) reach the top of the American charts. Several future singles, among them \"Mama's Pearl\", \"Never Can Say Goodbye\" and \"Dancing Machine\", were Top 5 pop hits and number-one hits on the R&B singles chart. Most of the early hits were written and produced by a specialized songwriting team known as The Corporation\u2122; later Jackson 5 hits were crafted chiefly by Hal Davis.While not the first act considered a \"boy band\", The Jackson 5 is one of the earliest examples of the type as it is defined today: five adolescents specifically packaged and marketed by a record label for crossover pop success. Upon their departure from Motown for CBS in 1975, the Jacksons, were forced to change their name and trade Jermaine (who remained at Motown) for Randy. The group took control of their songwriting, production, and image, and their success continued into the 1980s with hits such as \"Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)\" and \"State of Shock\", and a highly successful 1984 Victory tour. The Jacksons officially disbanded in 1990.HistoryEarly worksThe Jacksons were a working-class family from Gary, Indiana. Katherine, being a Jehovah's Witness, raised the children as such, while their father, Joe, was not of that faith. Their father, a steel mill employee who often performed in an R&B band called \"The Falcons\" with his brother Luther, was a strict disciplinarian. Many of the Jackson children recall being severely beaten by Joe for misbehaving.The children found an outlet in music, with elder brothers Jackie (born Sigmund Esco Jackson, 1951), Tito (born Toriano Jackson, 1953), and Jermaine (b. 1954) borrowing their father's guitar without his permission and playing along to the radio. Younger brothers Marlon (b. 1957) and Michael (b. 1958) were allowed to watch as long as they did not tell. Joseph eventually discovered that the older three boys were playing his guitar when one of the strings broke. Although he was furious at first, Joseph realized the boys had talent and began making plans to create a musical act for them.In 1965, Jackie, Tito, and Jermaine began performing around the Gary area with two neighborhood children, Milford Hite (on drums) and Reynaud Jones (on keyboards), in a group called The Jackson Brothers. Joe Jackson served as the manager, at first only part-time, and then eventually quitting his job at the steel mill. Jermaine sang lead and played bass, and Tito played guitar.In 1966, younger brothers Marlon and Michael, joined the group as its tambourine and bongo players. Already showing talent as a singer and dancer, Michael replaced Jermaine as lead vocalist by mid-1967. Shirley Cartman, Tito's junior high orchestra teacher, noticed the group's talents and served as an early mentor to the group, by then calling itself The Jackson Five.During this period, the boys toured Indiana extensively, and after winning a major local talent show in 1966 with a rendition of The Temptations' \"My Girl\", led by Michael, they began playing professional gigs in Chicago, Illinois and across the mid-eastern U.S. Many of these gigs were in a string of black clubs and venues collectively known as the \"chitlin' circuit\", and the young kids sometimes had to open for strip teasers and other adult acts in order to earn money.Shirley Cartman got the Jackson Five a record deal with Gordon Keith's local Steeltown label, and the group began making their first recordings in 1967. Their first single, \"Big Boy\", became a regional hit. During this period, Johnny Jackson (no relation) on drums and Ronnie Rancifer on keys replaced Milford Hite and Reynaud Jones.The Jackson Five had a number of admirers in their early days, including Sam & Dave, who helped the group secure a spot in the famous Amateur Night competition at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. The group won the August 13, 1967 competition during the Amateur Night showdown at the Apollo, impressing Motown Records artist Gladys Knight of The Pips. Knight recommended the group to Motown chief Berry Gordy, but Gordy, who already had teenager Stevie Wonder on his roster, was hesitant to take on another child act because of the child labor laws and other problems involved.The Jackson Five's sound was influenced by many of the biggest stars of the 1960s, especially including family funk bands Sly & the Family Stone and The Isley Brothers, soul pioneer Marvin Gaye, doo-wop boy band Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers, and soul shouters like Wilson Pickett, Jackie Wilson, Stevie Wonder and James Brown . At the time of their early success, soul and funk stars, especially coming from Motown Records, were among the most popular musicians; Motown had launched the careers of dozens of the decade's biggest stars, most notably Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, and Diana Ross & the Supremes.InfluencesFrom these sources, The Jackson Five developed many of their vocal arrangement styles and dance movements. The group's multi-lead vocal style was inspired by that of The Family Stone, while young Michael adapted Jackie Wilson and James Brown's impassioned singing and dancing styles into his own.Joining MotownBy 1968, the Jackson 5 were a headlining act for the All Star Floor Show at Chicago's The Guys' and Gals' Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant. From July 12 - 27, 1968, the Jackson 5 opened for Motown group Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers at Chicago's Regal Theater. Taylor was also very impressed with the boys, and he decided to make the commitment to bring them to Detroit and Motown. Joseph and the Jackson Five stayed on the floor of Bobby Taylor's Detroit apartment the night of July 22, while Taylor and Motown executive Suzanne de Passe arranged for the Jackson Five to audition for the label.On July 23, the Jackson Five had their Motown audition, for which they performed James Brown\u2019s then current hit \"I Got the Feelin\u2019\". Berry Gordy was not in attendance, but the audition was videotaped and sent to him in Los Angeles. Gordy's initial reluctance to sign the group disappeared when he finally saw the boys perform. Gordy decided to sign the Jackson Five to Motown, and hosted a party at his Detroit mansion on November 25, 1968 to introduce them to the Motown staff and stars.Motown began negotiations to buy out the Jackson Five's Steeltown contract, completing the deal in March 1969. By the summer, Bobby Taylor began producing the group's first recordings at Motown's Hitsville U.S.A. recording studio in Detroit. The early Taylor-produced Jackson Five records were all covers of both contemporary hits and Motown-standards, including Sly & the Family Stone's \"Stand!\" and their famous rendition of The Miracles' \"Who's Lovin' You\", written by Smokey Robinson.In mid-August 1969, Gordy moved the Jackson Five and Joseph to California, and he and Suzanne de Passe began the process of grooming them as the label's next big act, while the rest of the family remained in Gary. While looking for a house in California, Joseph, Jermaine, Tito, and Jackie lived with Berry Gordy, while Michael and Marlon lived with Motown star Diana Ross.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/6915_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Mayer Hawthorne

Mayer Hawthorne (real name Andrew Mayer Cohen) grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and vividly remembers, as a child, drivin...

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{"key":"19925","name":"Mayer Hawthorne","bio":"Mayer Hawthorne (real name Andrew Mayer Cohen) grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and vividly remembers, as a child, driving with his father and tuning the car radio in to the rich soul and jazz history the region provided. \u201cMost of the best music ever made came out of Detroit,\u201d claims the singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, who counts Isaac Hayes, Leroy Hutson, Mike Terry, and Barry White among his influences, but draws the most inspiration from the music of Smokey Robinson, Curtis Mayfield and the legendary songwriting and production trio of Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland and Eddie Holland Jr.The \u201cretro\u201d tag is added to almost any contemporary work that sounds like it was originally recorded between 1966 and 1974, and Hawthorne, among the newest contributors to the genre, is aware of how trends come and go. After being introduced to Stones Throw Records label head Peanut Butter Wolf by mutual friend Noelle Scaggs of the Rebirth, even his current boss was skeptical. \u201cHe showed me two songs and I didn\u2019t understand what I was listening to,\u201d Wolf recalls. \u201cI asked him if they were old songs that he did re-edits of \u2013 I couldn\u2019t believe they were new songs and that he played all the instruments.\u201dAnd after meeting in person, it was even harder for Wolf to believe that Hawthorne was also the lead vocalist. Few expect such heartfelt sentiment to come from a 29-year-old white kid from Ann Arbor, but he has caught the ear of his family at Stones Throw, as well as BBC Radio 1 host Gilles Peterson and producer\/DJ Mark Ronson. Expectations are high for the admitted vinyl junkie who never planned on taking his crooning public. Hawthorne\u2019s hanging-by-a-string falsetto and breakbeat production on his first recorded effort, the tender \u201cJust Ain\u2019t Gonna Work Out,\u201d are simultaneously Smokey and J Dilla \u2013 equal parts \u201cThe Tracks of My Tears\u201d and \u201cFall in Love.\u201d \u201cIt\u2019s soul,\u201d he explains, \u201cBut it\u2019s new.\u201dHawthorne has produced and played instruments for much of his life, but never intended to become a singer. He isn\u2019t formally trained, and never sang in a choir or in any of the bands he was in before founding the County (formerly the County Commissioners). But here he is, new school soul sensation, who has taken the Motown assembly-line production model and eliminated nearly every element but himself and a few hired hands. \u201cI think Mayer is the only artist in the history of the label that I\u2019ve signed after hearing only two songs,\u201d says Peanut Butter Wolf. \u201cSometimes, you just know it\u2019s the right thing to do.\u201dAnd for those willing to believe anything is possible, be grateful to have Mayer Hawthorne on the scene. It\u2019s not just throwback music anymore \u2013 this revival is all about progression.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/19925_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"40,000 - 75,000"}

Lionel Richie

Lionel Brockman Richie, Jr. (born June 20, 1949 in Tuskegee, Alabama) is an American R&B singer, songwriter, composer, a...

