Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie is an American indie rock band formed in Bellingham, Washington in 1997. The band consists of Ben Gi...

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{"key":"222","name":"Death Cab for Cutie","bio":"Death Cab for Cutie is an American indie rock band formed in Bellingham, Washington in 1997. The band consists of Ben Gibbard (vocals, guitar, piano), Nicholas Harmer (bass), and Jason McGerr (drums).Death Cab began as a solo project of Ben Gibbard, now the band's vocalist and guitarist. Gibbard took the band name from the satirical song Death Cab for Cutie, performed by The Bonzo Dog Band in The Beatles' 1967 experimental film Magical Mystery Tour. As Death Cab for Cutie, Gibbard released a cassette titled You Can Play These Songs with Chords; the release was surprisingly successful, and Gibbard decided to expand the band into a complete project. He recruited Chris Walla (who had also worked on the cassette) as an electric guitarist, Nick Harmer as bass guitarist, and Nathan Good to play drums. The four released the LP Something About Airplanes on August 18th 1998. The album was favorably reviewed in the independent music scene, and in 2000 the band released We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes. Nathan Good left the band at some point during this album's production. His playing on \u201cThe Employment Pages\u201d and \u201cCompany Calls Epilogue\u201d were kept, but Gibbard played drums on all other songs.Michael Schorr would first appear on The Forbidden Love E.P., released on October 24, 2000. In 2001, another LP was released, entitled The Photo Album. Limited editions of this album contained three bonus tracks, which were later released separately as The Stability EP.In 2003, there was another change of drummer, with Jason McGerr of Eureka Farm replacing Schorr. McGerr would play drums on the next release, Transatlanticism.Transatlanticism was released in October of 2003. It received critical praise and also became the band's top-selling album, with 225,000 copies sold during its first year out.In spring of 2004, the band recorded a live E.P. titled The John Byrd E.P., named for their sound engineer. The E.P. was released on Barsuk Records in March 2004.In November of 2004, Death Cab for Cutie signed a \u201clong-term worldwide deal\u201d with Atlantic Records, leaving their long-time label Barsuk Records. Gibbard stated on the official website www.deathcabforcutie.com that nothing would change except that \u201cNext to the picture of Barsuk holding a 7\", there will be the letter \"A\" on both the spine and back of our upcoming albums.\u201d This was a marked change from Gibbard's earlier views on major-label relations, which he said \u201care set up to fuck you and take all your money.\u201d. After signing to Atlantic, the band was still nervous about corporate economics, and encouraged fans to download its songs from the Internet.The first and second singles off the band's Atlantic Record release Plans were \u201cSoul Meets Body\u201d and \u201cCrooked Teeth\u201d, respectively. The full album was released in August of 2005. Plans was somewhat well-acclaimed by critics and fans, and received a nomination for the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Album of 2005. It achieved Gold Status in 2006 after charting on Billboard for 47 consecutive weeks.The band released a touring DVD titled Drive Well, Sleep Carefully in 2005. Known for their contributions to animal rights, the band is supporting the activist group PETA in giving away copies of the DVD to promote animal rights.In early 2006, the band announced the upcoming release of Directions, eleven short films inspired by songs from the Plans album, each directed by a different person. The videos were posted one at a time at the band's website and the DVD went on sale April 11, 2006.On May 12, 2008 their album, Narrow Stairs, was released and was well received by both critics and fans. It was their first album to reach #1 on the Billboard 200. The album contains the singles \"I Will Possess Your Heart\", \"Cath...\" and \"Grapevine Fires\".The band's latest released The Open Door EP, which was released on March 31, 2009. Their main styles consist of slow progressive rock with dark lyrics.The band's seventh album, Codes and Keys, was released on May 31, 2011. The album's first single was \"You Are A Tourist\".On October 11, 2013, the band reportedly began working on their eighth studio album. This was then confirmed by the group's official Instagram profile in which an image was uploaded with the caption \"DCFC LP8 begins\". The new album will be produced by Rich Costey and is expected to be released in early 2015. In an interview with Stereogum, Gibbard said of the new album, \"I do think from start to finish it's a much better record than Codes And Keys. If that record turned anybody off, I feel pretty strongly that this one could win them back. There are threads in this one that connect back to our earliest stuff that people love.\" On October 29, 2013, the band released a remastered tenth-anniversary version of their 2003 album Transatlanticism. The new album included a vinyl LP and MP3 download, with demos for all the songs from the album.As part of the 2014 Record Store Day, the band released its first live album, a vinyl-only double LP recorded during various 2012 tour dates with Magik*Magik Orchestra. Included within the packaging was a code for a digital download of the recording.On August 13, 2014, after 17 years as a member of Death Cab for Cutie, guitarist and songwriter Chris Walla decided to part ways with the band, with his last performance occurring on September 13, 2014 at the Rifflandia Music Festival in Victoria, British Columbia. Walla states that he plans to \"\u2026continue making music, producing records, and erring on the side of benevolence and beauty whenever possible.\" When asked in an interview about Walla's involvement in the eighth album, McGerr confirmed that Walla \"played on everything and has been involved all the way through, even in the mixing. Even though he's played his last show with us, he's still been involved in everything involving this record.\"","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/222_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"300,000 - 500,000"}

Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy is a band formed in 2001 in Glenview, Illinois after good friends Joe Trohman and Pete Wentz met high schoo...

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{"key":"246","name":"Fall Out Boy","bio":"Fall Out Boy is a band formed in 2001 in Glenview, Illinois after good friends Joe Trohman and Pete Wentz met high schooler Patrick Stump. Stump originally auditioned as a drummer, but soon became the lead singer. The following year, the band debuted with a self-released demo and followed it up with the May 28, 2002 release of Split EP, which featured Project Rocket, on Uprising Records. The group released a mini-LP, Evening Out With Your Girlfriend, also on Uprising Records, in 2003.2003\u20132004: Independent successAfter the release of their mini-album, Fall Out Boy built a large cult following playing in the Chicago area and drummer Andy Hurley, formerly of Racetraitor, joined the band while the two other members left. At this time, Stump also took over rhythm guitar duties. During this time, they played many local shows at the The Knights of Columbus Hall in Arlington Heights, Illinois, also the site of their first video: Dead On Arrival. The same year, after signing to Fueled By Ramen, they released their first full-length album, Take This to Your Grave, on May 6, 2003. The band received an advance from Island Records to record their proper debut, but the advance came with a right of first refusal for Island on Fall Out Boy\u2019s next album. With major financing in place, the recording of Take This to Your Grave took place at producer & Garbage drummer Butch Vig\u2019s Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin, with Sean O\u2019Keefe producing.With singles Grand Theft Autumn\/Where Is Your Boy and Saturday receiving video airplay on FUSE and mtvU and radio airplay on alternative stations across the country, the band soon gained a cult following. With very positive reviews at the South by Southwest Music Festival and an extensive tour schedule, Fall Out Boy\u2019s popularity continued to grow. The album sold very well and eventually achieved gold status, but only after the success of their next album, From Under The Cork Tree.In mid-2003 the band signed with Island Records, part of the super label The Island Def Jam Music Group along with Def Jam Records. This was after they picked up the option for their next album. While recording their mainstream debut, they released the acoustic EP My Heart Will Always Be the B-Side to My Tongue on Fueled by Ramen, May 18, 2004. It debuted at #153 on the Billboard Top 200, their first entry on the chart. The two-disc set included a DVD with videos, more acoustic performances and a fan photo gallery.2005\u20132006: Commercial debutOn May 3, 2005, Fall Out Boy released their major label debut, From Under the Cork Tree, which debuted on the Billboard 200 at #9, selling over 68,000 copies in its first week. The album achieved double platinum status and has sold over 2.5 million albums in the US alone. Earlier that year, the band\u2019s stability was threatened when Wentz overdosed on the sedative Ativan in a failed suicide attempt. The track 7 Minutes In Heaven (Atavan Halen) from their album From Under the Cork Tree is based upon Wentz\u2019s attempted suicide.Their first single, Sugar We\u2019re Goin\u2019 Down, peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100, #6 on the Pop 100 and #3 on the Modern Rock Charts. The video reached #1 on MTV\u2019s TRL, where it was retired on August 26, 2005. The video also won the MTV2 Award at the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards, prompting a huge new interest and surge in sales. The band was also nominated for \u201cBest New Artist\u201d at the 2006 Grammy Awards.The second single off the album, Dance, Dance, became their second Top 10 Single when it peaked at #9 on the Hot 100. It also reached #6 on the Pop 100 and became the bands top charted hit when it reached #2 on the Modern Rock Charts. The video for the song premiered on TRL on October 11, 2005; it soon reached #1 and was later retired on January 17, 2006. The third single off the album, A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More \u2018Touch Me\u2019, was much less popular than both prior singles but still managed to peak at #65 on the Hot 100 and hit #1 twice on TRL, retiring on June 6, 2006.The band headlined the Nintendo Fusion Tour in the fall of 2005, joining The Starting Line, Motion City Soundtrack, Boys Night Out, and Panic! At the Disco on a 31 city tour. Due to their increased success from their MTV Video Music Award, they headlined the Black Clouds and Underdogs Tour\u2014an emo\/pop punk event that featured The All-American Rejects, Hawthorne Heights, From First to Last. The tour also featured The Hush Sound for half of the tour and October Fall for half. They played to 53 dates in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.2007: Continuing prosperityFall Out Boy\u2019s fourth album, titled Infinity On High, was released on February 6, 2007. The lead single, This Ain\u2019t A Scene, It\u2019s An Arms Race, debuted at the 2006 American Music Awards. The video debuted on MTV on Tuesday, December 19, 2006. In the album\u2019s opening week, Infinity on High reached number 1 on the Billboard 200, selling 260,000 copies.\u201cThis Ain\u2019t a Scene, It\u2019s an Arms Race\u201d peaked at number 2 on the UK Singles Chart on February 4, 2007, making it their most successful song in the UK to date. The single also peaked on the U.S. Hot 100 at number 2 and the U.S. Pop 100 at number 1. The Carpal Tunnel Of Love (the second single released from the album) reached number 81 on the U.S. Hot 100 by way of digital sales alone. Thnks fr th Mmrs was released on April 9, 2007 and made it to #14 on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at #12 on the UK Singles chart.Fall Out Boy headlined the Honda Civic Tour in 2007 along with +44, The Academy Is\u2026, Paul Wall and Cobra Starship. The tour was originally scheduled to start April 18 and end on June 11. However, due to personal issues, the tour was postponed until May 11, where the first show was played in Denver, Colorado. The tour ended on July 2 in Anaheim, California in the United States and continue on in the United Kingdom.Showing their versatility, Fall Out Boy has collaborated with rappers Kanye West, Babyface, Jay-Z, and Timbaland and are currently touring with Paul Wall. Babyface produced and Jay Z is featured on Thriller. They also worked with Timbaland on his new album Timbaland Presents Shock Value, where they are featured on the track One and Only, for which Stump and Wentz both contributed in writing. Stump was also featured on two songs with Gym Class Heroes (also signed with Fueled By Ramen), including their #1 Single Cupid\u2019s Chokehold. He also was a guest vocalist on Motion City Soundtrack\u2019s single, Everything Is Alright as well as contributing to If You Could Remember.The band played the US portion of the Live Earth concerts on July 7, 2007 at New Jersey\u2019s Giants Stadium, along with AFI, Akon, Alicia Keys, Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews Band, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, John Mayer, Kanye West, Kelly Clarkson, KT Tunstall, Ludacris, Melissa Etheridge, The Police, Rihanna, Roger Waters, and the reunited Smashing Pumpkins.The band toured the world almost constantly in 2007, with gigs throughout the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe and Asia.2008-2009:On April 1, 2008, Fall Out Boy released their live album, **** Live in Phoenix. The album was recorded in Pheonix on June 22. It contained a studio recording of Micheal Jackson\u2019s Beat It with John Mayer as a guest on the guitar.On the 18th of March, 2008, Fall Out Boy claimed they would play a gig in Antarctica, to be in the Guinness Book of World Records as the only band to have played in each of the 7 continents within 9 months. However, because of weather conditions they were unable to do so, although they did break the record for most interviews on radio in a 24-hour period, setting the bar at 72.On December 16th, 2008, Fall Out Boy released their 5th studio album, Folie \u00e0 Deux (literally meaning \u201cmadness shared by two\u201d). The lead single for the album, I Don\u2019t Care was released September 8, 2008.Fall Out Boy star in 2008 comedy film, \u2018Sex Drive\u2019. They make a cameo within the film, playing Fame < Infamy from their album Infinity on High. They also play an acoustic performance of Grand Theft Autumn\/Where Is Your Boy. This is due to the friendship executive producer Seth Green has with the band. The song I Don\u2019t Care from their latest album was featured in the end credits. During the credits there is a clip of Ezekiel and Fall Out Boy arguing over the fact that the Amish fixed Fall Out Boy\u2019s tour bus and all that they got in return was \u201ca five song set\u201d alluding to some form of compensation, which serves as a running gag.On November 17, 2009, Believers Never Die - Greatest Hits was released, featuring two new songs titled Alpha Dog and From Now On We Are Enemies. Along with the news of the release of the CD we also got some not so great news, Fall Out Boy are currently on a break. \"We're just taking a break and decompressing. We're not putting terms on when we're coming back. We're going to come back when everybody's excited about it and it's fun.\" says Pete Wentz to J14 Magazine.2010-2012: HiatusIn early 2010 the band entered a state of hiatus, with each member eventually going off to explore their own musical interests. Wentz formed DJ duo Black Cards with singer Bebe Rexha in July 2010, releasing an EP before Rexha quietly left the group in January 2012. Trohman and Hurley started the band The Damned Things with Scott Ian from Anthrax and members of Every Time I Die, releasing their debut album Ironiclast in December 2010.Stump recorded his debut solo album Soul Punk which was released on July 26, 2011. Despite gaining generally positive reviews, ticket sales were poor with many Fall Out Boy fans unwilling to follow him in his new musical direction. This negative feedback caused Stump to create his blog entry \"We Liked You Better Fat\" in which he honestly aired his feelings, causing Wentz to reach out to him and ultimately begin collborating again musically in February 2012.2013-Current: ReunionDuring 2012, the band reformed and began attempts to reinvent their sound. Sessions were difficult, with early attempts a struggle to produce new material. On February 4, 2013 the band simultaneously announced their reunion, a new single My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up) and the album Save Rock and Roll which was released the following month.This announcement was immediately followed by a show that night in Chicago, and another at Webster Hall in New York the next day. Since then the band have been playing headlining arenas, concerts and festivals in America, Europe and Asia.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/246_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"200,000 - 350,000"}

