Moby (born Richard Melville Hall on September 11, 1965, in Harlem, New York) is an American musician, singer-songwriter,...

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{"key":"254","name":"Moby","bio":"Moby (born Richard Melville Hall on September 11, 1965, in Harlem, New York) is an American musician, singer-songwriter, DJ and photographer. He is well-known for his electronic music, vegan lifestyle, and support of animal rights. From beginning as a musician in 1982, Moby gained attention in the early 1990s with his electronic dance music work that experimented in the techno and breakbeat genres. He has sold over 20 million albums worldwide. He has also released music under the names Voodoo Child, Barracuda, U.H.F., The Brotherhood, DJ Cake, Lopez, On the Rim of the Wheel a Nail, and Brainstorm\/Mindstorm.Moby plays keyboards, guitar and bass guitar. He took his performing name from the novel Moby-Dick by Herman Melville, who is his great-great-granduncle. His work, while focused in general on various forms of electronic music, have explored many other styles.Early yearsMoby used to be in a punk rock band called the Vatican Commandos, which was formed in 1980. The group evolved away from punk in 1989 for electronic music. He realized his music tastes and growth were going in a different direction than his previous band's vibe, and he broke off on his own.His first album \"The Story So Far (aka Moby)\" featured the single \"Go\", which gained popularity in many discos, and earned a spot on the UK charts. The song is so popular that Moby still plays \"Go\" regularly in his sets. \"Go\" is a progressive track using the string line from \"Laura Palmer's Theme\" from the TV drama Twin Peaks.1994-1998His first album for the UK based MUTE Records was Everything Is Wrong (which had US distribution via Elektra) , which earned early critical praise and minor commercial success. He followed that up with a hard rock\/electronic album called Animal Rights in 1996. In 1997, he released I Like to Score, a collection of music included in movies. Among those tracks was an updated version of the James Bond theme used for the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies. However, both Animal Rights and I Like to Score had only limited success and Moby and Elektra parted company however he remained signed to MUTE.1999-2004After a decade's worth of music, Moby's breakthrough album was 1999's Play. Mainstream reviewers raved about his talents on the album (released on V2 Records) though some early fans were let down. The album has 18 tracks and was the first album in history to have all of its tracks commercially licensed: \"Porcelain,\" for instance, appeared on TV commercials for Bailey's Irish Cream, Hong Kong's PCCW and Nordstrom, and Volkswagen's MKIV Jetta; \"Find My Baby\" was on a commercial for American Express featuring golfer Tiger Woods. The album's tracks eventually were accepted in various radio formats, but because of Play's extensive licensing, the album could have been financially successful even without radio play. In addition to fame garnered through its licensing, Play is also notable for its extensive sampling of old blues recordings collected by Alan Lomax. In a 2005 posting on his web site, Moby theorized that his eagerness to license his music is a result of \"growing up in poverty.\"In 2001, Moby founded the Area:One Festival. It was a popular touring rock festival that featured an eclectic range of musical genres. A second tour was organized for the following year.In 2001 Moby also earned the ire of Eminem after calling his music misogynistic and homophobic; Eminem later satirized Moby (among others) in \"Without Me,\" calling him a \"fag\" and questioning his relevance with the claim \"Nobody listens to techno.\" Moby replied that he hadn't played techno since 1992. The two were in a confrontation at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards, though Moby expresses respect for Eminem as an artist.In 2002, Moby briefly had a television show on MTV, Se\u00f1or Moby's House of Music, which focused mostly on more obscure electronic music. Also in 2002, Moby released 18, an album that had 18 tracks. The most popular song on the album was \"We Are All Made of Stars\". Moby says he wrote \"We Are All Made of Stars\" because of the September 11th Terrorist Attacks, which happened on his birthday.2005In 2005 Moby released \"Lift Me Up\", a single from his album Hotel, which featured, in addition to numerous remixes, UK company Digimpro's software. The program allows users to remix the song - using any or all of the samples included\u2014and save it as an MP3 file. Thus unlimited, personalized versions of the title track were possible. Digimpro had previously seen exposure with group Erasure's single \"Breathe,\" allowing users the same ability. Instead of his usual usage of samples, all of the vocals and instruments on \"Hotel\" were performed live in the studio by Moby and vocalist Laura Dawn, who is the Cultural Director of certain dates on Moby's 2005 European tour, Liveherenow provided concert goers with CDs of the show 10 minutes after the show finished. Other Mute Records artists like Erasure and Client have previously used this company for similar reasons.2006Moby has recently scored the soundtrack for Richard Kelly's upcoming movie 'The Southland Tales'. Whilst he is generally against composing music for films, he was a huge fan of Kelly's previous film 'Donnie Darko' and could not resist the offer the director gave him.ITV in the United Kingdom use Moby's song \"Lift Me Up\" for their coverage of Formula One racing by using the song as the intro. and also snippets to segues for interviews and advertisements. Also, Moby had one of his older songs used in a Original HBO series, The Sopranos. This song, \"When its Cold I'd like to Die\" was used in the last scene in which Tony was in his dream state. Besides musicMoby is a vegan, non-denominational Christian and self-proclaimed \"simpleton\" (for his often sincere and idealistic political assessments). Moby lives in New York City. Until recently he co-owned a small restaurant and coffee shop called TeaNY, where he occasionally waited tables. He also organized the Little Idiot Collective, a group of artists that also includes cartoonist and musician James Kochalka. He's a huge fan of the TV series \"The Simpsons\".Moby's official website is at is a well known advocate for a variety of progressive causes, working with, and PETA, among others. He created MoveOn Voter Fund's \"Bush in 30 Seconds\" contest along with singer Laura Dawn and MoveOn Executive Director Eli Pariser.He also actively engages in nonpartisan activism. He has performed benefit concerts for the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function, promoting music therapy. Moby also serves on the Board of Directors of, a nonprofit that implements injury prevention programs in Africa.He is an advocate of network neutrality and he testified before the US House committee debating the issue in 2006.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/254_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"75,000 - 150,000"}

Boards of Canada

Boards of Canada are an electronic music duo from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, formed in 1986 and comprised of brothers Mike...

