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Amaral is a Spanish group, from the city of Zaragoza, made up of Eva Amaral - vocals and composer - and Juan Aguirre - g...

10,000 - 30,000
{"key":"18811","name":"Amaral","bio":"Amaral is a Spanish group, from the city of Zaragoza, made up of Eva Amaral - vocals and composer - and Juan Aguirre - guitarist and composer. The group's name is Eva's surname. Their music is pop and rock, with poetic lyrics about feelings. Eva's voice is deep, strong and very melodious.Biography:1993-2000: The group Amaral was created on January 1st 1997 with Eva Amaral, main vocalist and composer, and Juan Aguirre, guitarist and composer, as members. The name of the group is Eva's surname, and it was chosen by Juan.Their story started at the beginning of the 90's, when Eva and Juan met at a recording studio in the city of Zaragoza. At the time, Eva was playing with a group called Bandera Blanca (White Flag) and Juan, with his group D\u00edas de vino y rosas (Days of Wine and Roses) collaborated with Eva's on one song. A close relationship was immediately born between them. In 1997 they moved from Zaragoza to Madrid and signed with EMI\/Virgin. On May 5th 1998, they released their eponymous first album, Amaral, produced by Pancho Varona. They sold around 70,000 copies, in a country with 40 million inhabitants.2000-2002 In the year 2000, after a tour to present their first album, Amaral went to London to record their second album, called Una peque\u00f1a parte del mundo (A Little Part of the World), produced by Cameron Jenkins. It was a more mature record which contained 13 songs. Twelve of them were composed by the group and the thirteenth one was a version of a song by the Spanish singer Cecilia.2002-2004Two years later, Amaral entered the studio again with the same producer and recorded their third album, called Estrella de mar (Starfish). It was named Best National Album in 2002. They won several awards that year, including an MTV Europe Award to best Spanish artist, and five Spanish music awards. They also went international with this version, when their album was released under a new version in America in 2003. They sold 900,000 copies.In 2004, they were supposed to record an album and play with Bob Dylan when he visited Spain, but Juan suffered a wrist injury, so they had to delay the recording and Eva sang alone with Dylan. Finally in November of that year, Eva and Juan recorded their fourth album P\u00e1jaros en la cabeza (\u201cBirds in the Head\u201d, a Spanish expression meaning \u201cdreamer\u201d), again with Cameron Perkins. On March 14th 2004 they released it. It contained 14 songs, in a pop and rock style. They toured all over Spain until October, and later left to play in Mexico and Argentina. At the same time they recorded a concert for a DVD called El comienzo del Big Bang (The Beginning of the Big Bang). It was the best selling album in Spain in 2005, and sold about 600,000 copies worldwide. In May 2008, they released their fifth studio album named Gato negro.Drag\u00f3n rojo (\"Black cat, red dragon\"). This is the first album in which Juan sings, in the track Es s\u00f3lo una canci\u00f3n.Eva has also sung with Moby.Official site:","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/18811_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"10,000 - 30,000"}


His full name is Ramón Melendi Espina. Spanish pop singer with rock, flamenco, and rumba influences. Was born on Januar...

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{"key":"18775","name":"Melendi","bio":"His full name is Ram\u00f3n Melendi Espina. Spanish pop singer with rock, flamenco, and rumba influences. Was born on January 21, 1979 in Oviedo, Asturias. He realized very quickly that he wasn't made for studying, but he was good at soccer. He played in the lower ranks of Astur CF, at the time a reserve team for Real Oviedo. Afterwards, he worked as a waiter in several bars and spent all night out, living experiences that would later go on to make up the lyrics of his songs. In 2001, he joined a group called \"El bosque de Sherwood\", and soon after recorded a demo with only three songs, \"Sin noticias de Holanda\", \"El informe del forense\", and \"Vuelvo a traficar\".In February 2003, Melendi released his first solo disc, called \"Sin noticias de Holanda\" with twelve songs. In December 2003, this disc was rereleased with two new songs, \"Asturias\" and \"Moratal\u00e1\". However, he reached true fame with the 2004 Vuelta a Espa\u00f1a chose his song \"Con la luna llena\" as its official theme. In May 2004, he started a small tour around Spain, selling 50,000 copies of his CD, making it a Gold Album.In 2005, he released his second solo CD, \"Que el cielo espere sentao\", which has sold more than 200,000 copies. Later that same year, he rereleased the album with three new songs, \"El Nano\", \"La dama, and \"El vagabundo y Carlota\", and a Live concert DVD recorded in Oviedo. He also became a father that year, and received the Onda award for Best Song of the Year for \"Caminando por la vida\".In November 2005, he received seven Platinum Discs for his two albums. \"Sin noticias\u2026\" received four and \"Que el cielo\u2026\" three.In 2006, it was announced that he would be one of the main stars in the PSP game \"Gangs of London\". Melendi played Mr. Big, an evil gangster. He also wrote the song \"Gangs of London\" for the occasion, going on to film a video amidst police lights and sirens. The videogame was launched on August 1 of that year in the UK and on September 6 in Spain; EMI stepped in to distribute his CDs worldwide.Melendi in Valladolid.He also wrote the song \"Volveremos\" (We Shall Return) for Real Oviedo. The singer is also involved in the production of the film \"Vuelvo a traficar: The Film\" (I'm Dealing Again).\"Mientras no cueste trabajo\" was released on November 13, 2006 in two formats: a normal CD with 12 songs, and a special edition, with 16 songs and a DVD with extras. The disc was rereleased on September 29, 2007 with four new songs, \"Firmes\", \"El rey de la baraja\", \"La aceituna\", and \"Me gusta el f\u00fatbol\".In 2007, he received the \"Best Tour\" award from the \"Premios de la M\u00fasica\" ceremony held in Cordoba. He also did an advertising campaign for Canal+ Spain entitled \"Me gusta el f\u00fatbol\" (I Like Football), for which he wrote a song of the same name.In 2007, he stood trial for provoking an incident while under the influence of alcohol on a flight from Madrid to Mexico City that required the pilot to return to Madrid two hours after takeoff. He was released after testifying. Soon after, he was given the \"Left Foot\" award from Spanish radio station Cadena 100 for this incident.Currently, Melendi directs his Blue Donkey Music company, helping young singers start their careers. He's offered contracts to four groups, Algunos Hombres Buenos, Rasel, La Dama y Belo, and Los Susodichos. This last group was nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best Rock Vocals. Algunos Hombres Buenos left the label in 2008.On August 9, 2008 he presented his new single, \"Un violinista en tu tejado\" from his album Curiosa la cara de tu padre on Spanish radio station Los 40 Principales. The album was released on September 16, 2008. On December 12, Los 40 Principales awarded him their award for this album.On March 17, 2009 he released a new double CD, A\u00fan m\u00e1s curiosa la cara de tu padre, including the original disc and another with nine new songs and links to exclusive content on his website.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/18775_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