Panic! at the Disco

Panic! at the Disco is American rock band hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada. The current member is vocalist/multi-instrume...

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{"key":"257","name":"Panic! at the Disco","bio":"Panic! at the Disco is American rock band hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada. The current member is vocalist\/multi-instrumentalist Brendon Urie. Their debut album A Fever You Can't Sweat Out has sold over 2.2 million copies worldwide, 1.5 million of which were in the United States alone. This shot them into the international spotlight. Their sophomore album Pretty. Odd. debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 200. The band released their third album, entitled Vices & Virtues, on March 22, 2011, while the record's first single, \"The Ballad of Mona Lisa\" was released February 1, 2011.Although the band officially formed as Panic! at the Disco in 2004, the first incarnation of the band was formed in 2002 under the name \"Pet Salamander\", with Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, Brent Wilson, and Trevor Howell. It was during this time that Ryan Ross wrote \"Time To Dance\" and \"I Write Sins Not Tragedies\", so some consider the band to have formed as of 2002.In 2005, Panic! at the Disco, which at the time included Urie, Smith, guitarist\/lyricist Ryan Ross, and bassist Brent Wilson, was discovered by Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, who, after hearing demos the band uploaded to PureVolume went to Las Vegas to hear the band play in their garage. He immediately signed them to his Fueled By Ramen label imprint Decaydance. After their debut A Fever You Can't Sweat Out was released, bassist Brent Wilson left the band. Although he claims he was fired, the other members deny this.The success of their first two singles helped catapult their debut album to the top of the Billboard Independent chart and to #13 on the Billboard 200 in July 2006. With Jon Walker filling in as temporary bassist, the band embarked on their first headlining tour through Europe. All of the dates sold out within hours. Immediately after returning, they did the same in North America. On July 3, Jon Walker became the permanent bassist of Panic! at the Disco.In early 2007, Panic! at the Disco began writing their follow up album but, after months of work, decided to rewrite the entire album from scratch in July 2007. While speaking to MTV, Ryan Ross explained that, before the decision to start over was made, the album had lacked a band set up and that it \"sounded like a film score.\" He also explained that the new songs have \"a more positive outlook to them.\" On January 9, the exclamation point (!) in the band's name was dropped. They defended the decision to drop the exclamation point during an interview with MTV: \"It was never part of the name to us. (\u2026) When we started doing new promo stuff for this album, we just told everyone not to use it anymore.\" Panic (sans \"!\") later confirmed that the second album was titled Pretty. Odd. with a release date of March 25, 2008.On July 6th, 2009, an announcement was put up on the band's official website and myspace page, stating that Ryan Ross and Jon Walker would be leaving the band to pursue their own musical interests. They have since formed the band The Young Veins. Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith, however, will stay and continue playing as Panic! at the Disco, with the exclamation point re-added. Fans can hear a snippet of Panic!'s demo entitled \"Oh Glory\" on the band's official website. Since the split, Panic! at the Disco joined Fall Out Boy, Blink-182, and Chester French on the first half of Blink-182's summer tour in 2009. They brought along Ian Crawford formerly of The Cab and Dallon Weekes of The Brobecks to temporarily replace Ross and Walker. The band also released a single titled New Perspective which was featured on the Jennifer's Body Soundtrack in August 2009.\"New Perspective\" was released on July 28, 2009. Former The Cab member Ian Crawford filled in for Ross on their tour during the summer of 2009. Dallon Weekes, singer\/songwriter of the indie band The Brobecks, filled in for Walker on bass on the tour as well.The band re-entered the studio during early 2010 and spent much of the year recording their third studio album. On January 18, 2011, the band revealed that their new album, Vices & Virtues, would officially be released on March 22, 2011. The album was produced by Butch Walker and John Feldmann. The record's first single, \"The Ballad of Mona Lisa\", was released digitally on February 1, 2011, with the music video being released February 8, 2011. The band played 2 new, unheard songs \"Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met\u2026)\" and \"Let's Kill Tonight\" at recent concerts. On March 9, 2011, Panic! at The Disco released a short film titled \"The Overture\" which featured snippets of four, unheard songs: \"Let's Kill Tonight\", \"Hurricane\", \"Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind)\", and \"Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met\u2026)\". On March 14, 2011, Panic! at The Disco streamed the full Vices & Virtues album on their Facebook page.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/257_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Brand New

There are two artists with this name1. A popular rock band2. A funk group1. Brand New is an American rock band that form...