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{"key":"8371","name":"Boards of Canada","bio":"Boards of Canada are an electronic music duo from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, formed in 1986 and comprised of brothers Mike Sandison (born 1 June 1970) and Marcus Eoin (born 21 July 1971). They have released a number of works, most notably the studio albums Music Has the Right to Children (1998), Geogaddi (2002), and The Campfire Headphase (2005) on the pioneering electronic music label Warp. Their fourth album Tomorrow's Harvest was released in June 2013.Boards of Canada have had an enormous influence on the ambient, downtempo and IDM scenes. They have frequently made reference to the warm, scratchy, artificial sounds of 1970s television. Indeed, the Sandison brothers admit to being inspired by the documentary films of the National Film Board of Canada, from which they take their name. The duo have recorded a few minor works under the name Hell Interface. Boards of Canada\u2019s music has been used in several CSI episodes and on Cartoon Network\u2019s Adult Swim interlude shorts; small bits of their music have been used on the BBC program Top Gear for transitional music.Early Boards of Canada (1970s-1995)Growing up in a musical family, brothers Mike Sandison and Marcus Eoin began playing instruments at a young age. They experimented with recording techniques at around the age of 10, using tape machines to layer cut-up samples of found sounds over compositions of their own. In their teens they participated in a number of amateur bands, however, it wasn't until 1986 when Marcus was invited to Mike\u2019s band that Boards of Canada was born.By 1989, the band had been reduced to Sandison, Eoin and Christopher Horne. In the early 1990s, a number of collaborations took place and the band put on small, fairly regular shows among the \u201cHexagon Sun\u201d collective.In early 2000, the official website for the band, (now removed the early discography of Boards of Canada, although some information has been preserved by fans. Early tape releases by Boards of Canada include \"Play by Numbers\", \"Acid Memories\", \"Hooper Bay\", and the earliest known release by the band is titled \"Catalog 3\". None of the material from those days is readily available, and since official Boards of Canada sources ignore the existence of this material, there seems to be little chance for this early material to ever resurface.Boards of Canada from Twoism (1995-present)In 1995, the band released the first work from the Hexagon Sun studio, the EP \"Twoism\". Like earlier Music70 releases, it was produced in a self-financed limited run and was privately distributed, primarily to friends and labels. Unlike previous releases though, a small number of copies were also released to the public through the IDM mailing list. Though not a widespread commercial release, it was considered of such high quality to be subsequently re-pressed in 2002 and serves as a demarcation point into more professional releases.The precursor to \"Music Has the Right to Children\" was released in 1996. Titled \"Boc Maxima\", it was a semi-private release that is notable for being a full-length album. Boc Maxima\u2019s work was later used for \"Music Has the Right to Children\", with which it shares many tracks.Boards of Canada\u2019s first commercial release occurred after attracting the attention of Autechre\u2019s Sean Booth of the English label Skam Records, one of many people sent a demo EP. Skam released what was considered Boards of Canada\u2019s first \"findable\" work, \"Hi Scores\", in 1996.\"Music Has the Right to Children\" was released in 1998. Many fans consider this record to be a masterpiece. The popularity of the record was substantial enough to start a wave of sound-alikes.John Peel featured Boards of Canada on his BBC Radio 1 program in January of 1998. The session featured two remixes from \"Music Has the Right to Children\" \u2014 \"PlayAquarius (Version 3)\" and \"PlayOlson (Version 3)\" \u2014 along with the tracks \"Happy Cycling\" and \u201cXYZ\u201d. Excluding \u201cXYZ\u201d, the set was released on a Warp Records CD titled \"Peel Session TX 21\/07\/1998\".Though never an actively touring band, Boards of Canada did perform a handful of shows. Early shows saw them supporting Warp label-mates Seefeel and Autechre in a scattering of UK dates. They also participated in a few festivals and multi-artist bills, including two Warp parties: Warp\u2019s 10th Anniversary Party in 1999 and The Incredible Warp Lighthouse Party almost one year later. They made their most prominent showing in 2001 as one of the headliners at the Tortoise-curated All Tomorrow\u2019s Parties festival. They have not performed a live show since.Boards of Canada released a four-track EP, \"In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country\", in November 2000, their first original release in two years.The full-length album \"Geogaddi\" was released in 2002. It was described by Sandison as \u201da record for some sort of trial-by-fire, a claustrophobic, twisting journey that takes you into some pretty dark experiences before you reach the open air again.\u201dThroughout most of their career, Mike and Marcus chose not to publicize their brotherhood and were simply portrayed as childhood friends. Their kinship was finally revealed in a 2005 Pitchfork interview. Mike explained that they concealed the fact to avoid comparisons to Orbital, another well-known UK electronic group composed of two brothers.Their third album for Warp Records, \"The Campfire Headphase\", was released on 17 October 2005. The album covers much of the same musical territory as their previous works and featured fifteen tracks, including \u201cPeacock Tail\u201d, \u201cChromakey Dreamcoat\u201d, and \u201cDayvan Cowboy\u201d. Two versions of \u201cDayvan Cowboy\u201d \u2014 the original and a remix by Odd Nosdam \u2014 are on the six-track EP, \"Trans Canada Highway\", which was released on 26 May 2006.Sound and methodsBrief songs or \u201cvignettes\u201d feature prominently in their music. Such songs are often weaving melodies or speech accompanied by atmospherics to capture a specific moment or mood. They often last less than two minutes, but, as Sandison says, \u201cthose short tracks you mention, we write far more of those than the so-called \u2018full on\u2019 tracks, and in a way, they are our own favorites\u201d.Boards of Canada have written an enormous number of song fragments and songs, most of which will never be released. It does not appear that music is made exclusively for commercial release. Rather, albums seem to be the result of selecting complementary songs from current work, which is a compositional technique shared by many electronic or experimental artists such as Nightmares on Wax, Canabrism and King Crimson. Geogaddi\u2019s development involved the creation of 400 song fragments and 64 complete songs, of which 23 were selected, one of which is silence.Subliminal messages, symbolism, and religionMarcus and Mike have both expressed a strong interest in the power of subliminal messaging and their work is full of cryptic messages.Some critics refuse to listen to their music on account that they are positive the band is trying to brainwash their listeners for unknown motivations, citing references to David Koresh and occult symbols as proof. Others approach these facts from the skeptical angle, saying it is nothing but a bunch of \u201ccute tricks\u201d and an ironic gesture towards people who take such things seriously (and some would say, as a bit of a similar gesture towards their own body of work in later releases, such as \"Geogaddi\").","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/8371_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


Freescha is the creative output and friendship of Nick Huntington and Michael McGroarty. Born and raised in Southern Cal...

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{"key":"98350","name":"Freescha","bio":"Freescha is the creative output and friendship of Nick Huntington and Michael McGroarty. Born and raised in Southern California's San Fernando Valley, they've been creating music together since they met in high school. Their Californian brand of organic electronic songs are observed and enjoyed by fans the world over, as well as by other music figures such as:Two Lone Swordsmen, Moby, Casino Versus Japan, Herrmann & Kleine, Opiate, Manual, Marumari, and Cerebral Sound Propagation.Freescha is simply the recorded effort to uncover the sounds that reminds us that there are still things and places such as coast lines and hills, and moments not yet tampered by the dull excess of a music industry and it's incessant marketing psychosis.Freescha was chosen as one of URB magazine's \"Next 100\" artists to watch for in their year-end special issue.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/98350_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


M83 is the rock and electronic music project of the French artist Anthony Gonzalez. He and former member Nicolas Fromage...

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{"key":"1968","name":"M83","bio":"M83 is the rock and electronic music project of the French artist Anthony Gonzalez. He and former member Nicolas Fromageau founded the group in 2001 in Antibes, France. M83's style owes a lot to the shoegaze genre, in that there is much emphasis on tonality, extensive use of reverb effects and often softly-spoken lyrics at times submerged in instrumentation. M83 was named after the spiral galaxy \"Messier 83\". M83 has released the following albums: M83 in 2001, Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts in 2003, Before the Dawn Heals Us in 2005, Digital Shades Vol. 1 in 2007, Saturdays = Youth in 2008, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming in 2011, Oblivion and You and the Night in 2013.For the third album released by M83, Before the Dawn Heals Us, Gonzalez decided to part from Fromageau (after an emotionally distressing tour for Dead Cities). Currently Anthony Gonzalez records mainly on his own(Nicolas Fromageau started Team Ghost in 2009), often with the help of his brother Yann Gonzalez, vocalist\/keyboardist Morgan Kibby, guitarist\/bassist Pierre-Marie Maulini, and drummer Lo\u00efc Maurin.M83 produced the remix of the track \"Pioneers\" on the British rock group Bloc Party's 2005 album Silent Alarm Remixed. M83 also collaborated with other Gooom Disques artists in a collaborative LP, under the name Purple Confusion.Just after the Before the Dawn Heals Us US tour, Anthony Gonzalez decided to take M83 in a more ambient direction (as heard on some earlier M83 tracks) and started to write and record a collection of ambient works. The relevance of digital music (from creation to sharing), gave him the idea to call the project Digital Shades Vol. 1, and to make the album part of an ongoing series. M83's 2008 album Saturdays = Youth, released on Mute, was recorded with the help of Ken Thomas and Ewan Pearson. Four singles were released from the album: \"Couleurs\" in February 2008, \"Graveyard Girl\" in April, \"Kim & Jessie\" in July, and \"We Own the Sky\" in December.In December 2008, M83 supported Kings of Leon on its UK tour. In January and February 2009, M83 supported The Killers across USA tour dates and toured with Depeche Mode on its Tour of the Universe in Italy, Germany, and France.The double album Hurry Up, We're Dreaming was released on 17th October 2011, through Na\u00efve, produced by Justin Meldal-Johnson (Beck, NIN, The Mars Volta, Goldfrapp) and including contributions from Zola Jesus, Brad Laner (from 90's band Medicine) on guitar, and the vocalist Morgan Kibby. The album was preceded by the track \"Midnight City\" released in July 2011.Official site: http:\/\/","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/1968_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Steven Price

Steven Price (born 22 April 1977 in Nottingham, England, UK) is a British film composer, best known for scoring The Worl...

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{"key":"80496","name":"Steven Price","bio":"Steven Price (born 22 April 1977 in Nottingham, England, UK) is a British film composer, best known for scoring The World's End and Gravity, both from 2013. For the latter film he received an Academy Award win for Best Original Score.Along with Basement Jaxx, Price scored the 2011 film Attack the Block, and the soundtrack was released on 16 May 2011.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/80496_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


Eithne Patricia Ní Bhraonáin (born May 17, 1961 in Gweedore, County Donegal, Ireland), known simply as Enya, is a Gram...