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{"key":"21454","name":"Lionel Richie","bio":"Lionel Brockman Richie, Jr. (born June 20, 1949 in Tuskegee, Alabama) is an American R&B singer, songwriter, composer, and occasional actor. He got his start as the front man for the Commodores, a nationally popular Motown band during the 70's. They had several hits such as Easy, Three Times A Lady, and probably the Commodores' most famous hit, Brick House. Richie quit the band in 1981 for a solo career. He released his self-titled debut in 1982. The album hit No. 3 on the charts and sold over 4 million copies. His follow up album, Can't Slow Down, sold over twice as many copies and won the Grammy for Album of the Year in '84. His third album, '86's Dancing on the Ceiling spawned such hits as Say You, Say Me, Dancing on the Ceiling, and Se La, but would be the end of his commercial success. His 90's albums such as Back to Front, Louder Than Words, and Time all failed to achieve the previous decade's commercial success. Some of his recent work, such as the album Renaissance, has returned to his older style, hoping to achieve more success.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/21454_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"300,000 - 500,000"}

Diana Ross

Diana Ross (born Diane Ernestine Earle Ross on 26 March 1944 in Detroit, Michigan, USA) is an American soul, R&B and pop...

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{"key":"6888","name":"Diana Ross","bio":"Diana Ross (born Diane Ernestine Earle Ross on 26 March 1944 in Detroit, Michigan, USA) is an American soul, R&B and pop singer and actress. Ross is one of the most successful female artists of her era, both due to her solo work and her role as lead singer of The Supremes during the 1960s.In 1959, Ross was brought to the attention of Milton Jenkins, the manager of the local doo-wop group The Primes, by Mary Wilson. Primes member Paul Williams convinced Jenkins to enlist Ross in the sister group The Primettes, which included Wilson, Florence Ballard and Betty McGlown.In 1976, Billboard magazine named her the female entertainer of the century. In 1993, The Guinness Book Of World Records pronounced her the most successful female artist ever (the title is now attributed to Madonna), partly due to her combined total of eighteen number-one singles, six of them recorded solo and the remaining dozen from her work with the Supremes.She was also one of the few pop singers to find modest success in the acting world winning an Academy Award nomination for her role as Billie Holiday in the 1972 film, \"Lady Sings the Blues\" as well as having hits with other film roles such as \"Mahogany\", \"Out of Darkness\" and \"Double Platinum\", not to mention her role in \"The Wiz\".Ms. Ross has been awarded many lifetime achievement accolades from many organizations and media outlets, including BET, Soul Train, the NAACP Image Awards, the Kennedy Center Honors in 2007 and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement in 2011.Her professional vocal collaborators have included the following during her career: Marvin Gaye, Lionel Richie, Rod Stewart, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Julio Iglesias, Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo, Westlife, and Smokey Robinson, among others.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/6888_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"300,000 - 500,000"}


Commodores are a highly successful soul and funk inspired group from Tuskegee, Alabama, USA that formed in 1968. They ac...

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{"key":"12350","name":"Commodores","bio":"Commodores are a highly successful soul and funk inspired group from Tuskegee, Alabama, USA that formed in 1968. They achieved mainstream popularity in the 70s, and their soulful hits such as \"Easy\" and \"Nightshift\" have had strong airplay for decades. They met as freshmen at Tuskegee Institute and signed to Motown having first caught the public eye supporting The Jackson Five on tour.Original Band Personnel * Lionel Richie (vocals, saxophone, piano) - born on 20 June 1949, in Tuskegee, Alabama. * Thomas McClary (lead guitar) - born on 6 October 1950, in Eustis, Florida. * Milan Williams (keyboards) - born on 28 March 1948, died June 9th, 2006 in Houston. * William King (trumpet) - born on 30 January 1949, in Florida. * Ronald La Pread (bass guitar) - born on 4 September 1946, in Alabama. * Walter Orange (vocals, drums) - born on 10 December 1946, in Florida.Many of their hit tunes were written or co-written by Walter \"Clyde\" Orange, the original lead singer before Lionel Richie came on board. Lionel and Clyde alternated as lead singers. Clyde was also the lead singer on \"Nightshift\" and \"Brick House\" among others. Clyde now lives with his family in Coral Springs, Florida and has three children named Paula, Colin and Cody.Band members typically alternated lead vocal duties. After Richie left to pursue a solo career, former Heatwave singer J.D. Nicholas assumed co-lead vocal duties with drummer Walter \"Clyde\" Orange. However, with the exception of the Grammy-winning \"Nightshift\" (a tribute to Marvin Gaye and Jackie Wilson) the band never achieved the same level of success it had enjoyed with Richie. Ironically, \"Nightshift\" won The Commodores their only Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocals.La Pread and McClary left the group subsequently, leaving Orange, King and Nicholas as the remaining performing members.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/12350_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

The Drifters

The Drifters are a long-lived American doo wop Pop R&B band, originally formed by Clyde McPhatter (of Billy Ward & the D...