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{"key":"13856","name":"Brand New","bio":"There are two artists with this name1. A popular rock band2. A funk group1. Brand New is an American rock band that formed in 2000 in Merrick, New York. The band consists of Jesse Lacey (lead vocalist\/guitarist\/lyricist), Vincent Accardi (guitarist\/lyricist),Garrett Tierney (bassist), Brian Lane (drummer), and Derrick Sherman (guitarist\/keyboardist).Formation (2000-2001)Prior to Brand New's official formation, in the late 1990s Jesse Lacey, Garrett Tierney, Brian Lane were all members of the post-hardcore band The Rookie Lot, along with Brandon Reilly and Alex Dunne of Crime in Stereo. After the band's split and not playing together for a while, Lacey, Lane and Tierney started to rehearse again. They then recruited guitarist Vincent Accardi, who had been playing in a band called One Last Goodbye, since Reilly had joined The Movielife.All four members had backgrounds linking into their local Long Island independent and hardcore music scenes, but with influences from an array of artists ranging from Buddy Rich to The Archers of Loaf. They eventually formed Brand New in 2000, in a basement in Merrick, New York. Their initial intention was always to \"move outside of whatever notions they felt inclined to when they were making music as younger people.\" The band gained exposure in the local scene through playing shows with alternative rock contemporaries Midtown and post-hardcore bands like Glassjaw, whilst also self-releasing a four-song demo. They signed to Triple Crown Records just after their second-ever show.Your Favorite Weapon (2001\u20132002)Brand New's debut studio album Your Favorite Weapon was produced by friend and practical fifth member of the band Mike Sapone. The album has been described as being \"bitter about ex-girlfriends\", with an excessive concentration on \"post-breakup angst\", receiving relatively positive reviews, with Allmusic awarding it three out of five and Popmatters also being favourable. It became a moderate success, selling over 50,000 copies. The record deal gave Brand New the opportunity to tour, playing alongside the likes of Taking Back Sunday and touring the UK in support of Finch, to a \"great response\" from the crowds.The only single released from Your Favorite Weapon was Jude Law and a Semester Abroad. The song has been described by Allmusic as a \"semi-hit\", after it received airplay on both MTV2 and Fuse.Deja Entendu (2003\u20132004)Brand New's second studio album was written in \"the year and-a-half or two years\" that they were touring the material off Your Favorite Weapon. According to drummer Brian Lane, \"Jesse wrote a lot of the lyrics about different things than 'I just broke up with my girlfriend' for the new record,\" as Lacey had written the songs on an acoustic guitar in his bedroom. Lane also explained that the band was now influenced by a range of different artists, \"All of us got exposed to a lot of different music that all of us were listening to. For the first we weren't in such close quarters for 24 hours a day. I think that has a lot to do with it.\" Unlike their first album, it was said that a lot of time and concentration went into making the album.The band released Deja Entendu through Razor & Tie\/Triple Crown Records in June 2003, with it being issued in Europe and Australia in October 2003. The album's title, Deja Entendu, is French for \"already heard.\" It was explained as \"very tongue-in-cheek,\" by singer Lacey. Elaborating on the title's meaning, he told MTV, \"No matter who you are or what your band is about, you can't put a record out without people saying it's derivative of something else. So by saying the record's already been heard, it's kind of like saying, 'Yeah, you're right. We're doing something that's already been done before. We're not trying to break new ground in music. We're just trying to make good music.\" The album was described as a \"stylistic leap\" from Your Favorite Weapon, with a \"decidedly matured\" sound. In an interview with Billboard, Lacey said that although Deja Entendu does offer a different sound, the album \"doesn't seem like we're departing from anything, really. I think we always knew that we had a lot of potential and there's a lot of different stuff we were able to do, and a lot of different sounds we wanted to make. Not too long after we recorded the first record, we were already wondering where we were going to go from there.\"Deja Entendu debuted at number 63 on the Billboard 200. After just seven weeks, the album's sales were at more than 51,000 copies, already closing in on the total figure of its predecessor, Your Favorite Weapon. In May 2007, four years after its release, it was certified gold for surpassing 500,000 sales in the United States, by the Recording Industry Association of America.Deja Entendu's first single, The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows, impacted radio airplay in July 2003, a month after the album's release. The song was said to be about regret, or \"How there can be problems in a relationship and they get ignored. And how that often ends up as a broken home or some kind of bad situation down the road. It's kind of something that if it wasn't overlooked in the first place, you can kind of get through it.\" The song's music video chronicles the moments after a severe car accident, where a mortally wounded Lacey cannot depart for the next world until he knows that his girlfriend, also injured in the crash, is safe in this one. He says it \"is about death or losing someone and it's those moments that you kind of look back on your life and realize all the regrets that you had, and all the things you wish you could change\". They also made a music video for the second single, Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades, where Lacey acts like a human voodoo doll; discovering that when he moves a particular body part, it is mimicked by the target of his action. \"Since the song is about taking advantage of someone else,\" he said, \"there's a pretty strong correlation between the video and the song.\" Both music videos gave the band exposure in the mainstream where Your Favorite Weapon went \"virtually unnoticed\", with the videos finding \"constant\" airplay on MTV and the band making its live television debut on The Jimmy Kimmel Show. Furthermore, both singles entered the top 40 on the UK Singles Chart, whilst The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows peaked at number 37 on the Alternative Songs chart.Three shows of the band's 24-date headlining US tour with Moneen, Senses Fail, and The Beautiful Mistake had sold out prior to even having released a single, with much of the buzz surrounding the band being produced by just word of mouth, touring and Internet message boards. Deja Entendu's success also earned them tours alongside New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, Dashboard Confessional, and Blink-182. The band went on to headline The Bamboozle festival with My Chemical Romance, Alkaline Trio, Thrice, The Starting Line, Fall Out Boy, The Bouncing Souls, Straylight Run and Flogging Molly. They also made their second trip to the UK in 2004, their first as the headline act, the tour completely sold out.After being pegged as an act to watch in Rolling Stone's annual \"Hot Issue\", topping punk critics' year-end lists with the \"genre-defying\" Deja Entendu, with it also becoming a \"landmark album of so-called 'emo-punk' and the band's notable underground following; Brand New found itself in the middle of a bidding war from record labels. At the time, Lane protested the label of \"bidding war\", but conceded, \"There's a few labels that are definitely interested. We've been talking to a lot of people for a while and we're narrowing it down.\" The band eventually signed with DreamWorks Records, which was then taken over by Interscope Records.The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me (2005\u20132008)Following their signing to Interscope, Brand New stopped touring to work on their third album and major label debut. In this time, little to no interviews or updates came from the band. In 2004, Jesse Lacey told Chart magazine that he had written a \"few songs\" for the next album, commenting that \"the other guys love it already\". He made mention of the pressure he felt with the \"loads of anticipation building up on my shoulders,\" saying that he even felt depressed because of this; \"I'm getting depressed with all of the anxiety about the album and they say I write my best stuff when I'm in that state. Great, I'll spend the next six months all depressed and the rest of band will be excited, so that some good (material) might come out. And then I have to contend with how it's received.\" Lacey also said that the album would \"move into new territory for Brand New\".In late 2005, Brand New started recording their highly-anticipated third album in Oxford, Mississippi with producer Dennis Herring, but later dropped him in favor of Mike Sapone with whom they had worked on their first album.In January 2006, nine untitled demos recorded for the album were leaked to the Internet. In response to the leak, Garrett Tierney stated \"I would say it did it in a good way 'cause so many people were curious to hear what we have been doing--and for the most part, the record tracks don't sound anything like the leaked demos.\" However, Lacey was not so upbeat when asked, saying, \"For me it was different. It had me pretty down for a while. No one likes to show their creation in mid-process, and those songs weren't done. They were like blueprints. Just the plan, right? It put me in a state where I was under the impression that those songs had been wasted or something\u2014that we had to go and write new things because those had been heard. Now, in retrospect, I want those songs to be on the album and many of them aren't, and I'm probably more to blame for that than anyone. This record already feels incomplete to me without those tracks and probably will forever.\"In the following months, with Brand New doing their first tour dates in over 18 months, a few songs from the demos were performed with a full band, some were fleshed out and had new lyrics. New songs had their debut as well during the summer tour dates. Brand New began their first tour in years on June 20, 2006, where Lacey stated that the album had been completed the previous day.Alternative Press published a preliminary date of October 10, 2006, as the album's release date, this was later corrected on the band's official website (http:\/\/www.fightoffyourdemons.com\/), when it was announced that the new album would be released on November 21, 2006 in North America, and the day before in Europe. Soon after, a track listing and cover art were revealed, as well as new information regarding the release of the first single - Sowing Season. Having previously been leaked as a demo, the completed song began airing on radio on October 19, 2006, and appeared on their MySpace page a day later. According to Lacey in a radio interview with BBC Radio 1s Zane Lowe, the title The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me is taken from a conversation he had with his friend about the musician Daniel Johnston, who has bipolar disorder.In late December 2006, an unusual video was released for the instrumental track Untitled, also known as \"-\", which mainly consists of a man spray painting a wall with \"evil and good are raging Inside me\" and correcting it to give the album title. On January 16, 2007, Jesus Christ was announced as being the official first single from the album. On January 19, the band performed the song on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. They performed it again on February 26 on the Late Show with David Letterman.From January to June 2007, the band toured the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia, including a headline slot on the UK's Give It A Name festival and playing the main stage at The Bamboozle festival. Despite the band's reluctance towards the press around the time of the release of the album, they were featured in Alternative Press, a cover story for Rock Sound, Kerrang!, and NME. The band went on tour for the fall of 2007, with openers Thrice and MewithoutYou. In early 2008, Brand New toured Australia and New Zealand on the Big Day Out festival.In October 2007, the band announced via their official website that a new song, entitled Fork and Knife, would be released online on October 23, 2007. Fork and Knife, a rerecorded version of the track formerly known as \"Untitled 7\" from the leaked demos, was released as a non-album digital download.In March 2008, Brand New started their own record label, named Procrastinate! Music Traitors. The first act signed to the new label was longtime friend Kevin Devine. The first release from the label was a reissue of the 2006 Kevin Devine album, Put Your Ghost to Rest, in April 2008.Daisy (2008\u2013present)In October 2008, it was stated that Brand New was in the studio winding down their new record and were currently recording vocals. Then in December, an update on Brand New's website announced that they had been in and out of the studio since about March, with roughly fifteen tracks to choose from. The album was recorded over a 12 month period from March 2008, with the band announcing in April 2009 that they had commenced mixing with Dave Sardy and that they hoped to release their fourth studio album in the summer of 2009, with potentially, a summer tour to follow. The release date was then delayed to October 2009, which was announced during a live performance at the 2009 Glastonbury Festival, where Brand New played two new songs, tentatively titled \"Bride\" and \"Gasoline\". In June 2009, UK music magazine Rock Sound, claimed on their website that they had received a copy of the upcoming album, though it was, according to an image later posted by the editor, \"incomplete\". The site published a \"tentative\" track listing and reported the incomplete version that they had received to be roughly 30 minutes long.In an interview with Kerrang!, Jesse Lacey commented on the upcoming album's content, \"It's a pretty exhausting record. It's quite dense and I think some of the decisions we made don't always go in the most obvious direction. We were thinking a lot more about what we'd want to play when we were up onstage rather than actually what you'd want to hear on a record.\" He then questioned the future of the band, saying, \"I think a lot of the record is about us trying to make decisions about how long the band should go on. When I listened back to it, I realized how many songs are about something coming to a close, or knowing when it's time to put something away and move on.\"On July 7, it was announced that the album would be titled And One Head Can Never Die (to be typeset and one head can never die) and would be released through Interscope Records on September 22, 2009. However, on July 9 it was announced on the band's website that the album title had been changed to Daisy, still being released on the same day. The album's first single, At the Bottom, was released through digital outlets on 11 August 2009. Daisy saw vocalist Jesse Lacey step back from songwriting and giving the role to guitarist Vincent Accardi along with the other members of the band.Daisy debuted at number six on the Billboard 200 in the US, selling 46,000 records in what was their first top 20 entrance on the chart after The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me had reached number 31.When asked if rumours were true that Daisy would be the band's final release, Lacey replied \"I don't think that will be true. It might be our last full-length record for a little while, but we've got a lot of things lined up that we want to record, so I think that will happen pretty soon.\" In early 2010, drummer Brian Lane stated that Brand New were unsure about how they plan to release music in the future with technology being a factor; \"I don\u2019t know if there\u2019s a point to releasing records if they\u2019re not physical releases, if we're going to release a lot of things digitally then I don\u2019t see why we couldn\u2019t release a song a week or a song a month or just put out what we like from whenever we record.\" Lane also discussed the way the band may release their records in the future, \"We\u2019re talking about recording another album but we don\u2019t know whether it\u2019s going to come out on a label or whether we just release songs in batches.\"On April 28, 2010, at their show in Clifton Park, NY, it was announced that the band is no longer signed to Interscope Records.In mid February, 2011, Brand New updated their website with a background change, along with releasing 5 new tour dates from their Facebook feed. This is the first public activity shown from the band since the early days after the release of their album, Daisy. On April 26, Lacey announced at their Baltimore show that they have been writing material but have had difficulties as they are \"tired of bumming you guys out. We\u2019re trying to write something happy.\"2. Brand New was a funk group active during the 1970's.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/13856_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"100,000 - 200,000"}

Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World formed in Mesa, Arizona, United States in 1993. They are associated with an array of genres including em...