The Sunday Drivers

The Sunday Drivers se formó en Toledo a finales de 1999.Al principio éramos cuatro: Carlos (batería), Jero (voz), Mig...

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{"key":"18844","name":"The Sunday Drivers","bio":"The Sunday Drivers se form\u00f3 en Toledo a finales de 1999.Al principio \u00e9ramos cuatro: Carlos (bater\u00eda), Jero (voz), Miguel (bajo) y Fausto (guitarra).Grabamos dos maquetas: \"\" (diciembre 2000) y \"02\" (diciembre 2001) que tuvieron escasa repercusi\u00f3n. Dimos muy pocos conciertos y hubo largos parones.En enero de 2002, fuimos invitados por el portal de m\u00fasica a tocar en una fiesta en la sala Moby Dick . Despu\u00e9s de vernos en aquel concierto nos fich\u00f3 Rock Indiana, discogr\u00e1fica con la que grabamos nuestro primer disco, titulado \"The Sunday Drivers\". \u00c9ste primer LP sali\u00f3 a la venta en el mes de julio del 2002: son 11 canciones, algunas ya existentes en las maquetas, grabadas en los Estudios Brazil de Rivas-Vaciamadrid durante el mes de abril de aquel a\u00f1o, con Javier Ortiz como ingeniero de sonido y productor. Posteriormente, del disco se extrajo el single \"Time, time, time\" (febrero 2003).Para la grabaci\u00f3n de los teclados que aparecen en \"The Sunday Drivers\", le pedimos su colaboraci\u00f3n a Juli\u00e1n que, desde aquel momento, se convirti\u00f3 en un nuevo miembro del grupo.A ra\u00edz de la publicaci\u00f3n del disco empezamos a tocar m\u00e1s asiduamente; actuamos en algunos festivales (Esp\u00e1rrago, Lemon Pop, Supers\u00f3nico, Autumn Almanac, Summer in the City \u2026) y en muchas ciudades. Sin duda, la primera mitad del 2003 fue muy importante para el grupo: primer puesto en el concurso de J\u00f3venes Artistas de Castilla-La Mancha, tercer premio en el Villa de Bilbao, acompa\u00f1amos a los Jeevas y a Arlo en sus respectivas giras por Espa\u00f1a\u2026 en total, unos 100 conciertos en a\u00f1o y medio que tuvieron su colof\u00f3n en el FIB de 2003.Despu\u00e9s del verano del 2003 empezamos a pensar en grabar de nuevo. Y apareci\u00f3 Mushroom Pillow, nuestra actual discogr\u00e1fica. Con ellos emprendimos el proyecto del 2\u00bc disco, \"Little heart attacks\", que se public\u00f3 el mes de junio de 2004.El disco tuvo un proceso largo de elaboraci\u00f3n: varios meses de preproducci\u00f3n y otros cuantos en el estudio. \"Little heart attacks\" lo grab\u00f3, mezcl\u00f3 y produjo JM Rosillo en su estudio de Madrid (Supersonic Lounge) durante los meses de marzo y abril. En la grabaci\u00f3n le (nos) ayud\u00f3 \u00c1ngel Medina. El disco fue posteriormente masterizado por Juan Hidalgo.Debemos destacar la colaboraci\u00f3n en este disco de Lyndon Parish, amigo y m\u00fasico gal\u00e9s que se encarg\u00f3 de los arreglos orquestales y vocales. Lyndon, que empez\u00f3 como arreglista para la grabaci\u00f3n, es ahora un miembro m\u00e1s del grupo.En el verano de 2004 comenz\u00f3 la gira de presentaci\u00f3n del disco. Fuimos a algunos festivales (Ebrovisi\u00f3n, Faraday, Fra de Alaqu\u00e1s, Medinasonora, F.M. Pop\u2026 y volvimos al FIB) y fuimos a ciudades de toda Espa\u00f1a.La gira se ha extendido mucho, hasta el verano de 2005: m\u00e1s festivales (B-Side Festival, Metrorock, Sonorama, Contempopranea, Pulpop\u2026) y m\u00e1s ciudades. Un a\u00f1o exacto.De entre todos los conciertos, guardamos un recuerdo especial de nuestro paso por el Festival Transmusicales de Rennes (Francia): fue nuestra primera salida al extranjero. Tambi\u00e9n recordamos con especial cari\u00f1o el concierto en la sala Arena de Madrid y nunca olvidaremos la experiencia que supuso ser elegidos para telonear a Wilco en su gira espa\u00f1ola.El 26 de abril de 2005, la compa\u00f1\u00eda francesa Na\u00efve edit\u00f3 \"Little heart attacks\" en Francia y ya est\u00e1 siendo publicado en otros pa\u00edses europeos (Holanda. Grecia, Luxemburgo, B\u00e9lgica\u2026). La acogida del disco en Francia ha sido excepcional, lo que nos permiti\u2014 tocar en varios festivales (Vieilles Charrues, Rock en Seine, Artrock, Les Mediterran\u00e9es, Musilac Aix-les-Bains, JDM Festival\u2026) y realizar una gira de tres semanas por toda Francia en octubre del mismo a\u00f1o.A principios de 2006 nos metimos en un proyecto muy ilusionante llamado Un-pop Classik: un total de 6 conciertos acompa\u00f1ados con una orquesta que nos llev\u00f3 a algunos festivales en Francia, Dinamarca, B\u00e9lgica y que termin\u00f3 en el Festival Internacional de Benicassim.Casi a la vez praparamos las canciones del nuevo disco, \"Tiny Telephone\", que grabamos en el estudio del mismo nombre en San Francisco (EE.UU). El disco tard\u00f3 dos semanas en grabarse y fue producido por Brad Jones.Hubo tambi\u00e9n m\u00e1s conciertos, pero debemos destacar el que tuvo lugar en la Playa de Riazor (A Coru\u00f1a) junto a Paul Weller en el mes de agosto.Si bien el disco se grab\u00f3 en 2006, no fue hasta abril de 2007 cuando se edit\u00f3 tanto en Espa\u00f1a como en Francia.Ahora mismo estamos presentando el nuevo disco con una gira por todo el pa\u00eds; sabemos que arranc\u00f3 el pasado junio con un concierto inolvidable en la sala Joy Eslava de Madrid pero no sabemos cu\u00e1ndo acabar\u00e1. Pronto, en noviembre, lo haremos en Francia.The Sunday Drivers","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/18844_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Gloria Trevi