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{"key":"4485","name":"The Drifters","bio":"The Drifters are a long-lived American doo wop Pop R&B band, originally formed by Clyde McPhatter (of Billy Ward & the Dominoes) in 1953 from New York City, NY, USA. There have been over 60 members since 1953. shows the current lineup and tour dates.The original DriftersAhmet Erteg\u00fcn of Atlantic Records approached Clyde McPhatter after he left The Dominoes and signed him. McPhatter first recruited several members of his former group, The Mount Lebanon Singers: William \u201cChick\u201d Anderson (tenor), David Baldwin (baritone), and James \u201cWrinkle\u201d Johnson (bass), plus David \u201cLittle Dave\u201d Baughan (tenor). This aggregation lasted for only a single session (from which \"Lucille\" was the only song released), after which Atlantic asked McPhatter to form a different group. He finally settled on Gerhart Thrasherand Andrew Thrasher on baritone and second tenor, respectively, Bill Pinkney on high tenor, Willie Ferbee as bass, and Walter Adams on guitar. This is the group on the second session, which produced the group's first major hit: \"Money Honey\".After the session, Ferbee was involved in an accident and left the group and Adams died (to be replaced by Jimmy Oliver). Ferbee was not replaced and the voice parts were shifted around: Gerhart Thrasher became first tenor, Andrew Thrasher was now the baritone, and Bill Pinkney shifted down to bass. The group released several more hits (\"Such A Night,\" \"Honey Love,\" \"Bip Bam,\" \"White Christmas,\" and \"What'cha Gonna Do\") before McPhatter was drafted in May 1954 (after which he pursued a solo career). McPhatter had demanded a large share of the group's profits, which he had been denied in The Dominoes, but, upon his departure, did not ensure that this would continue for his successor. He sold his share of the group to [bandmember from=1953 to=1956George Treadwell, manager, former jazz trumpeter, and husband of legendary singer Sarah Vaughan. As a result, the Drifters cycled through copious members, none of whom made much money. McPhatter later expressed regret at this action, recognizing that it doomed his fellow musicians to unprofitability.McPhatter was first replaced by David Baughn, who was on the group's first session. While his voice was similar to McPhatter's, his erratic behavior made him unsuitable in the eyes of Atlantic Records executives. Baughn soon left the group, and was replaced by Cleveland native Johnny Moore (of The Hornets). This lineup had a major R&B hit in 1955 with \"Adorable,\" followed by several others (\"Ruby Baby,\" \"I Got To Get Myself A Woman,\" and \"Fools Fall In Love\"). Johnny Moore was drafted in November 1957 and replaced by Bobby Hendricks (who had briefly been with The Swallows), but to no success; the group was not able to break into mainstream markets.In the mid 1950s, the Drifters began working with Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, legendary songwriters, who eventually became the group's producers as well. This is widely considered the group's golden age, inaugurated by the 1956 hit \"(April, 1993)I Gotta Get Myself a Woman.\" Low salaries contributed to burnout among the members, particularly Bill Pinkney, who was fired after asking Treadwell for more money. Andrew Thrasher left as well, in protest. Pinkney formed another group, called The Flyers, with lead singer Bobby Hendricks (before he joined the Drifters to replace army-bound Johnny Moore).Bill Pinkney was replaced by Tommy Evans (who had replaced Jimmy Ricks in The Ravens). Charlie Hughes, a baritone, replaced Andrew Thrasher. By early 1958, the lineup was: Bobby Hendricks (lead tenor), Gerhart Thrasher (first tenor), Jimmy Milner (baritone), Tommy Evans (bass), and Jimmy Oliver (guitar). By May 1958, both Hendricks and Oliver had quit, returning only for a week's appearance at the Apollo Theater. During that week, one of the members got into a fight with the owner of the Apollo. That was the last straw for manager George Treadwell, who fired the entire group.Since Treadwell owned the rights to the name \"Drifters,\" and since he still had a year's worth of bookings for the Apollo, he recruited another group, The Five Crowns, featuring lead singer Ben E. King. The group changed its name to the \"Drifters\" and went out on the road to tour for almost a year, although this new group had no connection to the prior Drifters.Bill Pinkney's \"Original Drifters\"Meanwhile, Bill Pinkney and other \"fired\" Drifters once again joined with the Thrashers and David Baughan to begin touring as \"The Original Drifters\" (although their first recordings, for End in 1959, were as the \"Harmony Grits\"). Baughan left after a short time, leaving the group a trio. Bobby Lee Hollis joined in 1964 and took over the lead spot. Later that year, Andrew Thrasher was out and Jimmy Lewis was in. Bobby Hendricks returned, making the group a quintet for a short time, before Lewis left. Andrew Thrasher returned, replacing Hollis. Hollis and Baughan bounced in and out through the 1960s. By 1968, the group was Pinkney, Gerhart Thrasher, Hollis, and Hendricks. At this point, the group split.Pinkney met with an existing group, The Tears, and recruited them as the new Original Drifters. The Tears were Benny Anderson, George Wallace, Albert Fortson, and Mark Williams. Shortly after recruiting them, they broke away from Pinkney and continued touring as the Original Drifters for over a decade (Pinkney filed suit and successfully stopped them at that time).Pinkney then brought in new members Bruce Caesar, Clarence \"Tex\" Walker, and Bruce Richardson. The lineup changed rapidly. In 1979 the group was Pinkney, Andrew Lawyer, Chuck Cockerham, Harriel Jackson, and Tony Cook. Their 1995 album Peace in the Valley, on Blackberry Records, credited vocals to Pinkney, Cockerham, Richard Knight Dunbar, Vernon Young, and Greg Johnson. They appeared on the PBS special, Doo Wop 51 with Pinkney, Dunbar, Johnson, and Bobby Hendricks. The current lineup is Pinkney, Cockerham, Dunbar, Young, and Clyde McPhatter's son, Billy McPhatter. Greg Johnson is now in Bobby Hendricks' Drifters.The second DriftersTreadwell had approached Lover Patterson, the manager of The Five Crowns. All but one member of The Five Crowns went along with the name change to become the Drifters. The new line-up consisted of: Benjamin Earl Nelson (known professionally as Ben E. King; lead tenor), Charlie Thomas (tenor), Dock Green (baritone), and Elsbeary Hobbs (bass). James \"Poppa\" Clark was the fifth member; he was not included in the new group.This new lineup released several singles that became chart hits: \"There Goes My Baby,\" the first commercial rock-and-roll recording to include a string orchestra, \"Dance With Me,\" \"This Magic Moment,\" \"Save The Last Dance For Me,\" and \"I Count The Tears.\" However, personnel changes started almost immediately. Lover Patterson (who had managed the Five Crowns and was now the Drifters' road manager) got into a fight with George Treadwell. Since Patterson had Ben E. King under personal contract, he refused to let King tour with the group. Thus, King continued to record with the group for about a year before beginning a successful solo career. New member Johnny Lee Williams did the touring (although he can be heard leading \"True Love, True Love\"). Williams was subsequently replaced by Rudy Lewis (of The Clara Ward Singers), who led the Drifters on hits such as \"Some Kind Of Wonderful,\" \"Please Stay,\" and \"Up on the Roof.\" While recording \"Please Stay,\" songwriter Burt Bacharach met Dionne Warwick, a backup singer, thus beginning a legendary partnership.Bass Elsbeary Hobbs was drafted and eventually replaced by the returning Tommy Evans (from the 1958 group). Dock Green left in 1962 and was replaced by Eugene Pearson (of The Rivileers and Cleftones). Tommy Evans left again in 1963 and was replaced by Johnny Terry. After his military service and a failed solo career, Johnny Moore returned in 1964, making the group a quintet of Moore, Charlie Thomas, Rudy Lewis, Gene Pearson, and Johnny Terry.Later that year, the group was scheduled to record \"Under the Boardwalk\" on May 21. However, Rudy Lewis died the night before the session, and Johnny Moore took over as the sole lead (he and Lewis had been alternating). Terry was replaced in 1966 by Dan Dandridge for a couple of months, then by William Brent, who had been with Johnny Moore in The Hornets in 1954. Gene Pearson was replaced by Rick Sheppard that same year. By late 1966, baritone\/bass Bill Fredricks replaced William Brent. Charlie Thomas, the group's last \"original member\" (from the day The Five Crowns had become the Drifters), left in mid-1967 and was replaced by Charles Baskerville, a former member of The Limelites. Baskerville stayed only a short time, leaving before a session (which was done as a trio). Baritone Milton Turner was added by the end of 1967. In late 1969, Milton Turner left and was replaced by another singer named Charlie Thomas (who took the nickname Don Thomas to avoid confusion with the former member). This lineup lasted only a few months. By March 1970, the Drifters had broken up. Johnny Moore and Bill Fredericks reunited in January 1971 (along with two unknown singers) to do an independently-produced session that was subsequently sold to Atlantic. \"A Rose By Any Other Name\" and \"Be My Lady\" became the Drifters' last Atlantic release.Post-Atlantic careerAfter this, the Drifters moved to [place[England and underwent the usual bewildering personnel changes. Throughout the 1970s, the only charted records for the group were on the British charts - notably \"Kissing In The Back Row Of The Movies\", \"There Goes My First Love\" and \"You're More Than A Number In My Little Red Book\". Along with Moore and Fredricks, Butch Leake and former Ink Spots mamber Grant Kitchings[\/bandmember were members initially. Fredricks was replaced by Clyde Brown the next year, and Kitchings by Billy Lewis the year after. Leake was replaced by Joe Blunt in 1976, making the lineup Johnny Moore, Clyde Brown, Joe Blunt, and Billy Lewis. This year, Faye Treadwell renamed the group's management company Treadwell Drifters Inc.Moore left in 1978 and was replaced by Ray Lewis. Blunt and Billy Lewis left in 1979 and were replaced by the returning Johnny Moore and former Temptations lead Louis Price. Moore left again in late 1982, along with Clyde Brown. They were replaced by two returning members, Ben Nelson (a.k.a. Ben E. King) and Bill Fredricks.Around this time, members left and rejoined frequently. Fredricks, Lewis, and Price left in 1983 and were replaced by the returning Johnny Moore, Joe Blunt, and Clyde Brown. In 1986, the group changed all of its members and the new lineup consisted of new member Jonah Ellis and former members Ray Lewis, Billy Lewis, and Louis Price. The next year, more former members came in as replacements, making the group Moore, Billy and Ray Lewis, and Gene Jenkins (replaced shortly after by George Chandler, then John Thurston). Ray Lewis was out in 1988, and was replaced by Joe Cofie. In 1989, Billy Lewis left, and replaced by the returning George Chandler, then Tony Jackson, Keith John, and finally Peter Lamarr in 1990.Thurston was out at the end of the year and was replaced by Roy Hemmings. Patrick Alan was in for Lamaar briefly. Lamaar left in 1991 and was replaced by Rohan Delano Turney. This lineup lasted until 1996, when Cofie was out and Jason Leigh was in. Leigh was replaced after two years by the returning Peter Lamarr.Tragedy struck in 1999 when the group's longest serving member, Johnny Moore, died. Patrick Alan returned to the group, keeping it a quartet. Lamarr left again in 2003, and was replaced by Victor Bynoe. Hemmings left in 2004 and was replaced by the again-returning Lamarr. The group's current lineup is Peter Lamarr, Rohan Delano Turney, Patrick Alan, and Victor Bynoe. This line up is fully endorsed by Johnny Moore's wife and in Allan, Lamarr and Turner actually contains three of the longest serving Drifters members.In 2001, Faye Treadwell left the United Kingdom, allegedly due to bankruptcy. Two members of her company, Mark Lundquist and Phil Lunderman, started a new management company, Drifters UK Limited, to run the group. Their new duties included stopping a patent by an imposter Drifters group. As of December 2006, writs have been served in the London High Court by Tina Treadwell, daughter of George and Faye, against Lundquist and Lunderman, alleging they are not the rightful controllers of The Drifters. Tina's group features Roy Hemmings and Jason Leigh. It should be noted that Hemmings remained with Lundquist and Lunderman initially, leaving three years after the formation of Drifters UK Limited. It will be interesting to see how things transpire should Treadwell win her case, since the current Drifters lineup touring the UK has built up a fan base selling out one tour after another with Johnny Moore and continuing after his death. The Vocal Group Hall of Fame has inducted both 'The Original Drifters' (1998) and 'Ben E. King and The Drifters'(2000).In 2004, Rolling Stone Magazine ranked The Drifters #81 on their list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.On July 4, 2007, Bill Pinkney died of a heart attack in his room at the Hilton Hotel, Daytona Beach, Florida, where he was in town to perform for the 4th of July Red, White and Boom Event.In 2009, the lineup consists of Damion Charles, Michael Williams, Steve V. King and Maurice Cannon. For tour dates and more info go to There was also a Japanese vocal group called the Drifters although the romanisation of their name (\u30b6\u30c9\u30ea\u30d5\u30bf\u30fc\u30b9)\u3000yields many variations: Doriftas, Dorifutas, Dorihutasu, etc.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/4485_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"200,000 - 50,000"}

