The Dresden Dolls

The Dresden Dolls are an American musical duo from Boston, Massachusetts. Formed in 2001, the group consists of Amanda P...

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{"key":"27477","name":"The Dresden Dolls","bio":"The Dresden Dolls are an American musical duo from Boston, Massachusetts. Formed in 2001, the group consists of Amanda Palmer (vocals, piano, ukulele, toy piano, harmonica) and Brian Viglione (drums, percussion, guitar, vocals). They describe their heavily art-damaged and theatrical style as \"Brechtian punk cabaret\", a phrase invented by Palmer because she was \"terrified\" that the press would invent a name that \"would involve the word 'gothic',\" and are part of an underground dark cabaret movement that started gaining momentum in the early 1990s. Palmer accompanies her confessional story-songs with a thunderous and shimmering piano style that rests on the shoulders of Jerry Lee Lewis and Nina Simone. Viglione's jazz and hardcore-influenced drumming and creative percussion are the perfect foil, providing in turns a delicate cradle of rhythm and a piercing bed of nails onto which Palmer lays her raw, tragicomic lyrics. The release of their debut album The Dresden Dolls, produced by Martin Bisi (Swans, Sonic Youth), has won the band accolades from both mainstream and underground media, and it appears that the Dolls are poised to transcend cult status and smash all commonly held ideas about what a rock band is supposed to be. Their awe-striking live energy and singular look has earned them opening slots for Nine Inch Nails, Beck, the B-52s, Jane's Addiction, OK Go and Panic! At the Disco, a tour with the Legendary Pink Dots, and a victory in the 2003 WBCN Rock and Roll Rumble.Their second album Yes, Virginia was released in 2006, eventually followed by a companion record No, Virginia in 2008, which features b-sides and out-takes from the \"Yes, Virginia\" sessions, as well as a smattering of new tracks.At the end of summer 2008 they announced a hiatus. The band has made further announcements saying they will reunite when the time is right for both of them, and have stressed they have not broken up. In September 2008, rumors began to circulate about the future of the whole band. Viglione confirmed that the band is currently on hiatus but emphasized that he and Palmer are on good terms and that they will get together again when it feels right for both of them. In late July and early August 2009, a rumor began to spread that the band was \"reuniting for performances in 2010\" but Palmer clarified in her blog on August 7: \"There's been a ton of press lately re-printing an old quote from an old interview that's now blown up into a full-fledged press rumour that Brian and I have planned Dresden Dolls' shows for 2010. Not true. We aren't planning any shows. Sorry about that, blame the gossip whores.\"In 2010, a reunion tour to selected venues in the United States occurred. It started on Halloween in New York City and ended in San Francisco on New Years Eve.The Dresden Dolls played a show in Mexico City on 9 December 2011. They had a tour of New Zealand and Australia in early 2012, supported by The Jane Austen Argument and The Bedroom Philosopher.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/27477_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

The Tiger Lillies

The Tiger Lillies are a three-piece band, formed in 1989 by singer-songwriter Martyn Jacques and based in London. Curre...

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{"key":"27482","name":"The Tiger Lillies","bio":"The Tiger Lillies are a three-piece band, formed in 1989 by singer-songwriter Martyn Jacques and based in London. Currently Martyn Jacques, Adrian Stout, Adrian Huge (Past member Phil Butcher)Their surreal style has been described as dark, darkly humorous, strangely humorous, Brechtian, and gypsy cabaret. They are also notorious for singing controversial songs involving bestiality, prostitution and blasphemy.The Tiger Lillies were originally buskers, playing songs about the criminals, pimps and whores of Soho, London, England. Over time, the band became involved in several theatrical productions around the world, including the critically acclaimed Shockheaded Peter. Known for their intense, outlandish, and dark performances, they have garnered both controversy and critical acclaim.Also \"The Tiger Lillies\", \"The Tigerlilies\" and \"The Tigerlillies\" may refer to Indie rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio that formed in 1989.Bio: Cincinnati's power pop stalwarts the Tigerlillies formed in 1989 and set out to fuse glam rock, roots rock, and post-punk into an aesthetic they called \"More Pop than Jesus.\" Led by vocalist\/guitarist Pat Hennessy, the band also included former members of the Chrome Cranks, the Candy Snatchers, and G.G. Allin & the Murder Junkies before settling on the lineup of Hennessy, guitarist\/vocalist William Weber, bassist Brian Driscoll, and drummer\/vocalist Steve Hennessy.Discography:Deep (1992)Space Age Love Songs (1997)Ceci N'est Ces Pop (2003)https:\/\/\/TheTigerliliesUSA\/https:\/\/\/tigerliliesusa","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/27482_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


There are, at least, three bands named Katzenjammer:1. A folk group from Oslo, Norway2. A British piano musical comedy d...