40,000 - 75,000
{"key":"261","name":"Jimmy Eat World","bio":"Jimmy Eat World formed in Mesa, Arizona, United States in 1993. They are associated with an array of genres including emo, alternative rock, indie rock and pop punk. Singer\/guitarist Jim Adkins and drummer Zach Lind, who had been friends since kindergarten, joined forces with co-vocalist\/guitarist Tom Linton and bass player Mitch Porter to try their hand at music. In its early years the band emulated the style of their punk rock influences, and they eventually recorded and released three singles and a full-length, self-titled album on local label Wooden Blue Records.The name Jimmy Eat World did not refer to lead singer Jim Adkins. Tom Linton's younger siblings, Ed and Jimmy, fought constantly when they were younger. Jimmy, who was stronger and heavier, would usually win. On one instance, Ed, as revenge, drew a picture with crayons of Jimmy shoving the entire world into his gaping mouth with the caption, \"Jimmy eat world.\" The picture, and by extension the band name, may have been inspired by an episode of the cartoon show 'Tiny Toon Adventures', where the main characters put on a student film festival. Dizzy Devil's film, \"Dizzy Eat World\", was a 5 second piece drawn crudely in crayon where Dizzy's gaping jaw engulfed the Earth.In 1995 the band signed to Capitol Records. Around this time bass player Mitch parted ways with the band and was replaced by Linton's friend Rick Burch. After a brief scouting for producers, the band joined up with Drive Like Jehu drummer Mark Trombino to record their debut album Static Prevails.In 1998 the band entered the studio again to record their follow-up, Clarity. Clarity was released in 1999, the band released a video for Lucky Denver Mint, which also featured on the soundtrack for the film Never Been Kissed. The band was dropped by Capitol in 1999. They released Singles in 2000 and some splits. In 2001 working for a third time with Trombino, the band recorded the album Bleed American. After searching for a new label, they eventually signed with Dreamworks. The completed album was released in July 2001. The current issue of the CD originally known as Bleed American was re-released as Jimmy Eat World after the September 11, 2001 attacks. Four singles were released: Bleed American, The Middle (Reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 100), Sweetness (Reached #75) and A Praise Chorus (Reached #16 on the Billboard Modern Rock chart). The song The Authority Song was used as the theme music for the popular teen film 'Van Wilder'. The Middle landed Jimmy Eat World in the mainstream,and while Sweetness did a little worse, it still found success. Bleed American went platinum in a few months.After lengthy touring in support of Bleed American the band regrouped to work on the follow-up in early 2004. Once again the band joined up with Trombino but the collaboration was short-lived. The band decided to part ways with Trombino, instead bringing in producer Gil Norton, well-known for his work with Pixies and Foo Fighters. Futures was released in October 2004 with lead single Pain immediately finding success in alternative radio and reaching #93 on the Billboard Hot 100. By this time, Dreamworks had been acquired by the much larger Interscope. Work and Futures became the other two singles to be released from the album, reaching #3 and #27 on the Billboard Modern Rock chart respectively. Simultaneous to the album launch was the release of a deluxe edition which included both the original album and demo versions of the same tracks. Additional demos from the Trombino sessions were later made available through the Jimmy Eat World Message Board, two of which, entitled Coming Home and Lying Dressed, would later become Disintegration and Closer, both of which featured on the Stay On My Side Tonight EP. Futures went gold by the end of 2004.In 2004, the song Just Tonight appeared on the Electronic Arts video game \"Burnout 3\", and later that year Pain appeared on the Activision title; \"Tony Hawk's Underground 2\" as well as Rockstar's \"Midnight Club 3\".The band later released an EP entitled Stay On My Side Tonight, released online on September 13, 2005, and on CD on October 4 of the same year. The EP featured songs recorded with producer Landon Stark as (unused) demos for the Futures album, as well as a cover of the Heatmiser song, Half Right and a remixed version of the song Drugs Or Me from the Futures album.After a lengthy tour with Green Day, a joint-headliner with Taking Back Sunday across the US and sold-out concerts in Europe, Australia and Japan, the band regrouped to begin writing the follow-up to Futures in February 2006. A video series entitled 'A World of Adventure' was made available through the band's website during the tour, focusing mainly on guitarist Tom Linton.Recording sessions for Jimmy Eat World's album, Chase This Light began on August 7, 2006. After a lengthy writing and recording period the mixing for this album began in June 2007. The lead single, Big Casino, was released on August 28 and the album itself on October 16. The album debuted at #5 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart selling about 62,000 copies in its first week. It also contains the song Carry You, originally written for Jim Adkins' side project, Go Big Casino.The song Electable (Give It Up) from their 2007 album Chase This Light features in the Electronic Arts game \"Burnout Paradise\".The band's seventh album, Invented, was released on 28th September 2010 with the second track, My Best Theory, being released as a digital download single on 10th August 2010. The reception was good and sold just under 40,000 units in the first week. It's the first album that contains a song sung by guitarist Tom Linton since Clarity.After having troubles finding a label, Jimmy Eat World eventually released their eight album, Damage, on 10th June 2013, with the track \"I Will Steal You Back\" released as a single and \"Damage\" released on Record Store Day along with a cover of \"Stop Whispering\" by Radiohead.In 2014 they went on a world tour to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their hit album Futures, playing it from start to finish.The band's official website can be found at http:\/\/www.jimmyeatworld.com\/.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/261_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"40,000 - 75,000"}

All Time Low

All Time Low is an American pop punk band formed in Baltimore, Maryland, United States in 2003 when Alex Gaskarth (lead ...

40,000 - 75,000
{"key":"19829","name":"All Time Low","bio":"All Time Low is an American pop punk band formed in Baltimore, Maryland, United States in 2003 when Alex Gaskarth (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards) was in middle school, he was taken out of private school to public school, where he met Jack Barakat (lead guitar, backing vocals), his best friend, and put the band together and later recruited Rian Dawson (drums, percussion), and Zack Merrick (bass guitar, backing vocals). The band's name came from a line in the song Head On Collision by the band New Found Glory. Early on All Time Low mostly performed covers of songs by bands like Green Day, blink-182, and New Found Glory. Since their debut, they have released 6 studio albums: The Party Scene (2005), So Wrong, It's Right (2007), Nothing Personal (2009), Dirty Work (2011), Don't Panic (2012), and Future Hearts (2015) as well as their first live album, Straight to DVD (2010). They have also released couple EPs, most notably, Put Up or Shut Up (2006), and MTV Unplugged (2010). As of April 2015, they have sold more than 1.2 million albums worldwide, received 4 Top 10 albums, and one Platinum single, one Gold single in the US.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/19829_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"40,000 - 75,000"}

The Used

The Used is an American alternative rock band from Orem, Utah. Their sound has been classified under many sub-genres of ...

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{"key":"20071","name":"The Used","bio":"The Used is an American alternative rock band from Orem, Utah. Their sound has been classified under many sub-genres of rock. They signed with Reprise Records in late 2001 and rose to fame in June 2002 after releasing their debut self-titled album, The Used. Soon after a CD\/DVD package named \"Maybe Memories\" was released containing unheard demos and a \"behind the scenes\" story of the band\/band's past. They followed up with their second album, In Love And Death, in September 2004 and their third album, Lies For The Liars, in May 2007. An EP, Shallow Believer, was released in February 2008 that featured most of the band's B-sides to date. They spent the entire year of 2008 working on their fourth studio album, Artwork, which was released September 1st, 2009. The band has achieved both Gold and Platinum statuses in over 6 countries worldwide. Speaking with Songfactsin a 2012 interview, The Used bassist Jeph Howard said that \"A Box Full of Sharp Objects\" is probably his favorite song by the band.A few years ago, while preparing to send the album art for b-side collection Shallow Believer to his record label, Bert McCracken scrawled the word \u201cArtwork\u201d across its cover in silver ink. The sentiment, which, to Bert and his bandmates in The Used, resonated with both extreme simplicity and indescribable complexity, said everything without really having to say anything. Now, the Utah band has titled their fourth full-length album with that very word: Artwork. The group started writing the album after finishing the Taste of Chaos International tour in 2007, slowly collecting and jamming out ideas with no concrete intention beyond making the songs as dirty as possible. The Used, whose last album, 2007\u2019s Lies For the Liars, debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard Top 200, spent the first half of 2008 in LA exploring and refining these ideas, eventually piecing tangential riffs and melodies into a scattering of songs that contained a surprisingly cohesive sensibility. The band members dubbed the music they were writing \u201cgross pop,\u201d their own new genre of hook-laden numbers that pushed the boundaries of the grotesque. Tracking for the album began in June of 2008 with producer Matt Squire and eventually concluded in February of 2009, primarily at LA studios The Lair and NRG. Between a few sporadic tours, the band spent about three months total recording with Squire where they allowed their creativity to dictate when they worked on something. \u201cI wouldn\u2019t say it was hard to make any of the record but it definitely was time consuming,\u201d Bert says. \u201cWe worked on our time table. The band allowed me to create when I was able to create, which was a good thing. I didn\u2019t feel pressure to force things. There was no specific time I had to do anything. If we were in the studio and I\u2019d been working on lyrics for five hours and nothing came out, we would just try again tomorrow.\u201dIn the studio Squire approached the recording process with a laid-back attitude the band both appreciated and needed. The decision to work with a new producer after establishing a longtime relationship with producer John Feldman, who was at the helm of the band\u2019s past three albums (Lies For the Liars, as well as 2004\u2019s In Love and Death and 2002\u2019s The Used, both of which were certified gold), was derived from a simple desire for change. The Used wanted to see what would happen if they entered the studio with someone different, a process guitarist Quinn Allman compares to \u201cbreaking up with your girlfriend not because you don\u2019t love her but because you need to try something new.\u201d\u201cIt wasn\u2019t that we absolutely didn\u2019t want to work with Feldman or that we absolutely wanted to work with Squire,\u201d Bert explains. \u201cIt was more that the band needed a change. We wanted to try something different and have it sound a lot different. It took a few weeks for us to get a vibe for each, but once we got used to it, it was really easy. Squire brought in this willingness to try anything and an open mind and a good attitude. I feel like he was really in touch with what the band wanted to do and he was really supportive of our ideas.\u201dThe result is a raw collection of twelve songs that not so delicately teeter the line between being aggressively discordant and charmingly hooky. The first single \u201cBlood On My Hands,\u201d which Quinn describes as the song that \u201csums up everything about The Used,\u201d is confined chaos, brutally thrashing one moment and proffering a pop-driven, sing-along chorus the next. \u201cEmpty With You,\u201d a track Bert says is \u201cabout feeling empty and lonely but as long as you have someone who can feel lonely with you then everything\u2019s okay,\u201d surges with passion and gripping honesty, while \u201cCut Yourself\u201d balances the album\u2019s predilection for propulsive rage with its quieter, piano-driven exploration of what it means to have someone to lean on. \u201cThis record is more sincere,\u201d Quinn says. \u201cIt\u2019s got a sound more reminiscent of the first record. Lyrically, it completely engulfs you and makes you feel safe but it\u2019s all about feeling alone and empty and knowing there\u2019s always a light. If you\u2019re frustrated that much it means you care that much. The lyrics carry you through the record and you\u2019re right with Bert and where he\u2019s at. The music isn\u2019t showing off. It\u2019s just being what it is. I think the fans will appreciate all that.\u201d\u201cThis record is about coming together,\u201d Bert adds. \u201cWhether it\u2019s through positivity or negativity, it\u2019s about coming together through anything.\u201dArtwork encapsulates the past eight years of a band that\u2019s played tours and festivals like Warped Tour, Ozzfest, Projek Revolution, Give It a Name, Reading and Leeds and SxSW, and sold over two million albums in the States alone, while simultaneously urging them forward. It\u2019s a collaborative effort that drew The Used closer together during its creation. It\u2019s about love and mortality and the basic human emotions we all experience every day. It\u2019s biting and gritty, and it\u2019s melodic and catchy. It\u2019s a new chapter for a band that\u2019s constantly sought to redefine the bounds of pop music\u2014and have always successfully done so. It\u2019s a reminder, as Bert says, \u201cwe\u2019re all artists creating our own art just by living it.\u201d \u201cI Come Alive\u201d is the first single from The Used's fifth album, Vulnerable. It is the first release on the band's own label, Anger Music Group, an imprint of Hopeless Records. The song was released on January 17, 2012. (I Come Alive Songfacts).","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/20071_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Dallas Green

Dallas Green (born September 29, 1980) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician, most notable for his work as guitar...