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{"key":"10674","name":"Enya","bio":"Eithne Patricia N\u00ed Bhraon\u00e1in (born May 17, 1961 in Gweedore, County Donegal, Ireland), known simply as Enya, is a Grammy award winning and Academy award nominated Irish singer, instrumentalist and composer. She began her musical career in 1980, when she briefly joined her family band Clannad, before leaving to pursue her solo career. Her album Watermark, which was released in 1988, propelled her to international recognition and she became known for her unique sound, which is characterized by voice-layering, folk melodies, synthesized backdrops and ethereal reverberations. Since then she has released a further nine albums, sold over 75 million albums worldwide and is known for performing in 10 different languages. Enya's vocal range is mezzo-soprano.Enya was born into a musical family. Her father, Leo Brennan, was the leader of the Slieve Foy Band, a popular Irish show band; her mother was an amateur musician. Most important to Enya's career were her siblings, who formed Clannad in 1976 with several of their uncles. Enya joined the band as a keyboardist in 1979, and contributed to several of the group's popular television soundtracks. In 1982, she left Clannad, claiming that she was uninterested in following the pop direction the group had begun to pursue. Within a few years she was commissioned, along with producer\/arranger Nicky Ryan and lyricist Roma Ryan, to provide the score for a BBC-TV series called The Celts. The soundtrack was released in 1986 as her eponymous solo album. Enya didn't receive much notice, but Enya and the Ryans' second effort, Watermark, became a surprise hit upon its release in 1988. \"Orinoco Flow,\" the first single, became a number one hit in Britain, helping the album eventually sell eight million copies worldwide. Enya spent the years following the success of Watermark rather quietly; her most notable appearance was a cameo on Sin\u00e9ad O'Connor's I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got. She finally released Shepherd Moons, her follow-up to Watermark, in 1991. Shepherd Moons was even more successful than its predecessor, eventually selling over ten million copies worldwide; it entered the U.S. charts at number 17 and remained in the Top 200 for almost four years. Again, Enya was slow to follow up on the success of Shepherd Moons, spending nearly four years working on her fourth album. The record, entitled Memory of Trees, was released in December of 1995. Memory of Trees entered the U.S. charts at number nine and sold over two million copies within its first year of release. In 1997 came the release of a greatest-hits collection, Paint the Sky with Stars: The Best of Enya, which featured two new songs. Enya's first album of new material in five years, Day Without Rain, was released in late 2000. In 2002, she contributed material to the first film in Peter Jackson's award-winning Lord of the Rings trilogy, scoring a hit with the single \"May It Be.\" Amarantine, her first full-length recording since Day Without Rain, followed in November of 2005, and has so far sold nearly five million copies.After the September 11, 2001 attacks, her song \"Only Time\" (from A Day Without Rain) was used as a backdrop in many radio and TV reports about the attacks. She initially frowned upon this use, especially when many bootlegged versions of \"Only Time\" mixed with sound effects from the attack began to appear.Enya eventually agreed to release a special edition of the song with funds going to the families of victims. Many Enya fans, however, are resentful that her music has been linked with the attacks; an example of this occurred on a 2002 appearance on CNN's Larry King Live when images of battle in Afghanistan were shown on screen as she performed \"May It Be\", a song with little war connection. This sparked some complaints within Enya's fan community.Enya is self-admittedly a slow worker when it comes to composing music. As a result, fans have had to wait as long as five years between albums. In September 2004, a new song, set to words from a Japanese poem Roma Ryan had written and called \"Sumiregusa\" (\"Wild Violet\") was unveiled in Japan as part of an advertising campaign for Panasonic. In announcing the new recording, Warner Music Japan stated that Enya's next album was scheduled for release (in Japan at least) in mid-November. Enya issued a press release on her official Web site on 19 September stating that this was a mistake and no new album was immediately forthcoming.Enya was awarded the World's Best-Selling Irish Act award at the World Music Awards in London on 19 November 2006. On February 11, 2007 Amarantine won Enya her fourth Grammy when it was awarded the Best New Age Album award.In November of 2005, a new album, entitled Amarantine, was released. It won the Grammy Award for Best New Age Album for 2007.In 2006, Enya released several Christmas-themed CDs with newly recorded material. On October 10, 2006, Sounds of the Season was released containing six songs: the previously released \"O\u00edche Chi\u00fain\" (a.k.a. \"Silent Night\") and \"Amid the Falling Snow\", new recordings of the standards \"Adeste Fideles\" (a.k.a. \"Oh Come All Ye Faithful\") and \"We Wish You a Merry Christmas\" as well as two original songs, \"Christmas Secrets\" and \"The Magic of the Night\". This CD was released only in the United States in an exclusive partnership with the NBC television network and the Target department store chain.In later November two new editions of Amarantine were released. In North America, it was reissued as Amarantine - Special Christmas Edition with a second disc containing the four new Christmas songs previously issued on Sounds of the Season (the original album already had \"Amid the Falling Snow\" while \"O\u00edche Chi\u00fain\" is a recording dating back to 1988 which had already been featured on numerous collections). The UK received a deluxe version of this release (Amarantine - The UK Special Edition) which also included three postcards and a copy of Roma Ryan's book Water Shows the Hidden Heart which is referenced on the original album. Canadian fans could choose from the Special Christmas Edition of Amarantine, or an EP entitled Christmas Secrets which only contained the four new songs.Coinciding with these releases was the relaunch of Enya's official website on Nov. 2, 2006. On November 16, 2006 Enya mentioned on ITV1's that she is working on a new album. A month later, in a Japanese interview Enya said that the album will be a complete Christmas album and it will be released in the winter of 2007. There is no schedule for the release date itself.Enya's album, \"And Winter Came\", was released in November 2008. It contains twelve tracks - ten brand new songs plus a newly recorded choral rendering of Oiche Chiuin (Silent Night) and a stunning version of the traditional Christmas hymn 'O come, o come Emmanuel'November 2015 saw the release date of her eighth album, \"Dark Sky Island\". A deluxe edition was released with three bonus tracks to coincide with the release. Music videos for the tracks \"Echoes In Rain\" and \"So I Could Find My Way\" were uploaded on Youtube. Both music videos are performance based with Enya featuring accompaniment of the Wild Strings Orchestra. In the weeks preceding Dark Sky Island\u200d\u200a'\u200bs release, Enya's various official social media accounts posted interviews with Enya herself and her lyricist Roma Ryan, previews for the album, exclusive photos and 'behind the scenes' moments, lyric and regular music videos, and information on iTunes' exclusive early releases of the album's songs. This is the first use of social media to promote Enya's music as well as using it for giving fans exclusive, official information and content. Embarking upon the promotional trip for Dark Sky Island, Enya herself initially promoted the album in Britain, guesting on ITV's Lorraine on 19 November 2015, before guesting on BBC Radio 4's BBC Front Row that evening, as well as guesting on other major radio shows like The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 and Gerry Kelly's show on BBC Radio Ulster upon the album's release date.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/10674_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"75,000 - 150,000"}


E*vax is Evan Mast (of Ratatat fame). He lives in Brooklyn, New York. He started in 2002.Big idea: I just hope people en...

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{"key":"98372","name":"E*vax","bio":"E*vax is Evan Mast (of Ratatat fame). He lives in Brooklyn, New York. He started in 2002.Big idea: I just hope people enjoy my music, I hope the melodies get stuck in their heads. I don't want to make music that is out to impress, like stuff that people listen to because of how complex the beat structures are. I don't want anyone to listen to my record and say \"that guy really knows how to use a computer\". I just want them to enjoy listening to it. (source: http:\/\/\/)Website: http:\/\/\/evaxNew release: zealectronic beige E*vax's new project: Cherry (http:\/\/\/cherry) - now known as Ratatat.The track Glacier currently (Jul 2006) features in a UK television advert for a German car manufacturer.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/98372_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap (born December 9, 1977, in Havering, Outer London) is a British singer-songwriter / electronica artist. She ...