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{"key":"10866","name":"Katzenjammer","bio":"There are, at least, three bands named Katzenjammer:1. A folk group from Oslo, Norway2. A British piano musical comedy duo3. The original name of Kyuss1) A folk group from Oslo, Norway. Mixing a variety of musical styles with multi-instrumentalism, the band consists of Anne Marit Bergheim, Solveig Heilo, Marianne Sveen and Turid J\u00f8rgensen. Most of their material is written by their friend Mats Ryb\u00f8; however, the band also contribute songs written by themselves. The band is easily recognizable by their signature custom Balalaika bass with the face of a cat painted on it, echoing the true meaning of the band's name: \"Katzenjammer\" is a German word for \"cat's wail\" (and also a dated term for \"hangover.\")Katzenjammer was formed by the four girls in 2005. They came to prominence NRK's \"Ur\u00f8rt\" project; a platform for up-and-coming bands and artists to showcase their material and win national exposure. They were also contestants on \"Kjempesjansen\", a Norwegian talent show. With their unique sound and exceptional live shows, Katzenjammer slowly but surely gained a reputation as an act to watch. In 2007, they held a concert at Norwegian Wood, a famous Norwegian music festival, as part of their Underwood line-up. The band eventually scored an underground hit with \"A Bar in Amsterdam\" and made it as far as the finals in Ur\u00f8rt's \"Artist of the Year\" awards. Early in 2008, Katzenjammer served as support acts for various other Norwegian bands including Kaizers Orchestra, who had openly supported the band. Throughout their career, they have often been referred to by the media as a female Kaizers Orchestra, as both bands are famous for their eclectic musical style and energetic live shows. They also made several TV appearances. In October of that year, they released their first studio album, Le Pop. The album received many good reviews and the subsequent tour helped build a fanbase. The album was released in international markets with an altered tracklist in 2009.Their second studio album, A Kiss Before You Go, is scheduled for official release on 9 September 2011. In anticipation of the album, the singles \"When the Laughter's Gone\" and \"I Will Dance (When I Walk Away)\" were released earlier that year..2) A British piano musical comedy duo, since summer 2003, comprising two Royal College of Music graduates: Steven Worbey & Kevin Farrell. See: The original name of Kyuss.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/10866_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

The World/Inferno Friendship Society

The World/Inferno Friendship Society is a cabaret punk band from Brooklyn, New York. Its style merges punk, klezmer, and...

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{"key":"11667","name":"The World\/Inferno Friendship Society","bio":"The World\/Inferno Friendship Society is a cabaret punk band from Brooklyn, New York. Its style merges punk, klezmer, and gospel, while its collective membership features horns, piano, guitar, a number of percussionists, as well as a variety of other instruments such as accordion, xylophone and orchestra bells.This musical collective has historically had over 30 members, including former members of Dexys Midnight Runners. Usually one can expect to see about nine or ten members on-stage when they perform. The group is led by singer Jack Terricloth and guitarist Lucky Strano, who have been the most constant members throughout the group's history. Terricloth is known for his pointed commentary during shows: his monologues have touched on politics, his transformation from the \"old school,\" and baiting of bouncers which usually end up with the band buying drinks for the whole staff.Members have also played in Sticks and Stones, Guignol, The Hold Steady, Nanuchka, Kid Casanova, Anti-Social Music, Morning Glory, Planned Collapse, Star Fucking Hipsters, The Dresden Dolls, and have been guests on Mischief Brew, stellastarr*, Public Radio International and Left\u00f6ver Crack recordings, as well as having The Casualties, along with Paul Maroon of Jonathan Fire*Eater on guitar, make a guest appearance on the recording of \"Our Candidate\".Their lyrics often concern historical and\/or biographical subject matter, such as Weimar-era Germany, Peter Lorre, Jeffrey Lee Pierce of The Gun Club, Paul Robeson, Leni Riefenstahl, Dante Alighieri, Jonathan Fire*Eater and other personages deemed to be of historical significance. Other songs deal with the terrifying, exulting, magical, and awful aspects of life that \"make it more than waking up and going to work every day\". One notable composition is a three-song cycle about love and loss in a temporary autonomous zone which appears on the 2002 album Just the Best Party. The lyric pattern and subject matter of the song cycle are similar to The Wild Party.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/11667_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Nellie McKay

Official artist website www.nelliemckay.comNellie McKay is hard to categorize. She’s done Brecht on Broadway, opened f...