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{"key":"105267","name":"Dallas Green","bio":"Dallas Green (born September 29, 1980) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician, most notable for his work as guitarist and singer for the post-hardcore band Alexisonfire and his acoustic folk solo career under the pseudo-name City And Colour.www.theonlybandever.comwww.myspace.com\/alexisonfirewww.cityandcolour.cawww.myspace.com\/dallasgreen","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/105267_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

The All-American Rejects

The All-American Rejects are an American rock band formed in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1999. The band consists of lead voc...

50,000 - 100,000
{"key":"287","name":"The All-American Rejects","bio":"The All-American Rejects are an American rock band formed in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1999. The band consists of lead vocalist, bass guitarist, and pianist Tyson Ritter, lead guitarist Nick Wheeler, rhythm guitarist Mike Kennerty, and drummer and percussionist Chris Gaylor.The band achieved mainstream success with their debut self-titled studio album The All-American Rejects released in 2003 by Dreamworks Records. The album was certified platinum by the RIAA and spawned the single \"Swing, Swing\".The band's second album Move Along brought the band further mainstream success in 2005, producing the hit singles, \"Dirty Little Secret\", \"Move Along\" and \"It Ends Tonight\", all of which charted in the top fifteen on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, while Move Along was certified double platinum by the RIAA.Their third studio album When the World Comes Down was released in 2008 and was later certified gold by the RIAA. Its lead single \"Gives You Hell\" became The All-American Rejects' most successful song to date, peaking at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and the top 5 in many other countries. \"Gives You Hell\" was certified 4\u00d7 multi-platinum for sales of over 4 million in the United States by the RIAA. Kids in the Street, the band's fourth studio album, was released March 26, 2012 and debuted at #18 on the US Billboard 200 chart.Since the start of their career, The All-American Rejects have sold over 10 million albums worldwide and were ranked No. 73 on the \"Hot 100 Artists of the 2000s\" and No. 183 on Billboard magazine's \"Billboard 200 Artists of the Decade\" list.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/287_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"50,000 - 100,000"}

Coheed and Cambria

Coheed and Cambria is an American rock band from Nyack, New York. Formed in 2001, the group incorporates aspects of prog...

50,000 - 100,000
{"key":"26643","name":"Coheed and Cambria","bio":"Coheed and Cambria is an American rock band from Nyack, New York. Formed in 2001, the group incorporates aspects of progressive rock, punk rock, metal and post-hardcore.All of Coheed and Cambria's albums are concept albums that reveal a science fiction storyline called The Amory Wars, a story written by lead singer Claudio Sanchez, which has been transcribed into a series of comic books, as well as a full length novel. The band has released five studio albums, three live albums, and several special-edition releases. In 2008, the band held a four-day concert series, Neverender, during which they played their first four studio albums in succession. Their fifth studio album, Year of the Black Rainbow, which is a prequel to the series, was released on April 13, 2010.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/26643_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"50,000 - 100,000"}

Alkaline Trio

Alkaline Trio are a punk rock band from Chicago, Illinois consisting of Matt Skiba (guitar/vocals), Dan Andriano (bass/v...

40,000 - 75,000
{"key":"19855","name":"Alkaline Trio","bio":"Alkaline Trio are a punk rock band from Chicago, Illinois consisting of Matt Skiba (guitar\/vocals), Dan Andriano (bass\/vocals), and Derek Grant (drums\/backing vocals). Their music is characterized by dark lyrics, catchy hooks, fast tempos and recurring subjects of alcoholism, depression, shattered relationships, drugs and death.The band formed in December of 1996, originally consisting of Skiba, Rob Doran (bass\/vocals), and Glenn Porter (drums\/vocals). 1997 saw the release of the band's first EP, Sundials. This was followed shortly after by the departure of Doran. He was replaced by Andriano, who had been the singer for Tuesday and bassist for the ska band Slapstick. The band released their second EP, entitled For Your Lungs Only, in 1998, which began to build them a sizable fan base in the American Midwest. Later that year, they released their first full-length album, Goddamnit, followed by Maybe I'll Catch Fire in 2000. Both were released on Asian Man Records. Also in 2000, the band released a collection of their previously-released EPs on a self-titled album.Following the success of their Asian Man releases, Alkaline Trio signed to Vagrant. Joined by new drummer Mike Felumlee (previously of the Smoking Popes), From Here to Infirmary was released in 2001. It was their first album to see any interest from alternative radio and the mainstream media, with the semi-hit punk single \"Stupid Kid\" and the inclusion of the song \"Armageddon\" on the Tony Hawk's Underground as well as Tony Hawks American Wasteland video games. Their cover of \"Over at the Frankenstein Place\" was included in the compilation The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show, an album made to pay tribute to the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show.After the release, Felumlee left the band too and was replaced by Grant, previously of The Suicide Machines.Their next full-length album was Good Mourning, released in 2003, with the album's launch single \"We've Had Enough\" seeing a considerable amount of commercial success. The album was a significant departure from earlier works, featuring greater production value and a noticeable move toward a more mainstream sound.The band has also appeared on various compilation albums, notably Plea for Peace Vol. 1 and Rock Against Bush Vol. 1. Skiba and Andriano have both independently recorded split records, Skiba with Kevin Seconds on Asian Man Records and Andriano with Mike Felumlee on Double Zero Records, as well as jointly performing backing vocal duties on the album This is Unity Music by Common Rider. They have also recorded two split EPs with bands who are no longer together: one with Hot Water Music in 2000 and the other with One Man Army in 2004.Alkaline Trio released their fifth studio album on Vagrant Records, entitled Crimson, on May 24, 2005, which featured the single \"Time to Waste.\" The single for this song also included bonus tracks produced by Mass Giorgini. The tracks \"Mercy Me\" and \"Burn\" have also been released as singles from the album.In 2004 Andriano became a member of The Falcon, a super-group of consisting of The Lawrence Arms' bassist\/co-vocalist Brendan Kelly (with who he had played with in Slapstick), and Neil Hennessy, drummer from The Lawrence Arms. The band released a 5-song EP in 2004, and its first full-length Unicornography in September of 2006.In 2006 Matt Skiba collaborated with Josiah Steinbrick for the band Heavens. In 2008 Alkaline Trio released Agony & Irony on Epic Records. The album charted at #13 on the Billboard 200.Alkaline Trio's 7th studio album, This Addiction,was released on February 23rd 2010. This was their first album under their own label, Heart & Skull, an offshoot of Epitaph, and the album debuted at #11 on the Billboard 200, making it the highest the band has ever charted to date.Alkaline Trio's eighth studio album, Damnesia,, was released July 12, 2011. Consisting of \"a selection of beloved fan favorites selected from the group's extensive catalogue and presented in an intimate semi-unplugged format\", the album also included two new songs, \"Olde English 800\" and \"I Remember a Rooftop\", as well as a cover version of the Violent Femmes' \"I Held Her in My Arms\".","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/19855_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"40,000 - 75,000"}


Alexisonfire (pronounced 'alexis-on-fire') was a band from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Their music was characterize...

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{"key":"24191","name":"Alexisonfire","bio":"Alexisonfire (pronounced 'alexis-on-fire') was a band from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Their music was characterized by turbulent and explosive dynamics with intricate guitar melodies. Consisting of five friends, they formed in late 2001 as the result of a three-band break up. In August 2011, it was announced on their website that they had broken up as members expressed interests in other projects.The band\u2019s name is inspired by a lactating contortionist stripper named Alexis Fire. This caused problems when she discovered that they were using her website name (alexisonfire.com) as their band name, and threatened to sue. However, since she had never trademarked the title nothing became of these threats. In the end, the band decided to change their website\u2019s URL in spite to theonlybandever.comAlexisonfire\u2019s lyrical topics range from relationship troubles to go-karting. They have two primary vocalists, screaming duties carried out by George Pettit, and singing by Dallas Green, with support from Wade MacNeil.While their largest fanbase was in their home country of Canada, they also became more popular in other parts of the world, including Japan, Australia, Europe and the US. In the second half of 2010, they toured Australia with Break Even, Europe with Chickenhawk and The Computers and then Canada with Norma Jean and La Dispute.The band was nominated for \"ugliest rock band ever\" at the CASBY awards (held by local Toronto radio station) but lost out to another Canadian born band, Sum 41. In 2010 they then won the \"Best New Single\" Award for their track The Northern.Members:* George Pettit - Vocals (2001-2011)* Dallas Green - Guitar and vocals (2001-2011)* Wade MacNeil - Guitar and vocals (2001-2011)* Jordan 'Ratbeard' Hastings - Drums (2005-2011)* Chris Steele - Bass (2001-2011t)Former Members:Jesse Ingelevics - Drums (2001-2005)Announced on their website on June 14th 2005 that he was leaving the band because he had slowly grown apart from the band, and wanted to spend more time with his family and fianc\u00e9e. His relationship with Alexisonfire slowly deteriorated, and \"keep it on wax\" documented this.Side Projects* City and Colour - Dallas Green's solo project.* Black Lungs - A band formed by Wade MacNeil as lead vocalist, originally featuring George Pettit playing bass and Jordan Hastings on drums and Sean McNabb. After a few shows disolved to being Wade's solo project.* Strange Notes - A project of George's where he interviews people from different bands.* Hunter - A band where drummer Jordan Hastings plays with some members from Moneen.Discography* \"Math Sheet Demos\" (3 Song Demo) - 2001* \"Pink Heart Skull Sampler\" (2 Song Demo) - 2002* \"Alexisonfire\" (Debut Album) - 2002* \"Brown Heart Skull Sampler\" (2 Song Demo) - 2004* \"Watch Out!\" (Album) - 2004* \"The Switcheroo Series\" (EP, split with Moneen) - 2005* \"Crisis\" (Album) - 2006* \"Crisis (Bonus Tracks)\" (Two Songs, download only, but appeared on the Japanese Pressing of the album) - 2006* \"Old Crows \/ Young Cardinals\" (Album) - 2009* \"Old Crows \/ Young Cardinals (Bonus Tracks)\" (Two Songs, download only, but appeared on the Japanese Pressing of the album) - 2009* \"iTunes Original\" (EP) - 2010* \"Dog's Blood\" (EP) - 2010FutureThe band broke up in August 2011, despite claims of future material.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/24191_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Dashboard Confessional

Dashboard Confessional is an emo group started in 2000, by Chris Carrabba in Boca Raton, Florida, as a side project from...