The Spinners

There have been at least three groups called The Spinners: a soul group, a 1960s folk group and a Turkish punk band.1. A...

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{"key":"23662","name":"The Spinners","bio":"There have been at least three groups called The Spinners: a soul group, a 1960s folk group and a Turkish punk band.1. A soul group of the early '70s, creating a body of work that defined the lush, seductive sound of Philly soul. In the UK they were known as \"The Detroit Spinners\" to avoid confusion with British band The Spinners. The band's roots lay in Detroit, where they formed as a doo wop group during the late '50s. Throughout the '60s, the Spinners tried to land a hit by adapting to the shifting fashions of R&B and pop. By the mid-'60s, they had signed with Motown Records, but the label never gave the group much consideration. \"It's a Shame\" became a hit in 1970, but the label continued to ignore the group, and dropped the band two years later. Unsigned and featuring new lead singer Phillipe Wynne, the Spinners seemed destined to never break into the big leagues, but they managed to sign with Atlantic Records, where they began working with producer Thom Bell. With his assistance, the Spinners developed a distinctive sound, one that relied on Wynne's falsetto and the group's intricate vocal harmonies. Bell provided the group with an appropriately detailed production, creating a detailed web of horns, strings, backing vocals, and lightly funky rhythms. Between 1972 and 1977, the Spinners and Bell recorded a number of soul classics, including \"I'll Be Around,\" \"Could It Be I'm Fallin in Love,\" \"Mighty Love,\" \"Ghetto Child,\" \"Then Came You,\" \"Games People Play,\" and \"The Rubberband Man.\" Wynne left in 1977 and the Spinners had hits for a few years after his departure, but the group will always be remembered for its classic mid-'70s work. Originally, called the Domingoes, the Spinners formed when the quintet were high school students in the Detroit suburb of Ferndale in 1957. At the time, the group featured Bobbie Smith, Pervis Jackson, George W. Dixon, Billy Henderson, and Henry Fambrough. Four years later, they came to the attention of producer Harvey Fuqua, who began recording the group \u2013 who were now called the Spinners \u2013 for his Tri-Phi Records. The band's first single, \"That's What Girls Are Made For,\" became a Top Ten R&B hit upon its 1961 release and featured Smith on vocals. Following its release, Dixon was replaced by Edgar \"Chico\" Edwards. Over the next few years, the group released a series of failed singles, and when Tri-Phi was bought out by Motown in the mid-'60s, the Spinners became part of the larger company's roster. By that time, Edwards had been replaced by G.C. Cameron. Though the Spinners had some R&B hits at Motown during the late '60s, including \"I'll Always Love You\" and \"Truly Yours,\" they didn't have a genuine crossover success until 1970, when Stevie Wonder gave the group \"It's a Shame.\" Motown never concentrated on the Spinners, and they let the group go in 1972. Before the band signed with Atlantic Records, Phillipe Wynne replaced Cameron as the group's lead vocalist. Wynne had previously sung with Catfish and Bootsy Collins. At Atlantic Records, the Spinners worked with producer Thom Bell, who gave the group a lush, seductive sound, complete with sighing strings, a tight rhythm section, sultry horns, and a slight funk underpinning. Wynne quickly emerged as a first-rate soul singer, and the combination of the group's harmonies, Wynne's soaring leads, and Bell's meticulous production made the Spinners the most popular soul group of the '70s. Once the group signed with Atlantic, they became a veritable hit machine, topping the R&B and pop charts with songs like \"I'll Be Around,\" \"Could It Be I'm Falling in Love,\" \"One of a Kind (Love Affair),\" \"Ghetto Child,\" \"Rubberband Man,\" and \"You're Throwing a Good Love Away.\" Not only were their singles hits, but their albums constantly went gold and charted in the Top 20. Wynne left the band to pursue a solo career in 1977; he was replaced by John Edwards. Though none of Wynne's solo records were big hits, his tours with Parliament-Funkadelic were well-received, as were his solo concerts. In October 1984, he died of a heart attack during a concert in Oakland, CA. The Spinners, meanwhile, had a number of minor hits in the late '70s, highlighted by their disco covers of \"Working My Way Back to You\" and the medley \"Cupid\/I've Loved You for a Long Time.\" During the early '80s, they had several minor hits before fading away from the charts and entering the oldies circuit, reprising their earlier material for 1999's new studio effort At Their Best. Long time founding members Billy Henderson and Pervis Jackson have since deceased.2. The British folk band The Spinners consisted of:Hughie JonesCliff HallMick GrovesTony DavisJohn McCormick was the group's bassist and musical director for the final seventeen years. Cliff Hall was born in Jamaica and came to the UK to serve in the Royal Air Force. The group was unusual for its time in having a multiracial membership.They produced over forty albums and made numerous concerts and TV appearances. They retired in 1989 after thirty years together, though some members still perform. They were immensely popular by reviving some of the greatest folk music and singing new songs in the same vein. Critics say that their style was musically simple, cosy and sentimental but this is what appealed to the fans.One of their best known songs, particularly in their native Liverpool, was \"In My Liverpool Home\", written by Peter McGovern in 1962.3. The Spinners were a female punk band from Turkey, active in the late 80's and early 90's. They released a demo called \u201cLalala\u201d in 1991.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/23662_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Emma Bunton

Emma Lee Bunton (born 21 January 1976 in Finchley, London, England, United Kingdom) is an English pop singer, songwriter...