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{"key":"980","name":"Nellie McKay","bio":"Official artist website www.nelliemckay.comNellie McKay is hard to categorize. She\u2019s done Brecht on Broadway, opened for Lou Reed at Carnegie Hall, sung Woody Allen movie songs at the Hollywood Bowl, performed on A Prairie Home Companion, duetted with Eartha Kitt and Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, played Hilary Swank\u2019s sister on the big screen, paid tribute to Doris Day, and released four wildly acclaimed albums of original music.Her music is as tuneful and clever as the best of the Great American Songbook-part cabaret, part sparkly pop. But beneath the charming melodic surface is a wit that cuts, and a sharply tuned social conscience.Home Sweet Mobile Home is McKay\u2019s latest and first album of all-original material since 2007\u2032s Obligatory Villagers, and features the musical wanderlust, lyrical playfulness and unique point of view that has characterized her music since her breakthrough debut Get Away From Me. Songs from the new project were recently debuted at her NYC engagement at Feinstein\u2019s, and The New York Post noted that \u201csongs like \u2018Bodega\u2019 and \u2018Caribbean Time\u2019\u2026 feature a blend of whimsical humor and social commentary that blended in beautifully alongside the Doris Day standards from the Blueberry Pie album.\u201dThe new album, produced by McKay and Robin Pappas, was recorded in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, New York, Jamaica, the Pocono Mountains, and even more than her previous albums, combines diverse musical moods and cultures. Reviewing a recent McKay show, Stephen Holden from The New York Times described her as a \u201cvocal chameleon,\u201d and that varied musical palette is used to great effect on the 13 songs of Home Sweet Mobile Home.Nellie began playing her own songs (and lovingly chosen covers) in clubs in downtown New York City in 2003, soon catching the attention of music writers and a number of record labels \u2013 this gal was a gifted entertainer, an impressive musician, with songs unlike anything people were hearing around town.Her first album was produced by Geoff Emerick, the man who had engineered The Beatles\u2019 albums from Revolver through Abbey Road. McKay signed on as co-producer.She and Emerick recorded eighteen songs (including such live McKay favorites as \u201cDavid,\u201d \u201cThe Dog Song\u201d and \u201cI Wanna Get Married,\u201d and that double-CD Get Away From Me was let loose upon the world. The project was greeted with critical raves and placement on many Top 10 lists.The Washington Post wrote, \u201cMcKay\u2019s music evokes the lost elegance of pre-Elvis pop music because she recognizes that such stylishness and wit are worth pursuing. But those goals inevitably collide with the realities of money, sex and politics, and she documents those collisions in her tongue-in-cheek lyrics, emphatic beats and bubbly melodies.\u201dFollowing the splash of Get Away From Me, Nellie recorded Pretty Little Head, of which the Los Angeles Times said, \u201cMcKay comes on as a Harlem Holly Golightly, a social activist with a disarming mastery of pop vernacular.\u201d Spin noted, \u201cthat she succeeds on a record as sophisticated as the self-produced Pretty Little Head is not only a testament to McKay\u2019s talent, it\u2019s also a tribute to her artistic sense.\u201dIn 2007, she recorded Obligatory Villagers, described by Spin as \u201ca brisk nine-song set that plays like the breathless first act of a stage musical decrying American fascism.\u201d Recently, the Chase Brock Experience premiered a ballet,Whoa, Nellie!, based on the entire album.Meanwhile, Broadway and Hollywood beckoned. McKay appeared on Broadway (winning a Theatre World Award for her Polly in a revival of The Threepenny Opera) and on film (acting and singing in P.S. I Love You). She also wrote and performed the song score for the Rob Reiner film Rumor Has It. In addition, her writing has appeared in The Onion, Interview magazine, and The New York Times Book Review, where she delivered an incisive and knowledgeable review of a Doris Day biography.\u201cWhat she possessed,\u201d McKay wrote, \u201cbeyond her beauty, physical grace, and natural acting ability, was a resplendent voice that conveyed enormous warmth and feeling.\u201dIt seemed inevitable that Nellie should record an album of songs associated with Ms. Day, and she was given the opportunity to do so when approached by Verve Records. The result features 12 songs handpicked from over 600 recordings by Ms. Day, with an original by McKay. Hailed as \u201camong the killer overhauls of American standards\u201d (The New York Times), Normal As Blueberry Pie covers the scope of Day\u2019s music from the big bands through the McCarthy era. The album wound up on a variety of Top 10 lists of 2009\u2032s best albums, including The New York Times and The Village Voice.Recently, McKay completed filming her first starring role, opposite violin prodigy Philippe Quint, in the independent film Downtown Express; recorded (along with Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks) for the soundtrack of the upcoming Martin Scorsese HBO series Boardwalk Empire; and contributed two songs to the award-winning documentary Gasland. She is currently participating in Dear New Orleans, a benefit album to aid the ravaged city, along with such artists as Jill Sobule, My Morning Jacket, and OK GO.Home Sweet Mobile Home arrives three years after her last self-composed album, and as ever her songs are a study in contrasts: some of the moods are dark (\u201cwe\u2019re marching through the madness \/ with not a soul about to see \/ we\u2019re moving through the fortress \/ chasin\u2019 the ghost of anarchy\u201d and \u201cthere\u2019s no equality here \/ there\u2019s no equality anywhere \/ & every fear you can face \/ is quickly replaced by one you can\u2019t lose\u201d), but there is also joy and gentleness. Sometimes all at once. Her gift is in mingling the pure pleasure of all kinds and all eras of pop music, twisting the dials, writing upbeat melodies with subversive undercurrents.As critic Robert Christgau wrote, Nellie McKay is \u201cebullient, funny and political. Her future looks brave and free to me.\u201d","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/980_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Gaba Kulka

Gaba Kulka is a Polish singer, songwriter, and pianist.Her music is progressive pop: a motley mixture of styles, from ja...

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{"key":"32361","name":"Gaba Kulka","bio":"Gaba Kulka is a Polish singer, songwriter, and pianist.Her music is progressive pop: a motley mixture of styles, from jazz to piano rock to Weillesque cabaret music. She has written and recorded two albums. She has received a number of awards, including a Polish 'Grammy' (Fryderyk) as vocalist of the year 2009, a Polish Radio 3 Award (Mateusz), a Trans Vocale Award, and a Polityka's 'Passport' nomination. She continues to play live and partake in numerous genre-bending projects ranging from electronica to heavy-metal-covers.Formerly scrobbled as Gabriela Kulka.* Official site* Gaba Kulka music site","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/32361_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Cinema Strange

Cinema Strange is a deathrock group based in Los Angeles, California, United States. Their performances also incorporate...