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{"key":"26373","name":"Dashboard Confessional","bio":"Dashboard Confessional is an emo group started in 2000, by Chris Carrabba in Boca Raton, Florida, as a side project from his band Further Seems Forever.Chris recorded his first album, The Swiss Army Romance, in 2000. The following year, he recorded Further Seems Forever's debut album The Moon Is Down. However, he left the band soon after the album's release, instead recording and releasing his sophomore album The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most, as well as a follow-up EP titled So Impossible.By 2002, three other musicians had joined the band, including former Further Seems Forever band mate Jerry Castellanos and started the process of recording the band's next album. After the success of his second album, Carrabba was asked to perform on MTV Unplugged, and the subsequent release marked the first time many of the songs were recorded with a full band.Also in 2002, the music video for \"Screaming Infidelities\" won the coveted MTV2 award at the MTV Video Music Awards, beating out Norah Jones, The Strokes, The Hives, Nappy Roots and Musiq. This video starred Chris in both the performance and the storyline. The video was directed by Maureen Egan and Matthew Barry.In 2003, the band released its third album A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar. Peaking at #2 on the United States Billboard charts, the album proved to be the band's most commercially-viable album yet. In the summer of 2004, Dashboard Confessional recorded the song \"Vindicated\" for the film Spider-Man 2. The song was featured on the soundtrack and played over the film's end credits. Because of this, the band gained a sizable audience for their next release the following summer.In May of 2005, Dashboard Confessional entered the studio to record their fourth album with acclaimed producer, Daniel Lanois. The album was released on June 27, 2006; its first single was \"Don't Wait\". Following the release of Dusk and Summer, Dashboard Confessional went on a summer tour of the U.S. with special guests Say Anything and Ben Lee, followed by a co-headlining arena tour with alternative rock band Brand New.In 2007, the band released its follow-up to Dusk and Summer, The Shade of Poison Trees.During an interview with Billboard posted on September 11, 2007, Carrabba stated that he is 14 tracks into what would be the band's sixth studio album. He is also unsure about when it would be recorded, but plans to have 30 tracks to draw from. It may be a concept album: \"only with the last three has it become, like, 'All right, these have a continuity and there's something going on,' so I'm excited to see where that leads\".The album, titled 'Alter The Ending', was released November 10 2009 (US). A two disc version of the album is available. In this edition, the first disc consists of full band workings of the twelve tracks while the second disc features acoustic versions akin to the first two Dashboard Confessional albums.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/26373_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"40,000 - 75,000"}


Thrice is an American post-hardcore/experimental rock band that formed in Irvine, California in 1998. The lineup consist...

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{"key":"23904","name":"Thrice","bio":"Thrice is an American post-hardcore\/experimental rock band that formed in Irvine, California in 1998. The lineup consists of Dustin Kensrue (vocals and guitar), Teppei Teranishi (guitar, keys), Eddie Breckenridge (bass), and Riley Breckenridge (drums).In 2000, Thrice signed with Sub City Records and released two LP's. The first, Identity Crisis (2000), only received 1.5 stars in the AMG review and little buzz. The second, The Illusion of Safety (2002), was widely acclaimed and received attention from major record labels. Even though Thrice's music has always included some metal influences, The Illusion of Safety contained a heavier metalcore sound. The album was recorded in Beltsville, Maryland and the track The Beltsville Crucible reflects this.In 2003 Thrice signed up with Island Records and released The Artist in the Ambulance, which featured more structured songs while keeping true to their hardcore influences. In 2005 a DVD outlining their entire career to date was released under the title If We Could Only See Us Now. It included a CD with live tracks from the Apple Store and various b-sides.Thrice released their fourth full-length album, Vheissu, on October 18, 2005. The album was characterized by many critics as being experimentally different, using non-traditional Thrice elements in the process. From keyboard melodies (\"For Miles\") to Japanese music-box undertones (\"Music Box\") to chain gang chant choruses (\"The Earth Will Shake\"), Vheissu introduced a new sound to the band's post-hardcore roots. UK producer Steve Osborne, whose past credits include many Brit-pop hits, was sought by Thrice to gain a new perspective on the songwriting process, enabling the band to expand their musical influences and produce a different album. The album garnered widespread critical acclaim and peaked at #15 on the Billboard 200.The band releasedRed Sky, an EP comprised of various b-sides as well as live recordings, shortly after Vheissu.Thrice released the first and second volume of The Alchemy Index, a highly experimental project based on the four traditional elements (fire, water, earth, and air), on October 16th 2007. Over the summer Thrice parted ways with Island records and signed with Vagrant. The Alchemy Index Vols. I & II - Fire & Water was released on October 16, 2007, and sold 28,000 copies in its first week. The album consists of the first two volumes, Fire and Water, and features 12 songs, 6 on each disk. The third and fourth volumes, Air & Earth were released on April 15, 2008.The \"Fire\" disc features the heavier post-hardcore sound traditional Thrice fans will quickly embrace, harking back to their pre-Vheissu albums. The \"Water\" disc, however, is comprised of ambient songs similar to those found in Vheissu, Thrice's previous album release. The \"Air\" disc brings a whole new element of electronic elements and delayed guitar riffs to Thrice's sound. In \"Earth\", much like Dustin Kensrue's solo album, \"Please Come Home\", Thrice introduces an indie-folk sound combining intricate piano and acoustic homo guitar.Thrice's sixth studio album Beggars was released digitally through Vagrant Records in the UK on August 9, 2009 and in the US on August 11 with a physical release containing bonus material pencilled in for September 15. These dates deviate from the original proposed release date of October 13 because of a leak via Vagrant Records web player, which has meant the artwork for the album has also changed. The first single to be taken from the album is All the World Is Mad and was first made available through Guitar Hero: World Tour on July 23.Dustin Kensrue has described the album as being \"more visceral and more raw - both in the songwriting and in the overall sound. It moves with a different energy than any of our past records. It was born out of us playing together in a room, almost as a backlash to the giant headgame that was The Alchemy Index\" and has been well received critically. The seventh studio album Major\/Minor came out on September 20, 2011 through Vagrant Records. Yellow Belly, Promises and a few other songs were made available for the listeners to stream online before the release date. The album received extremely positive reviews from many online websites. Alex Djaferis of Absolutepunk.net gave Major\/Minor a rating of 95%. Tracks like Promises and Listen Through Me reflected a natural progression from the sound Thrice created in Beggars, which was widely appreciated by the early listeners. Thrice decided to take a break from being a full time band on November 21, 2011. In late spring\/early summer Thrice announced the 'Farewell' tour for the spring\/summer of 2012 , which would be the bands final tour before going into an indefinite hiatus.In early 2015 it was announced that the band intends to release new music and tour again. Announcements were done via the bands website http:\/\/www.thrice.net\/ and social media outlets with an accompanying picture with \"Thrice 2015\" text.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/23904_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


Underoath (occasionally typeset as underOATH or UNDERĂ˜ATH) is an American metalcore band originally formed on November ...

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{"key":"2883","name":"Underoath","bio":"Underoath (occasionally typeset as underOATH or UNDER\u00d8ATH) is an American metalcore band originally formed on November 30, 1997 in Ocala, Florida, but later relocated to Tampa, Florida, which was home to some of their newer members. \t\t\tDuring the band's early years, when they were fronted by former vocalist Dallas Taylor, Underoath displayed a heavier style than their later, more well-known work, incorporating disparate influences from death and black metal. With Taylor, they released Act of Depression, Cries of the Past, and The Changing of Times. Following Taylor's departure, Spencer Chamberlain became lead vocalist. The band then released They're Only Chasing Safety and Define the Great Line, gaining a certified gold rating and the highest-charting Christian album on The Billboard 200 since 1997, respectively. These two albums have given them more mainstream and commercial success. They're Only Chasing Safety marked an extreme departure from their earlier work, with extensive use of clean vocals and poppy rhythms, and a near-complete eradication of breakdowns and the use of double-bass. Define The Great Line reflected another shift in style, once again incorporating heavier styles into Underoath's sound. While the album still featured extensive clean vocals, its use of heavier vocals, detuned guitars, and Botch-inspired guitar work paved the way for Underoath's future.\t Underoath released a live album called Survive, Kaleidoscope on May 27, 2008. Earlier that year, the band recorded a new studio album called Lost in the Sound of Separation, which was released on September 2, 2008, peaking at number 8 on the Billboard 200. In April 2010, Aaron Gillespie announced his resignation from the band, stating that there are no hard feelings and that he will continue to pursue his other band, The Almost, leaving Underoath with none of its founding members.The band recorded their seventh album with new drummer Daniel Davison, formerly of Norma Jean. The album, \u00d8 (Disambiguation), was released on November 9, 2010.In October 2012, Underoath announced that they would be disbanding the following year, in addition to a career-spanning compilation album, Anthology: 1999\u20132013, which was released on November 6, 2012. The band then embarked on a nine-date farewell tour, which wrapped up at Jannus Live in St. Petersburg, Florida on January 26, 2013.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/2883_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Escape the Fate

Escape the Fate is a post-hardcore band which formed in 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The band currently con...