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{"key":"685","name":"Imogen Heap","bio":"Imogen Heap (born December 9, 1977, in Havering, Outer London) is a British singer-songwriter \/ electronica artist. She is known for her work as part of the musical duo Frou Frou from 2002-3, and for her solo albums, which she writes, produces, and mixes. She has released a series of solo albums including Ellipse (in 2009), a North American chart success that earned Heap two Grammy nominations and won her the Best Engineered Album (Non-Classical) award.Heap grew up playing music from an early age, and by her eleventh birthday she was writing her own songs. From the age of 15, she studied at the BRIT School Of Performing Arts & Technology in Croydon, South London, recording three tracks for the school's annual CD between 1994 and 1995, \"Aliens\" being the title track of the latter.After being introduced to Nik Kershaw by his manager Mickey Modern, Heap and Kershaw recorded four demos that Mickey Modern took to Rondor Music. Consequently, a few months later Heap signed her first record contract at 18 to independent record label Almo Sounds. During 1996, Heap began working with an experimental pop band called Acacia, which featured her future collaborator Guy Sigsworth and was fronted by the singer Alexander Nilere. While never a full member of the band, Heap was a guest vocalist (as a counterpart to Nilere) and contributed to various Acacia single and album tracks in 1997. One Acacia song, \"Maddening Shroud\", would later be covered by Frou Frou.Heap enjoyed a prestigious live d\u00e9but, performing four songs (backed by friends Acacia) between sets by The Who and Eric Clapton at the 1996 Prince's Trust Concert in Hyde Park, London. Her d\u00e9but album, I Megaphone (an anagram of \"Imogen Heap\") was internationally released in 1998 on independent record label Almo Sounds and garnered critical acclaim. However, as production of the album neared completion, it was announced that the record label had been sold and would be shut down. I-Megaphone featured collaborations with Guy Sigsworth and Dave Stewart. In Japan, the regional distributor, Zora, re-released the album in 2002, featuring \"Blanket,\" her collaboration with Urban Species which was released as a single in the United Kingdom, and a Frou Frou remix of one of her B-sides, a video to which was released exclusively to Japanese media. Following the disbanding of her UK and USA record label, I Megaphone was scarce in circulation, having not been re-printed until November 2006. An independent Brazillian record label has rights to the record, and has issued limited copies, some of which are available on eBay. It has also been released through the iTunes Music Store under the Almo label.At the same time as the Japanese re-release, Heap was working on new tracks with producer Guy Sigsworth, who had collaborated on \"Getting Scared\" from I-Megaphone. Together, they formed an electro-pop group Frou Frou, releasing an album called \"Details\" and singles, \"Breathe In\", \"It's Good To Be In Love\" and \"Must Be Dreaming.\" The album was a full collaboration between the two artists. Frou Frou were approached to cover \"Holding Out for a Hero\", originally performed by Bonnie Tyler, for the soundtrack to the highly successful movie Shrek 2. An album track, \"Let Go\", was featured in the movie Garden State in 2004.In December 2003, Heap announced on her web site that she was going to write and produce her second solo album, using her site as an online blog to update fans on progress, even seeking them to be her A&R team for the lyrics to \"Daylight Robbery\". Heap set herself a deadline of one year to make the album (she booked the album mastering for December 2004), and re-mortgaged her flat to fund production costs, including the use of studio time and instruments (which she purchased as a birthday present to herself). Having been burned by previous challenges with record labels (Heap had been spurned twice by record companies, when Almo Sounds was sold and when Frou Frou's label staff focused on promoting other acts), Heap decided to form her own record label on which to release the new record. At the end of 2004, Heap premiered two album tracks online, enabling fans to pay for a digital download, entitled \"Just For Now\" (which was up for a limited time as a Christmas gift), and \"Goodnight And Go\", which had been featured on the second season of hit US TV drama The O.C. In April 2005, The O.C. season two finale featured another track, the sparse vocodered-vocal track, \"Hide And Seek\". The track was released immediately to digital download services such as iTunes where it became an instant fixture in the chart. The track was released as a digital download on the 5th July 2005 in the UK and peaked at #8 on the iTunes download chart.The album, entitled \"Speak For Yourself\" was then released in the UK on July 18th 2005 on her own record label, Megaphonic Records. The album was also released on iTunes UK, where it entered the top 10, selling strongly. \"Hide And Seek\" also received radio attention from the popular UK radio station BBC Radio One, with DJ Scott Mills featuring it as his \"Record of the Week\", and provoking strong reactions (\"love it or hate it\") from other DJs at the station. Due to popular demand, the track was commercially released on a special limited edition (1500 copies were printed) 7\" vinyl in the UK in September. Speak For Yourself was licensed to Sony BMG imprint RCA Victor in August 2005, enabling the record to be released in the United States, Canada and Mexico. It was released in those territories in November, and Heap appeared on the Hotel Cafe Tour promoting the record. Imogen also performed \"Goodnight And Go\" on The Late Show with David Letterman on January 11, 2006. Heap is slated to continue touring in 2006 in the US and UK to support the record.As well as TV soundtracks (Frou Frou and Heap's solo records have been featured in shows as varied as The O.C. to CSI, among others), Heap has also contributed solo tracks to movie soundtracks. Her cover of the song \"Spooky\" (made famous by the band Classics IV, and previously covered by Dusty Springfield) for the soundtrack to the Reese Witherspoon movie Just Like Heaven. Heap also wrote a special track entitled \"Can't Take It In\" for the soundtrack to The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. She has also appeared on the second soundtrack for the HBO television series \"Six Feet Under\", entitled \"Six Feet Under Vol. 2: Everything Ends\" with a 50-second track that closed the Season 4 episode \"I'm A Lonely Little Petunia (In An Onion Patch)\". Three versions were recorded and are available from Heap's official web site.In addition to producing her own records, she has also produced a track for Nik Kershaw and has collaborated with artists as diverse as Joshua Radin, Jeff Beck, Temposhark, LHB, Way Out West, Jon Bon Jovi, Mich Gerber, Sean Lennon, Urban Species, Blue October, Jon Hopkins and Acacia.Heap's 2009 album 'Ellipse' features Canvas, Aha! and Half Life. Sites:","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/685_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


There are multiple artists with the name Burial:1) Burial is an electronic musician from south London. His debut album w...

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{"key":"8391","name":"Burial","bio":"There are multiple artists with the name Burial:1) Burial is an electronic musician from south London. His debut album was released in 2006 to critical acclaim. The Wire magazine named it their album of the year and it came fifth in the Mixmag 2006 Album of the Year list. On Friday, September 28th 2007, a new Burial album was announced, and Untrue was released 6 weeks later on November 5th.Although both albums have been met with much critical acclaim, Burial remained anonymous until August 2008, stating in a past interview that \"only five people know I make tunes\".In February 2008, The Independent reported that Burial was an alumnus of south London's Elliott School named William Bevan (another alumnus, Hot Chip's Joe Goddard, said in 2006 that Burial was in the year above him). The school's alumni also include Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet, with whom Bevan has collaborated. William Bevan is also the name of a funeral directors located in Ross-on-Wye, England. (musicbrainz) (discogs)2) Burial is a death metal band from The Netherlands. They released a downloadable album, Relinquished Souls at their website.3) Burial is a hardcore punk band from Germany. They mix the sounds of early American hardcore with a definite dose of Japanese hardcore and Japanese burning spirits.4) Burial is a brutal death metal band. They first got noticed with their self-produced debut CD, Mourning The Millenium. After appearing at several major US fests, Burial was signed to Lost Disciple Records and in 2000 released Enlightened With Pain, showcasing the band's pummeling brutality and technical proficiency. In 2001, Burial completed their first US tour, including Milwaukee Metalfest.5) Burial is a blackened death metal band from Manchester, England.6) Burial is a deathcore band from Qu\u00e9bec City, Qu\u00e9bec7) Burial is a black ambient band from Poland. 8) Burial is a horrorcore artist from Michigan, Detroit.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/8391_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Ludovico Einaudi

Ludovico Einaudi (born 23 November 1955 in Turin, Italy) is an Italian composer and pianist particularly noted for the u...

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{"key":"3849","name":"Ludovico Einaudi","bio":"Ludovico Einaudi (born 23 November 1955 in Turin, Italy) is an Italian composer and pianist particularly noted for the use of developing melodious phrases in his piano compositions.He began his musical training at the Conservatorio Verdi in Milan, gaining a diploma in composition. Later, he studied with Luciano Berio. In 1982 he gained a scholarship to the Tanglewood Music Festival. He currently resides on a vineyard in the region of Piemonte.Although Einaudi would prefer not to be labeled as any particular type of composer, he is generally considered a minimalist.\"In general I don't like definitions, but 'minimalist' is a term that means elegance and openness, so I would prefer to be called a minimalist than something else.\" - Ludovico EinaudiOfficial website: http:\/\/ Pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi was born in Turin, November 23, 1955. His mother, also a pianist, would play for him as a young child, planting the seeds for what would become a fruitful, illustrious career. Einaudi studied under Luciano Berio at the Conservatory of Milan, graduating with a diploma in composition. In 1982 his talents would win him a scholarship to the Tanglewood Music Festival. The experience opened Einaudi's ears to new ideas like minimalism, world music influences, and aspects of pop music. He spent the next several years composing for the ballet, including Sul Filo d'Orfeo (1984), Time-Out (1988), and The Wild Man (1991). Einaudi turned a corner in 1996 with the release of his first collection of solo performances, entitled Le Onde. This record started Einaudi down the path toward becoming one of Europe's best-selling pianist\/composers. 1999's Eden Roc and 2001's I Giorni, both for BMG, captured the solo piano world's attention, both remaining best-sellers for years to come. While seemingly at the top of the composition world, Einaudi ventured into the world of film composition, a journey punctuated by his Best Film Score award in 2002 for his work on Luce Dei Miei Occhi. Einaudi noted in interviews during that period that he missed concertizing, and began performing again regularly. New works blossomed from this effort, including 2004's Una Mattina and 2006's Diario Mali. 2007 welcomed Einaudi's seventh studio album, titled Divenire, where he was accompanied by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. The follow-up, 2009's Nightbook, was much more self-consciously reductionist, featuring solo piano minimally adorned with electronics, and saw Einaudi begin to be appreciated by fans of the \"post-classical\" school that he had arguably, at least in part, inspired. A double-disc best-of, Islands, was released in 2011, and at the beginning of 2013 he signed a new deal with Decca and unveiled the long-gestating In a Time Lapse, which had been recorded in a remote monastery near Verona and saw a return to a more \"classical\" chamber music sound. 2015 brought the release of Elements, which featured violinist Daniel Hope, the Amsterdam Sinfonietta, electronica's Robert Lippok, and Brazilian percussionist Mauro Refosco, among its several guest performers. Recorded at his home studio in Italy, it was inspired by nature, math, science, music, art, and how parts connect to form a whole. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/3849_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Jens Gad

Jens Gad is a world-renowned musician, writer and producer perhaps best known for his 10-year association with Enigma, t...

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{"key":"98368","name":"Jens Gad","bio":"Jens Gad is a world-renowned musician, writer and producer perhaps best known for his 10-year association with Enigma, the musical project of multi-platinum producer Michael Cretu, which has been responsible for bringing New Age sensibilities into the world of dance clubs with a succession of highly praised albums since their 1991 superhit, \"Sadness\".Jens-a passionate guitarist, percussionist and composer-has also worked on a number of other internationally successful projects and today spends the majority of his time producing and creating new musical visions at his state-of-the-art studio located on the beautiful Spanish island of Ibiza, hub of the wildly popular Mediterranean dance club movement. His latest solo effort is Le Spa Sonique, the 2006 album offering luxurious relaxation. Jens' musical project, Achillea, is joined by Helene Horlyck, who appeared on the 2005 album The Nine Worlds, Luisa Fernandez, who joins Jens on the2007 album Amadas Estrellas.http:\/\/","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/98368_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Brian Eno

Brian Peter George Eno, (b. 15 May 1948), professionally known as Brian Eno or simply as Eno, is an English musician, co...