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{"key":"36598","name":"Cinema Strange","bio":"Cinema Strange is a deathrock group based in Los Angeles, California, United States. Their performances also incorporate film, dance, and visual art.The band is infamous in the North American gothic scene for their unique and theatrical stage shows, sometimes involving up to a dozen or more actors and performance artists. Their music, while originating humbly in 1994 as a high-tempo post-punk expression, has evolved into a bizarre and exciting species of musical storytelling, breaking new ground and taking over where bands like the Virgin Prunes left off.After two self-released records and two albums with the German label Trisol, they have left an unidentifiable but very real mark on the world gothic scene.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/36598_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Marc Almond

Marc Almond (born Peter Mark Sinclair Almond on 9 July 1957 in Southport, Lancashire, (now in the county of Merseyside, ...

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{"key":"21122","name":"Marc Almond","bio":"Marc Almond (born Peter Mark Sinclair Almond on 9 July 1957 in Southport, Lancashire, (now in the county of Merseyside, England) is a popular English singer, songwriter and recording artist, who originally found fame as half of the seminal synthpop\/New Wave duo Soft Cell.Marc Almond has had a long and varied career spanning almost 30 years. During this time, after a career with Soft Cell and Marc and the Mambas, he has collaborated with an extremely wide range of artists including Antony and The Johnsons, Jools Holland, Siouxsie Sioux, Nick Cave, P.J. Proby, Nico, Kelli Ali of the Sneaker Pimps, Neal X (on the albums Fantastic Star and Open All Night), Marie France, Agnes Bernelle, Lydia Lunch, Gene Pitney on the #1 UK single \"Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart\", Foetus (a.k.a. J. G. Thirlwell), Jimmy Somerville of The Communards and Bronski Beat, Psychic TV, Coil, Sally Timms of Mekons, King Roc, John Cale and David Johansen of The New York Dolls and German band Rosenstolz.Almond initially shot to fame in the early 1980s as one half of synth duo Soft Cell, whose combination of drama and peep show sleaze set to an electronic beat gave them hits such as \"Tainted Love\" (UK #1), \"Bedsitter\" (UK #3), \"Torch\" (UK #2), \"Say Hello Wave Goodbye\" (UK #3), \"Soul Inside\" (UK # 16), \"What?\" (UK #3) and the club hit \"Memorabilia\". They were first spotted by David Oddie, boss of Wakefield based Ambergris Records in a Bradford club, who passed his enthusiasm onto Dead Good Records in Lincoln, famous for their Hicks From The Sticks compilation, who in turn approached Polygram, the newly formed amalgam of Polydor and Phonogram. Although Soft Cell disbanded in 1984 just before the release of fourth album, This Last Night In Sodom, the duo reunited in 2001 for live shows and in 2002 released a new album entitled Cruelty Without Beauty, from which the single \"The Night\" (UK #39) was taken.His biggest UK hits as a solo artist have been cover versions; the aforementioned 1989 number one duet with Gene Pitney and another near chart-topper in 1991 with David McWilliams' \"The Days of Pearly Spencer\", which peaked at #4. In 1985, he duetted with Jimmy Somerville and Bronski Beat on a cover of Donna Summer's \"I Feel Love (Medley)\" and it hit #3. The highest UK positions his self-penned singles have reached so far have been \"Stories of Johnny\" (#23 in 1985), \"Tears Run Rings\" (#28 in 1988) and \"Adored and Explored\" (#25 in 1995).Almond's work runs the gamut from electronica and dance music to French chanson, traditional piano ballads, and Russian romance songs, as exhibited on his 2003 album Heart on Snow. Influences include David Bowie, a childhood hero of his, as well as early 1960s Northern Soul and disco. Other major influences have been Scott Walker from Walker Brothers and Jacques Brel, 12 of whose songs Almond reworked in English for his 1989 album Jacques. Almond's own lyrics are a creative expression of what he sees and are not to be confused with his own life. He also operates a record label, Blue Star Music, on which he has released many of his solo and collaborative records in the UK.Almond currently lives in the Bermondsey area of south east London. In his autobiography he describes previously living in Earl's Court, in a converted church in Fulham and most memorably in Soho's Berwick Street, where he lived in a flat overlooking the Raymond Revuebar.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/21122_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

The Real Tuesday Weld

The Real Tuesday Weld is a British band from London, fronted by lead singer and founder Stephen Coates. They are known f...

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{"key":"27526","name":"The Real Tuesday Weld","bio":"The Real Tuesday Weld is a British band from London, fronted by lead singer and founder Stephen Coates. They are known for producing jazzy cabaret-style music with subtle electronica influences, a style dubbed \"antique beat\" by Coates.The band is named after American film actress Tuesday Weld. Coates once had a dream involving Weld and 30s vocalist Al Bowlly. Coates and others often cite the dream as inspiration for the band and its particular style.Sites: YouTube","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/27526_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Hannah Fury

Hannah Fury has been called a "parasol-wielding OutKast" (The Mick) and her music has been described as "unnerving yet s...