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{"key":"24212","name":"Escape the Fate","bio":"Escape the Fate is a post-hardcore band which formed in 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The band currently consists of Craig Mabbitt (vocals), Bryan \"Monte\" Money (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Max Green (bass) and Robert Ortiz (drums). Their self-titled third studio album was released on November 2, 2010, first on the major label, DGC\/Interscope, and their most successful album to date.Before forming Escape the Fate, vocalist Ronnie Radke, bassist Max Green, drummer Robert Ortiz, lead guitarist Bryan Monte Money, and rhythm guitarist Omar Espinosa were in multiple bands together.In September 2005, Escape the Fate had won a local radio contest judged by My Chemical Romance. The gig awarded them the opportunity to open a show on the band's headlining tour with Alkaline Trio and Reggie and the Full Effect, which subsequently led to Escape the Fate's record deal with Epitaph.On May 23, 2006, the band released their debut EP titled There's No Sympathy for the Dead. The EP included two songs that were later on their full length album, Dying Is Your Latest Fashion. The EP was produced by Michael Baskette and helped earn the band attention from record labels and fans alike. After the EP's release, keyboardist Carson Allen left the band to join On the Last Day.On September 26, 2006 the band released their first full-length album, Dying Is Your Latest Fashion.In 2007, during the Black on Black tour, rhythm guitarist Omar Espinosa left the band due to personal issues.Ronnie Radke was asked to leave the band after he was sentenced to prison in June 2008 for multiple run-ins with the law involving narcotics and battery for a fight that led up to the death of Michael Cook. As stated by Max Green, \"First we couldn't tour out of the country, then out of the state.\"After the departure of Radke, former Blessthefall vocalist Craig Mabbitt joined the band, first as a temporary replacement, and then as a permanent member.This War Is Ours was released on October 21, 2008. It included the singles \"The Flood\", \"Something\", \"10 Miles Wide\", and \"This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II)\". It was the first Escape the Fate album featuring Craig Mabbitt as the vocalist.Escape the Fate announced via a MySpace bulletin that they would film a video for \"This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II)\" on January 9, 2010. It was filmed at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana, California.On February 15, 2010, Epitaph Records announced the re-release of the This War Is Ours album in deluxe CD\/DVD edition. The CD includes two new never before heard songs, later identified to be \"Bad Blood\" and \"Behind the Mask\", an acoustic version of \"Harder Than You Know\", and an unreleased remix of \"This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II)\" called \"This War Is Mine\", remixed by the Shawn Crahan. It also came with a DVD that featured the new music video to \"This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II)\", as well as \"Something\", \"The Flood\", and \"10 Miles Wide\". It also comes with a world tour documentary and a behind the music feature. It released April 27, 2010.In an interview during Warped Tour 2009, Max Green stated that the album will feature a song co-written by Mick Mars of M\u00f6tley Cr\u00fce, who approached Escape the Fate to collaborate on some songs, but later was revealed that they decided against putting the song on the album and saving for a future release.Starting July 24, 2010, they set off on tour for South and Central America, the country's toured are Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela.On July 26, 2010, Escape the Fate announced via MySpace some new updates on the album. They officially said that the new record will be released through major record label, DGC\/Interscope, and produced by Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Bullet For My Valentine, Hollywood Undead). Its release was set for November 2nd, 2010. Max Green commented on it, saying, \"This record is the cure for the modern day music epidemic, We are wiping the slate clean and re-writing rock music as you know it.\u201d Escape The Fate were set to take on a United States, Canada, and Europe tour prior to release of the album, with Bullet For My Valentine, Drive A and Black Tide, but later forfeited their spot due to Max Green admitting to rehab.On August 31, 2010, the band released the album's first single, \"Massacre.\" Their second single, and first official one to be released to radio stations, \"Issues\", from the self titled album, Escape the Fate, leaked via KROQ Radio on the 9th of September, and later officially released the single, \"Issues\", on September 15, 2010. The music video of \"Issues\", premiered September 28 on Youtube. December 21, the next single released was \"City of Sin\" with a music video for it on Youtube.On January 11, 2011, the band performed live in \"Tues Show\" (Fuel.tv) the song \"Issues\" and \"Gorgeous Nightmare\" with the special collaboration of Kevin Thrasher (of Lovehatehero). On June 15, 2011, the band release a music video for their next single off the self-titled album, \"Gorgeous Nightmare\". The video was directed by Robby Starbuck, who has previously worked with Asking Alexandria and Silverstein. On August 19, 2011, the band announced via Facebook that Monte Money would be taking a break from touring but will still be in the band. Kevin Thrasher, who has worked with the band in the past, will be substituting for Monte. It was also announced that Max Green returned to the band after taking a break through the first half of 2011 to recover from his addiction with drugs through rehab. \u201cI\u2019m feeling great and am glad to be back with my band. Escape The Fate is my life. This is where I belong.\u201d, Max Green said. After they played a couple of shows on the 2011 Uproar Festival, Max, again, left the band and Zakk Sandler, from Black Tide (who was also playing Uproar), filled in for him.Tj Bell, currently bassist of Get Scared once again filled in for bassist Max Green on the bands UK tour with Funeral For A Friend, who had previously filled in for Green on their tour with Papa Roach.In mid-December 2011, the band re-entered the studio to work on the production of their fourth album. The album will be produced by John Feldmann and is scheduled for release some time in 2012. It is currently unknown if Max Green has returned to the band to play bass on the upcoming album or if the band hired a new bassist. However, there is much speculation as to former Motionless In White and current Get Scared bassist TJ Bell will be taking over on bass due to the band tweeting pictures of him recording in the studio, plus his recent touring history with the band filling in for Max Green.On December 27, Craig Mabbitt posted on his official Facebook page that he will be recording music for his new side-project all through January 2012 and recording for Escape the Fate all through February. He commented that since they are recording with John Feldmann again, who they worked with on their second album,This War Is Ours, the style of the upcoming album will be similar to This War Is Ours but will also have elements of their self-titled album added in. He teased a big upcoming announcement as well.Current members:Robert Ortiz - drums, percussion, backing vocals (2004\u2013present)Max Green - bass guitar, backing vocals (2004-2012, 2013\u2013present)Craig Mabbitt - lead vocals (2008\u2013present)Thomas \"TJ\" Bell - rhythm guitar (2013-present), bass guitar (2012-2013), (touring 2011-2012)Kevin \"Thrasher\" Gruft - lead guitar (2013\u2013present), (touring 2011)Former members:Carson Allen - keyboards, synthesizers, vocals (2005\u20132006)Omar Espinosa - rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2004\u20132007)Ronnie Radke - lead vocals (2004\u20132008)Bryan \"Monte\" Money - lead guitar, backing vocals (2004-2013)Michael Money - rhythm guitar (2012\u20132013), (touring 2008-2012)Discography:1. Dying Is Your Latest Fashion (September 26, 2006)2. This War Is Ours (October 21, 2008)3. Escape the Fate (November 2, 2010)4. Ungrateful (May 14, 2013)","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/24212_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Circa Survive

Circa Survive is an alternative rock band consisting of former Saosin vocalist Anthony Green and members of the now-defu...

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{"key":"23924","name":"Circa Survive","bio":"Circa Survive is an alternative rock band consisting of former Saosin vocalist Anthony Green and members of the now-defunct This Day Forward, including guitarists Brendan Ekstrom and Colin Frangicetto. Compared to the sound of Green's former group, the music of Circa Survive taps a different musical influence for Green, who cites Paul Simon, dredg, and Bj\u00f6rk among later artists who have more influence on his vocal stylings in Circa Survive which are comparatively less aggressive, as well as his songwriting.After going back to his hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA in 2004 for a dental appointment, Anthony Green went back to the airport to return to California and his Saosin mates. However, he suddenly had an epiphany - that despite the fact that Saosin was close to breaking out, he knew he would be miserable if he returned. To him, Saosin was \"a girl that you had great sex with, yet had little in common with,\" as Green himself affectionately said. He returned to Colin Frangicetto, a friend who he had \"jammed\" with during his stay, and they decided to begin recording and recruiting. Thus, Circa Survive was born.Colin Frangicetto and Anthony Green, with full support from Equal Vision Records, then recruited Brendan Ekstrom. Ekstrom had been Frangicetto's bandmate in This Day Forward. Both Ekstrom and Frangicetto had toured with Taken during their This Day Forward days, and procured Nick Beard, previous bassist of Taken, as Circa Survive's next member. The band met Steve Clifford through Vadim Taver of the band Marigold; \" jammed with us for a week and from there it was on,\" says Frangicetto.To date, Circa Survive has released two versions of the song \"Handshakes at Sunrise\" on two different 2004 sampler discs from Equal Vision Records, as well as a 2005 limited edition tour EP called The Inuit Sessions. A full length album Juturna was released April 19th, 2005.Circa Survive now has many national tours under their belt, including a co-headlining tour that took place in summer 2005. Circa Survive has also opened for Mae and Dredg on each of their headlining runs. Circa Survive played The Bamboozle Festival in New Jersey in 2005, and then played every year until 2008. They also played a few dates on The Van's Warped Tour in 2005 and completed a European tour with Coheed and Cambria and Thrice in 2006. Circa Survive has also toured with Thursday, Rise Against, Billy Talent, My Chemical Romance, Saves the Day and Moneen.Circa Survive's first major headlining tour occured during the summer of 2006, with The Receiving End of Sirens, YouInSeries, and Days Away on the first leg of this tour. These bands dropped off on July 23rd. On July 25th, Portugal. The Man, and Keating joined the tour. On Letting Go is the band's second album. It was released on May 29, 2007 by Equal Vision Records, the album debuted at number 24 on the U.S. Billboard 200, selling about 24,000 copies in its first week. The band headlined the Alternative Press Tour in Spring 2007, with, Cute Is What We Aim For, Envy on the Coast, and As Tall As Lions, headlined the 2007 Warped Tour, and did a headlining tour with Ours, Fear Before the March of Flames, and Dear and the Headlights in the fall.After supporting Thrice and Pelican for their Spring 2008 tour, Circa Survive returned home to Philadelphia to write for the follow up record to On Letting Go. The band announced in August of 2009, after over a year of writing, that they were beginning the recording process, and that they had signed with Atlantic Records. The band frequently spoke of the new material as a brand new direction and, as Colin said, \"our growth is evident in every note and rhythm I hear.\"On February 16, 2010 they announced their new album would be titled \"Blue Sky Noise\", and would be released on April 20, 2010. The album debuted at #11 on the Billboard 200, and #1 on the Alternative Albums Chart. Circa Survive's second EP, Appendage, was released on November 30, 2010. It contains five tracks: \"Sleep Underground\" (Demo), \"Stare Like You'll Stay\", \"Everyway\", \"Backmask\" and \"Lazarus\".Circa Survive is planning to record their fourth LP between mid-March and May 2012 in California with former Failure frontman Ken Andrews (Mae, Pete Yorn) as producer. It is tentatively scheduled for release in late summer or early fall 2012 on Atlantic Records, with a U.S. tour to coincide with its release.On April 16, 2012, Circa Survive began recording their fourth record. On March 5, 2012, Absolute Punk stated it would be titled \"Violent Waves\". On June 25th, 2012, Circa launched the Violent Waves Pre-Order webpage, officially announcing the album's title and release date, August 28th, 2012, along with a new song titled \"Suitcase\". The band also confirmed that the CD would be self-released.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/23924_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


Silverstein is a 5-piece melodic/post-hardcore band from Burlington, Ontario, Canada; formed in 2000. The band name was ...