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{"key":"8393","name":"Brian Eno","bio":"Brian Peter George Eno, (b. 15 May 1948), professionally known as Brian Eno or simply as Eno, is an English musician, composer, record producer, singer, music theorist and visual artist, and is commonly referred to as the father of ambient music. Born in Suffolk, Eno attended art school in Ipswich in the late 1960s, where he studied under Roy Ascott and took inspiration from minimalist painting, cybernetics, and experimental music techniques. Eno has frequently been described as one of popular music's most important and influential figures. A self-described 'non-musician', Eno has helped to pioneer a variety of novel studio production techniques and approaches, playing an important role in the development of ambient, electronic, worldbeat, chance, and generative music styles. He continues to release music, produce, and write, and maintains a regular column in Prospect Magazine.Eno first came to prominence as the keyboard and synthesizer player and general sonic wizard in the Glam Rock and Art Rock band Roxy Music. After leaving Roxy Music, Eno recorded four highly idiosyncratic and original rock albums, later turning to more abstract sound-scapes on subsequent albums such as 1975's Discreet Music and 1978's Ambient 1: Music for Airports. Since then, he has released dozens of albums (many in collaboration with like-minded musicians, such as Harold Budd and Robert Fripp) which demonstrate his unique approach to music. He has, however, occasionally returned to the pop idioms which were more prominent in his earliest work, including a collaboration with former Velvet Underground member John Cale.His production credits include some of the most respected albums by Devo, Talking Heads, U2, Laurie Anderson, Paul Simon and Coldplay.Contrary to popular belief, Brian Eno did not produce David Bowie's popular Berlin Trilogy (Low, Heroes, and Lodger). He performed and co-wrote tracks on all three albums, but they were produced by Tony Visconti. He did, however, co-produce Bowie's 1995 1. Outside. He also produced three of the Talking Heads most acclaimed albums, More Songs About Buildings and Food, Fear of Music and Remain In Light. Talking Heads' front-man David Byrne has worked collaboratively with Eno on the albums My Life in the Bush of Ghosts released in 1981, which has been described as \" pioneering work for countless styles connected to electronics, ambience, and Third World music\", and recently in 2008 on Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, which blends electronic and Gospel music and was released without the use of a record label.Eno has also pursued several artistic ventures parallel to his music career, including visual art installations, a regular column in the newspaper The Observer and, with artist Peter Schmidt, \"Oblique Strategies\", a deck of cards used in finding various artistic strategies which has been used by Eno since early in his career.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/8393_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Dead Can Dance

Dead Can Dance was formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1981 by Brendan Perry together with Simon Monroe and Paul Erikson l...

40,000 - 75,000
{"key":"4709","name":"Dead Can Dance","bio":"Dead Can Dance was formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1981 by Brendan Perry together with Simon Monroe and Paul Erikson later to be joined by Lisa Gerrard. They disbanded in 1998, and temporarily reunited to do a highly successful world tour in 2005 with a view to recording another studio album together. In order to concentrate on their solo careers and due to ongoing personal differences between Perry and Gerrard, the project was, however, put on hiatus. In 2011 Perry announced work on a new album, which was released in 2012 followed by a world tour. After a somewhat muted response to their music in Australia, Dead Can Dance moved to London in 1982, where they signed up to alternative rock label 4AD, a legendary label on the alternative music scene, where it became one of the most important bands on the label alongside the Cocteau Twins. They continued to work closely together, until later in the 1990s when they started to grow apart following the breakup of their personal relationship. Gerrard returned to Australia, while Perry moved to Ireland, where he had renovated an old church at Quivvy, where he lives and works. It is speculated that the distance between the members was an influence in the band's eventual break-up, with an argument following the recording sessions for an unreleased album being the final straw, although Perry himself said that distance helped in maintaining a certain individual freedom in creativity.The name \"Dead Can Dance\" is often misleading. Although this group is quite popular among the goth sub-culture with the name appearing to be inspired by the Danse macabre allegory, it should instead be interpreted as 'giving life to something that was previously inanimate' as Perry said: \"The album artwork , a ritual mask from New Guinea, attempted to provide a visual reintrepretation of the meaning of the name \"Dead Can Dance.\" The mask, though once a living part of a tree is dead; nevertheless it has, through the artistry of its maker, been imbued with a life force of its own. To understand why we chose the name, think of the transformation of inanimacy to animacy\u2026. Think of the processes concerning life from death and death into life. So many people missed the inherent symbolism, and assumed that we must be 'morbid gothic types,' a mistake we deplored and deplore\u2026\".Following the self titled album the band released the EP Garden of the Arcane Delights, which followed the template set by the first album but made more use of percussion, notably the Oriental dulcimer (Yang Qin), on tracks \"Carnival of Light\" and \"Flowers of the Sea,\" which has since become a trademark sound in the genre.A shift in sound followed for the Spleen and Ideal album, with more emphasis on strings, brass and drones being used. A quasi spiritual element also emerged on this album, notably on the opening tracks \"De Profundis\" and \"Ascension\". Its worth noting that around this time Lisa and Brendan had been doing tours of European Cathedrals, absorbing the ambience which in turn was reflected in the work.The highlights of the bands career followed with the genre defining album Within The Realm of a Dying Sun, featuring fan favorite \"Cantara\", which is where the bands Arabic and World music influences began to appear, and the double whammy of \"Summoning of the Muse\" and \"Persephone (The Gathering of Flowers).\" Critics at the time were undecided about the album, mainly due to the fact that the pieces were split according to the vocals. Brendan had the first side of the album, where Lisa took over for the latter half. The Serpent's Egg was the next album and built on the premise set by the previous album, although the album is slightly uneven in quality and a short listen at around 40 minutes. The album is redeemed by the opening and closing pieces \"The Host of Seraphim\", and Perry's epic \"Ullyses\".For the next album Aion, the band slipped back several centuries and recreated working medieval instruments such as the Sackbut, Viol and Hurdy Gurdy for the distinctly Medieval flavor. Included on the album is \"Song of the sibyl\" a text from 14th century Spain and now a live favorite. Another text appears in the song \"Fortune Presents Gifts Not According To The Book\". Into the Labyrinth was the follow up album and was the album that saw Brendan mastering the use of samples and synthesizers and also the album that brought the band's music to American audiences selling over a million copies worldwide. The track \"The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove\" was played across on college radio and was instrumental in the albums success.Spiritchaser was the seventh studio album for the band and brought about an abrupt upturn in musical style, instead of drawing on the historical past the band drew upon South American and African influences which gave the album a very rhythmic ambience. Considered by some to be the bands weakest album, it features highlights such as the percussive \"Nierika\" which was the most played track on American college radio for that year, and the epic 9 minute trance inducing \"Indus\".A 3 CD retrospective simply called 1981-1998 was issued by 4AD and compiled a comprehensive overview of the bands career, and provided diehard fans with the only finished track from the Spiritchaser follow-up sessions called \"The Lotus Eaters\".As a live band is probably where Dead Can Dance have gained their reputation. To put it simply, they were phenomenal. The concerts often featured many improvised pieces that to date have never been recorded in the studio. A live album entitled Toward the Within was released in 1994 and allowed fans unfortunate enough to have not attended concerts the chance to hear a few of these songs. A companion video\/DVD of the concert was also released allowing people to see these highly ethereal concerts. After Dead Can Dance ceased to be a functioning band both Perry and Gerrard embarked upon solo careers. To date, Brendan has released one solo album The Eye of the Hunter and has completed work on a new album, 'Ark', to be released in June 2010, whilst Lisa has been more prolific but with mixed results, releasing two solo albums The Mirror Pool and The Silver Tree. Lisa has also collaborated with other artists, namely Pieter Bourke of the band Soma and Irish composer Patrick Cassidy on the respective albums Duality and Immortal Memory. Lisa has also become a sought after soundtrack artist too after a wave of publicity for the Ridley Scott film Gladiator and continues to release work on a regular basis including soundtrack work on Ali, Layer Cake, and Whale Rider. Peter Ulrich, former percussionist of the band has also released two solo albums, Pathways and Dawns and more recently, Enter the Mysterium.A series of 31 reunion concerts took place in 2005 in both Europe and North America including two memorable sell out concerts at The Hollywood Bowl and Radio City accompanied by 40 piece orchestras. Many of these concerts were professionally recorded and released as a double CD.In late 2011, the band announced a reunion World Tour, in order to promote their new album, fittingly titled Anastasis, as it was released on August 9, 2012, 16 years after the group's previous album. Anastasis was well received by critics and is also the first album of the band not released by 4AD Records.http:\/\/\/main\/ http:\/\/\/DeadCanDanceOfficialhttps:\/\/\/DCDmusic","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/4709_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"40,000 - 75,000"}

Clint Mansell

Clinton Darryl "Clint" Mansell, (born 7 January 1963) is an English musician, composer, and former lead singer and guita...