Gloria Trevi (born Gloria de los Ángeles Treviño Ruiz on February 15, 1968 in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico) is a Mex...

75,000 - 150,000
{"key":"18785","name":"Gloria Trevi","bio":"Gloria Trevi (born Gloria de los \u00c1ngeles Trevi\u00f1o Ruiz on February 15, 1968 in Monterrey, Nuevo Le\u00f3n, Mexico) is a Mexican singer-songwriter. She was described as the \"Supreme Diva of the Mexican Pop\" by the music channel VH1 and sold over 20 million records. Her new album De Pel\u00edcula was released in 2013.Trevi released her first album in 1989, \u00bfQu\u00e9 Hago Aqu\u00ed? (What am I doing here). The album scored an instant number one hit, \"Dr. Psiquiatra\", and four other songs from the album climbed the charts. Trevi followed her first record with Tu \u00c1ngel de la Guarda (Your guardian angel), which was more successful than the first. Pelo Suelto became her most widely known hit, reaching number one all over Latin America and Spain as well as becoming popular with the Latino population of the United States. Her third album, Me siento tan sola (I feel SO lonely), was released in 1992 garnering another hit, Zapatos Viejos (Old Shoes). All three albums were recorded in Los Angeles.Her manager recruited young girls to talent camps and molested them. Trevi was initially indicted, was held in prison, but ultimately found innocent as she was not aware of the rape being committed by her manager.In 1993, Trevi was nominated for Pop Female Artist of the Year at the Lo Nuestro Awards.In 2000, Trevi, Andrade, and backup singer Maria Raquenel Portillo were arrested in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on charges of corrupting minors. A year later, Trevi announced that she was pregnant while in prison; the father of the child was Andrade, according to DNA tests by the Brazilian authorities (Trevi and her defence claimed that the results of the DNA test were doctored). Trevi was cleared of the charges in 2004, due to lack of evidence, after spending four years and eight months in prison.Trevi married Armando G\u00f3mez, a lawyer, in 2009. She now lives in McAllen, Texas. She will star as the protagonist (alongside with Gabriel Soto) in Emilio Larrosa's telenovela: Libre para amarte. Trevi's ninth album \"De Pelicula\" was released on September 24, 2013. The albums' two singles \"No Soy Un P\u00e1jaro\" (released in both Pop and Banda Versions) and \"No Quer\u00edas Lastimarme\" were issued as the albums' singles.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/18785_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"75,000 - 150,000"}

Christina Rosenvinge

Christina Rosenvinge (b. May 29, 1964 Madrid) is a Spanish singer born to Danish parents.She was a member of several Spa...