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{"key":"36604","name":"Hannah Fury","bio":"Hannah Fury has been called a \"parasol-wielding OutKast\" (The Mick) and her music has been described as \"unnerving yet simultaneously beautiful\" (Pop Matters), \"sensitive and imaginative, uniquely vengeful and confiding\" (Wears the Trousers) and \"beautifully warped\" (The Big Takeover). Hannah says she hopes her music sounds like \"a carousel in deep, warped space or a carnival under water \u2013 something dense and ferocious with thin, shimmery tendrils shooting out from it in all directions.\"Hannah has been writing music since her second year of high school and also began teaching herself to play piano during that time. She continued to write for several years before building a studio and recording her debut EP, Soul Poison (1998).Since then, Hannah's output has been erratic in quantity but consistent in quality. She has released two full-length albums as well as a handful of singles and EPs, all receiving high praise from the music press. Hannah's now-out-of-print album The Thing That Feels (2000) featured several songs inspired by Gregory Maguire's novel Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. (Pre-dating the Broadway musical by several years.) The Thing That Feels also included \"The Vampire Waltz,\" which is the first song Hannah ever wrote, as well as other songs all linked by the theme revealed in the title.A few years later, as a result of a generous donation by an anonymous listener, Hannah made a video for her song \"Carnival Justice (The Gloves Are Off) Part II.\" The video, directed by Chris Ohlson, featured puppets created by renowned Ohio artist, puppetmaster and sculptor Scott Radke. The video appeared on the Subterfuge EP (2005).Hannah's covers of other artists' songs have also been well-received. The Meathook EP (2001) featured what one reviewer called a \"soul-shredded\" version of ABBA's \"The Winner Takes It All,\" as well as Hannah's versions of Berlin's \"The Metro\" and Daniel Johnston's \"True Love WIll Find You in the End.\" Hannah also collaborated with The Synthetic Dream Foundation to create \"Trapeze\" \u2013 the music was composed by TSDF, with vocals, lyrics and vocal melody by Hannah.Hannah's most recent release is Through the Gash (2007), an album that has been called \"a masterwork in minimalism and stark beauty\" (Absolute Punk) and \"seductive and breathtaking from the start\" (Gothic Beauty). Hannah writes, produces, engineers, and performs everything on her CDs. And, contrary to popular opinion, she uses no sequencing whatsoever. With the exception of drum tracks, all of the instruments and vocals are recorded and layered in real time, not looped or electronically generated or duplicated. Even the drum tracks, which are programmed using a drum machine, are painstakingly hand-altered, with some beats being dropped and others reversed in entirely specific ways. Hannah is known for her intensely layered production and complex vocal arrangements. Her vocals, which have been likened to \"wraiths filling the screen of a Tim Burton film\" (High Bias), often move from clearly sung phrases and high, tremulous keening to whispered and spoken words, to vicious hisses and screams \u2013 sometimes within the confines of a single song. The subjects and lyrics in Hannah's songs have a tendency to be obscure and metaphorical, often causing listeners to mistake her work for being fictional. In fact, Hannah classifies her music as entirely autobiographical, although not overtly so, and insists that it is actually magical realism, not fantasy, and definitely not theater. Hannah has said that she uses music to transform troubling feelings and experiences into something positive and hopeful, and that writing has served as a mechanism to work through and mend things in her life. It may take careful listening to hear all the various layers of sound and meaning, but devout listeners consistently claim that it is worth the trouble.Hannah loves flowers, rap music and snow days, and is often distracted by bright and\/or shiny objects and the perceived scarcity of cotton candy, but she says that the only thing that actually inspires her to create music is love.Hannah has been interviewed here:http:\/\/\/2007\/08\/interview-hannah-fury.htmlhttp:\/\/\/2008\/05\/interview-with-hannah-fury\/http:\/\/\/images\/the_mick_40_hfury_excerpt.pdfhttp:\/\/\/entry\/2007-08-21T00_31_49-07_00Hannah's offical web sites are http:\/\/, http:\/\/, and her MySpace page http:\/\/\/hannahfuryFor more \"information,\" go to:http:\/\/\/diversions_HannahBio.html","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/36604_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Vermillion Lies

From Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada to Moscow, Russia and Braga, Portugal Vermillion Lies charmed audiences the wo...

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{"key":"27487","name":"Vermillion Lies","bio":"From Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada to Moscow, Russia and Braga, Portugal Vermillion Lies charmed audiences the world over with their unique brand of beauty and creativity.With songs ranging from lyrical folk ballads to raucous circus marches, the Vermillion sisters earned a reputation for an amazing live performance which enchanted audiences of all ages and had everyone clapping, singing, dancing, and playing along.Real Life sisters, Zoe Boekbinder and Kim Boekbinder \"Vermillion\", have spent their lives honing their craft at clown boot camp and the local dump, where they found their favorite instruments like toy piano, accordion, typewriter, and BBQ grill. The live show involves the sisters pulling their odd instruments out of a large trunk onstage before each song,prompting the audience to ask, \"What's in the box?\" which incidentally is the name of their brand new album.Vermillion Lies was based in Oakland, CA. The sisters no longer tour as Vermillion Lies but each have vibrant solo careers as Kim Boekbinder and Zoe Boekbinder","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/27487_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Steam Powered Giraffe

Steam Powered Giraffe is a pantomime musical group based in San Diego, CA. Members include David Bennett (The Spine) and...