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{"key":"3868","name":"Clint Mansell","bio":"Clinton Darryl \"Clint\" Mansell, (born 7 January 1963) is an English musician, composer, and former lead singer and guitarist of the band Pop Will Eat Itself.After the disbanding of Pop Will Eat Itself in 1996, Mansell was introduced to film scoring when director Darren Aronofsky, hired him to score his debut film, \u03c0. Mansell then wrote the score for the next Aronofsky film, Requiem for a Dream, which has been well received. Mansell's composition for The Fountain was nominated for Best Original Score at the 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards. His other notable film scores include Moon, Smokin' Aces, The Wrestler, and Black Swan. Mansell's score for Darren Aronofsky's \u03c0 was followed up by his score for Aronofsky's next film, Requiem for a Dream, which became a cult hit. Since their first collaboration in 1996, Mansell has composed the music to every Aronofsky film. Other notable achievements include the theme for the film The Hole, the music for the pilot episode of CSI: NY, and the score for Aronofsky's later films The Fountain, which was nominated for Best Original Score in the 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards, and The Wrestler. Mansell has also contributed the score to HBO's Voyeur. The song was also used as the base theme for the song \"Throw It Up\" by Lil Jon. His most recent work has been on the soundtrack for Black Swan in 2010. Mansell's theme tune for sci-fi movie Moon also appears on the trailer for the film The Iron Lady. Mansell also contributed music to Lord of the Rings. The trailer for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers contained a rearranged version of the track \"Lux \u00c6terna\", using a full orchestra and choir. The piece, named \"Requiem for a Tower\", was recorded especially for the trailer. The orchestration was arranged by Simone Benyacar, Dan Nielsen, and Veigar Margeirsson. \"Lux \u00c6terna\" has since become popular, with both the original and the \"Requiem for a Tower\" version having appeared in a wide variety of advertisements and trailers, including the trailer for the Red Sox\u2013Yankees games in the 2007 Major League Baseball season, and trailers for the films Zathura, The Da Vinci Code, Sunshine, Babylon A.D. and the TV series Lost and Top Gear. It was also used on Sky Sports News and as the theme for Soccer Saturday from 2007-2009. In 2006, the theme was used in EuroSport LIVE trailers. The theme was also used by America's Got Talent as an introduction of the judges before being changed slightly. The new variant is now a regular piece on the show. Another well known trailer cue is \"Death Is the Road to Awe\" from the score for The Fountain which was featured in a trailer for the 2007 film I Am Legend, the trailer for the film The Mist, as well as the trailer for the film Frost\/Nixon, and toward the end of 2007 The Final Cut trailer for Blade Runner.Scoring credits Pi, 1998 Requiem for a Dream, 2000 World Traveler, 2001 The Hole, 2001 Knockaround Guys, 2001 Rain, 2001 Abandon, 2002 Murder by Numbers, 2002 Sonny, 2002 The Hire: Ticker, 2002 11:14, 2003 Suspect Zero, 2004 Sahara, 2005 Doom, 2005 The Fountain, 2006 Trust the Man, 2006 Smokin' Aces, 2006 Wind Chill, 2007 In The Wall, 2007 Definitely, Maybe, 2008 The Wrestler, 2008 Blood: The Last Vampire, 2009 Moon, 2009 L'affaire Farewell, 2009 The Rebound, 2010 Black Swan, 2010 Last Night, 2010 Faster, 2010 United, 2011 Mass Effect 3, 2012 (TBA) Filth, 2013http:\/\/","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/3868_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


Bondax is an electronic music duo consisting of English musicians Adam Kaye (born 1 April 1994) and George Townsend (bor...

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{"key":"101510","name":"Bondax","bio":"Bondax is an electronic music duo consisting of English musicians Adam Kaye (born 1 April 1994) and George Townsend (born 17 September 1993). The group gained prominence primarily as a result of BBC Radio, initially through BBC Introducing Lancashire before receiving BBC Radio 1 airtime from the a range of DJs including Nick Grimshaw and Annie Mac. Bondax's sound has often been described as difficult to describe and transcending genres, as Moses Wiener of Dazed and Confused details the band's sound as \"the aural equivalent of sipping an ice-cold Pimms on the balcony of your council estate flat.\".Both Adam and George studied at QES (Queen Elizabeth School) Kirkby Lonsdale.In 2012, Bondax started their own record label, Just Us Recordings. The first release on the label was a track by fellow producer Karma Kid entitled It's Always.In 2013, the duo performed at a number of festivals across Europe including; Bestival,Creamfields , and BeaconsBondax\u2019s evocative music seems to drift between urban sonic landscapes, avoiding classification. Incorporating elements of post-dubstep, R&B, and garage, the Lancaster based duo craft an intimate, electronic bliss that reveals something new with each repeated play. Despite the fact that Adam and George are still enjoying their teens, their music shimmers with a maturity and sophistication that belies their age. 2011 Lancaster, Lancashire, England","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/101510_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Akira Yamaoka

AKIRA YAMAOKA (山岡晃, Yamaoka Akira, born on February 6, 1968 in Niigata, Japan) has composed music for dozens of Ko...

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{"key":"9231","name":"Akira Yamaoka","bio":"AKIRA YAMAOKA (\u5c71\u5ca1\u6643, Yamaoka Akira, born on February 6, 1968 in Niigata, Japan) has composed music for dozens of Konami video games. Yamaoka attended Tokyo Art College, where he studied product design and interior. He joined Konami on September 21, 1993, after previously being a freelance music composer. He is best known for his work on the Silent Hill series for which he composed all the music and sound effects in all seven current games (excluding Silent Hill Play Novel for Game Boy Advance). Some of the music from the first four games was also remixed and used in the Silent Hill movie. He also played a doubly important role as producer of the third and fourth Silent Hill games (which were available for PlayStation 2\/PC and PlayStation 2\/Xbox\/PC). His music from Silent Hill 2 was performed live in 2005 at the third Symphonic Game Music Concert in Leipzig, Germany and at the world-premiere of PLAY! A Video Game Symphony Live! on May 27, 2006 in Chicago, Illinois, where Yamaoka himself accompanied the orchestra with an electric guitar. As well, Yamaoka actively composes music for Konami's Bemani line of games, particularly, the Beatmania IIDX series.His first original, non-soundtrack album, iFUTURELIST, was released in January 2006.CareerHe joined Konami on September 21, 1993 after previously being a freelance music composer. He is most well known for his work for the Silent Hill series of video games, for which he composed all the music and sound effects in the whole series (excluding Silent Hill Play Novel for the Game Boy Advance and Esper\u00e1ndote in Silent Hill, composed by \u6751\u4e2d\u308a\u304b (Rika Muranaka)). Since Silent Hill 3, he is playing a more important role as the series' producer, also continuing with his music composition working.Yamaoka's sound commonly contains strong melancholy undertones and generally identifies with the dark ambient, industrial, trip-hop and rock genres. Since Silent Hill 3, he also started working in collaboration with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Joe Romersa for vocal compositions.Much of his work from previous titles has been compiled for the 2006 Silent Hill movie adaptation, directed by Christophe Gans.His music from Silent Hill 2 was performed live in 2005 at the third Symphonic Game Music Concert in Leipzig, Germany. Yamaoka also performed music from Silent Hill at the world-premiere of PLAY! A Video Game Symphony Live! on May 27, 2006 in Chicago, Illinois, and accompanied the orchestra with an electric seven-string guitar. He also composed songs for Konami's Bemani series, which has also featured tracks from Silent Hill.His first original album, iFUTURELIST, was released in January 2006. He also wrote the theme of 101%, the main show of the French TV channel Nolife.On December 2, 2009, it was announced that Yamaoka was leaving his long term employer Konami.Personal LifeBefore working as a video game composer, Yamaoka initially sought a career as a designer, but instead became a musician after studying product design at Tokyo Art College.In 1993 he joined Konami to work on the game Rocket Knight Adventures 2. When Konami began searching for a musician to compose Silent Hill's score, Yamaoka volunteered because he thought he was the only one capable of making the soundtrack.Yamaoka stated in a 2009 interview that his favorite game creator is Suda 51 and his favorite video game is No More Heroes.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/9231_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Chris Vrenna

Chris Vrenna (b. February 23, 1967, Erie, Pennsylvania) is an American musician, Grammy-winning producer, engineer, remi...