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{"key":"18791","name":"Christina Rosenvinge","bio":"Christina Rosenvinge (b. May 29, 1964 Madrid) is a Spanish singer born to Danish parents.She was a member of several Spanish groups (including Christina y Los Subterr\u00e1neos) before she started a solo career with help from Lee Ranaldo, the guitarist of Sonic Youth. She moved to New York City in 1999 with her partner, Ray Loriga, who took the photos that appear on her album 'Foreign Land'.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/18791_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Siniestro Total

Siniestro Total are a Spanish band formed in Vigo in 1981. They started with a punk rock style and evolved into a more r...

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{"key":"18859","name":"Siniestro Total","bio":"Siniestro Total are a Spanish band formed in Vigo in 1981. They started with a punk rock style and evolved into a more rock style during the 80s and beginning of the 90s and 00sBand's biography:The band is formed after a traffic accident in December 1981, in Vigo (Galicia, Northwest of Spain), with a iconoclastic and neo-dadaist approach in the lyrics: galician punk rock against general boredom.In January 1982 they send a demo with twelve songs to the radio program \"This is not Hawai\", presented by Jes\u00fas Ordov\u00e1s in Radio 3 (Radio Nacional de Espa\u00f1a).In June the same year the EP \"Ayudando a los enfermos\" (\"Helping the sick people\") is published with DRO, one of the new independent record companies that arised at that time.In November they publish their first LP, \"\u00bfCu\u00e1ndo se come aqu\u00ed?\" (\"When do we eat here?\") with 15 songs recorded in three days. It was a success in the alternative market.In January 1983 they play live in Rock Ola (Madrid), an important concert venue for the new bands around the country. They record two songs for the program \"Caja de ritmos\" in Televisi\u00f3n Espa\u00f1ola. Due to censorship the program is canceled.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/18859_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


La trayectoria de Despistaos está siendo meteórica, con paso firme y gran profesionalidad. En su quinto año de vida, ...

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{"key":"18829","name":"Despistaos","bio":"La trayectoria de Despistaos est\u00e1 siendo mete\u00f3rica, con paso firme y gran profesionalidad. En su quinto a\u00f1o de vida, la banda nos presentar\u00e1 en octubre su doble \u00e1lbum recopilatorio \"Lo que hemos vivido\". Durante este verano, Despistaos se han vuelto a meter en el estudio para grabar varias canciones y versionear algunos de sus temas m\u00e1s conocidos, con colaboraciones de lujo como Dani de El Canto del Loco en \"Hasta que pase la tormenta\", Iker de Dikers en \"Nada de que hablar\" y Brigi de Koma en \"El \u00fanico espectador\". Todo esto apoyado con un nuevo sonido en la producci\u00f3n a cargo del americano Joe Marlett (No Way Out, Blink 182, Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age\u2026) En este disco se incluye el tema \"F\u00edsica o qu\u00edmica\", compuesto expresamente por Despistaos para la exitosa serie de TV de Antena 3, que vuelve en septiembre con una nueva temporada. La canci\u00f3n forma parte de la nueva cabecera y esta incluida en algunos de los episodios. Todas estas nuevas grabaciones, junto a sus canciones m\u00e1s conocidas formar\u00e1n parte de \"Lo que hemos vivido\", \u00e1lbum ya a la venta.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/18829_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Antonio Orozco

Antonio Orozco is a Spanish singer-songwriter from Barcelona, Spain.He has won several prizes like the Premio Onda and s...

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{"key":"18835","name":"Antonio Orozco","bio":"Antonio Orozco is a Spanish singer-songwriter from Barcelona, Spain.He has won several prizes like the Premio Onda and sold lots of records, his first album sold more than 100,000 copies, whereas his second album titled Semilla del Silencio sold over 300,000 copies.In 2005 he released a self titled album Antonio Orozco, which was a compilation of his best songs (twelve in total) that eventually propelled him into stardom outside Spain, mainly in Latin America and other parts of the world. Some of his better known songs include: \"Te Esperar\u00e9\" and \"D\u00e9jame\".He is known as well because of his duets with Lucie Silvas (What You're Made Of) and Mal\u00fa (Devu\u00e9lveme la vida).","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/18835_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Los Secretos

Los secretos is a spanish group founded in the Madrid of the 80,s . Their music was like a breath of fresh air with dail...

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{"key":"18813","name":"Los Secretos","bio":"Los secretos is a spanish group founded in the Madrid of the 80,s . Their music was like a breath of fresh air with daily life lyrics.Their first artistic name was \"Tos\", with Urquijo,s Brothers and Canito. Their breakout album was named like the group, then came \"Todo sigue igual\", \"Algo mas\", etc. The group had a very big handicap with the death of Enrique Urquijo, founder member of the group. Since then Alvaro Urquijo took the responsability. Now they have new album \"Una y mil veces\"","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/18813_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Albert Hammond

Albert Hammond OBE (born 18 May 1944 in London, England, and raised in Gibraltar) is a British singer, songwriter and re...

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{"key":"18843","name":"Albert Hammond","bio":"Albert Hammond OBE (born 18 May 1944 in London, England, and raised in Gibraltar) is a British singer, songwriter and record producer. In 1960, he started in music with Gibraltarian band 'The Diamond Boys', which had no real commercial success, but played a part in Spain's introduction to popular music.In 1966 Hammond co-founded the British vocal group The Family Dogg, scoring a UK Top 10 hit with \"A Way of Life\" in 1969. He is probably best known for his early 70s hits \"It Never Rains In Southern California\" and 'Free Electric Band' - but he went on to write countless hits for other artists such as Madonna and Leo Sayer. In 1987, Hammond's composition with Diane Warren \"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now\" (recorded by Jefferson Starship) was nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe and Grammy. In 1988, Hammond won an Emmy Award for the song \"One Moment in Time\", a song he wrote along with John Bettis. In 2008, Hammond was inducted in the Songwriters Hall of Fame. He is immortalised in song by Half Man Half Biscuit in their 1986 track \"Albert Hammond Bootleg\".His son, Albert Hammond, Jr., is a guitarist in The Strokes. More info:","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/18843_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Amaia Montero

Amaia Montero Saldías (born August 26, 1976 in Irun, Gipuzkoa) is a Spanish singer and song writer.She was the vocalist...