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{"key":"36601","name":"Steam Powered Giraffe","bio":"Steam Powered Giraffe is a pantomime musical group based in San Diego, CA. Members include David Bennett (The Spine) and Christopher \"Bunny\" Bennett (Rabbit), and as of October 2012, Sam Luke\u2013former human and drummer\u2013filled the spot as third bot (Hatchworth) upon Jon Sprague's departure from the band. The robots are also assisted by the following humans: backup musician Michael Reed, sound engineer Steve Negrete, and new drummer Matt Smith.\t\t\tTheir music consists of layered harmonies over guitar normally, and often included as well are melodica, mandolin, and accordion. Between sets are improvisational, vaudevillian skits which are very much a product of their roots in street performance. Though it wasn't planned upon the creation of the group, they have gained popularity within steampunk community. Much of their appeal is drawn from custom clothing unique to each character, metallic face paint, and pantomime robotic movements paired with humor only 117 year old robots can harbor. They strive to be a performance group that all ages are able to enjoy. At the moment, they have two studio albums, a live album, and are working on their third album while juggling time between recording and touring.\t\t\t- In January 2011, Erin Burke (Upgrade) left Steam Powered Giraffe to further pursue an acting career.- In September 2012, Jonathan Sprague (The Jon) was let go from the group.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/36601_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Evelyn Evelyn

Evelyn Evelyn are a duo discovered in 2007 by Amanda Palmer (of The Dresden Dolls) and Jason Webley. The duo consists of...

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{"key":"20378","name":"Evelyn Evelyn","bio":"Evelyn Evelyn are a duo discovered in 2007 by Amanda Palmer (of The Dresden Dolls) and Jason Webley. The duo consists of two conjoined twin sisters, (\"Eva\" and \"Lyn\" aka) Evelyn and Evelyn Neville. The twins are actually portrayed by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley. During the live show the twin is supported by their master of ceremony Sxip Shirey. To better understand the mind of the woman behind this, check out Songfacts interview with Amanda Palmer.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/20378_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Jill Tracy

Jill Tracy is a singer, pianist, composer, and performance artist based in San Francisco. She has been described by the ...

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{"key":"16116","name":"Jill Tracy","bio":"Jill Tracy is a singer, pianist, composer, and performance artist based in San Francisco. She has been described by the San Francisco Chronicle as \u201ca femme fatale for the thinking man.\u201d NPR \"All Things Considered\" has called her \u201cutterly intriguing, transporting you into a magical world solely of her creation.\u201d \"My goal is to open the trapdoors, transport the listener into that magical place inside my head,\" Tracy said in an NPR interview with Susan Stamberg. \"I call it the Kingdom of the Mind's Eye.\"Jill Tracy states that some of her biggest childhood influences were film score composers such as Bernard Herrmann, and classic suspense tales, including Alfred Hitchcock and Fritz Lang films, Ray Bradbury stories, and Rod Serling\u2019s The Twilight Zone.She is listed in San Francisco Magazine\u2019s Top 100 Creative Forces in the Bay Area.1999's Diabolical Streak is the first studio album featuring her back up ensemble The Malcontent Orchestra. \u201cEvil Night Together\u201d from Diabolical Streak was awarded the SIBL international Grand Prize for songwriting. The album was listed among the \"Top 10 Neo-Cabaret albums of all time\" in Shift magazine. \u201cThe Fine Art of Poisoning,\u201d from Diabolical Streak became an animated short film in 2003, a collaboration with Bay Area animator Bill Domonkos. The film has won over 30 film festival awards and continues to screen internationally.Jill Tracy and The Malcontent Orchestra\u2019s original score to F.W. Murnau\u2019s 1922 silent vampire classic Nosferatu debuted live at San Francisco\u2019s Foreign Cinema in 1999 and toured Northern California theatres during Halloween season for five consecutive years. This led to the 2002 CD release Into the Land of Phantoms.Her latest (and fourth) album, The Bittersweet Constrain (2008), explores a heavier, cinematic sonic edge with the addition of instruments such as the sarod, harmonium, and seldom-seen Chapman Stick. The recording also features percussionist Randy Odell, horn player Ralph Carney (Tom Waits\/B52's), cellist Erica Mulkey (Rasputina\/Unwoman), and violinist Tony Cross (Tarentel).Produced by Alex Nahas (John Vanderslice\/Zoe Keating\/LaughingStock), The Bittersweet Constrain has been described by the San Francisco Chronicle as \"devastatingly beautiful.\"Domonkos served as art director\/graphic designer for The Bittersweet Constrain. The CD packaging features Jill Tracy portraiture by Bay Area surrealist photographer Michael Garlington, known for his dreamy macabre imagery shot on vintage film stock.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/16116_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


Denmarks second capital Aarhus harboured their first two short playing EPs (released exclusively on 10 vinyl by Auditory...