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{"key":"26717","name":"Emma Bunton","bio":"Emma Lee Bunton (born 21 January 1976 in Finchley, London, England, United Kingdom) is an English pop singer, songwriter, and occasional actress, originally from the girl group Spice Girls, where she was known as \"Baby Spice\".She started her solo career in 1999 with a collaboration single along with Tin Tin Out for their single \"What I Am\", which peaked number 2 on the UK charts. Her debut solo album entitled \"A Girl Like Me\" was released in 2001, and spawned the UK number-one hit \"What Took You So Long?\", as well as the top five hits \"What I Am\" (a cover of a 1998's song earlier recorded by Edie Brickell & New Bohemians) and \"Take My Breath Away\" (which was not a cover of Berlin's 1986's hit), and top twenty hit \"We're Not Gonna Sleep Tonight\". The album sold around 125,000 in the UK.In spring of 2003, she returned as Emma (losing the Bunton), with the top five hit \"Free Me\" and later that year released \"Maybe\", which also went top ten and outsold the previous single. In spring of 2004, the single \"I'll Be There\" and the album \"Free Me\" were released. The album contained '60s-style pop gems and went on to outsell her first album, something other solo Spice Girls have yet to achieve. The album Free Me was released in the United States on January 25, 2005.Emma released \"Downtown\" the official charity single for the BBC's 2006 Children in Need appeal, it reached number three. The album \"Life in Mono\" was released on (4 December).","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/26717_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

The Stylistics

The Stylistics were one of the most well-known Philadelphia soul groups of the 1970s. Formed in 1968, they comprised lea...

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{"key":"26716","name":"The Stylistics","bio":"The Stylistics were one of the most well-known Philadelphia soul groups of the 1970s. Formed in 1968, they comprised lead Russell Thompkins, Jr., Herbie Murrell, Airrion Love, James Smith, and James Dunn.They had their first U.S. hit in 1971 with \"You're a Big Girl Now\". Signing to Avco Records, The Stylistics began working with producer Thom Bell, who had already produced a catalogue of hits for The Delfonics, and songwriter Linda Creed. Bell imported the sweet soul techniques he had perfected with The Delfonics, and his arrangements worked perfectly with Thompkins' falsetto. The bittersweet lyrics from Creed were a key factor in creating hugely memorable music.Their hits, distilled from three albums, from this period included \"Betcha by Golly, Wow\", \"I'm Stone in Love with You\", \"You Make Me Feel Brand New\" featuring a double lead with Love, \"Stop, Look, Listen To Your Heart\" and \"You Are Everything\". \"You Make Me Feel Brand New\" was the group's biggest U.S. hit, holding at #2 for two weeks in the spring of 1974, and was one of five U.S. gold singles the Stylistics collected. The Stylistics' smooth sound also found an easier path onto adult contemporary airwaves than other soul artists, and the group made Billboard magazine's Easy Listening singles chart twelve times from 1971 to 1976, with three entries, \"Betcha By Golly, Wow,\" \"You Make Me Feel Brand New,\" and \"You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart)\" reaching the Top 10.The group split with Thom Bell in 1974, and the split proved devastating commercially to the group's success in the USA. Just as with The Delfonics, The Stylistics were to some extent a vehicle for Bell's own creativity. They struggled hard to find producers who could come up with the right material, and partnerships with Hugo & Luigi and Van McCoy were notably less successful. They left Avco for H&L Records and the Stylistics' popularity rapidly declined in the U.S., though their British popularity continued for the rest of the 1970s.In 1980, James Dunn departed due to health problems, and James Smith left shortly thereafter. The group continued, recruiting new member Raymond Johnson, and releasing the album Some Things Never Change, in 1985. Johnson departed shortly afterward, leaving the group a trio. Love, Murrell, and Thompkins continued to tour until 2000, when original lead Thompkins left. Love and Murrell brought in two new members, Harold \"Eban\" Brown, formerly of the Delfonics, as lead ( who sounds amazingly like a young Russell Thompkins), and tenor Van Fields. The present group is featured live on the DVD's \"The Stylistics Live at the Convention Center\" (2006), as well as along with other artists of the '70's on the DVD \"The Big Show.\"In 2004, Russell Thompkins, Jr. started a new group, the New Stylistics, with the returning Raymond Johnson, James Ranton, and Jonathan Buckson. They are featured on the DVD \"Old School Soul Party Live!,\" which was part of the PBS \"My Music\" series.The Stylistics' catalog of hits have been mined frequently by other artists in recent years. Notable examples include \"Betcha By Golly, Wow\" covered by Prince, \"You Are Everything\" remade by Vanessa Williams, and \"You Make Me Feel Brand New\" redone by Boyz ll Men Roberta Flack and Simply Red. Mary J. Blige also used the chief line from the chorus of \"You Are Everything\" (\"You are everything, and everything is you\") in her 1997 hit \"Everything.\" In 2006, Letoya Luckett used a similar sample to the background track of \"You Are Everything\" for the music to her hit single \"Torn.\"","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/26716_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

The Emotions

There are three artists by this name:1. The Emotions, a jamaican reggae vocal group recording for Lloyd Daley around 197...

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{"key":"6944","name":"The Emotions","bio":"There are three artists by this name:1. The Emotions, a jamaican reggae vocal group recording for Lloyd Daley around 1970.2. The Emotions are a Doo-Wop group formed in Brooklyn, NY in 1958 by Joe Favale and Tony Maltese. Their most successful singles were \"Echo\" and \"Story Untold\" 3. The Emotions are an all female, soul, disco, and R&B singing group, that was most successful during the late-1970s and 1980s. The group was formed in their hometown of Chicago, Illinois in 1968, and originally consisted of the three Hutchinson sisters, all the children of Joseph and Lillian Hutchinson.The track \u201dBlind Alley\u201d has had a critical impact on Hip-Hop being sampled by everyone from Tribe Called Quest, Brand Nubian, Ice Cube, Redman\u2026the list rolls on. Addition to the existing entry prior to May 10, 2009Formed: 1968 in Chicago, ILDisbanded: 1986Genre: R&BStyles: Quiet Storm, Smooth Soul, Soul, DiscoGroup Members: Sheila Hutchinson, Wanda Hutchinson, Jeanette HutchinsonBiography:A trio of sisters with a strong gospel base, the Emotions (based in Chicago) were one of the leading female R&B acts of the '70s. Lead singer Sheila Hutchinson and her sisters Wanda and Jeanette were only teenagers when they crashed the soul charts in 1969 with the engaging \"So I Can Love You,\" but they sang gospel as children and enjoyed secular fame locally before signing with Memphis-based Volt and working with producers Isaac Hayes and David Porter. When Stax folded in 1975, the group hooked up with Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire, an association that led to the number one pop\/R&B hit \"Best of My Love\" in 1977. They inspired many artists, including The Mighty Majors (\"You Can Never Go Back'), which opened a show once for them on the road.Two years after Best of My Love, Maurice White and the Emotions collaborated on \"Boogie Wonderland,\" which was both a number two R&B and number six pop hit. They issued three more albums on White's ARC label from 1979 to 1981, but were unable to duplicate their earlier success. They moved to the Red label for the 1984 LP Sincerely, which included the single \"All Things Come in Time.\" They issued three other singles from the album, but none made much impact, though each one charted. They then signed with Motown, but issued only one album, If I Only Knew. Sheila Hutchinson was a featured vocalist on Garry Glenn's \"Feels Good to Feel Good\" in 1987. Pam and Jeanette Hutchinson did background vocals on Helen Baylor's gospel song \"There's No Greater Love\" in 1990. Wanda Hutchinson and Jeanette sang on Earth, Wind & Fire's Heritage in 1990. ~ Bill Dahl and Ron Wynn, All Music Guidehttp:\/\/\/music\/artist-biography\/the-emotions.3\/","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/6944_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Anthony David

Georgia native Anthony David has spent his whole life writing songs. Now his riveting story telling, passionate guitar p...