75,000 - 150,000
{"key":"18820","name":"Amaia Montero","bio":"Amaia Montero Sald\u00edas (born August 26, 1976 in Irun, Gipuzkoa) is a Spanish singer and song writer.She was the vocalist of the group La Oreja de Van Gogh, which obtained great hits and has earned fame at the Iberoamerican level.She started studying Chemistry in the UPV\/EHU where she met the rest of the members of the band, but when the band became famous she started studying Psychology at the UNED. Just like the rest of the group, she later stopped studying.On November 19th, 2007, Amaia announced her departure from the group and the start of her new solo career. Her first solo album, Amaia Montero is due nearly a year after that hard decision to leave the group, November 18th, 2008. The new album contains 11 never before released tracks, one of which has been dedicated to her ex-group members of La Oreja de Van Gogh.On October 4th, the 1st single Quiero Ser was released. Her second solo album was released on November 8th, 2011","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/18820_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"75,000 - 150,000"}

Luis Eduardo Aute

Performer of a music style known as Canto Nuevo or Nueva Trova, Luis Eduardo Aute has been an artist in many different w...

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{"key":"18847","name":"Luis Eduardo Aute","bio":"Performer of a music style known as Canto Nuevo or Nueva Trova, Luis Eduardo Aute has been an artist in many different ways. It was in 1954 when Aute moved to Spain, after spending his childhood in the Philippines. Deciding to become an artist, Luis Eduardo Aute's first passion was painting, having his first exhibition in 1960, while living in Madrid. By the mid-'60s, the painter and poet was convinced to start recording his own music and he signed up to RCA in 1966. The following year, Aleluya and Rosas En El Mar were released. Prominent books such as Las Matematicas del Espejo, La Liturgia del Desorden, and Animal were published in recognition to his writing skills. After releasing Alevos\u00eda in 1995, Aute started touring all over Latin America and Spain with a painting exhibition called Ad Libidum; he later participated in a collective album called Un Secreto A Voces, based on lyrics by Alejandro Filio.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/18847_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


Pignoise is a Spanish rock / pop punk band comprising three members: Álvaro on guitar and voice, Polo on drums, and Pab...

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{"key":"18838","name":"Pignoise","bio":"Pignoise is a Spanish rock \/ pop punk band comprising three members: \u00c1lvaro on guitar and voice, Polo on drums, and Pablo on bass.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/18838_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Nacha Pop

Nacha Pop fue uno de los grupos más entrañables e importantes de la movida. En 1978 Nacho García Vega y Carlos Brooki...