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{"key":"48140","name":"Analogik","bio":"Denmarks second capital Aarhus harboured their first two short playing EPs (released exclusively on 10 vinyl by Auditory Designs) and was a well-kept secret amongst DJs and nu jazz connoisseurs. By now the city once again lays ground to their fables from the World Seas. Analogik has settled as a quartet and invited additional guests for this first full cycle. Due to the foursomes different backgrounds, their music isnt easily categorised. Asger Strandby is on turntables with scratchnefx and armed with a laptop, he also triggers diminutive electronic beats; Jesper Kobber\u00f8s charming guitar melodies is backed up by his flute and air organ; Theis Bror blows a precise and relaxed saxophone; Magnus Damgaards bassline is powerful and thick as hell just like his aged beard. Jazz is what brought them together as a band in 2004 but their music reflects on so much more: Dub, electronica, funk, bossa nova and tango is the carefully welted sounds from the Global Village.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/48140_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Katzenjammer Kabarett

The Katzenjammer Kabarett used to refer themselves as “Death rock Cabaret”, but it would be more correct to qualify ...

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{"key":"27479","name":"Katzenjammer Kabarett","bio":"The Katzenjammer Kabarett used to refer themselves as \u201cDeath rock Cabaret\u201d, but it would be more correct to qualify their music as post-punk cabaret, for their influences can be found in too many styles, from glamrock to electroclash to baroque and new-wave, to merely limit this band to death rock or more widely to Gothic music. The original lineup disbanded in 2009 and a year later reformed as KatzKab.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/27479_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

The Vincent Black Shadow

The Vincent Black Shadow is an alternative/garage rock which formed in 2003 in Vancouver, Canada. The band initially for...

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{"key":"1223","name":"The Vincent Black Shadow","bio":"The Vincent Black Shadow is an alternative\/garage rock which formed in 2003 in Vancouver, Canada. The band initially formed by Cassandra Ford (vocals), Robbie Kirkham (guitar, vocals), Chris Kirkham (bass), Mary Ancheta (keyboards) and Anthony Ancheta (drums). Nikki Hurst took over from Cassandra in 2010 on vocals.The Vincent Black Shadow have the moxie to awaken the retro heart and pump it full of new school blood. Their throwback 1940\u2019s cabaret sound has been twisted and contorted forming a modern hybrid. Combining hook laden riffs, gain stained guitar, hypnotic rhythms, classical piano and unpredictable lyrics that take you on a disturbing journey to a world you clamor to revisit.This Vancouver based quintet is comprised of Cassandra Ford (Vocals), the brothers\u2019 Kirkham. Robbie (Guitar\/Vocals), Chris (Bass\/Vocals), Anthony (Drums) and Mary Ancheta (Keyboards). In 2000 Rob and Cassandra met while ordering the same obscure martini at a local hot spot this spawned the friendship that then turned into musical collaboration. Cassandra\u2019s talents were called upon in the South Pacific when Universal Philippines invited her down for a record deal. With their discarding of music she and Rob had created she realized they were not interested in her talents, they just wanted to turn her into an Asian pop star. Cassandra quickly booked herself a ticket back to Vancouver where her and Rob reunited. The two started feverishly writing. Continuously expanding their project they called upon the other Kirkham brothers to join in their endeavor. The Kirkhams - Robbie, Chris, and Anthony's have been musically raised by their father, a trumpet player for The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra for nearly 40 years. It was dad\u2019s fervent work ethic and broad basis of musical knowledge that nurtured the three\u2019s talents and fed their quest for personal musicianship. Rounding out the equation is Mary Ancheta. When Mary Arrived on the scene she brought with her a very distinguished past filled with guest appearances on albums by Default and Bocephus King as well as award winning movie scores and featured music on network tv shows. With a band in tact, the five collaborated to create a new sound drawing influence from an eclectic variety, such as film soundtracks (Ennio Morricone, Angelo Badelamenti, Danny Elfman), Faith No More, No Doubt, Chris Isaak, Blondie, Danzig, Megadeth, Burt Bacharach, and classical music. The five piece took their name from a mysterious motorcycle in the Hunter S. Thompson novels. The bike was referred to as \u201cThe Vincent Black Shadow\u201d. The name is the perfect match for the band. Cassandra is an artist first and foremost, her art can be found in their albums and music videos.First playing live in 2003 they set out to take Vancouver by storm. Acquiring a cult following because of their no holds barred stage show.TVBS\u2019s recordings are just the soundtrack to their completely mesmerizing stage performance. Each individual presenting their own undeniable stories. Rob\u2019s fiery passion and action packed guitar performance is intensified by his fancy foot work and zoot suit garb. Balanced by a rhythm section of brothers, bassist Chris lays down thick pocketed riffs with his bold, hold it down swagger, and driving sonic undertones. Leaving way for the popping and flying of sticks brought to you by the third Kirkham in the troupe, Anthony. His relentless breakdowns and crushing fills bring the percussive pop punk twinge that set TVBS in their own category. Mary\u2019s body rocks the boards as she thrashes her long locks through the air while providing the eerie notes and mysterious tones on the keys creating a whirlwind of sounds for the others to dance around. It is this explosive high energy the acts as the complete spectral opposite when juxtaposed to Cassandra\u2019s icy demeanor. The emotional intensity that is vacant from the contemptuous eyes of Miss Ford is malicious, murderous, yet addictive and captivating. She hypnotizes audiences with powerful glass shattering vocalizations of lyrics that twist and turn. It is the undisturbed vacancy and belting bravado that has crowds wondering what incredible angst lies within the black heart of this diminutive beauty.The Vincent Black Shadow signed with Bodog Music in 2006 and promptly recorded their premier CD entitled Fear\u2019s In The Water, this album is unapologetic, unyielding, and is one of the few truly original new alternatives to the world of music. Scheduled for release July 11, 2006. Put on your dancing shoes and get your Prozac prescription filled.As of 2010, Nikki Hurst replaced Ford as lead vocalist when Ford expressed interest in taking a break to go to school. The new line up however remained the same and Ford decided to work on other musical projects minus the Kirkham brothers. Their latest creation, an EP entitled \"The Finest Crime\" will be released via iTunes on Valentine's Day 2011.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/1223_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Gavin Friday