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{"key":"26719","name":"Anthony David","bio":"Georgia native Anthony David has spent his whole life writing songs. Now his riveting story telling, passionate guitar playing and stirring voice will be featured on his major label debut Acey Deucy and introduce the world to Soulbird Music, a new venture between Universal Republic Records and the multi-Grammy winning artist India.Arie. Anthony David was born in Savannah, Georgia but discovered the spark to ignite his artistic passions in Atlanta. \u201cI had been looking all over the world for the right vibe to cultivate my song writing, explains David, \u201cI found it here in Atlanta\u2019s music and spoken word scene. Atlanta is where my talent and passion grew together. I was able to find artists who connected with me. That had that same passion to create.\u201d David said he did not have to look far or long for an inspiring friendship. \u201cIndia (.Arie) was the first person I saw when I got out of the car from Savannah,\u201d says David ,\u201cI thought she was cool and we were both doing our music and enjoying the scene that Atlanta gives an artist. There was never a time that we didn\u2019t hang out.\u201d David wrote the song \u201cA Part Of My Life\u201d for Arie\u2019s 7x Grammy nominated album Acoustic Soul and then toured with her in support of that record. Shortly thereafter he released two independent albums, Three Chords & The Truth and Red Clay Chronicles. Both albums received high critical acclaim, including Atlanta Journal & Constitution\u2019s rave \u201cThe best record to come of this city since Usher\u2019s,\u201d and earned David thousands of fans nationwide. It is a combination of songs from those two albums that make up Acey Deucy. David toured relentlessly in support of his independent releases, opening for acts such as Arie and Kem before headlining tours of his own throughout Europe and Japan. \u201cWhile traveling around the country and Europe playing, I was able to soak up sounds from everywhere I went. I\u2019ve just been able to grow and expand my sound.\u201d David explained. That sound, David refers to as \u201cMillennium Blues\u201d because it \u201call goes back to the blues. The lyrics, the music, my using everything from acoustic to hip-hop, the story telling\u2026all of it connects through the blues like a bridge.\u201d David feels that his song writing brings a much-needed honesty to today\u2019s music, he explains, \u201cHonesty in music shouldn\u2019t be very rare but it is. Like an MC saying \u2018I live the gangster life for real?\u2019 I live the regular life for real, I just make it look and sound good.\u201d After time on the road, David teamed up with India.Arie once again to co-write and produce \u201cThere\u2019s Hope\u201d for Arie\u2019s third Grammy nominated album before heading back out on his own again. And now the circle involving Anthony David and India.Arie begins anew with the first single from Acey Deucy entitled \u201cWords.\u201d The song reveals a musical relationship between Arie and David reminiscent of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, Roberta Flack and Donnie Hathaway, a super natural chemistry that reminds you of music you\u2019ve never heard before and can\u2019t wait to hear again. \u201cIt\u2019s great that \u2018Words\u2019 is being compared to music by Roberta Flack and Donnie Hathaway,\u201d says David, \u201cbecause they are both major influences on both our careers. That says a lot about the nature of our relationship and how well we work together. She heard the short version I wrote and said she had a verse for that song. The verse India wrote and her voice fit perfectly in every way.\u201d \u201cI love Tony\u2019s music for how he speaks from a man\u2019s emotional perspective in relationships and his views on learning about life as a young man of the hip hop generation,\u201d says India.Arie. \u201cHe\u2019s a great talent and one of my oldest friends. I have so many memories with him. Not only did he encourage me to start performing professionally, but it was Tony who suggested I use my first and middle name as an artist. There was even a time when he spent his rent money for me to experiment in the studio.\u201d Anthony David explains that the lyrics and music are all from personal experience. \u201cI don\u2019t really know any other way to write. From the general to the specific, my music comes from a very personal place. That place is real life, the good and the bad. You won\u2019t hear a lot of stuff about chilling in VIP. I don\u2019t think a lot of people really relate to that. I don\u2019t know where that (VIP and drinking in the club,) ranks in the importance of everyday people\u2019s lives.\u201d What Anthony David gives music and listeners are songs about love and life told in real voices. On Cheatin Man, David expresses a lot of inward pain and battles with self. \u201cCheatin Man is about a brother doing self-examination,\u201d he explains, \u201cIt\u2019s also about the half hearted excuses people make for what they do. The heart of the song is about judgment and falling short. The man (in the song) hates his father for what he did to his mother, but then he ends up doing the same things.\u201d With the song Red Clay Chronicles, Anthony David turns that spotlight of truth outward, and looks at the state of everyone\u2019s problems today. Red Clay Chronicles paints a musical mural of the \u201chaves\u201d and \u201chave-nots\u201d in a way that lets you know David has experienced life as a \u201chave-not\u201d and doesn\u2019t glorify it. Red Clay Chronicles delivers both the musical goods and a fair share of responsibility for those who are able to help improve \u201ccity life.\u201d Besides Arie, David calls on other musicians and singers he\u2019s worked with in Atlanta to help complete the journey. On Lady, Keisha Jackson adds her sultry sound to join David\u2019s blues-enriched voice. The track sounds like a lost recording of a song written for Bobby Womack and Gladys Knight. David discusses his partner for the duet \u201cKeisha is Millie Jackson\u2019s daughter. I knew this record would showcase her talent and show the world what I always heard in her voice. That\u2019s one of the many reasons I am so excited about Acey Deucy. I get to show off all the talent here in Atlanta.\u201d Anthony David\u2019s Acey Deucy is a project focused on real life experience but original and passionate in presentation. Acey Deucy is a blueprint for how to create great music in different styles, while not being diverse just for the sake of being different. Acey Deucy talks about family and friends on tracks like Kin Folk, relaxing on Smoke One and still drives home the joys and pain that we love to get from our music on tracks like Stop Playing. Acey Deucy gives listeners a little bit of what we\u2019ve been waiting for from modern soul music and surprises us with a quality of original story telling we didn\u2019t know was possible. The eagerly awaited release of David's new album - As Above So Below - scheduled for release in the US in late March, has caught the imagination of many Neo-Soul fans. His silky voice, coupled with strong lyrics in his songs, have ensured a potentially Grammy award winning conjuction. Standout tracks include the religion\/politics challenging \"What God Said\", a fantastic cover of Tears For Fears' \"Rule The World\" featuring Boyz II Men's Shawn Stockman, and also \"Backstreet\" - a song based on what David witnessed in his younger years.The album, already released in Europe, represents the Neo-Soul genre perfectly. Lyrics with meaning, no studio edits served with a side of incredible vocals, make for an unmissable album.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/26719_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"20,000 - 50,000"}

Gladys Knight

Gladys Maria Knight (born May 28, 1944 in Atlanta, Georgia) is a legendary American R&B/soul singer and actress. She is ...

150,000 - 300,000
{"key":"26694","name":"Gladys Knight","bio":"Gladys Maria Knight (born May 28, 1944 in Atlanta, Georgia) is a legendary American R&B\/soul singer and actress. She is best known for the hits she recorded during the 1960s and 1970s, for both the Motown and Buddah Records labels, with her group Gladys Knight & the Pips, the most famous incarnation of which also included her brother Merald \"Bubba\" Knight and her cousins Edward Patten and William Guest. Knight started to record solo material due to legal issues that forced her and The Pips to record separately. Her solo debut \"Miss Gladys Knight\" was released in 1978 followed by \"Gladys Knight\" on Colombia Records. Knight recorded the title track for the James Bond movie \"Licence To Kill.\" It became a Top 10 hit in the UK, peaking at #6. Knight's third solo album, \"Good Woman\" was released in 1991 on MCA Records (now Geffen Records). The album quickly climbed the charts to #1 on the Top R&B\/Hip-Hop Albums chart. The album features the lead single, \"Men\" (#2 R&B). Her fourth album, \"Just For You\" followed in 1995. The album went Gold. Knight most recent album is her critically acclaimed ninth studio album, \"Before Me\", released in 2006.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/26694_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"150,000 - 300,000"}

Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson (now a.k.a. Muhammad Abdul-Aziz, born December 11, 1954 in Gary, Indiana) is an African-American singer...