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{"key":"18819","name":"Nacha Pop","bio":"Nacha Pop fue uno de los grupos m\u00e1s entra\u00f1ables e importantes de la movida. En 1978 Nacho Garc\u00eda Vega y Carlos Brooking coinciden el colegio Liceo Franc\u00e9s y se unen a Jaime y Antonio Vega para formar un grupo. Los comienzos musicales m\u00e1s anecd\u00f3ticos que otra cosa se descubren tras el nombre de Uhu. Poco tiempo despu\u00e9s el famos\u00edsimo bater\u00eda \u00d1ete sustituye a Jaime en la banda y comienza a funcionar Nacha Pop como tal.Tras diversas aventuras t\u00edpicas de los primeros a\u00f1os de un grupo joven comienzan a superar sus primeras cimas tras telonear a Siouxie y Ramones sin dejar indiferente a quienes rodean y siguen. Hispavox edita en 1980 el cl\u00e1sico Nacha Pop bajo la producci\u00f3n de Teddy Bautista. El disco ya inclu\u00eda la venerada Chica de ayer y realmente, no ten\u00eda desperdicio por ninguna de sus extensas caras.Las diferencias en cuanto a la composici\u00f3n entre los primos Nacho y Antonio eran m\u00e1s que notables, pero en absoluto estaban re\u00f1idas, la sensibilidad de Antonio contrastaba y complementaba la vitalidad de las canciones de Nacho. En 1982 Buena Disposici\u00f3n -un cl\u00e1sico entre los cl\u00e1siscos del pop espa\u00f1ol- no convence en resultados comerciales a Hispavox, como tampoco lleg\u00f3 a hacerlo su primer trabajo. Antonio comenzaba adem\u00e1s a acusar problemas de salud por su mala vida.Pronto abandonan Hispavox y firman con DRO para lanzar en 1983 el disco M\u00e1s n\u00fameros, otras letras. Otro gran disco en el que resalta un poco m\u00e1s la genialidad y sensibilidad de Antonio Vega que el tiempo ha confirmado.En el 1984 el maxi Una d\u00e9cima de segundo incluye adem\u00e1s dos versiones de la canci\u00f3n, una de las m\u00e1s bellas composiciones de la historia de la m\u00fasica espa\u00f1ola. En 1985, ya con Polydor, publican Dibujos Animdos, un cambio importante en las bases compositivas del grupo y sobre todo: un disco repleto de excelentes canciones. Grit\u00e9 una noche es una de las mejores joyas firmadas Nacho Garc\u00eda Vega. Mientras que Antonio destaca por Lo que tu y yo sabemos, Relojes en la oscuridad y sobre todo, probablemente, la canci\u00f3n m\u00e1s bella del disco: Cada uno a su raz\u00f3n.Antonio brilla en las tinieblas po\u00e9ticas y Nacho brilla en su luminosidad. Nacha va trazando una memorable historia a trav\u00e9s de algo de lo que muchos grupos carecen\u2026 buena m\u00fasica, buenas letras\u2026 buenas canciones. Pero la situaci\u00f3n del grupo no es del gusto de todos, porque lo que \u00d1ete decide abandonar el grupo.En el 1987 llega El Momento. Nacho se luce de nuevo con sus ritmos y letras joviales en canciones como V\u00edstete, mientras que Antonio contin\u00faa su particular mundo construyendo un disco repleto de buenas canciones: No se acaban las calles (m\u00e1s tarde interpretada por Ramonc\u00edn, en el pol\u00e9mico homenaje a Antonio Vega), Desordenada habitaci\u00f3n (m\u00e1s tarde magistralmente interpretada por Antonio Vega y Enrique Urquijo para el segundo disco en solitario de Enrique con Los Problemas en lo que es una de las colaboraciones m\u00e1s incre\u00edbles de la historia del pop), Persiguiendo sombras, Puertas abiertas (m\u00e1s tarde interpretada por Duncan Dhu en el citado homenaje a Antonio Vega) y la genial, la incre\u00edble Lucha de gigantes de la que poco m\u00e1s podemos comentar\u2026 es una canci\u00f3n -como algunas otras de Antonio- inexplicable, indescriptible, la mejor forma de explicarla es escucharla en cortante silencio interpretada por Antonio Vega en directo.Y la bonita historia termina\u2026 llega la despedida del grupo como si nada\u2026 En 1988 Nacha Pop se despide con un espectacular doble directo con todos sus -ya- cl\u00e1sicos. Un disco sin novedades, pero un directo con todos sus \u00e9xitos, el directo de despedida es un recuerdo obligado para quien crea entender algo de la historia reciente de la m\u00fasica espa\u00f1ola. Nacha Pop 80-88 es naturalmente un exitazo de ventas.Terminada la historia sin saber muy bien los motivos o m\u00e1s bien, sabi\u00e9ndolos demasiado bien, Nacha Pop desaparece y sus seguidores comienzan a multiplicarse. Buena parte de la separaci\u00f3n se deb\u00eda a las diferencias musicales entre Antonio y Nacho -adem\u00e1s de un buen pu\u00f1ado de cuestiones y calibraciones bien explicadas en la reciente biograf\u00eda de Nacha Pop Magia y Precisi\u00f3n que aprovechamos para recomendar vivamente-. Nacho Garc\u00eda Vega se lanza con Rico un proyecto muy a su estilo con buenas canciones pero que no cuaja entre el p\u00fablico. Lo intenta despu\u00e9s de varias maneras fiel a su genial estilo y encuentra finalmente un lugar privilegiado como compositor -especialmente- para campa\u00f1as de publicidad, etc\u2026 Antonio por su parte se sumerge definitivamente en su mundo y reaparece en 1991 con No me ir\u00e9 ma\u00f1ana bajo su nombre, Antonio Vega comenzando as\u00ed una espectacular carrera en solitario que le convierte -actualmente- en el compositor, el m\u00fasico, el poeta por excelencia de los supervivientes de la movida. El genio compositivo de Antonio es palpable y en nuestros d\u00edas muchos lo ven ya como una leyenda viviente. A pesar de m\u00faltiples esfuerzos, contin\u00faa viviendo intermitentes r\u00e1fagas de complicaciones de salud. Nacho y Antonio son uno de los parentescos m\u00e1s c\u00e9lebres de la m\u00fasica pop espa\u00f1ola, al nivel por ejemplo, de los hermanos Urquijo de Los Secretos.http:\/\/\/grupos\/nachapop.htm","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/18819_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Manuel Carrasco

Manuel Carrasco (born January 15, 1981) is a Spanish singer who was born in Isla Cristina, Province of Huelva (Andalucí...

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{"key":"18812","name":"Manuel Carrasco","bio":"Manuel Carrasco (born January 15, 1981) is a Spanish singer who was born in Isla Cristina, Province of Huelva (Andaluc\u00eda), Spain. He was one of the three finalists of the second edition of TV program Operaci\u00f3n Triunfo and his debut album called \"Qui\u00e9reme\" sold more than 200,000 records.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/18812_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Los Enemigos

Los Enemigos is a music band formed in 1985 in Madrid, being for about 20 years one of the most important bands of the s...