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{"key":"101337","name":"Chris Vrenna","bio":"Chris Vrenna (b. February 23, 1967, Erie, Pennsylvania) is an American musician, Grammy-winning producer, engineer, remixer, songwriter, programmer, and founder of the electronic band Tweaker. Vrenna also formerly drummed for the industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails (1989 \u2013 1997).In the mid- to late-'80s Chris moved to Chicago, quickly becoming a part of the Chicago industrial music scene and briefly becoming a member of Die Warzau and Stabbing Westward.He later reconnected with Trent Reznor, whom he met in the early 1980s, when they both were in Cleveland, Ohio's local band the Exotic Birds. Chris also toured as a live drummer for KMFDM during the Money era tours in 1992. He is currently recording under the name Tweaker, and has released two albums under that name, The Attraction To All Things Uncertain and 2 A.M. Wakeup Call. Tweaker toured select North American dates with Skinny Puppy in 2004.As a producer, remixer, or engineer, Vrenna has worked for Rammstein, The Rasmus, U2, Weezer, P.O.D., David Bowie, Cold, Underwater, Scarling., The Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Green Day, The Wallflowers and the J-rock band Dir en grey. He has also worked with the underground industrial group Pigface, and produced songs and albums for underground groups TCR, Jack Off Jill, and Rasputina.Vrenna has also worked on music for several video games, including Doom 3 (as producer with Clint Walsh), Quake 4, American McGee's Alice, Enter The Matrix, Sonic The Hedgehog, Area 51, and Need for Speed Most Wanted. In 2004 he started soundtrack work on Tabula Rasa, a massive multiplayer online game. He also helped compose the theme song to the animated series Xiaolin Showdown.He can be seen performing in the music videos for the songs Gave Up, Wish, and March of the Pigs on the Nine Inch Nails video compilation Closure, and also makes a brief appearance in The Perfect Drug.Vrenna won a Grammy award as a member of Nine Inch Nails for \"Best Metal Performance\" for Happiness in Slavery in 1995.Vrenna was Billy Corgan's programmer for four months in 1997. While he was on tour with the Smashing Pumpkins, Vrenna got a call from Axl Rose, who invited Vrenna to spend time with Guns N' Roses. \"I did for a couple weeks, but then decided I didn't want to join the band\", said Vrenna.Vrenna was chosen to take over the drumming responsibilities for Marilyn Manson after Ginger Fish was injured in 2004. He is currently the live drummer for Gnarls Barkley.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/101337_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}

Four Tet

Four Tet is the name used by Kieran Hebden (born 1980 in Putney, London, UK) for his experimental electronic music-orien...

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{"key":"8390","name":"Four Tet","bio":"Four Tet is the name used by Kieran Hebden (born 1980 in Putney, London, UK) for his experimental electronic music-oriented solo efforts, to differentiate from his work with post-rock band Fridge.Hebden's solo work typically utilises samples lifted from various sources including hip-hop, electronica, techno, jazz, and folk mixed with his own guitar playing. Four Tet shares some stylistic similarities with other musicians, such as Prefuse 73, who use computer editing techniques that give the music a staccato, cut-up feel. Hebden's music is notable for its rich, organic sounds and harmonious melodies as well as for eschewing the traditional pop-song format in favour of a more abstract approach.Kieran Hebden began releasing material as Four Tet in 1998 with the 36 minute and 25 second single \"Thirtysixtwentyfive\" on Trevor Jackson's Output Recordings label. Later that year, he released a second single, the jazz-influenced \"Misnomer\". 1999's \"Dialogue\", again on Output, was Four Tet's first full-length album release and fused hip-hop drum lines with dissonant jazz samples. This was followed by the double A-side single \"Glasshead\"\/\"Calamine\", which was to be Four Tet's last release on Output.In late 1999, Warp Records released a tenth-anniversary compilation of remixes of Warp tracks; Hebden contributed a remix of \"Cliffs\", the opening track of Aphex Twin's \"Selected Ambient Works, Vol. II\". This relatively high profile exposure attracted a lot of new interest in Four Tet from fans of electronica and IDM, genres in which the Warp brand had a preeminent status.In 2001, Four Tet's second album \"Pause\" was released on Domino and found Hebden using more folk and electronic samples, which was quickly dubbed \"folktronica\" by the media & press in an attempt to label the style (often also applied to artists such as Isan, Gravenhurst and some of Canabrism's later work). The acoustic guitar track \"Everything Is Alright\" is the theme music for the National Public Radio talk show On Point, produced at WBUR in Boston, Massachusetts; it was also featured in a US Nike commercial in 2001-2002 and in the Sony Bravia commercial in 2005.\"Rounds\" was released in May 2003. It was Hebden's most ambitious album to date, incorporating diverse samples such as the mandolin on \"Spirit Fingers\", and even a rubber duck on the closing track \"Slow Jam\". Three singles were released from the album: \"She Moves She\", \"As Serious as Your Life\", and \"My Angel Rocks Back and Forth\". This last single was released as an EP featuring remixes by electronica duo Icarus and Isambard Khroustaliov along with additional Four Tet tracks \"I've Got Viking in Me\" and \"All the Chimers\". An accompanying DVD featured all of Four Tet's videos to date.At the beginning of 2003, Four Tet opened for Radiohead on their European tour. A remix of the song Scatterbrain from Radiohead's latest album \"Hail to the Thief\" was included on their 2004 EP \"COM LAG (2plus2isfive)\".A live album named \"Live in Copenhagen 30th March 2004\" was released in April 2004 as a limited edition, available only through the Domino Records website.In March and April of 2005, Four Tet performed two shows of improvisational music, in collaboration with jazz drummer Steve Reid, in Paris and London. He also appears on Steve Reid Ensemble 2005 album \"Spirit Walk\". This collaboration was extended into a series of international tours, and the release of two albums, \"The Exchange Session Vol. 1\" and \"The Exchange Session Vol. 2\" over the course of 2005 and 2006.His fourth studio album \"Everything Ecstatic\" was released on Domino on 23 May 2005. The video for the lead single, \"Smile Around The Face\", features actor Mark Heap. The album brought with it another shift in style, leaving behind the breezy \"folktronica\" of \"Pause\" and \"Rounds\" for a darker, more complex sound. On 7 November 2005, Domino has released a DVD version of \"Everything Ecstatic\" featuring video clips for each track of the album plus a CD with new material.Hebden has also remixed, under the Four Tet name, tracks by a wide range of artists including Madvillain, Bloc Party, Super Furry Animals, Beth Orton, Badly Drawn Boy, The Notwist, Boom Bip, Kings of Convenience, Explosions in the Sky, Radiohead, and Doves.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/8390_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"10,000 - 30,000"}

The Album Leaf

The Album Leaf officially began in 1998 as the solo project of Jimmy LaValle, guitarist for San Diego, California-based ...