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{"key":"6975","name":"Jermaine Jackson","bio":"Jermaine Jackson (now a.k.a. Muhammad Abdul-Aziz, born December 11, 1954 in Gary, Indiana) is an African-American singer-songwriter and bass guitarist. Formerly of The Jackson 5\/The Jacksons and brother to Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson, he's known for emotive love songs such as \"Daddy's Home\" and \"Let's Get Serious\". Born Jermaine Lajuane Jackson to parents Joseph and Katherine along with the rest of the Jackson clan, he served as the original lead singer of a precursor The Jackson 5 until 1967, when younger brother Michael took over the lead vocals.Yet Jermaine would co-lead with Michael for many years, and his singing was a key part of the group's success. Jermaine and his brothers signed with Motown Records in March 1969, and their debut album, titled 'Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5' came out in December of that year. A bevy of hits featuring a spirited rnb sound known as 'bubblegum soul' followed such as \"ABC\", \"I Want You Back\", and \"Mama's Pearl\", among others, with the Jackson clan being the first black male group to achieve four consecutive number ones on the pop charts. The gang even got their own animated cartoon show. Motown head Berry Gordy viewed them as one of the most influential soul groups of the time, especially given their appeal to white audiences.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/6975_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"150,000 - 300,000"}

Thelma Houston

Thelma Houston is a soul singer-songwriter and actress. She has released records on Capitol and ABC/Dunhill. It was a ch...

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{"key":"6937","name":"Thelma Houston","bio":"Thelma Houston is a soul singer-songwriter and actress. She has released records on Capitol and ABC\/Dunhill. It was a chance meeting in the early 1970's with Motown Records which lead to a deal on the Motown subsidiary Mo-West Records. Like her past work, critics loved it but lack of promotion held her back from becoming a huge star, even though people were comparing her as the next Aretha Franklin. Constant touring and background vocal work kept the money coming in, but she remained strong. While in California, she met with a series of session musicians, which would lead to an album made for the then-new audiophile market. This album, I've Got The Music In Me, was released by the new Sheffield Lab label. The album would become the label's best seller, and everyone wanted to know who that voice belonged to.This would lead to her biggest hit and the song she is known for, a cover of \"Don't Leave Me This Way\". The song itself would become a disco staple, up there with \"Last Dance\" and \"Staying Alive\". She continued to record long after her biggest hit, and she still performs to this day. Ms. Houston won the Grammy for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance for \"Don't Leave Me This Way\", the same year (1976) that many industry insiders believe that Diana Ross would \/ could \/ should have won for \"Love Hangover\". Ironically, both songs were MOTOWN records produced by the same production team. Also in 1977 Houston teamed up with Jerry Butler to record the album Thelma & Jerry and that November 1977 she co-starred in the film Game Show Models. It was announced in February 1977 that Houston would star as Bessie Smith in a filmation of the play Me and Bessie, to be produced by Motown; after an announcement that December that Houston was set to portray Bessie Smith in a biopic to be produced in 1978 by Columbia Pictures nothing more was heard of the project.The second single from Any Way You Like It was Houston's rendition of \"If It's the Last Thing I Do\", a standard written by Saul Chaplin and Sammy Cahn; the track had been recorded and prepped for single release in 1973 but canceled. The impact of \"If It's the Last Thing I Do\" was far less than that of \"Don't Leave Me This Way\", as the former fell short of both the R&B Top Ten and the Pop Top 40. With the lead single from her 1978 album The Devil in Me: \"I'm Here Again\", Houston returned to the style of \"Don't Leave Me This Way\" without recapturing the earlier single's success. Houston did enjoy considerable commercial success in 1978 via the inclusion of her track \"Love Masterpiece\" on the Thank God It's Friday soundtrack album which sold double platinum but her own album release that year Ready to Roll again failing to consolidate the stardom augured by \"Don't Leave Me This Way\". The album's second single: \"Saturday Night, Sunday Morning\", gradually accrued airplay entering the national charts in March 1979 and ascending as high as #34 (#19 R&B) that June. \"Saturday Night, Sunday Morning\" was issued on a new album by Houston: Ride to the Rainbow but the track's relative success was not enough to forestall Houston's planned departure from Motown.Houston continued recording music into the 1980s, beginning with the RCA release Breakwater Cat which reunited her with Jimmy Webb who produced her debut single Sunshower and which like their earlier collaboration was a commercially overlooked critical success. In the 22 December 1984 Billboard magazine interview, Houston admitted to \"'no real commercial success' since the single 'Don't Leave Me This Way' broke on the Pop charts in late 1976\" indicating that the disco backlash had left her with \"no real base of audience support\" and that her current album Qualifying Heat, executive produced by Houston herself, was a concentrated initiative to restore her as a viable chart presence; the album featured three cuts from Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis - including the single \"You Used to Hold Me So Tight\" - and production work from Glen Ballard, Dennis Lambert, Cliff Magness and - in his first known recording work - Lenny Kravitz (then billed as Romeo Blue), who each produced a cut apiece. \"You Use to Hold Me So Tight\" became Houston's most successful post-'70s' release with a #13 R&B peak, but its parent album was a comparative failure - charting #41 R&B - and Houston would not cut another album for six years.The constant ranking of her '80s releases as moderate or minor R&B hits led Houston to concentrate on alternate exposure. After appearing in the independent film The Seventh Dwarf in 1979 Houston made guest-starring appearances into the mid-1980s in several popular television programs including Cagney & Lacey, Simon & Simon - a January 1986 appearance that featured her performing \"You Used to Hold Me So Tight\" - and Faerie Tale Theatre. Houston also appeared in the 1987 CBS after school special Little Miss Perfect (1987) - as \"Prison Singer\" - in the 1988 film And God Created Woman.On the 19 May 1985 NBC broadcast Motown Returns to the Apollo Houston performed \"What a Diff'rence a Day Makes\" in the guise of Dinah Washington. Houston continued to contribute to movie soundtracks, recording \"Keep It Light\" for the 1985 film Into the Night and she remade Bill Withers' \"Lean on Me\" for the 1989 film entitled Lean on Me. Houston also co-wrote and sang back-up on the song \"Be Yourself\" for Patti LaBelle's 1989 album of the same title.The fall of 1990 saw the release of Houston's first album in six years, Throw You Down, a long-planned collaboration with producer Richard Perry which briefly extended Houston's career as a minor R&B chart presence. The title song reached #5 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. A remix of \"Don't Leave Me This Way\" was released, and once again charted on the Hot Dance Club Play chart at #19 in 1995. Subsequent singles include \"I Need Somebody Tonight\" and \"All of That\".In 1994, Houston participated in an AIDS benefit at New York\u2019s Algonquin Hotel, performing gospel music with Phoebe Snow, Chaka Khan and CeCe Peniston as \"Sisters of Glory\". Intended as a one-off performance troupe, the Sisters of Glory remained together - with the addition of Mavis Staples and Lois Walden, and without Chaka Khan - to perform at Woodstock '94. Houston performed with the Sisters of Glory for the Pope in Vatican City and in 1995 Houston, Phoebe Snow, CeCe Peniston, Lois Walden and Albertina Walker recorded the Warner Brothers album Good News In Hard Times as the Sisters of Glory.Houston provided lead vocals on several tracks of guitarist Scott Henderson's 1997 Atlantic album, Tore Down House, and in 1998 she made cameo appearances in two films: in 54 Houston portrayed herself singing \"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas\" supposedly at Studio 54, and in Beloved Houston played 'One of The Thirty Women'. In 2000, Houston toured successfully throughout Australia in the stage musical version of Fame. In 2002 she again guested on a Scott Henderson album, providing lead vocals for two of the tracks on Well to the Bone. Upon returning to the U.S. Houston toured with Nile Rodgers and Chic, and was among the opening acts of the originally intended finale of Cher's Farewell Tour in Toronto on 31 October 2003. Houston regularly performs at Teatro ZinZanni in Seattle and San Francisco.Her version of \"Don't Leave Me This Way\" continues to be popular today. In recent years she has been invited to sing this song on dozens of TV shows and specials including NBC's Today Show, ABC's Motown 45 and The Disco Ball\u2026A 30-Year Celebration, and PBS' specials American Soundtrack: Rhythm, Love and Soul, Soul Superstars, and Old School Superstars. \"Don't Leave Me This Way\" was mentioned by VH1 as being among the greatest dance songs in 2000, and was ranked number eighty-six on the channel's countdown of The 100 Greatest One-Hit Wonders. She won an episode of the NBC show Hit Me, Baby, One More Time with her renditions of her own hit and \"Fallin'\" by Alicia Keys. On September 20, 2004, Houston's rendition of \"Don't Leave Me This Way\" was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame in New York City.On August 14, 2007, Houston released her first studio album in seventeen years, A Woman's Touch. The album was produced by Peitor Angell and features cover versions of songs by male artists such as Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye, and Sting that Houston had been inspired by. The first single from the album was \"Brand New Day\". On August 20, 2007, Houston's 1984 album Qualifying Heat was reissued as an import title in the U.S. with a bonus track.She sang \"Don't Leave Me This Way\" on American Idol on April 22, 2009, and on America's Got Talent on September 16, 2009. On July 29, 2013, a collaboration between Thelma and Los Angeles-based producer Janitor, entitled \"Enemy\", premiered on Soundcloud. Several tracks followed, culminating in the release of an EP, \"Forty-Two\", in September. This is the first new material from Thelma Houston in six years.Leland, Mississippi, United States1966\u2013present","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/6937_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Lamont Dozier

Lamont Dozier (born June 16, 1941 in Detroit, Michigan) is an African American songwriter and record producer, best know...