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{"key":"24222","name":"Silverstein","bio":"Silverstein is a 5-piece melodic\/post-hardcore band from Burlington, Ontario, Canada; formed in 2000. The band name was taken from the famous children's author Shel Silverstein.After several lineup changes, the band acquired Billy Hamilton, a local fan who learned of the band's need for a bassist on the Internet message board \"The 905 Board\" (an Ontario area outreach board which used to be for local musicians). In Christmas of 2001, he joined the band after Shane Told helped him learn the music for the songs. Following a rehearsal on Boxing Day (December 26) in 2001, he officially debuted with Silverstein. The next spring, original guitarist Richard McWalter left the band to move to Victoria, British Columbia to study engineering. He was then replaced by Neil Boshart, childhood friend of Shane Told. The new lineup recorded a second EP, When the Shadows Beam, in preparation for their first tour in Eastern Canada.The band then signed to Victory Records in October of 2002 with a complete lineup as Hamilton attempted to complete his secondary education one semester early. The January after, the band recorded their full-length debut CD When Broken Is Easily Fixed, released on the Victory Records label.In 2005 the band performed on the Never Sleep Again tour with bands such as Aiden, Hawthorne Heights and Bayside\u2014a tour during which Bayside's drummer John \"Beatz\" Holohan would be killed. In January-February 2006, they toured with fellow Canadians Simple Plan in Europe. They then toured Canada with the Taste of Chaos Tour, and also toured Europe, Japan, and Australia.The band toured on the 2006 Vans Warped Tour, in support of their current studio album Discovering the Waterfront and an EP compilation 18 Candles: The Early Years. The Early years compiles the band's first two self-financed EPs with some acoustic and live material as well as single remix of the Discovering The Waterfront hit Smile In Your Sleep. Discovering the Waterfront was re-released in September 2006 with an extra song, the band's cover of Lifetime's Rodeo Clown and a DVD.In 2006, Silverstein was nominated for a Juno Award in the \"Best New Band\" category, but lost to Bedouin Soundclash.In Fall 2006, they headlined The Never Shave Again Tour, along with Aiden, It Dies Today, and He Is Legend. Following completion of their third CD, the band played a few shows in the spring, and then engaged in an all-summer tour with Rise Against. The band toured the United States in Fall 2007 with From Autumn to Ashes and then went on a month-long European tour with Blessthefall.Following tours of Australia and Japan in January 2008, the band played their first \"Cross-Canada\" headlining tour with Protest the Hero, Ill Scarlett and The Devil Wears Prada, which sold out across the country. They recently completed a U.S. tour with A Day To Remember, Protest the Hero and The Devil Wears Prada. Protest the Hero dropped off the Tour and Pierce the Veil took over for them on a few show dates. They completed a 2008 Europe tour in for May and June, including several festivals, and are playing a limited summer festival schedule.The band's third full-length album, Arrivals And Departures, was released on July 3, 2007, and was designated by AP Magazine as one of the most eagerly anticipated CDs of 2007. Mark Trombino (Jimmy Eat World, Blink-182, Finch) produced the CD. As of early August, the CD had sold 62,000 copies.Silverstein contributed a new acoustic version of their song Red Light Pledge to the Punk Goes Acoustic 2 compilation, released May 8, 2007 through Fearless Records.Silverstein (presumably Told) is listed as a client of Melissa Cross, a voice coach for lead singers.After heavy touring for their album, Arrivals and Departures, in Canada, the US, the UK, and other areas in Europe during late 2007 and early 2008, which included the band's 1000th show in Paris, France, the band is taking the summer off. In a news post on their site, Silverstein's Paul Koehler said the band is now \"taking a bit of downtown time to write a new album!\" In addition to a few Canadian festival dates, the band has announced Japan dates for September, and ticketing sites are reporting United States dates for October and November. According to a post in the forums on their website by vocalist Shane Told, the album should be out early 2009. * Shane Told \u2013 lead vocals, occasional guitar * Paul Marc Rousseau \u2013 lead guitar * Josh Bradford \u2013 rhythm guitar * Bill Hamilton \u2013 bass, backing vocals * Paul Koehler \u2013 drums, percussion","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/24222_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

At the Drive-In

At the Drive-In is an American post-hardcore band from El Paso, Texas, active from 1993 to 2001. They were known for the...

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{"key":"25341","name":"At the Drive-In","bio":"At the Drive-In is an American post-hardcore band from El Paso, Texas, active from 1993 to 2001. They were known for their extremely energetic stage shows which hearkened back to the 1980s hardcore scene. They were also recognized for their blend of surrealistic lyrics, unorthodox guitar melodies and unpredictable shifts in tempo and rhythm.Founded by Jim Ward (guitars) & Cedric Bixler Zavala (vocals - at the time a member of punk band, Foss, in which he played drums). ATD-I's first studio recording was Hell Paso (Western Breed), an EP issued in 1994. They would play their first show on October 15, 1994 at The Loretto Fair with Catch Okra, an El Paso music group, in El Paso, Texas. Much touring would quickly develop a following as intense in loyalty as the band was on stage. The band was also very determined to get shows in their early days, even going to the point where they would pretend to be a polka chapel band to be put on a local television show called \"Let's Get Real\" in El Paso. At the Drive-In's reputation for energetic live performances outlasted their career, a faint hint captured on various live video recordings. It was this reputation, the release of perhaps their best-known album (Relationship of Command) and their small hit radio single \"One Armed Scissor\" (which had a music video in circulation on MTV) that contributed largely to the very positive attention they received in the rock press towards the end of their career. Spin Magazine named Relationship of Command one of their top 10 albums of that year, and in 2010 NME placed it number 12 in its top 50 albums of the decade. The bands first nationally televised performance was on FarmClub. A now defunct television show which aired late at night on the USA network. After that performance they also appeared on Later with Jools Holland, Late Night With Conan O'Brien and The Late Show With David Letterman, performing their single \"One Armed Scissor\" on national television. According to some sources, At the Drive-In struggled to recreate their intense live experience in the studio. At one point they tried to circumvent this problem by recording their second CD, In\/Casino\/Out (1998), as a live studio album; this was in contrast to the band's first album Acrobatic Tenement, which, although undoubtedly a hardcore punk album, lacked the energy seen in later works.Not only notoriously energetic and wild at shows, At the Drive-In were noted by the music press for the afros of Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. The hairstyle became synonymous with the pair's image. However, the two have been very vocal about image. Omar said in one interview, \"I hate photoshoots, I get so bored. The way I look has nothing to do with the music I make, so who cares if I have big glasses and an afro? People should just put on our CD.\"BreakupIn 2001, at the peak of their popularity and following a world tour, At the Drive-In broke up, initially referring to the split as an \"indefinite hiatus.\"Cedric Bixler took full responsibility for the breakup for the band, saying repeatedly in interviews that he felt almost as if ATDI were holding him back, and that he didn't want his music to be confined to 'punk' or 'emo' or 'hard-tits-core' - that it should encompass many different genres and be even more progressive, alternative, and \"against-the-grain\". Bixler and Rodriguez-Lopez had stated that they wanted their next album to sound like Pink Floyd's Piper at the Gates of Dawn, while the other members of the band were intent on progressing in a more typical rock direction. Following the break-up of ATDI, Omar and Cedric would start The Mars Volta. This project was a departure from their previous work, as it pursued the prog-rock sound that they had been interested in. Meanwhile, the other members of ATDI - Jim Ward, Paul Hinojos, and Tony Hajjar - would continue on to form the band Sparta. Hinojos has since left Sparta to join Bixler and Rodriguez in The Mars Volta as the Sound Manipulator (Keeley Davis has since become the new guitarist for Sparta). At the Drive-In's experimental and emotional work made them unique amongst their contemporaries.De FactoDe Facto (formerly De Facto Cadre Dub) was the alias for Cedric Bixler and Omar Rodriguez's reggae\/dub side project since the early days of At the Drive-In. Essentially after ATD-I shows Cedric would play drums like he had in the El Paso Pussycat, Omar would play Bass as he did when he first joined ATD-I, and Ikey on keyboards back in El Paso, Texas (they relocated to Long Beach, CA in 2001). The group's ten-song full-length, Megaton Shotblast, appeared on GSL in late 2001. De Facto broke up when Jeremy Ward the vocalist (though there was little singing on their albums) and sound engineer died of a drug overdose in 2003.ReunionOn the 9th January 2012, the band announced on twitter a message, with these words: THIS STATION IS \u2026NOW\u2026OPERATIONAL. The band played the 2012 Coachella Music Festival and several other festivals worldwide. The band returned to inactivity after 2012, but in 2015 they were announced as part of the Rock on the Range festival, indicating a second reunion that continued into 2016. Along with the reunion, the band announced new music, with an album to be released in 2016.At The Drive-In is:Cedric Bixler-Zavala - vocalsJim Ward - guitar, vocalsOmar Rodriguez-Lopez - guitar on all, bass guitar on Acrobatic TenementPaul Hinojos - bassTony Hajjar - drums","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/25341_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Mayday Parade

Mayday Parade was born in 2005 when two popular Tallahassee bands, Kid Named Chicago and Defining Moment, decided to mer...

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{"key":"19839","name":"Mayday Parade","bio":"Mayday Parade was born in 2005 when two popular Tallahassee bands, Kid Named Chicago and Defining Moment, decided to merge and form one group. Both bands had been friends for a long time but they each seemed to have different kind of holdups. They pooled their resources, booted out the undedicated members and decided to take the good from each band and move forward. Armed with a dynamic lead singer Derek Sanders of Defining Moment, Mayday Parade explodes with energy and personality. Fans of both bands came together in support of the Parade and it wasn't long until thousands of other new fans got into the action. Mayday Parade knew they'd have to start at the grassroots level and began to work themselves to the top. Through their catchy tunes and fun attitude, they have hooked fans at their shows and online with an interactive MySpace selling 10,000 EPs without label support. With the work hard, play hard, do whatever it takes to spread your music philosophy that most young bands need to have these days, the band took to the road and started winning over kids not just in Florida, but across the country. Mayday Parade was consistently in the top 30 unsigned artists on MySpace. They've consolidated over 50,000 friends and growing and have totaled over 2.4 Million plays. With labels hot on their tail, Mayday Parade decided that Fearless Records was the one for them and signed at the end of the summer 2006. They then released their first professional record, A Lesson In Romantics, in 2007. Shortly after, one of the lead singers\/vocalist Jason Lancaster ( lead guitarist\/vocalist of Kid Named Chicago) left the band over a songwriting dispute. He then started his own band, Go Radio. There are no hard feelings between the two bands, although Lancaster later commented, \"I wish it could have gone down differently.\"In 2009, the band released their second album and first without Lancaster, Anywhere But Here.Mayday Parade's live show also conveys their personality by assuring that they are intensely full of life. The band knows how to put on an engaging show with five energetic members. There's no escaping the energy that Mayday Parade brings. They're all over the stage, making sure the audience goes home happy and wanting more. They love to get the crowd engaged!In 2011, the band released their third, self titled album.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/assets.allamericanmusic.com\/images\/19839_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}
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