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{"key":"10677","name":"The Album Leaf","bio":"The Album Leaf officially began in 1998 as the solo project of Jimmy LaValle, guitarist for San Diego, California-based post-rock band Tristeza. LaValle has also performed in several other San Diego-area bands, including Swing Kids, The Locust, GoGoGo Airheart, and The Black Heart Procession.An Orchestrated Rise to FallJimmy LaValle had been playing an ocarina in the post-rock instrumental band Tristeza. Being a multi-instrumentalist, during downtime in the fall of 1998, he began playing drums for San Diego band GoGoGo Airheart. The singer and guitarist for the group, Mike Vermillion (which later inspired the song name \"Vermillion\" on One Day I'll Be on Time) recorded LaValle doing improvised material playing to a vintage roland drum machine on a Rhodes Piano that would become his first full-length album, the 10-track An Orchestrated Rise to Fall. Benjamin White of GoGoGo Airheart and Vermillion both supplied added improvisation with synthesizers and vocals to these recordings.Before Tristeza released Spine and Sensory on Makoto records in 1998, the band was talking with a handful of different indie record labels. One of the record labels was \"The Music Fellowship\" out of Salt Lake City, Utah. LaValle asked them if they would be interested in releasing his solo material. They accepted, and An Orchestrated Rise to Fall saw release in 1999 on CD. Later in the year, Tristeza and The Album Leaf both signed with newly started Tigerstyle Records out of New York City. A&R rep for the Tigerstyle, Mike Treff, had previously done his own record label named Linkwork Records. Tigerstyle wanted to release the vinyl version of An Orchestrated Rise to Fall, since it would be one of the first Tigerstyle releases, and being only on Vinyl format, Mike opted to make it Linkwork Records last release.LaValle played his first official Album Leaf show at the Che Cafe in the winter of 1999. Band members for this show consisted of Rafter Roberts, Jimmy Lehner (of Tristeza), Leilani Clark (of local San Diego band, \"the Straight A's\" also with LaValle), and Benjamin White (of GoGoGo Airheart).One Day I'll Be on TimeSoon after signing with Tigerstyle Records, LaValle received his first recording advance. He used this money to buy his first computer, and purchase equipment for a home recording studio. He did his first recordings and those songs were released as a 4 song EP entitled In An Off White Room on Troubleman Records Unlimited. The title for the EP was named after the color of his home studio, which was in his living room. During off time of Tristeza's busy tour schedule promoting their Tigerstyle records release of Dream Signals in Full Circles in 2000, he began writing One Day I'll Be on Time.The Album Leaf performed their second show during Tristeza's 2000 spring tour, at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. This show was at Club Deville, at a day party for online distributor, This line-up consisted of Lavalle, Leilani Clark on guitar and keyboards, Tana Helean on keyboards, Susanna Waiche on bass and Jay Hough (of GoGoGoAirheart) on Drums. They shared the stage with Tristeza and The American Analog Set. This lineup also did a 4 week U.S. tour in the summer of 2000 with Andy Robillard (also of GoGoGo Airheart) replacing Hough on Drums.After the summer tour, he took a full time job in San Diego at newly started music house, \"Singing Serpent\" producing jingles for television commercials. This also gave him access to a full service recording studio. LaValle used this studio to re-record the material he had written for One Day I'll be On Time. Rafter Roberts recorded the track \"Storyboard\" and can be heard in the beginning of the song talking with LaValle about his guitar tone. Jason Soares of San Diego band Aspects of Physics provided drum programming for the song \"Vermillion\", and fellow Tristeza band-mate, Christopher Sprague, played guitar on \"In Between Lines\" and designed the album art. After completing this record, LaValle left Singing Serpent citing \"Making jingles was killing my creativity!\"One Day I'll Be on Time saw worldwide release in early 2001. J\u00f3n \u00de\u00f3r Birgisson of Icelandic band, Sigur R\u00f3s, picked up the record at a record store in Reykjav\u00edk, Iceland. This prompted them to ask LaValle to support their upcoming U.S. tour. This would put The Album Leaf in front of new audiences, which helped the band gain popularity. The Album Leaf supported Sigur R\u00f3s on their first full US tour. This line-up consisted of LaValle, Luis Hermosillo (of Tristeza) on bass, Nathan Delffs on keyboards and guitar, Eric Hinjosa on keyboards and Andy Robillard still on drums. This line-up also toured the U.S. during December of 2001 and Summer 2002 without Hinojosa.During this time LaValle wrote 2 songs for Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes to sing on and 2 songs for Marc Bianchi of Her Space Holiday beginning a series of 7\" singles entitled the \"Collaboration Series\" released by Better Looking Records. This series is limited to 1000 copies and is only available to subscribers. The tracks with Oberst were titled \"Hungry for a Holiday\" and \"Bad Blood\". The tracks with Bianchi were titled \"Call in Blue' and \"Reso\" (after future violinist, Matt Resovich). The Her Space Holiday collaboration would not be released until 2003.In January of 2003, The Album Leaf toured Japan for the second time. The first time was an opening slot for LaValle's band, Tristeza, in spring of 2002 where he performed with fellow band members Luis Hermosillo and Eric Hinojosa. This was a headlining tour with fellow San Diego band, Ilya supporting. LaValle enlisted Duane Pitre, Matthew Baker and Hank Morton of Ilya to back him along with Robillard on drums.Immediately following this tour, LaValle was offered to support Sigur R\u00f3s' European tour. This tour he performed solo and started incorporating electronic beats and loop pedals into his live show in order to perform his songs as a one man band. Later during this tour, Kjartan Sveinsson, Orri P\u00e1ll D\u00fdrason and Mar\u00eda Huld Markan of Sigur R\u00f3s and Amiina respectively, began to join LaValle on stage performing on a couple of songs during his half-hour performance slot.Upon returning home, he had put together another line-up for supporting the U.S. portion of Sigur R\u00f3s' tour. This line-up was Hermosillo, Delffs with Tim Reece now on drums. Kjartan Sveinsson, Orri P\u00e1ll D\u00fdrason and Mar\u00eda Huld Markan would still join them on stage. This tour saw the Album Leaf playing at music venues such as Radio City Music Hall in New York City, gaining even more popularity for the band.After these tours, LaValle decided to leave Tristeza and focus on the Album Leaf full time.A Lifetime or More and the Seal Beach EPDuring the following months of 2003, LaValle began recording again. He recorded 3 tracks for a split EP with New York City's, On! Air! Library! for the Arena Rock Recording Co. called A Lifetime or More. Drew Andrews provided guitar for the track \"Another Day\". During May of 2003, with his new addition of electronic beats, he recorded 5 songs released as the \"Seal Beach EP\" for Spanish record label Acuarela Discos.In August of 2003, The Album Leaf headlined a tour of the U.S. with fellow San Diego band, Ilya. This tour introduced the Album Leaf's use of live visual projection art by Andrew Pates and the line-up went down to just LaValle and Drew Andrews on keyboards and guitar with them incorporating laptops and Pates projecting visuals onto a backdrop of the stage. The line-up was becoming more permanent.Following this tour, LaValle traveled to Iceland to begin recording his third full length. During the Sigur R\u00f3s European and U.S. tours. LaValle received an invite from Sigur R\u00f3s to record in their Icelandic studio. During these recording sessions the Album Leaf performed 2 shows in Iceland, one being a part of the Iceland Airwaves music festival with LaValle being backed by Kjartan Sveinsson, Orri P\u00e1ll D\u00fdrason and Mar\u00eda Huld Markan of Sigur R\u00f3s and Amiina with Sindri Mar Finnbogason playing bass.In December of 2003, The Album Leaf opened for The American Analog Set on their U.S. tour. This line-up consisted of Matt Resovich on violin, Andrew Kinney (of The American Analog Set) and Sean Ripple (of The American Analog Set) with Pates doing live projections.In a Safe PlaceIn the January of 2004, LaValle signed with Seattle based record label, Sub Pop Records and Berlin, Germany based European label City Slang Records. LaValle completed In a Safe Place in February of 2004. J\u00f3n \u00de\u00f3r Birgisson, Kjartan Sveinsson, and Orri P\u00e1ll D\u00fdrason (most of the members of Sigur R\u00f3s), Mar\u00eda Huld Markan (of Amiina), Gy\u00f0a Valt\u00fdsd\u00f3ttir (formally of m\u00fam) , Pall Jenkins and Matt Resovich (of the Blackheart Procession) all contributed to the record with Birgir Jon Birgisson, \u201cBiggi,\u201d engineering at Sigur R\u00f3s\u2019 Sundlaugin studio.In a Safe Place was released on June 22, 2004. The Album Leaf played a record release show at M-Theory Records in San Diego with its current line-up of Matt Resovich on violin, keyboards, glockenspiel, guitar, and vocals, Drew Andrews on guitar, keyboards, and vocals, Tim Reece on drums and keyboards with Andrew Pates projecting live visuals. Following the release, the Album Leaf toured for a year with little time off performing in the U.S., Europe, Taiwan, and Japan. During this time, the Album Leaf self released the Red Tour EP with 5 tracks. This was to showcase the band as individuals and each member (With the exception of Reece) providing their own song, the cd is also enhanced with a tour video made by Andrew Pates. The EP also featured a live recording of \"Micro Melodies\" a song that only appeared on the soundtrack for the film Moog, a documentary about Robert Moog, the inventor of the Moog synthesizer. The track \"Over the Pond\" is also used in the film The Family Friend (L'Amico di Famiglia) by Paolo Sorrentino.This record saw more commercial success and popularity establishing LaValle's The Album Leaf on the map and playing to bigger audiences.. Many of the tracks from In a Safe Place were used in the soundtracks for television shows such as The OC and CSI: Miami.Following the extensive touring, LaValle re-joined Tristeza filling in on guitar for 2 shows in Guadalajara and Mexico City in place of Alison Ables, the replacement to the band for himself. When he returned, LaValle began writing his next full length.In December of 2005, LaValle traveled to Seattle, Washington to Bearcreek Recording Studio to begin tracking the record. After tracking, he then traveled back to Sigur R\u00f3s\u2019 Sundlaugin studio to mix the record with the help of Brigir Jon Birgisson and Joshua Eustis (of Telefon Tel Aviv).Into the Blue AgainOn September 12, 2006, Into the Blue Again was released on Sub Pop Records in North America. The album saw an earlier release in Germany on September 8, 2006 and throughout the rest of Europe on September 11, 2006 courtesy of City Slang Records. Into the Blue Again sees a return to The Album Leaf\u2019s conception and LaValle handling virtually all instrumental duties. LaValle\u2019s few collaborators on Into the Blue Again are Josh Eutis of Telefon Tel Aviv, who aided additional drum programming and engineering on choice songs, The Black Heart Procession\u2019s Pall Jenkins adding vocal harmonies on \"Wherever I Go,\" violinist Matt Resovich (who performs with The Album Leaf live, and also played on In a Safe Place), Drew Andrews adding additional guitar work on select songs (Drew also performs with The Album Leaf live)The Album Leaf has toured extensively through the United States, Europe, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, New Australia and Taiwan.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/10677_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}


Scott Hansen (born 1976/1977), professionally known as Tycho, is an American ambient music artist and producer, who is k...

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{"key":"10293","name":"Tycho","bio":"Scott Hansen (born 1976\/1977), professionally known as Tycho, is an American ambient music artist and producer, who is known as ISO50 for his photographic and design works. Tycho is currently signed to, and has released under, Ghostly International, but has also released music on Merck Records and Gammaphone Records. His song, Dictaphone's Lament, was used as the track on a music video entitled \"Live Life to the Fullest\", which was made by and featured on the action cartoon block Toonami. Additionally, his song Cascade (originally made for an Adult Swim\/Ghostly International compilation) was played during the final moments of the original 11-year run of Toonami in 2008.Hansen began releasing music over 10 years ago with The Science of Patterns EP. His first full-length, Sunrise Projector, came out in 2004, and as the critical acclaim continued in 2006 with the release of Past Is Prologue.It was around 2008 that URBmagazine noted Tycho as one of the Next 100 artists to watch, and Hansen continued to release singles and experiment with more live instrumentation. In 2011, his meticulous process saw the release of Dive, his debut full-length for Ghostly International. Tranquil, nostalgic and melodic, the record established him beyond the realm of IDM and ambient.Now with Awake, Tycho's second Ghostly LP, the project returns as a true three-piece band comprised of Zac Brown (guitar, bass) and Rory O\u2019Connor (live drums). Lengthy touring for Dive brought Tycho to its full potential, and in efforts to capture the energy on the road Hansen invited Brown and O\u2019Connor in to the creative process. Both the sound and artwork of Awake capture Hansens stylistic shift, conjuring a more kintetic and percussive sensory experience.","featuredImage":"http:\/\/\/images\/10293_h_0.jpg","feeRange":"please contact"}
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