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{"key":"151493","name":"Lamont Dozier","bio":"Lamont Dozier (born June 16, 1941 in Detroit, Michigan) is an African American songwriter and record producer, best known as a member of Holland-Dozier-Holland, the songwriting and production team that was responsible for much of the Motown sound and numerous hit records by artists such as Martha & the Vandellas, The Supremes, The Four Tops, and The Isley Brothers. Dozier, along with Brian Holland, served as the team's musical arranger and producer.After H-D-H left Motown in 1967 to form the Invictus\/Hot Wax labels, Dozier began recording as an artist on their labels. Dozier departed from H-D-H in the mid-1970s, and was replaced by new arranger\/producer Harold Beatty.Dozier would have another #1 hit as a songwriter in the 1980s, combining with Phil Collins to write the song Two Hearts from the movie soundtrack Buster. Collins and Dozier also co-wrote Loco in Acapulco for The Four Tops, which also featured on the Buster soundtrack.Also, in 1984, Essex-born singer Alison Moyet scored a US top 40 hit with the Dozier-penned Invisible.In addition to his work as a songwriter and producer, Dozier has a recorded a number of albums as a performer in his own right. Black Bach (ABC Records, 1974) contained the epic Going Back To My Roots, which was later recorded by Odyssey.Throughout his recording career, Dozier has largely avoided the temptation to return to his catalogue of Motown hits, preferring instead to record new material. In 2004, however, Dozier recorded several of his hits as part of the album Reflections Of\u2026 Dozier's new arrangements frequently provide an interesting counterpoint to the upbeat pop sound of the 1960s originals.Lamont is married to Barbara Dozier, and the couple have three children: Beau (born 1979); Paris (born 1984); and Desiree (born 1988).","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/151493_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Barrett Strong

Barrett Strong (born February 5, 1941 in West Point, Mississippi) is an American singer and songwriter. Strong was among...

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{"key":"23720","name":"Barrett Strong","bio":"Barrett Strong (born February 5, 1941 in West Point, Mississippi) is an American singer and songwriter. Strong was among the first artists signed to Berry Gordy's Motown label, and is the performer on the label's first hit, \"Money (That's What I Want)\" (#2 US R&B in 1960).In the mid-1960s, Strong became a Motown staff lyricist, teaming with producer Norman Whitfield. Together, Strong and Whitfield wrote some of the most successful and critically acclaimed songs ever to be released by Motown, including \"I Heard It Through the Grapevine\" by both Gladys Knight & the Pips and Marvin Gaye, \"War\" by Edwin Starr, \"Smiling Faces Sometimes\" by The Undisputed Truth, and the long line of \"psychedelic soul\" records by The Temptations, including \"Cloud Nine\", \"I Can't Get Next to You\", \"Psychedelic Shack\", \"Ball of Confusion (That's What the World is Today)\", and \"Papa Was a Rollin' Stone\", among others. Strong received a Grammy Award for Best R&B Song for co-writing \"Papa Was a Rollin' Stone\".After Motown moved its operations base from Detroit, Michigan to Los Angeles, California, Strong left the label and resumed his singing career, recording two albums for Capitol Records in the mid-1970s.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/23720_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Martha Reeves

Martha and the Vandellas were one of the most successful groups in the Motown roster during the 1960s and fully active f...

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{"key":"231443","name":"Martha Reeves","bio":"Martha and the Vandellas were one of the most successful groups in the Motown roster during the 1960s and fully active from 1960 to 1972, performing at various times doo-wop, pop, rock and roll and soul.The label's second most-successful all-female singing group after The Supremes, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas were known for a churchier, more southern-styled soul than the Supremes, as typified in Motown hits such as \"(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave\", \"Jimmy Mack\", \"I'm Ready For Love\", \"My Baby Loves Me\", \"Nowhere to Run\", and, their signature song, \"Dancing in the Street\".The group had its origins in Detroit, Michigan in 1957, and had initially gone by the name The Del-Phis. It originally was a quartet comprising childhood friends Martha Reeves, Rosalind Ashford, Annette Beard, and original lead singer Gloria Williams. Williams left after a failed single on the Checkmate label, leaving the quartet as a trio. They changed their name to The Vells signing a deal with Motown's Mel-o-dy label, and singing background for established Motown performers such as Mary Wells and Marvin Gaye before signing a new deal with Motown's Gordy label on September 21, 1962, after which the group changed its name to Martha and the Vandellas.In 1964, the Vandellas' lineup changed with Betty Kelly replacing Annette Beard (now Beard-Sterling). In 1967, Kelly was fired and was replaced by Martha's younger sister, Sandra \"Lois\" Reeves. In 1969, Ashford was also fired and replaced by Sandra Tilley. It was right about this time that the group's name was officially changed to Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, to conform with the company's recent changes of The Supremes' and The Miracles' names to reflect their featured lead singers. The lineup of the Reeves sisters and Tilley continued after Martha's return from an institution after suffering a nervous breakdown. The group disbanded following a farewell concert, held at Detroit's Cobo Hall on December 21, 1972.The story of the group did not end completely with their split-up in 1972, however. While Tilley and Williams (both now deceased) eventually retired, the others continued with their individual career pursuits: Lois sang with the group Quiet Elegance and also sang background for Al Green; Reeves reunited with original Vandellas Ashford and Beard-Sterling for a 1978 benefit concert in Los Angeles; and in 1983, Reeves performed solo at Motown 25, which partly helped her and the Vandellas gain a new audience. In particular, Reeves herself is still known to sing with her sisters Lois and Delphine, often performing as a solo artist under the bill, \"Martha Reeves of Martha Reeves and the Vandellas\", and still performs all over the world.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/231443_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Brenda Holloway

Brenda Holloway (born June 21, 1946 in Atascadero, California) is an African-American singer and songwriter best known f...

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{"key":"21578","name":"Brenda Holloway","bio":"Brenda Holloway (born June 21, 1946 in Atascadero, California) is an African-American singer and songwriter best known for her period as a recording artist for the Motown label during the 1960s. Her best known hits from her Motown days were the soul ballad Every Little Bit Hurts (which reached #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1964. The title of the song was similar to the 60's television public service announcement about highway littering\u2013Every Litter Bit Hurts. After her '64 hit, she recorded, When I'm Gone,which had been recorded by Mary Wells and was intended to be Mary's followup to her '64 mega-hit , My Guy. However, after a contract dispute, Mary Wells left Motown for 20th Century Fox Records. Brenda's version of \"When I'm Gone\" was a R&B hit, but never crossed over in the days of segragated R&B\/Rock & Roll radio. Holloway did not fit the Motown mold well. She lived in Los Angeles, not Detroit. She also had a grittier edge than the typical polished Motown performer, and wrote songs as well as sang them, which was unprecedented for a female Motown artist. Brenda Hollowy inspired many pop artists, including The Beatles who asked her to perform as the opening act on their 1965 tour of the U.S. She was the only female to open for them.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/21578_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"15,000 - 50,000"}
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