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{"key":"18858","name":"Los Enemigos","bio":"Los Enemigos is a music band formed in 1985 in Madrid, being for about 20 years one of the most important bands of the spanish rock. The same year the group was founded they won the Villa de Madrid rock contest, recording the next year their first album \"Ferpectamente\". Their last two albums, Obras escondidas (2001) and Obras escocidas (2002) are live compilations of the last tour they did to say goodbye to their followers.\u00b7 MembersThe last members of the band were: * Josele Santiago, Guitarra y voz * Fino Oyonarte, bajo y coros * Chema \"Animal\" P\u00e9rez, bater\u00eda, percusi\u00f3n y coros * Manolo Ben\u00edtez, guitarras y coros\u00b7 Discography * Ferpectamente (1986) * Un t\u00edo cabal (1988) * La vida mata (1990) * La cuenta atr\u00e1s (1991) * Tras el \u00faltimo no va nadie (1994) * Sursum corda (1994) * Alguna copla de los enemigos (1995) * Por la sombra\/hermana amnesia (1995) * Gas (1996) * Tengo una casa (1996) * Se buscan fulmontis (1996) * Nada (1998) * Obras escocidas (2001) * Obras escondidas (2002)","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/18858_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Alaska y Los Pegamoides

"Alaska y los Pegamoides" is an iconic group from the spanish art-scene 1980's that belonged to what later was named as ...

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{"key":"18852","name":"Alaska y Los Pegamoides","bio":"\"Alaska y los Pegamoides\" is an iconic group from the spanish art-scene 1980's that belonged to what later was named as the \"movida madrile\u00f1a.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/18852_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Gabinete Caligari

Grupo formado en Madrid en 1981, tomando su nombre de la película del expresionismo alemán "El gabinete del doctor Cal...

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{"key":"18846","name":"Gabinete Caligari","bio":"Grupo formado en Madrid en 1981, tomando su nombre de la pel\u00edcula del expresionismo alem\u00e1n \"El gabinete del doctor Caligari\". Ferni Presas, bajista, Edi Clavo, bater\u00eda y Jaime Urrutia, guitarra y cantante, que proven\u00eda del grupo Ejecutivos Agresivos, Sus primeras actuaciones fueron en el legendario Rockola de Madrid.Su primer tema, \"Golpes\", sali\u00f3 editado en un single de cuatro canciones compartido con Par\u00e1lisis Permanente. Su primer \u00e9xito fue \"Cuatro rosas\". En 1995 sali\u00f3 su \u00faltimo trabajo llamado \"Gabinet\u00edssimo\".","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/18846_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Gian Marco

Gian Marco Javier Zignago Alcóver es un cantante y compositor peruano. Es reconocido como un prestigioso cantante por v...

