The Real Group

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Years Active: 1984–present

The Real Group is a Swedish vocal group, consisting of five members; Emma Nilsdotter (who replaced Margareta Bengtson after her departure for solo career), Katarina Henryson, Anders Edenroth, Anders Jalkéus and Morten Vinther Sørensen (who replaced Peder Karlsson after his departure in order to teach).

The quintette was formed in 1984 and has today performed at more than 2000 concerts worldwide and released more than 10 CDs. The members sing a cappella and write most of their songs or arrangements themselves and also many of their lyrics.

Margareta and Anders Jalkéus used to be married to each other, but are now divorced.Bobby McFerrin has been a major source of inspiration for them.Vocal ranges of the members: * Margareta: From F below middle C - G above high C.

* Katarina: From D below middle C - high C. * Anders E: From C below middle C - A below high C. * Peder: From low E - C above middle C. * Anders J: From contra A - G above middle C. * Emma: ??? (not posted) * Morten: ??? (not posted


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