Gavin Friday (b. Fionan Hanvey, 8 Oct 1959, in Dublin, Ireland). In early life, he survived a Christian Brothers educati...

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{"key":"6588","name":"Gavin Friday","bio":"Gavin Friday (b. Fionan Hanvey, 8 Oct 1959, in Dublin, Ireland). In early life, he survived a Christian Brothers education to become a singer, composer & painter. His latest release is \"catholic\" (22 April 2011, Rubyworks).In 1977, Friday was a founder of Virgin Prunes (legendary avant-garde post-punk group). 1987-2005 he composed & performed with, musical partner, Maurice Seezer. He released his 4th solo album CATHOLIC in April 2011.Gavin Friday & The Man Seezer albums (with Maurice), inc: \"Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves\" (1989), \"Adam 'N' Eve\" (1992) & \"Shag Tobacco\" (1995).Film scores & soundtracks include Get Rich or Die Tryin', In America, In the Name of the Father, The Boxer, Disco Pigs, Short Cuts and Romeo + Juliet. Gavin worked with producer Hal Willner on the music for director Abel Ferrera's movie Chelsea on the Rocks (2008). He has also collaborated with the English composer Gavin Bryars, setting Shakespeare's sonnets to music. Stage Shows include the Kurt Weill Extravaganza Ich Liebe Dich, the one man show I didn't come up the Liffey in a bubble and Gavin's tribute to German music, Tomorrow belongs to me. Gavin Friday played the character Billy Hatchet in Neil Jordan's film Breakfast in Pluto (2006). He recorded three songs for the film, two of which are featured on the soundtrack album: 'Sand' and 'Wig Wam Bam'.Sites: Discogs, YouTube and Official Site","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/6588_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

The Deadfly Ensemble

The Deadfly Ensemble is a dark cabaret group based in Los Angeles, CA, United States, founded by Lucas Lanthier (Cinema ...

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{"key":"27503","name":"The Deadfly Ensemble","bio":"The Deadfly Ensemble is a dark cabaret group based in Los Angeles, CA, United States, founded by Lucas Lanthier (Cinema Strange). They play theatrical story-telling music and dusty attic operettas with a classical-art-folk sensibility.Members:Lucas Lanthier - vocals, guitarsJames Powell - bass, guitars, programmingMarzia Rangel - cello, bass, guitarsSteven James - guitarsDizhan Blu - drums, percussionOfficial webpages:http:\/\/thedeadflyensemble.comhttp:\/\/\/thedeadflyensemblehttp:\/\/","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/27503_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Gitane Demone

Gitane DeMone (born May 16, 1958) is commonly recognized as a former member of Christian Death, but also known for her ...

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{"key":"154010","name":"Gitane Demone","bio":"Gitane DeMone (born May 16, 1958) is commonly recognized as a former member of Christian Death, but also known for her solo albums and her S\/M imagery and shows.DeMone began her career on the Southern California new wave scene of the early 80s as a member of the trio Pompeii 99. The group later joined with singer Rozz Williams to make up a new incarnation of his band Christian Death, where DeMone remained before relocating to Amsterdam and mounting a solo career in 1989, adopting an increasingly \"torch songs\" sound over the course of a few EPs, including A Heavenly Melancholy and Lullabies For A Troubled World. In 1995, Dream Home Heartache reunited Gitane DeMone and Rozz Williams after almost a decade of separation. The duet toured extensively in Europe and North America, in support of this CD. DeMone next collaborated with Mark Ickx under the banner of Demonix, issuing Never Felt So Alive; the solo torch song album, Am I Wrong?, followed in 1998 and the alt-rock Stars of Trash in 2000. Gitane has also bee a part of the experimental\/noise band +DOG+.Gitane DeMone, now living in Los Angeles and playing live from time to time, is working on her long waited new album. Meanwhile you can catch her here, making great music with her daughter Zara as The Crystelles. Her son, Sevan Kand, has also been in the dark psychedelic band The Sixth Chamber. Both of her children are with current Christian Death frontman and ex-lover Valor Kand. Gitane's stage name is French for \"Gypsy Demon\". http:\/\/\/thecrystelleshttp:\/\/\/http:\/\/\/gitanedemone","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/154010_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}
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