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{"key":"18814","name":"Gian Marco","bio":"Gian Marco Javier Zignago Alc\u00f3ver es un cantante y compositor peruano. Es reconocido como un prestigioso cantante por vender miles de copias de \u00e1lbumes de cuyas canciones es autor en su mayor\u00eda. Ganador del Grammy Latino 2005 al mejor \u00e1lbum Cantautor y nombrado embajador de buena voluntad en el Per\u00fa por UNICEF son alguno de los reconocimientos obtenidos en sus m\u00e1s de 15 a\u00f1os de trayectoria profesional.Su madre es la conocida actriz y cantante peruana, Regina Alc\u00f3ver Ureta, y su padre, el difunto compositor y cantante peruano Javier Zignago, conocido en el ambiente musical como \"Joe Danova\".Con s\u00f3lo dos a\u00f1os de edad cant\u00f3 por primera vez en televisi\u00f3n en la ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, en el programa Domingos Gigantes, bajo la conducci\u00f3n de Orlando Marconi. Un a\u00f1o despu\u00e9s, canta en Caracas, Venezuela, en el programa La Revista de los S\u00e1bados. La audiencia televisiva disfrut\u00f3 impresionada de un ni\u00f1o de tres a\u00f1os que cantaba una canci\u00f3n de moda titulada Eva Mar\u00eda.Gian Marco estudio primaria y secundaria en el colegio Santa Margarita en el afluente barrio de Monterrico en Lima, Per\u00fa.En 1981, a los 11 a\u00f1os de edad, participa al lado de su madre en la obra musical Papito Piernas Largas, grabando un tema dentro del disco de la obra.Durante sus a\u00f1os juveniles, Gian Marco particip\u00f3 en una serie de eventos art\u00edsticos, cantando y actuando, desarrollando su talento y prepar\u00e1ndose para lo que ser\u00eda despu\u00e9s, y es todav\u00eda, su exitosa carrera profesional.A\u00f1os m\u00e1s tarde, guitarra en mano, buscar\u00eda en diversos locales de la capital -entre ellos La Estaci\u00f3n de Barranco, el que m\u00e1s tarde recuerda en su tema Retrato- el aplauso y reconocimiento por sus primeras canciones y composiciones. As\u00ed se fue consolidando la vena art\u00edstica de este joven talento.A los 18 a\u00f1os Gian Marco viaja a la ciudad de Santiago de Chile (Chile) para especializarse en dise\u00f1o gr\u00e1fico. Aunque todo parec\u00eda caminar bien, su alma necesitaba de la m\u00fasica, por ello decide demostrar su arte logrando presentarse en los locales m\u00e1s concurridos de Santiago y Vi\u00f1a del Mar. Su nombre empezaba a sonar, pues su estilo personal llamaba la atenci\u00f3n de quienes lo escuchaban por primera vez.A\u00f1o y medio m\u00e1s tarde regresa a Lima y clasifica un tema en la versi\u00f3n peruana del Festival OTI 1989. Logr\u00f3 captar la atenci\u00f3n de la prensa especializada, siendo el artista m\u00e1s promocionado en dicho evento. Es ah\u00ed donde Discos Independientes le propone grabar su primer disco. A comienzos de 1990 sale al mercado discogr\u00e1fico nacional su primera producci\u00f3n titulada Gian Marco, bajo la direcci\u00f3n musical de Pepe Ortega.En 1992 graba su segundo larga duraci\u00f3n titulado Personal, realizado en Santiago de Chile de la mano de Pepe Ortega. Esta producci\u00f3n logr\u00f3 colocar en ese a\u00f1o, en los rankings los temas Te Extra\u00f1ar\u00e9 y Dame un Beso.Gian Marco graba la canci\u00f3n principal de la Copa Am\u00e9rica Per\u00fa 2004 llamada M\u00e1s all\u00e1 de los sue\u00f1os.En el 2003 recibi\u00f3 en los Premios de La M\u00fasica de la Sociedad General de Autores y Editores de Espa\u00f1a (SGAE) el premio como Artista Revelaci\u00f3n Latino.Luego vino el \u00e1lbum Resucitar (2004), un \u00e1lbum mucho m\u00e1s org\u00e1nico y como \u00e9l mismo dice no canta tanto al desamor como el anterior, es un \u00e1lbum m\u00e1s positivo. Este disco le dio un \u00e9xito gracias a su amistad con Emilio Estefan , con el que lleg\u00f3 a obtener un Grammy Latino en el a\u00f1o 2005. De este disco se desprendieron los singles Resucitar, Sin querer, Gota de lluvia, Despu\u00e9s de mi, Lejos de ti y Soy.En el 2005 Gian Marco realiza un gran concierto por sus 15 a\u00f1os de carrera, el cual se realiz\u00f3 en el Estadio Monumental U y cont\u00f3 con m\u00e1s de 40,000 espectadores. Varios invitados, entre ellos Regina Alcover (su madre), Mauricio y palo de agua, Pelo Madue\u00f1o y Antonio Cartagena, entre otros, arroparon a Gianmarco en este emotivo concierto. El concierto termin\u00f3 con una magn\u00edfica interpretaci\u00f3n de la canci\u00f3n Hoy, la que termin\u00f3 con un mix de huaynos peruanos y el reconocimiento al gran cantautor peruano.El 17 de noviembre de 2006 Gian Marco lanza al mercado \"8\". Este \u00e1lbum contiene 10 temas in\u00e9ditos y presenta como primer single en territorio peruano la canci\u00f3n titulada No te avisa. En Colombia y el resto del mundo el primer single es Que pasa, una canci\u00f3n en la cual Gian Marco incursiona en el rap y da a sus seguidores un sonido un tanto distinto de lo que normalmente est\u00e1n acostumbrados a o\u00edr.En el 2007 continua la promoci\u00f3n de su m\u00e1s reciente disco de estudio (\"8\") con el segundo single en Peru: \"Quiero saber\", estrena los videos para \"Que pasa\" y \"No te avisa\", y graba un comercial para la empresa de telefon\u00eda celular \"Claro\" junto a la \"foquita\" Farf\u00e1n, en el cual estrena una nueva canci\u00f3n llamada \"Algo nuevo\". Durante el a\u00f1o 2007 tambi\u00e9n continua con su faceta de compositor y coloca dos canciones en el nuevo \u00e1lbum de Alejandro Fernandez: \"No se me hace f\u00e1cil\" y \"Sue\u00f1o contigo\". En el mes de junio del mismo a\u00f1o realiza un concierto junto al tenor Juan Diego Fl\u00f3rez en el Jockey Club del Per\u00fa en la ciudad de Lima. Este a\u00f1o tambi\u00e9n sale una canci\u00f3n grabada exclusivamente para un comercial de la empresa \"Claro\" llamada \"Algo nuevo\".Despu\u00e9s de tener como singles en Peru a \"No te avisa\" y \"Quiero saber\", e internacionalmente a \"Que pasa\", Gian Marco lanza su nuevo single \"Loco\", el cual continua con la promoci\u00f3n del disco \"8\". Posteriormente se conluye la promoci\u00f3n de este \u00e1lbum con las canciones \"Vientos del sur\" y finalmente \"Nunca m\u00e1s te vi\".A finales del 2007 se lanza el primer libro de Gian marco llamado \"La madera del alma: relatos para escuchar el silencio\", el cual es un cuento de corte infantil.El 18 de junio de 2008 sale a la venta \"Desde adentro\", el m\u00e1s reciente disco de Gian Marco, que incluye canciones que fueron compuestas para artistas como Gloria Estefan, Obie Bermudez, Alejandro Fernandez, entre otros. Tambi\u00e9n se incluyen dos canciones nuevas: \"Todav\u00eda\" y \"Hasta que la vida pase\". Este \u00e1lbum saca a relucir un sonido m\u00e1s ac\u00fastico, a diferencia del anterior \"8\", y demuestra la madurez musical de Gian Marco a sus casi 20 a\u00f1os de carrera.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/18814_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Iguana Tango

The story of IGUANA TANGO began in December 1993. It was then that Joaquín Padilla decided to put this project into mo...

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{"key":"18841","name":"Iguana Tango","bio":"The story of IGUANA TANGO began in December 1993. It was then that Joaqu\u00edn Padilla decided to put this project into motion. The first members of IGUANA TANGO were Joaqu\u00edn Padilla (vocals), Kike Enriquez (drums), Carlos Mart\u00edn (guitar), David Moreno (keyboard) y Sergio (bass). Disgracefully, if there has been anything unstable in the group it has been its composition. A dozen musicians have passed through it since the summer of 1996, which hasn't benefited the group's success.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/18841_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}
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